What Lies Beyond Dunda Peak’s Forests?

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If you thought the year was bad enough, we have another surprise in store for you. Kick your feet back, and enjoy the ride. I promise you won’t be able to keep that calm facade. Don’t blame us if your fingers tremble as you inch the screen to each paragraph. A horror story brought to life, beginning with a vacation photo going viral.

1. Her Vacation Photo Went Viral and She Couldn’t Figure Out Why

Have a look at this photo. It looks pretty normal. With the revolution of technology, it seems everything documentation is available from the tips of your fingers. Even more so, regarding the lady who innocently uploaded a picture of her vacation. The photo went viral for all the wrong reasons.

2. The Spot Where It All Took Place

A popular place for tourists. Found in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. Dundas Peak is a hiking area becoming increasingly popular. Equaling 105,000 visitors per year said according to Burnside. The valley is known for its picture-perfect landscape. It would be a crime to not. Regarding such a luscious landscape, no one would suspect the infamous reputation. What lies in the groves and underbrush?

3. The Area Saw a Spike in Missing People Cases

According to research in Yosemite National Park, nearly 62% of missing person cases involve hikers. All hikers are aware of the risks they are exposing themselves to when hiking. However, Dundas peak is notorious for missing hikers. Several have not been as lucky since Dundas Peak’s establishment in 1886. The park has always been a dangerous place, but one of these hikers would make an accidental discovery. Ultimately, adding a chapter to the park’s history.

4. The Photo in Question

There have been Millions of pictures taken on the famous ledge on Dundas Mountain. What makes this man any different? Sat on the edge, nearly 360 feet in the air, a gentleman is seated clutching his knees to his chest. In spite of, the view a chill ventures up your spine when you notice who else accompanies him.

5. Trying to Repeat It

Some days later, curiosity paved the way. Kim and her friend would hike the same peak to recreate the picture. In hopes of capturing the remarkable scenery. They went the same way and tried to do all the same things they did before. Then they saw something shiny was hidden. Read more.

6. Something Shiny Was Hidden

Picture: NelzTabcharani316 / Shutterstock.com

Shortly after, they rushed to see the valley’s beauty that they captured in the palm of their hand. Soon after, Kim was distracted when she noticed a glitter of metal protruding below the peak’s edge. A set of keys lay dangling 3 feet away. It was a lost car Key, but who lost it?

7. A Lost Car Key

Would you get on your belly and reach out over the edge of a peak, nearly 400 feet in the air, for some random keys? We would not. Hence, it sounds like a job for daredevils and Superheroes. Kim and her friend would discover the keys belonged to a Hyundai Elantra.

8. Nobody in Sight

The two women knew of the park’s rumors, the missing people incidents. So they rushed to get in their car before dusk. A car key? Who did it belong to? Why did they leave it? Did they leave it on purpose? Could the set of keys be bait? Many questions. But, there would only be one answered.

9. Found the Vehicle

As they approached the parking lot, they spotted their car. As well as a Hyundai Elantra rusted and worn by the weather. They fled the scene, leaving the keys on the Hyundai. Only for the same car to be seen on the news the next day. The night swallowed their comfort, with no plans of returning to the site. They later discovered the keys and the car belonged to a woman who had gone missing in the hiking area prior. The lost hiker is female, but her name remains disclosed.

10. What Happened to the Woman?

The Reddit community would surprise the hikers. By taking an interest in the seemingly innocent photo of a vacation. Going viral, an online community would begin to search for answers to this common disappearance. However, the more they looked, the more interested investigators became. Read more then a clue might have been hidden.

11. A Clue Might Have Been Hidden

Most would agree that two heads are better than one. How about a million? The photo would take the internet by storm, even reaching multiple news outlets. Amidst the viewers, the detail they paid most attention to was not the view. It was not even the man in the photo. It was what appeared to be a hiker.

12. Going Viral

After reaching national recognition, Kim’s friend explains in interviews how this happened. She says Kim’s cousin went up the hiking trail a week before. It looked perfect for an Instagram photo. But she did not expect it to go totally viral and everyone saw and heard about it. Read more.

13. A Person in the Photo

Contrary to the unexpected peculiar fame of the photo, the woman noticed a thin person, emerged in a white coat and dark pants below the edge of the trail. It is remarkably unnatural because the slope is too steep to stand on. That was really strange, would you be scared?

14. Was it the Missing Woman?

The face of the person; cannot be recognized. But, the spot she is standing is notably steep. Was it the missing woman? Photos circulate the actual area she is standing. The white stone is engraved in the hill, marking a very uneven space. So, who is this unnatural still person?

15. Just a Play of Shadows

Could that figure be the missing woman? The missing person is reported as large. Prior, the clothes last seen in were jeans and a light gray sweater. Beyond a hundred thousand visits the park and take a photo every year. Some suspect it to be a trick of the lighting. Yet, with no other images showing a similar figure. The internet was at a dead-end.

16. A Paranormal Occurrence?

Long before western science, there were the Greeks who relied on the gods. There were the beliefs of physical and spiritual worlds. People suspect it is just another unfortunate climber caught before they reach a horrible fate. Although, who is really in the picture? How can you explain a woman standing with complete control on a slope that would send most plummeting?

17. The Melting Ice Poles

What a beautiful scenery, it looks just perfect for a Hike! One of the many explanations was those of a seasonal illusion. The figure could be a shadow reflecting off of the white rock nearby. Conclusively, the most obvious answer is that it is just a hiker. Read more about the Story.

18. Claiming It Was Them

Picture: IMAGO / Martin Müller

She asked the Reddit Users: Among the Reddit community, someone announced that they could have been the culprit. The culprit told of all the details that would lead to him. He frequently hikes on Dundas Peak. He also remembers wearing a white jacket and dark jeans. What do you think? Could it be that?

19. An Unfortunate Turn of Events

Analysts believe there could be another scenario. The photo would circulate like dollar bills in the United States. On account of, the theory it begins with a train accident under Dundas Peak. Read more about the sould trapped in this World, kinda scary don’t you think? Are you brave enough to read more!

20. Souls Trapped in this World

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Analysts brought to light the organization MailOnline. In 1934, fifteen suffered fatal injuries. The locals pay no mind. The park would not have visitors as often if its people were afraid of it. So ends the mysteries for now, like a book come to life. We end on the cliffhanger. It is up to you to decide what happened.

21. The Unusual Disappearance of a Toddler and Unbreakable Will of a Mother’s Love

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We all have a Mother, and we all know how Motherly Love feels. It is just the best thing. Motherly love is like no other, which is why the disappearance of Casey Hathaway made the news. The North Carolina family was thrown into panic. When one afternoon their toddler, would go missing for two days.

22. An Active and Adventurous Boy

Picture: IMAGO / Cavan Images

Only three years old, from a small town in North Carolina, the boy lives the life of every toddler. He was an active and very advent ours boy. Like every boy in his age he loved to experience and go on adventures. He enjoys cartoons, chicken nuggets and loves being outside.

23. A Simple and Happy Family

Craven County is a rural, peaceful place. One of those places where everyone knows each other. There is not much crime, the perfect place to raise a child. And that’s why he was raised there, it was the perfect spot for this young and adventurous boy to grew up and find friends!

24. An Ordinary Tuesday

What a cute boy on an ordinary Tuesday. The day the incident happened, Casey was playing with his cousin in the backyard. No worries, just some children, having fun. Sounds pretty normal to me. No one was ready, for what was about to happen. Read more to find out what exactly happened.

25. Searching Outside

Casey’s mother would search everywhere with a group of family and friends. Basements, neighbor’s houses, under the porch, until then they realized where he could have gone. But she couldn’t find him, where did he go? What happened? She got nervous and scared and really wanted to find him! Read more.

26. The Quiet Woodlands

North Carolina, home to the birth of Krispy Kreme, North Carolina is also known to have a vast forest. Most have occupations farming in the rural community of Craven County. Then they decided to make the Emergency Call and go looking for Casey. Read more about what happened next, you will be surprised.

27. Making the Emergency Call

Bild: IMAGO / ZUMA Wire

The boy was missing: Nearly an hour had passed since Casey’s disappearance. They got scared. They needed to call for help. Every minute they waited, is another minute Casey could encounter North Carolina’s predators. It was horrible! Where did he go? Was he alright? They needed to find him immediately.

28. A Giant Search Operation

Picture: GravenCounty Sheriff`s Office/Facebook

The small county’s disappearance would soon become widespread in news outlets across the states. Everyone heard about the missing boy and wanted to help. The search operation would contain volunteers from several military branches. In order to search the 464,000 acres of North Carolina’s timber. Read more about the Story.

29. The First 24 Hours

The first 24 hours: Time was of the essence. North Carolina is acknowledged, for its mild winters. It was January, bears, and coyotes were the least of their worries, but they can be one aswell. Fears of frostbite, hypothermia, and the millions of diseases that plague the unfortunate in cold weather.

30. Other Setbacks

Many would volunteer to help, but the weather was severe, under the law, the organized search team had to send volunteers home. This only left the few licensed rescuers to search. And that was not enough. They searched a long time, but they had no luck, so they decided to break up and use the next day.

31. The Second Day

There were running out of luck. The Craven County Emergency Management would try to make use of their resources. K-9 units, drones, and helicopter searches over the immense forest. But they couldn’t find him, and they did not know what to do, until a hopeful tip came in, and they tried to check it.

32. The Hopeful Tip

Then they got a hopeful tip. The popularity would aid in Casey’s search, as nearly 600 people would continue to search and did not give up. Casey went missing on Tuesday. On Thursday evening, a tip was received when someone heard a child weeping for his mother. Was it Casey or another boy?

33. A Great Relief

Shane Grier, a professional rescue captain would be the one to discover the young boy. Entangled in thorny shrubs, it was a miracle the boy was alive. The harsh terrain had cut all chances of his escape if he was to make it back in one piece. Read more what happened next.

34. Straight to the Hospital


The Hathaways were ecstatic when they found out their child was safe. While being rushed to the infirmary, he was conscious while suffering from frostbite. His condition all showed that he was in North Carolina’s frigid winters. Some thought it was impossible. They conspired that maybe he found shelter and didn’t have to face all the below 20 degrees weather by himself.

35. Miraculous Condition

The story does not end here. The case was unusual as every missing person case is. But, what sets Casey apart is what he says happened to him in the woods. He told his family that he was taken care of by a bear. Can you believe that? An actual bear?

36. An Unusual Story

Picture: Facebook

To add, his experience when he went missing and where he was found strange enough. Chocowinity, where he was rescued, is nearly 35 miles from Craven County. How could a toddler, someone only three years old be 35 miles from his home? Read more about Casey and what exactly happened.

37. Casey Hung Out with a Bear

He looks fine on this photo, although trauma was expected, Casey was not changed by the event. He spoke of a friend who kept him safe. His friend was a bear, who stayed with him for two days. What a cute story! A bear as a best friend, that is something every child could wish for.

38. Letting the Officials Know

Now, every state has its local folklore, its haunted places, the stories surrounding the birth of their towns. Could this bear be something of the supernatural? Or was it the cold and lack of food getting to the young boy’s head? Brittany sought answers from the officials, but they could not confirm if her son’s story is true.

39. What Do the Experts Think?

Picture: IMAGO / Panthermedia

Authorities would not be surprised by such a story. Black bears roam the area and are not known to be aggressive to humans. To add, since Casey was afraid. Animals could likely smell the fear on him. According to scientists, fear is smelled in sweat. It can be unconsciously detected among humans. Officials had a good chuckle out of Casey’s story.

40. Other Speculations

Picture: IMAGO / agefotostock

Investigators would later return to the scene, Casey’s survival is remarkable. Some consider a bear protecting Casey to be a viable answer. But detectives did not find a trace of any bears in the area Casey was found. The Police Department told the media that all signs pointed to Casey spending two days in the woods, suspecting he survived by roaming around.