20 Symptoms of heart disease

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Do you get tired easily? And you might be thinking it is a part of bad sleeping habits? No, it is something more than the bad sleeping habits. You have to be more serious about this thing, and if you feel any symptoms, then you must urgently consult a doctor on an urgent basis.

Suppose you get tired a lot. Then it is one of the early signs of heart problems. You have to take a lot of care of yourself. We know that it can be really hard to believe such a thing. But we have gathered all early symptoms of heart problems here. So, if you face any of them, you must consult a doctor.

1. Snoring Louder

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You might have seen people snoring in their sleep. Even you might also be one of them who snore while they sleep. Snoring is completely normal, and it does not relate to any complications. But, if you snore a bit louder, then it’s time to think about that.

You might have sleep apnea. That’s why you snore louder. Sleep apnea is a complication where you face breathing problems while sleeping. And sleep apnea can lead to heart diseases. If you notice weird snoring or louder snores, then you must consult a doctor immediately. This can lead to many complications. So, you must consult a doctor before something serious happens.

2. Exhaustion

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Getting exhausted easily is a clear indication of a heart problem. Suppose you get tired of climbing the stairs, doing groceries, moving things from one place to another. Then it is a symptom of something complicated. You must visit a doctor immediately if you have any issues.

Tiredness and exhaustion is the sign of heart disease. You must go and visit a doctor urgently if you face any complications like that. This sign of exhaustion is most important than any other sign of heart disease, like pain in any part. So, you must take care of these symptoms first. And visit a doctor if you see any of them.

3. Sweating

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Sweating is normal, and doctors consider it healthy too if you sweat. But if you sweat a lot. Then it’s an alarming situation. If you always sweat, and there is no particular reason behind that. Then. It is the time for you to visit the hospital immediately. Make sure that you make a visit to a doctor as soon as possible.

Sweating is an indication of many serious complications. Suppose you sweat a lot, then you must urgently go and ask a doctor about it. People who suffer from heart diseases can sweat a lot, and it may result in further complications too. So, before any further complication, visit the doctor urgently.

4. Cough

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Suppose you are having a cough that is not getting well. You cough a lot without any specific reason behind it. Then you must go visit a doctor as soon as possible. Suppose you are not having a cold and still you are coughing. Then it is an indication of something really serious.

Suppose the cough also processes mucus that is of either white or pink color. Then it is an indication that you may have heart failure in the future. You must visit a doctor if you face this issue and ask for a thorough checkup. The sooner you will go to a doctor, the better it will be for you.

6. Swelling in Legs, Feet, and Ankles

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Have you ever noticed that you have to swell in your legs? Ankles or feet. Your feet and ankles can swell if you stand for a long time or do something other than routine. But if you do not work and haven’t stood for a longer time and still these parts swell. Then it’s time to take notice of that.

If the heart does not pump back the blood, these parts can get swollen because of the shortage of blood supply. They are also an indication of kidney disease. But they are also a sign of heart problems. So, if you face any issues like that, you must visit a doctor urgently.

7. Issues like Nausea, Indigestion, etc.

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Suppose you face issues like nausea, vomiting, heartburn, and indigestion, etc. Then there is a clear indication that your body is going through some serious phase. What is it, and how this thing happens? Researches from Charles Chambers state that if you are going to suffer problems like a heart attack, then you will face such issues.

 Sometimes, this happens because of bad eating habits too. But suppose you haven’t eaten something that disturbs your stomach. And you are still facing issues like indigestion and nausea etc. Then it is a clear indication that you may have heart problems. So, to overcome those problems, you must ask a doctor.

8. Lightheadedness

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Have you ever faced issues like you are feeling dizzy or having issues while standing etc.? Lightheadedness is not common. If you feel a lot of issues that relate to lightheadedness, then you must see a doctor urgently. Along with issues like nausea, shortness of breath and snoring, etc. Lightheadedness is also a sign of heart problems.

If you are having any heart problems or you are going to have a heart attack in the future, then your blood pressure will drop to a certain level. The reason for low blood pressure is that the heart is unable to pump the blood on time.

9. Discomfort in Chest

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You might have heard about the association of chest pain with a heart attack. It is true. You can feel severe pain in the chest if you are having heart issues. Suppose you are having issues with your heart. Then, you will face discomfort in your chest, pressure on the chest, and sudden pain.

If you feel tightness and sudden discomfort in the chest, you must go see a doctor as soon as possible. And if the chest pain is not going away and it is prolonged too. Then you must urgently see a doctor and seek medical guidance from him. It will save you from further risks.

10. Pain in Arm

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Is your left arm pains a lot? There are reasons behind it. Whether your muscles are pulled, or you slept on your left arm. But if none of this happened. Then it’s time to scratch your head and think seriously about it. Arm pain is also an indication of a heart problem.

Suppose you are suffering from heart disease. Then you might suffer pain in your arm that will start from your chest and move in your arm. Suppose you have pain like this, you must consult a doctor on an urgent basis. This can help you a lot if you have any heart problems.

11. Heart Beat Issues

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Your heartbeat and overall pulse rate are a measure of your health too. If you are facing heartbeat issues and it is irregular. Then it is the time to think about this deeper. Heartbeat issues are a major indication of something irregular and alarming in your body. So, you must overcome this.

People having irregular heartbeats either drink too much caffeine or do not sleep on time. But if you sleep on time and do not intake too much caffeine. Then this time, this point is to be discussed with your doctor. You must go see the doctor and make sure that there is any issue regarding your heart or not.

12. Pain in throat and jaw

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If you do not have a cold and cough, then your throat pain can be a serious thing. Similarly, if you are not having a wise tooth and still your jaw hurts, then you must consult a doctor. Other issues behind throat and jaw pain are muscular problems and sinus problems etc.

But suppose you have none of the above problems, and still you have the constant pain.  Then you must focus on it and check where it hurts, if the pain is spreading from the chest to jaw or throat. Then it is a clear sign of a heart problem. You must urgently see a doctor if you face any issue like that.

13. Skin Turns Blue or Purple

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Normally, our skin turns blue or purple when we feel cold. Not a normal cold, but if it is very cold weather. So, there is no issue like that. But if you are having skin coloration issues and your skin starts turning purple or blue. Then you must ask a doctor.

Suppose the weather is normal and you are warm. But your skin is turning blue or purple. Then you must see a doctor. This thing happens when the heart does not pump properly, and blood is not having enough oxygen. It can lead to severe heart diseases. So, before any serious complication occurs, you must go ask your doctor about it.

14. Rashes and Marks Due to Bumps

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Suppose you were all okay, but suddenly the bumps appear. These can be a sign of serious complications, and you need to take notice of that. You must go and ask your doctor about that. It is an alarming situation that you must take notice of.

The bumps that are caused by heart diseases look like rashes, pimples, and warts and are filled with puss or fat. These fatty deposits are of cholesterol, and it means that you have higher cholesterol levels. So, higher cholesterol levels eventually mean that you may suffer from heart disease later. So, if you have bumps, you may go ask your doctor about them.

15. Nails

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Have you ever noticed changes in your nails? The nails are straight, and they are mostly of light pink color. Suppose your nails do not look normal. Then you must urgently go and see a doctor quickly. This is because the nails indicate our heart conditions. So, make sure that your nails look healthy.

If your nails are turned down and your fingers are swollen. Then you must take it under notice. It is a serious symptom that you cannot neglect or ignore. Clubbing relates to a serious heart condition.  So, you must go visit a doctor for quick assistance.

16. Waxy Growths

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Have you ever noticed yellowish or orange waxy growths on your skin? Then it’s an alarm that you must notice. These yellowish and orange growths appear on different parts of the skin. And if you notice any of them, you must go visit a doctor on an urgent basis.

These yellowish and orange deposits appear like bumps on the skin. They are also deposits of cholesterol, indicating that your cholesterol levels are significantly high than normal. They will appear on many areas like under your eyes, feet, toes, and hands, etc. So, if you notice them, ask your doctor to cope up with them and check your heart level, etc.

17. Discoloration

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The discoloration is a sign of heart disease. Whether your nails discolor or any other area discolors, you must take this thing under notice. And if you notice the slightest change, ask your doctor about it and make a good change in your daily routine too.

The brown discolorations on the palms and your soles are actually a sign of infection. This infection is mainly in the heart or any blood vessel. The spots that will appear are painless, and they clear in a few weeks and days. But you must undergo proper treatment for your infections. So, you can avoid the chances of a heart attack.

18. Lines under Nails

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Look at your nails carefully. Are they pink, or they have lines under them? Now here is something that you must know before it gets too late. Red and purple lines under nails are also a symptom of a heart attack. So, if you see them, go to your doctor and ask for medical assistance.

Some people who are having injuries in nails have red or purple lines. But if nothing happened like that, then you must know about it. These lines are a clear symptom of heart diseases if you have not injured your nails and they do not hurt.

19. Rashes and Fever

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The rashes can appear if you are having any trouble with your heart. You must take a lot of care of yourself. And also, do a thorough examination of your body at least once a week. The long-lasting heart diseases come along with rash and fever. The rash does not itch and has nothing like that. But it can cause fever.

Most children who are prone to heart diseases get a rash first, and then they catch the fever. This fever is called rheumatic fever, and it is a long-lasting cause of heart disease in children. So, if you see such signs, you must ask a doctor to help you.

20. Swollen Lips

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In hot weather, we often have dry lips, and they bleed. Similarly, in cold weather, our lips can become dry, swollen, and also bleed. But if the weather conditions are normal and still your lips are swollen. Then it’s time to think. You must make sure why your lips are dry, swollen, and they bleed.

If you get a rash, also catch the fever, and your lips turn dry, and they start to bleed. Then it is an alarm. You may get Kawasaki disease. This is usually in children. But if you do not do a proper check and take it under notice. Then, you may have heart problems later. So, make sure that these lips are treated very soon.

21. Waxy Lumps

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Do waxy lumps appear on your body? If yes, then you must go see a doctor first. They are also one of the symptoms of heart disease that you cannot ignore. If you notice waxy lumps, go see a doctor right now and ask them to help you. These are smooth lumps, and they can appear on any area of the body.

If the protein builds up abnormally, these lumps will appear, and they are a clear indication of different complications that you will see in the future. Not only in the heart, but it can be in other organs too. Make sure that you have a healthy and normal protein level for the proper functioning of the body.