Paige Spiranac making Golf fun for All

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Golf is not among the most popular sport, generally speaking. The younger, more energetic generation finds it as slow or lacks the excitement games bring about, whiles the older generation finds it ideal for them.

Both the young and the old should get to know gold pro-Paige Spiranac. She has been raising the eyebrows of spectators ever since she took her first swing. Getting someone interested in watching a new sport is challenging by itself, and Paige went ahead and made fans out of individuals who even knew nothing about the sport.

1. She was born to Golf

People acquainted with Paige know that her love for the game began in childhood. She started playing as a child. Even schooling couldn’t stop Paige from playing. Her decision to pursue the sport in college came as no surprise to anyone.

Relatives and friends encouraged her to go ahead and reach for the sky with the sport.

2. She was never in doubt.

Paige’s parents were constantly amazed at her prowess in the sport. They always saw her playing Golf professionally but had no idea of just how much she would shine.

Her superb athletic ability was always cherished by her parents; seeing how happy it made her; they made it their point to support her.

3. Novice status

Paige was unbeatable at the collegiate level from the beginning. In 2012 and 2014, she received the All-Mountain West Conference honors. Awards swarmed her way, but she kept going.

She played a significant role in leading her University team to their first title in Women’s Golf ever that same year.

4. More than just talent.

With Paige, Golf came. Naturally, she didn’t have to struggle or seem to struggle while playing it; however, talent did not hinder her from giving it her all.

She handled every challenge thrown at her intelligently, powerfully, and graciously. Paige gained popularity in the game relatively early in her career by posting trick golf shots on her Instagram account.

5. Instagram champion.

Instagram alone set her up with a massive following of folks who even knew so little about Golf.

Some traditional golfers saw her social media popularity as a cheap and more accessible way of getting attention, although truth be told, very few golfers could do what she was doing.

6. I am not just playing.

Today, Paige is branded as one of the top golf players on social media. Not only does she post fantastic trick shots, but Paige also throws some tips and tricks of golfing.

She has provided a manual on how someone can go from a beginner to a good player and making it fun while at it.

7. Social media pull

Paige has a massive Instagram following of over two million followers and counting.
Her popularity there, however, is not like that of other celebrities. She does it for fun and at the same time to motivate or uplift any of her followers. I don’t think many people would pass the chance of learning Golf, especially from a beautiful person.

8. Background

Paige was born in a place called White Ridge on March 26th, 1993. Her family is of Croatian descent, which explains her Surname. She was raised in Monument, a neighboring town to White Ridge, also in Colorado. A loving family and friends surrounded Paige. Learn more in the next item.

9. Jack of many trades

Their influence on her gave the athlete in her to live and fully realize the American Dream. Still, in her early years, Paige pursued other interests she had, including gymnastics. She initially dreamt of being an Olympic Athlete and went as far as skipping level six to train in Karolyi Ranch.

10. Career ending injury

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Despite her fantastic talent in gymnastics, she had to leave it behind for something she was better at, Golf. That injury could not let her continue with gymnastics. While most people struggle to discover their talent, Paige knew she was perfectly good at two. She went with Golf, and clearly, all is well that ends well.

11. Open-minded.

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At the age of 12, Paige broke her kneecap twice to bring her gymnastics career to an unexpected end. You could only imagine the amount of pain the young girl had to go through when she learned of that.

She had invested sweat and time into gymnastics, but she had to let it go, find something else that she could put the same amount of zeal she had in gymnastics.

12. Necessary change

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Injury played the lion’s share contribution to Paige changing the sport but was not the sole reason.

Paige was subjected to bullying just like any other sports student. Their constant absence from school, especially when they get involved a lot. It looked as if they were being alienated since the only place, they interacted with the rest was in class or the school hallways.

13. Loner

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It became clear that Paige could no longer take part in gymnastics, so she tried golf because there was something familiar in the two sports that she valued a lot, solitude.

Paige cherished the isolation and solitude golf provided. She decided to give it a try, and voila, she was great at it.

14. Kick-start training

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Paige began homeschooling partly to deal with the bullying in school and somewhat to get to have time to train in Scottsdale, Arizona.

One would imagine that a child would be terrified to lose daily contact with friends, but not Paige; she loved her space and welcomed solitude with open arms.

15. Junior tour

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Paige Spiranac won an impressive five out of her first seven junior tournaments. Everywhere she went, she turned necks, left people wondering who the new blonde was.

Her career seemed more and more promising with the medals she got, and she still showed great sportsmanship to the two she lost.

16. Level up

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Paige played for San Diego while in University but later transferred. When playing that well, you tend to make yourself noticed, and Paige did that very well and got herself a scholarship to The University of Arizona.

Paige spent some time there but was eventually drawn back home to San Diego.

17. Industry

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In college freshman year, Paige played for Wildcats, their golf team. During this year, she only played three events for the school. She soon found out that she liked golf very much and that this could be her sport. She didn’t know that time that she would achieve great things. Read on to learn more.

18. Razor-sharp focus.

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Her eyes were focused on training for the LPGA. Her perseverance and work ethic was that of a professional, and even the wild teenage adventures couldn’t distract her from her main prize. Paige transferred to San Diego in her sophomore year. The reason was mainly to change her scenery and avoid staying in one place for too long.

19. Change of surrounding

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She had to move to a new environment, find her groove and still maintain her rigorous training, and this she found to be an outstanding scenery. In 2012/2013, apart from earning many honors for playing for the University, Paige started playing at higher-level events. Read on to learn more.

20. Beginning of success

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She played in Cal Classic, where she came fifth, Mountain West Championship, where she came sixth, and NCAA Central Regional Championship. These were terrific statistics for her age, and it seemed that the only way to go was up. Read on to learn more. Find out more about Paiges Junior year in the next point.

21. Junior year

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Paige continued to impress everywhere she played, even earning for the second time University honors. All she could think of is how she could better herself. Her trajectory was steadily moving upwards.

Like many athletes or sports personnel, Paige had her fair share of obstacles but soldiered through them. Continue reading to find out more.

22. New kid in the block

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Making a top ten finish in junior high at the Mountain West Championship drew scouts to Paige. Rivals, too, took notice of the young lady cruising through her career at a supersonic speed.

The championship was perhaps was the turning point of her golfing career, one which she remembers fondly.

23. That’s for you, Colorado.

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In her final year in University, having improved her already fantastic game, Paige led her team to win their first Mountain West Conference Championship.

She took the responsibility of leading her team all through to victory. Paige sucked up all the pressure coming from her peers and helped them make history.

24. Opportunities knocking

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Paige ended her college on a high note, having achieved a lot in golf. Many scouts were now on her neck, everyone trying to secure this extraordinary emerging talent.

Pro career was now knocking on her door, and all she had to do is choose which one she wanted.

25. New challenges

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Colorado Golf Association held its centennial Match Championship in July 2015. This particular tournament was held at Raccoon Creek, one of the best fields in the region.

Paige was well aware of the fierce competition she was about to face since it was a top-tier competition. She, however, still kept her calm, although deep down, her nerves were almost driving her crazy.

26. Bring it home

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Casting all her doubters aside, Paige went ahead to win that prestigious event. Despite just in the early stages of her career, she swept away all her competition to take the first price all to herself.

Paige ended soring an under nine par in a 35 hole match. This result was harsh for anyone to beat and was, in fact, her best performance yet.

27. Paige fever

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In 2015, Total Frat Move did an article about Paige that increased her social media pull on Instagram by a hundred folds to 100000 followers than in just 48 hours. Everyone seemed to want to know or be associated with the new star in San Diego. Continue reading to find out more about Paige.

28. Pro with it

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The following year, 2016, Paige officially turned pro. In her first pro-competition, she emerged 9th, taking home prize money worth $2000.

For someone who was recently competing in amateur competition, this was instead a good start. All Paige had to do was be consistent with her current form to realize her true potential.

29. Golf ambassador

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Paige always had an eye for the future; after every event, all she could think of is the next competition and how best to prepare for it. She secured her first win at Scottsdale Orange Tree Club and was hungry for more. Paige was seen not only as a great golfer but sort of mascot of the sport.

30. Significant other

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Many started following golf due to her vast social media influence.
Paige met Steven Tinoco, a minor league baseball player, at a meet and greet. Steven later asked her out via Instagram, and it seems things took off.

Steve seemed smitten by Paige and was keen to stay with her in the long run.

31. Athletic couple.

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The couple is currently staying in Arizona, where they help each other get in shape. They come off as a thrilling couple from the few times they have been seen in public. After a few dates, Paige discovered their chemistry and was immediately willing to let her guard down for Steven

32. Put a ring on it.

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He was the classic gentleman, opening doors and all. What a wonderful man.

After a while, they went on a vacation together in Dubai, where he proposed to her. It was really romantic and what a great scene to do the Engagement. She was really happy about that. Who wouldn’t be?

33. Role model

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Paige hasn’t come out to say which golfer she looks up to yet. She, however, has a role model in another athlete, Ronda Rousey. A really great woman who she really likes and Paige thinks very highly of her and is hoping to achieve as much as Ronda did. Continue reading to learn more.

34. Not just Instagram

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They both have had to break down many barriers to reach where they currently are, and that alone is admirable. Paige seems to know her way around her keyboard. She has a massive following on Twitter, capturing many with her smart jokes and brutally honest opinion. Read on to find out more.

35. Youtube star.

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She is not known to reserve her comments on anything she feels like contributing. Paige started a YouTube channel after previously trying the podcast world. Maybe you want to check it out? She remained in her element, posting her lifestyle, fitness, and generally golf-related content. Read on to find out more.

36. Size doesn’t matter.

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Height is a common feature in athletes which helps them dominate the field. Paige, however, is not particularly tall, with a height of just about 5’5”. But that’s not a big problem for her.

She has to persevere through the disadvantage and still manages to beat most of them. Read more.

37. It is in the genes

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The genetic composition also contributes to the sports prowess of an individual. Paige comes from a family of athletes.

Her dad played college football, and her mum trained as a professional ballerina. Her sister, too, is in athletics and almost every time beats her opponents very comfortably. Continue reading, to find out more.

38. All about the money

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What a great oufit Paige wore on the red carpet. Much of the money Paige makes is from endorsements which rather pay her handsomely.

Contrary to what many think, golfing pays her roughly $2000 in prize money, a pretty insignificant amount compared to what the endorsements give her. Continue reading and find out more.

39. More deals

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Paige already has four endorsement deals and still counting. Her diversity and ability to pull crowds have helped a lot, not to mention her breathtaking beauty.

Many critics have said awful things about Paige, but they cannot deny the impact she has had on golf. Continue reading, to find out more.

40. Here to compete, here to win.

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Paige comes off as a rather laid-back kind of person but completely changes in game situations.

Her calmness, seriousness, and competitive nature all burst into the open whenever she plays. All competitions available to Paige, she has participated and done quite well in them too. She likes playing and winning while at it.