Worst Fast Food Restaurants, Ranked

Love them or hate them, fast food restaurants are as American as apple pie. Whether you crave a late-night burrito from Taco Bell or a lunchtime Big Mac from McDonald’s, America’s affection for cheap, quick, and greasy food is unparalleled. Yes, some of these establishments offer health-conscious meals, sides, and combos, but the majority of these food and drink spots are quite the opposite. What do you expect? Gourmet, life-enhancing cuisine that will extend your lifespan? Definitely not! That’s not the aim of these uniquely charming fast-food joints. From a quick bite on a road trip to a once-a-week family dinner, these places lure you in with good flavors and low prices. But there’s more to these infamous fast food restaurants.

Image: Yelp/@SamuelM.

Somehow, a few of these so-called “worst” fast food places manage to undermine their own reputations. These establishments have managed to disgust customers who have witnessed their errors and overall “nastiness.” For your sake, and ours, we’ve compiled a list of the worst fast food restaurants to avoid… if you value your health.

White Castle

“We walk in order our food and are having a great time being reunited after not being together for 6 weeks. I take a bite of the onion rings we are sharing and when I look down, there is a deep fried bandaid sticking out of the onion ring. My parents remained very calm and very collected while explaining the fiasco to the manager but he refused to do anything about our meal. So we left and my parents turned their backs on their love for grade D meat sliders and none of us have ever gone back to one.” – Rythmi

Image: Reddit/@kingghost94

This incident not only ruined our meal but also left a lasting impression on our view of fast food. It was shocking to see such a blatant disregard for hygiene and customer satisfaction. The manager’s indifferent attitude only made the situation worse, making us feel disrespected and unheard. From that day forward, we became more cautious about where we eat, prioritizing places that value cleanliness and customer care. This experience served as a harsh reminder that convenience should never come at the expense of health and quality.

Panda Express

“A bug in my chow mein. Its not even a tiny fruit fly or something, its a black shelled bug in my chow mein. I know for a fact that this bug was in the chow mein when I bought it because it is dead and cooked. SO GROSS!!!!!!” – Jasmine Q.

Image: Yelp/@JasmineQ.

This appalling discovery completely ruined my appetite and left me feeling utterly disgusted. Finding a dead, cooked bug in my food highlighted a serious lapse in food safety and quality control. The thought of how many other unnoticed contaminants might be lurking in the dishes served was terrifying. This experience has made me highly skeptical of this restaurant, and I now thoroughly inspect my food before eating, regardless of where it’s from. It’s essential for restaurants to maintain strict hygiene standards to prevent such horrifying incidents and to keep their customers safe and satisfied.


“I went back and asked about it and they were all really surprised and grossed out and they had the GM call me and he said “I can either refund your meal entirely or give you a new sandwich cooked the right way”. There was no way in hell I was ever eating there again so I definitely took the refund.” – shannoscope

Image: Imgur

This incident not only left me feeling disgusted but also shattered my trust in the restaurant. The staff’s reaction showed that such a situation was out of the ordinary, but it didn’t do much to alleviate my discomfort. The offer to replace the meal felt inadequate after such a gross experience. A refund was the least they could do, but it didn’t compensate for the unpleasantness of finding something wrong with my food. This experience has made me more cautious and selective about where I eat, emphasizing the importance of food safety and proper handling practices in restaurants.

Little Caesar’s

“Couldn’t have been worse. Waited 40 minutes for disgusting, burnt pizza that they didn’t even tell us was burnt! We didn’t realize until we got home, tried to eat it but after 2 slices I was almost ready to puke. Threw 12 out of 16 slices (2 pizzas) in the trash. Should have thrown it all out. Don’t even think of going here.” – Luke K.

Image: Yelp/@LukeK

This experience was a complete disaster from start to finish. The long wait was frustrating enough, but the fact that they served us burnt pizza without any warning was infuriating. By the time we got home and saw the charred mess, it was too late. Trying to eat it made me nauseous, and most of it ended up in the trash. This place clearly lacks quality control and customer care. Save yourself the trouble and avoid this restaurant at all costs.


“Dirty!  We went to get some food around 230 am on a Saturday. When we  pulled up the cook was ousted with a van of his friends and ran inside when he had seen us pull up. Once we ordered we waited to pay for 2 minutes while the two guys stood there talking to each other. One of the men ( the one just smoked a cigarette)  was touching the food with out gloves on and the other one had his back to us stuffing his hands in his pants to rearrange his underwear. Needless to say we pulled off.” – Ashlee B.

Image: Yelp/@SamuelM.

This experience was beyond gross and unacceptable. The lack of hygiene was evident, with staff engaging in unsanitary behavior right in front of us. Seeing the cook touch food without gloves after smoking a cigarette and another employee with his hands down his pants was enough to make us lose our appetite. The disregard for basic cleanliness and professionalism was appalling. We left immediately and have no intention of ever returning. If you value your health, steer clear of this place.


“I found a cockroach in a Sonic burger. Well, half a cockroach. When I went inside and found the manager and showed him the chewed up pile of burger in the parking lot — with the half roach — he told me I put it there.” – shanlav

Image: Yelp/@TylerT.

This experience was absolutely revolting and infuriating. Discovering half a cockroach in my burger was bad enough, but the manager’s accusation that I placed it there was beyond insulting. Instead of taking responsibility and addressing the issue, they tried to shift the blame onto me. This complete lack of accountability and respect for customers was shocking. Needless to say, I will never eat at this Sonic again, and I strongly advise others to avoid it as well.

Auntie Anne’s

“What a horrible mistake. I haven’t been able to sleep all night. I feel like I’m going to die. No one will come within 12 feet of me. The garlic pretzel from Auntie Anne’s was so delicious at the moment, but within 5 minutes, the crowd cleared from City Center, and I was the only one left standing. Something went terribly wrong.” – Kimberlyn U.

Image: donuts4dinner.com

This experience turned a tasty treat into a nightmare. What started as a delicious garlic pretzel quickly turned into an ordeal that left me feeling extremely ill and isolated. The immediate reaction of the crowd, leaving me alone in discomfort, was alarming. Clearly, something was off with the pretzel, and the aftermath was unbearable. This incident has made me wary of ever eating there again, as the health risks are not worth it. I strongly advise others to be cautious with their food choices at this place.


“I have heard Quiznos kitten commercial many time. The cats voices on the commercial is so annoying. It’s the worst commercial I’ve ever heard. I just want to throw the remote through the TV every time I hear it. Whenever it’s on I mute the TV and leave the room because it’s so annoying. I wish I could go the Quiznos headquarters and punch whoever the guy is that decided to come up with this commercial. It’s so ** annoying. Then Quiznos decides to come out with another commercial with the cats with their dollar menu which is just as annoying as the first one. Again I mute the TV and leave. I can’t stand it.” – Alex333

Imge: flickriver/@patnedz

These commercials have completely ruined my perception of Quiznos. The irritating voices of the cats are unbearable, making the ads the worst I’ve ever encountered. They are so annoying that I have to mute the TV and leave the room whenever they come on. The frustration they cause is immense, and the thought of someone approving such a terrible commercial is infuriating. Even worse, Quiznos released another similarly annoying commercial with the same cats, forcing me to mute and leave the room again. These ads have ensured that I will avoid Quiznos altogether.


“Mmmmhhhh no  first time there and I was not happy, got the burrito and I was disappointed, the smell Alone was unappealing. Not only this but the entire place was so sticky and gross. Stinky play area stinky chairs and tables. I mean come on wipe that xxxx . Nope first and last time going there” – Justyna s.

Image: Reddit/@setmehigh

My experience at this restaurant was extremely unpleasant from start to finish. The burrito I ordered had an off-putting smell that made it hard to enjoy. Additionally, the entire establishment was filthy, with sticky surfaces everywhere and a play area that reeked. The lack of cleanliness was shocking and unacceptable. This first visit will definitely be my last, as the poor hygiene and unappetizing food left a lasting negative impression. If cleanliness and good food matter to you, avoid this place.

Jimmy John’s

“I found a huge bug in my sandwich, I didn’t know and I ate part of it and I threw up. So thank you. I’m never eating there again.” – Ashland Kate

Image: Twitter/AllisonStarr

This experience was absolutely disgusting and has completely put me off from ever returning. Finding a bug in my food was bad enough, but accidentally eating part of it made me physically ill. The shock and revulsion I felt were overwhelming. Such a severe lapse in food safety is inexcusable, and I can’t trust this place anymore. If you value your health and peace of mind, avoid eating here at all costs.

Panera Bread

Panera Bread might be a favorite among college sorority girls, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t unsanitary and lacking proper cleaning methods. An ex-employee revealed that all the soups arrive frozen in bags and are thawed in a sink filled with heating elements that boil water—a setup that isn’t cleaned thoroughly or frequently. Additionally, during busy dinner rushes, cleanliness standards tend to deteriorate even more.

Image: Pinterest

Moreover, the food preparation areas often become messy, and employees are sometimes rushed, leading to cross-contamination and other hygiene issues. Reports of improper food storage and handling practices further highlight the need for stricter cleanliness protocols. While the food might taste good, the behind-the-scenes practices raise serious concerns about food safety and overall hygiene at Panera Bread.

Pizza Hut

The pizza at Pizza Hut may not be too horrendous for the most part – especially for fast food – but just make sure you stay away from the salads, as the lettuce often sits out for too long and goes bad quickly, says one ex-employee. “[Also] the traditional wings because they almost always ended up raw unless we double-fried them for like 20 minutes.” Gross.

Image: Imgur

Additionally, there have been reports of inconsistent cleaning schedules and poorly maintained kitchen equipment, further compromising food safety. Customers should be aware that while the pizza may meet expectations, the overall hygiene and preparation practices for other items could pose health risks. It’s essential to consider these factors when deciding to dine at Pizza Hut.


“The last time I was at Sbarro in the food court of Superstition Springs Mall, I was really disappointed. As usual, I ordered a piece of pizza. It was very dry and the crust was so thin, dry and hard I could barely even cut it with a knife. It was like cardboard. This was not like the Sbarro I used to eat at. It seems their quality has dropped. In all fairness, I have not tried their other dishes and they might be very tasty.” – Linda2181… So you’re saying there’s a chance?

Image: Tripadvisor/@nokinoki

This disappointing experience highlights a decline in the quality of Sbarro’s pizza, once known for its enjoyable taste. The dry, hard crust and overall poor texture were far from what I remembered. However, it’s worth noting that I haven’t sampled their other offerings, which might still be up to par. Perhaps their pasta dishes or other menu items retain the quality that Sbarro was once famous for. For now, though, the pizza leaves much to be desired, and it might be time to explore different options within the food court.

Jersey Mike’s Subs

Even the employees at Jersey Mike’s Subs won’t eat a couple things on the menu, including the chicken parmesan or the meatball sub: “I worked at Jersey Mike’s Subs. The only thing I wouldn’t eat is the chicken parmesan. It’s a frozen pre-breaded chicken patty that we just microwaved for a few minutes that just turns to mush in the sandwich” – Dr_Schalke.

Image: Yelp

“No employee would ever touch the chicken parm or the meatball sub. The meatballs were frozen Tyson beef that are boiled and thrown in spaghetti sauce” – ravioliguy12.

Tim Horton’s

The food at this popular Canadian chain is unfortunately less appetizing than many people realize. According to one employee, the soups arrive frozen and sometimes contain maggots. They also mentioned that while the sandwiches are sometimes okay, their quality is often questionable. To be on the safe side, it’s best to stick with a bagel with butter or cream cheese.

Image: Yelp

Additionally, the cleanliness of the kitchen has been called into question, with reports of poor hygiene practices and infrequent cleaning. This makes it even more crucial to choose simple, less processed items. Despite the chain’s popularity, these issues suggest that diners should exercise caution when selecting their meals.

Burger King

“Worked late one night so I decided to pick up dinner on the way home. I was starving so as I drove off with the food I reached in the bag, grabbed some fries and shoved them in my mouth. Immediately I felt a sharp pain move around my mouth so bad I started gagging and had to pull over along side the road. Tried to vomit but couldn’t. Spit out some blood and what looked like twigs. Looked at one closely and realized it was a roach leg.” – charliehustles

Image: Youtube/@bigabos

This horrifying experience left me in shock and disgust. The thought of consuming part of a roach was nauseating, and the pain it caused was unbearable. The incident has made me extremely cautious about where I get my food from now on. It’s crucial for restaurants to maintain high hygiene standards to prevent such nightmarish situations. This incident was not just a health hazard but also a deeply unsettling experience that has made me lose trust in fast food establishments.

Carl’s Jr.

“Horrible burgers were nasty, workers were unprofessional, not clean this place needs to be shut down!!!!! First it took 30 minutes to get 2 burgers once we got them we tried to eat them sauce was all over place tomatoes were rotten on burgers, bread was failing apart , ugh they really need to be closed down.” – roperwoman12w

Image: ohsofat.blogspot.com

This experience was beyond disappointing. The long wait for our food was frustrating, but the state of the burgers was even worse. The sloppy presentation, rotten ingredients, and poor quality bread made the meal inedible. The lack of professionalism and cleanliness from the staff only added to the negative experience. It’s clear that this establishment needs serious improvements or should be shut down to prevent others from enduring such a terrible dining experience.


7-Eleven, which combines fast food and convenience-store services, is arguably one of the dirtiest places to buy food (if it can even be called that). For instance, the nachos machine is rarely, if ever, cleaned, leading to mold accumulation inside it. One Reddit user shared what they found to be the most unappetizing aspect of the store:

Image: Pinterest

“I’m gonna say any of the taquitos or hotdogs from around midnight up through about 4 or 5am. Around midnight you can be assured that these are now high-mileage. That hotdog might have more mileage than your car.”

Jack in the Box

“Oscars Sunday I was really craving some JintheB tacos; I ate 4, they tasted fine to me. Woke up a few hours later with food poisoning. I warned my friends on Facebook to steer clear of this location for good – only for everyone to inform me that the location was boarded up. That damn location closed the very next morning, and it went out of my life with a bang.”

Image: Neogaf/@waymore

This incident was not only a terrible experience but also a clear indication of the underlying issues at that location. The fact that it shut down immediately after my bout of food poisoning speaks volumes about its hygiene standards. It’s a stark reminder of the importance of food safety and how quickly things can go wrong. While I’ll miss those tacos, I certainly won’t miss the aftermath or the questionable practices that led to such a drastic closure.


“I never liked McDonald’s since they have gross tasting foods filled with grease and their chicken nuggets are made with this pink slime which is absolutely disgusting” – Slooshy W.

Image: FinancialPost

This sentiment reflects a common criticism of McDonald’s, highlighting concerns about the quality and ingredients of their food. The excessive grease and the infamous pink slime used in chicken nuggets contribute to a perception of unhealthy and unappetizing meals. Such issues have made many customers wary of dining at McDonald’s, preferring to seek out healthier and more transparent food options.

Shake Shack

Shake Shack generally enjoys a strong reputation for fast food, but at least one reviewer from Boston had some complaints about the chain.

Image: Tasting Table

“After an acceptable amount of time I got my burger. I sat down to enjoy my burger. I was floored. The bun looked like it was stepped on. The cheese looked like it was scraped off, put back on and scrapped off again. The actual burger was in 3 pieces. How could anyone in serve this to a customer. I worked in the food service industry for 6 years. Not sure if this is a management problem or just an employee having a bad day. I have to think both.”


Chick-fil-A typically has a positive reputation, but one Tripadvisor reviewer, ThoughtsOfRS, did not have a good experience with their meal.

Image: ThoughtsofRS Tripadvisor

“I usually love Chick-Fil-A and never have had a bad experience there.
Until tonight. Spicy chicken sandwich was overdone on the outside,yet undercooked on the inside. I returned it and the cashier was nice about it,but the sandwich that was returned was even worse. I chucked it and wrote off as a loss. I’m used to the terrific Hagerstown franchise,I guess,Doubtful I’ll return.”


Even the renowned In-N-Out burger chain has its off days, as evidenced by this TripAdvisor review from Conrad W.

Image: punctuated / Flickr / In-N-Out Grub /

“Traveling with my wife through California. My wife is hungry and I spot the in n out sign and get off the 5 to satisfy her hunger. We were pulling a trailer and so had to park in the Mc Donalds lot across the street as there was no room at in n out. Still felt it was worth it to cross a busy street to get my wife her favorite. I got 2 number 3 combos. The fries were cold, the bun was dry and overall all it was my worst ever in n out experience since I discovered it in Az.”

Johnny Rockets

The 50s-themed eatery Johnny Rockets sits somewhere between fast food and a theme restaurant, but the chain has received its share of bad reviews. One of the harshest came from TripAdvisor reviewer TICoachKevin, who wrote:

Image: Johnny Rockets

“Terrible! Food came over 30 minutes late, which means… you guessed it, ICE COLD burgers, fries, onion rings. I had called a few times & was told it was just leaving (that was at 45 mins., which was when it was supposed to be here already). Then I called back in 15 mins. & was told they couldn’t get in touch with the delivery guy, but when they did they would call me back. Nope, no call back. Finally he got here with ICE COLD food.”


“We stop there 12 noon on 01/04/22, had two chicken sandwiches. Which were very good and decided to order 8 pice chicken (at a cost of $28.00 and change) to go and have for dinner. A BIG MISTAKE. Once home, open the box I found the chicken looked old and hard. Tried to eat a piece and found it to be old and dried out. This chicken was not fresh, it had to be a day or two old because it was uneatable, old, dried out and unfit for human consumption. Caution, check your take-out-order before leaving store. Like to have my $28.00 back”

Image: Popeye’s

It’s clear that SiteJabber reviewer Frank E. was very dissatisfied with their experience at Popeye’s.4o

Roy Rogers

TripAdvisor reviewer jimmiecmyrtlebeach reported that during their visit to a Roy Rogers, the restaurant had difficulty fulfilling even basic menu requests.

Image: DC Outlook

“Stopped in for a roast beef sandwich Friday night around 8. Ordered a roast beef sandwich only to be told they were out of it. Changed order to grilled chicken sandwich and was told that they were out of grilled chicken. I asked what they had left. We got a couple of cheeseburgers with bacon. Apparently they were down to one piece of bacon that they ripped into small pieces and shared on the burgers. Cold fries. Yes. You guessed it. We will not be back.”


Chipotle certainly has a “love it or hate it” reputation. It’s safe to say that SiteJabber reviewer Neal V falls into the latter category. “Chipotle of Redding ca. Made a vegetarian burrito with chicken in it poisoning my fiancé that cannot digest meat. She was so ill she vomited and had diarrhea for roughly 12 hours. She is also a Ornitgologist as well as a vegetarian of 25 years. When I tried calling the store to let them know their mistake it took 20 minutes of continuous calling and being disconnected to finally get through to Catherine the manager. Catherine shed zero concern and even sounded as if she thought it was funny saying “oh so you fiancé ate chicken when she wanted tofu” in a crass and condescending tone.

Image: Neal V. SiteJabber

Raina the customer support did not return my many messages and emails requesting to talk as I wanted to voice my concerns as this kind of mistake can be fatal to some people with certain food allergies. When I finally got through to Raina she had the same dismissive condescending attitude as Catherine with zero remorse or concern over food poisoning. If I recall they had an issue with food poisoning before and it seems they just Do Not Care if they injure their customers.”


Portillo’s is a cherished establishment in the American Midwest, but not all of its reviews are glowing. TripAdvisor user MattEats23 wrote, “I hope this Portillo’s isn’t going downhill. I received my order, did not receive a cheese cup with my fries even though my receipt says I paid for cheese fries. Also, the hotdog I received tasted like it had been sitting for a few hours. Lastly, the fries I got were cold and soggy. Usually, this location is very good, but this order was a failure. Please ensure quality output with your late-night shift staff.”

Image: Portillo’s

This review highlights concerns about declining service and food quality at a usually reliable location, emphasizing the need for consistent standards, especially during late hours.


Suffice to say, TripAdvisor reviewer Toya B doesn’t think highly of WingStop. “THIS HAS TO BE THE WORST WINGSTOP OF WINGSTOPS’. Sorry I can’t think of one good thing to same about this place the wings are rubbery and under-cooked. I asked for the wings to be extra crispy and extra seasoning as u can see from the pictures I got neither. Wait but what I did get was EXTRA GREASE! Plus not a drop of seasoning on the fries, HOW DO YOU FORGET THE SEASONING ON THE FRIES. DO NOT GO TO THIS WINGSTOP! ABSOLUTE HORRIBLE!”

Image: Toya B TripAdvisor

This review underscores significant quality control issues, from undercooked, rubbery wings to greasy food and unseasoned fries. It’s a clear warning to potential customers about the disappointing experience they might encounter at this WingStop location.


Nathan’s Famous Hot Dogs on Brooklyn’s Coney Island is renowned worldwide, but TripAdvisor reviewer LaLa624 was not impressed.

Image: Nathan’s

“I ordered a hotdog with sautéed onions, regular fries and a Coke. It took 15 minutes plus, the onions were sautéed in some indescribable (sic) sauce, the hotdog was small and tasteless and the fries were undercooked. All this for over $12 US. Don’t bother – the legend is dead.”

Church’s Texas Chicken

Church’s Chicken is a well-known fast food chain, but according to this Yelp review from user D’Nesha K, the quality varies significantly between locations.

Image: Michael Rivera, CC BY-SA 4.0 https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

“I’m sure the food is contaminated or cooked in old grease. Being from GA I was excited to see a familiar restaurant but disappointed when I received my meal. Needless to say I will not return. AND they left out my pepper.”

CiCi’s Pizza

This review is for a CiCi’s Pizza location that has since closed down, and if Lilly T.’s account is accurate, it’s easy to understand why:

Image: TrioAdvisor

“This place serves trash. Yep. That’s what it is. When it first opened, the quality wasn’t this bad. But the last two times I was there, the pizza was just awful. First of all there’s hardly any cheese on the pizza and hardly any toppings. It’s just mostly all bread. And the taste is just not there. Service here is also terrible. No one ever comes to take away your plates. And you can order personalized pizza but the problem is they never deliver it to you. This happened to us a few times already.”

Taco Johns

“The worst food I have ever had ordered a,six pack of tacos and 5 made it straight to the garbage can , I’ll stick with taco bell” – Yelp user Jason J.

Image: Reddit

Ouch, that stings, and no amount of the chain’s potato oles can soothe the disappointment.

Einstein Bros. Bagels

This review from Jonathan H might not be the worst we’ve read, but it certainly stands out as the most indifferent:

Image: Tripadvisor

“The taste quality is not horrible; yet, it is not impressive.  I rate it as average.  I have tried a variety of flavors, and the average taste quality remains the same with all flavors.  Comparing to most other bagel restaurants and stores in New York City, the taste quality in this business does not match nearly those others.  The prices are close to the same as the average bagel store in New York City.  Therefore, if I am in a huge bagel mood, I will more than likely wait for those other businesses instead of this one.”


This review from Cheryl P. certainly doesn’t make A&W sound very appealing, to say the least.

Image: A&W Restaurants

“The waitresses so obviously didn’t want to be there and made me very uncomfortable. She basically forced us out of the restaurant when we were done eating. She was rude. All the workers were just like sitting around doing nothing and didn’t even collect our bill.”


“Starbies” may be beloved by many, but there are more than a few bad reviews of some locations. For example, according to Sue K:

Image: Starbucks Stories

“There were 4 baristas (one on his cellphone while prepping a drink) and the line was so slow! When you come in asking for a simple iced coffee with soy and hazelnut syrup you don’t assume anyone can mess that order up but they sure did. Not only did the barista first mess up on the size, charge me extra for the soy milk, she didn’t add the hazelnut!”


“No, not Dunkin’!” we can hear you screaming. However, sadly it’s true in some cases. For example, this location certainly sounds anything but pleasant:

Image: TripAdvisor / Shutterstock.com

“This is the worst Dunkin ever. They are always out of things. Especially hot lattes. How do you run out of a hot latte early in the morning? You can wait on a line of 2 ppl for over ten minutes and after releasing your order 3 times they still get it wrong. I’ve walked out and canceled delivery ordered from this place too many times to count”


According to Queen Ivy B, this experience would likely discourage vegetarians and vegans from visiting Moe’s.

Image: TripAdvisor

“Will NEVER eat or order from here again. We were going through the line and my girlfriend asked for guac not realizing that unlike chipotle there is tomatoes in the guac which she can’t have. She kindly told the lady I’m sorry but I didn’t realize you have tomatoes in your guac can you please take it off. So the lady proceeds to scrape it off the steak and put it back into the container of guac. How unsanitary. Especially if a vegan is to order the guac after it was slabbed over my steak quesadilla. Smh I’m so grossed out about all the other things that can be thrown back into the containers of food.”

Boston Market

Boston Market’s food is often seen as balancing between fast food and higher-level cuisine. However, if the restaurant is as unclean as this reviewer argues, its culinary reputation becomes irrelevant.

Image: Boston Market

“This place is dirty. I went in at 1:15pm and there were more then a few tables with partially eaten food lying on them. The overall interior does not suffer from an overabundance of cleanliness. Also I ask for a take out menu. I was handed a menu with no prices on it! I asked if they had one with prices on it and I was told no they don’t. To say the least I am NOT impressed.”

Pizzaria Uno

Pizzeria Uno’s food typically receives positive reviews, but that doesn’t matter if someone like reviewer Eric W here can’t even receive their food.

Image: TripAdvisor

“I ordered a pizza tonight at 8:10pm- they close at 9pm. My card was charged and i received an email telling me it would be ready in 25 mins. I went to the place at 8:54pm to pick it up before they close, and the lights were entirely off. Their website says they are open until 9pm. I have photos with time stamps which confirm the above story. Come on guys.”