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Which country has the strongest and weakest military control on this planet? The question depends on some factors, such as the financial status, population, and the topography of every country. A good example is the USA. According to Credit Suisse’s report on globalization, the USA has maintained the position of being the strongest country in the world despite cutting its budget and reducing its size.

Even though the USA is not yet the world’s top military superpower, China and Russia are the closest rivals. The ranking of the countries is more confidential and tactical. This article points out some of the nations by widespread consensus.

1. The USA

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According to Credit Suisse’s report on globalization, the US is the leading country with the most powerful military set up globally. A total of $601 billion is spent on its security service, a figure that indicates that the country spends more money on its defense than any other country. This is why it has better military personnel, equipment, and technology.

There are about 1.4 million active members and an additional 1.1 million in reserve. The USA has the second large number of nuclear warheads than other countries, after Russia. In addition, the USA has continued to maintain its military position due to meeting the following global requirements:

2. Russia

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It is the enormous landmass in the world, so military power is a must. The GlobalFirepower’s Military Strength Ranking index shows that Russia has always been keen on technology. However, the country’s military budget is around $154 billion. Russia has also recovered from a post-Soviet military slump by launching a slew meeting the modern projects to revive its air force and navy.

The results can be observed in 2021 when the country’s new strategic and cruise missile submarines are launched, narrowing the USA qualitative gap. Moreover, the new growth of Russia’s modernized corvettes and more small ships shows that Moscow is more interested in safeguarding its coastal defense force.

3. Thailand

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Thailand is one of the most populated countries globally, with an estimated population of 70,088,467 people per the United Nations data census data collection. The growth has been continuous therefore raising national security concerns. That has led to measures to improve the Thailand martial docket.

Thailand has many islands which require coastal protection. The country’s coastal has submarines with about 81 vessels. In addition, the nation has land, air, and naval military forces. Thailand has been at war with other countries like Vietnam, an experience that proved that a powerful military is essential to the country. The situation saw Thailand invest in more warfare machinery for future emergencies.

4. Norway

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With a modest population of about 5.39 million, it only has about 26,500 active military members at any given time. About a total of 46,000 reserve soldiers are waiting for the call.

They have about 161 Aircraft. The nation’s military budget is about $8.3million, and the country has an area of 323 803km².

5. Ukraine

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It has one of the most impressive militaries compared to its population of 44.13 million as of 2020. There are 3,784 combat tanks, which is more than other countries combined.

The military defense budget is around 11 billion dollars. Total aircraft of about 318, with 0 submarines. Ukraine has 196,000 and 900,000 reservists. The nation also has about 3000 armored vehicles, with a defense budget of around $4.9B.

6 . Canada

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Its population is about 10% of the United States but has a much larger landmass. Ranked as one of the most powerful militaries in the world, Canada has around 79,000 active members.

The country has set aside a defense budget of 23 billion dollars. They have also invested in air and naval power.

7 . Brazil

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Brazil has an impressive 1.6 million reserve soldiers waiting for the call. Brazil’s annual budget is a massive $27 billion. With a population of about 213 million people, the nation has about 108 million available workforces.

It also has about 12 total naval assets. They have invested in aircraft machines with about 600 aircraft strength.

8 . Vietnam

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Vietnam’s reservist numbers are at around 5 million soldiers, ranking 1st among 138 countries. There are 1,829 combat tanks, 189 jets, 8 submarines, and 5 warships.

According to Hanoi Times, the country has 2,615 tanks, 2,530 armored vehicles, 70 self-propelled artillery, 1,000 towed artillery, and 85 rocket projectors. Vietnam ranks 35th globally in the strength of the navy. The total military personnel is 5.48 million.

9. Pakistan

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In the Middle East, Pakistan has one of the largest armies. One crucial factor to note is that the military operates outside the government. It runs on its own so that politicians don’t have as much control.

With a population of 238 million, the country has invested in land, air, and naval strength. They have the machinery and personnel.

10. Germany

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Germany was one of the top colonialists in the world. Its powerful military helped it conquer most territories. Moreover, through their rule, they continued to recruit more soldiers to the army. During World War 2, Germany had more than 3.5 million active soldiers. Some were killed in that war; hence the number has reduced with time. They now have about 60,000 active troops and 325,000 on reserve.

The country has set aside $50Billion for the defense to build its military strength. In addition, Germany has a population of about a 79Million, of which39million of them are available for staffing. Therefore, there have been fears that with the general high population, Germany may rebuild its military with time.

11. Turkey

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Turkey’s geographical location puts it in the middle of many conflicts. This is because it borders Syria, Iraq, and Iran, which experience conflicts frequently; therefore, she needs to build her military strength.

With a $25- the billion-dollar budget they can have 410,000 active soldiers and a reserve of 200,000 soldiers. They also have both air and naval military capacity.

12. Japan

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The country isn’t allowed to have its military force due to the outcome of World War 2 but it has managed to get by that rule by calling it’s military a self- defense force. Defense’s budget is around $51 billion.

New advancements have also called for their investment in space and cyber capabilities. Japan aims to improve the competitiveness of its technology sector to enhance competitiveness in new military technologies.

13. The United Kingdom

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The United Kindom military budget is more than almost every nation at $62 billion. They can have 879 aircraft, 407 tanks, and 66 naval vessels with that massive amount of money.

The country has a defense budget of approximately $68 billion. The government has invested in land, air, and naval military powers. The UK has also invested in protecting its borders from attacks.

14. India

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India is the seventh-largest country globally, so it should have the most considerable military presence. With a population of about 1.3 billion people, a possible workforce of 629 million.

It’s estimated that there are 1.3 million active soldiers. The country had invested more inland military power than air and naval power, but over recent years, they are aiming to improve the ambiance and navy.

15. China

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China reigns supreme as far as active military members at 2.3 million soldiers. They have 1.2 million on reserve. China’s budget is at $166 billion. Its aviation has more than 2,500 aircraft, with 2,000 being combat aircraft.

It has the world’s largest navy, with about 360 ships even though it is smaller vessels. Japan is adopting lighter and more powerful automate and moving to digital technology.

16. Israel

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Something unique about Israel is that everyone growing up must serve in the military. That adds up the total number of active military personnel to 8.7 million soldiers.

Though the country is considered small compared to other counterpart countries, Israel still spends $18 billion on its security investment annually. As a result, it is one of the most powerful countries in the Middle East.

The Israelite government is a critical global supplier of advanced weaponry, including drones, missiles, radar technology, and other systems. This ensures that it adopts most military practices to remain secure from any external attacks.

17. Indonesia

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The country is famous for some of its previous military power. A budget of $6.9 billion helps to finance the martial docket. Much is not known to many, but Indonesia has a military force of around 476,00 soldiers.

In addition, there are another additional 400,000 military troops applicable in crisis and emergence moments. Having 191 ships is essential to patrol on many islands.

18. Australia

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Did you know that Australia is a country that has invested more in its military power? That’s right!

Austalia has invested in its martial docket to meet the required military standards.

After world war 1 and 2, the country was committed to protecting its borders through setting up the following:
.About 58,000 active soldiers.
. 52 Military Ships.
.59 Military Tanks.
. 408 Military aircraft.

19. Spain

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Spain is another key country with about 124,000 active soldiers, with a total of 170,000 altogether.

These are good numbers with such a small European country where other counterparts have more resources due to their countries’ sizes.

The personnel is distributed into more other dockets, respectively. With cybercrime being a threat, Spain has also majored in its cyber protection policies to prevent any external attacks from its counterparts.

20. Egypt

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Egypt’s military personnel members are 470,000 active soldiers and 800,000 soldiers on reserve.

They have 4,624 tanks, 1,133 planes, and 245 naval vessels. For an African country to have such well-established military service, it must be acknowledged globally.

21. Algeria

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Algeria is an African country best known for its security measures. It has around 800,000 active military members, about ten times the amount of Canada.

Algeria’s forces are more focused on ground attacks than air.

22. Saudi Arabia

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Saudi Arabia has a small force compared to its population at 231,000 active members.

Its military might come from its large number of fighter aircraft.

23. Iran

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Iran has a massive budget of $81 million, so it should have a significant headcount in the military.

There are 930,000 soldiers, with 534,000 of them being on active duty.

24. The Czech Republic

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The country has 30,000 active soldiers and 22,000 reserves; the country doesn’t have as many human resources as other nations.

25. Myanmar

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Myanmar has about 406,000 soldiers on active duty. It seems like they would instead focus on airpower rather than naval power.

They have 128 fighter jets and ten attack helicopters.

26. Sweden

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Sweden has always been a very neutral country, so they only ever have about 21,000 active soldiers at any time.

The country has about 160 combat tanks, 138 fighter jets, and five submarines.

27. Greece

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Greece has around 413,000 military personnel and 161,000 active personnel at any given time.

Greece is a series of islands and has 11 submarines to protect all its coastal borders.

28. Malaysia

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It has an extensive military concerning its size of 329,847 km². There are 110,000 active members, with 310,000 in its reserves.

The country focuses its hardware on combat tanks and rocket-launching vehicles.

The government has 175 total units in its active aircraft inventory. The available human resources are about 15 million, with 33 million.

29. Poland

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Poland has been actively growing their military. They now have one of the strongest militaries in the world. While there are only 12,000 active soldiers, there are 500,000 on reserve.

The country has a population of around 38Million with a defense budget of about $14 billion. The government may be small, but they are committed to having a powerful military.