Preschool Vow Leads to Lifelong Love and Marriage

A Promise Fulfilled

He had made a promise so long ago, yet now that the moment had finally come, he found himself trembling.

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For some, it’s hard to believe in love at first sight, but he knew instantly who he would marry. In preschool, amidst the laughter and teasing of their classmates, he fell deeply in love with her. Everyone thought it was just a childish fantasy, but he was determined to prove them wrong. Years passed, and while others forgot, he held onto his promise. Today, as he stands before her, ready to say “I do,” he knows every moment was worth it.

Childhood Romance

Love works in mysterious ways, often bringing magic and beauty into our lives. Everyone deserves to experience love at least once. Matt Grodsky found his true love at the tender age of three.

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Her name was Laura Scheel. From the beginning, Matt did everything he could to impress her. They were best friends, but to everyone around them, it was clear they were much more. Despite their young age, their bond was undeniable. As they grew, so did their love, turning a childhood friendship into a lifelong romance.

Closest Friends

Matt and Laura attended the same preschool in Phoenix, Arizona, and it didn’t take long for the tiny tots to become inseparable. By the age of four, they were spending all their time together.

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Their bond was unique and special, unlike anything anyone had ever seen before. However, their parents knew such a strong connection couldn’t last forever. Eventually, they were proven right. Circumstances forced the pair apart, leaving everyone wondering if they would ever find their way back to each other. Despite the separation, their early years left an indelible mark on both their hearts.

Playground Companions

The two young lovebirds spent blissful days on the playground, Laura cherishing Matt’s playful antics as they laughed and explored together. Witnessing their blossoming friendship, teachers and parents found them adorable but doubted it would endure. Yet, as time unfolded, they were proven both right and wrong.

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Their bond endured, but not without challenges. Despite separations and growing pains, their connection deepened. Through life’s twists and turns, they defied expectations, their childhood companionship evolving into a lifelong love story, much to the surprise and delight of those who witnessed their journey.

Kindred Spirits

Laura and Matt were inseparable, like two peas in a pod. Their bond extended beyond school; they meticulously planned their weekends to maximize their time together.

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Countless joyous moments filled their days. Laura patiently taught Matt the art of swinging and the “proper” way to consume string cheese, while he amused her with spirited renditions of scenes from their beloved film, The Lion King. However, one unexpected action from Matt drew ridicule from their classmates, setting off a chain of events that would test their friendship in ways they never imagined.

“Just Watch!”

On that momentous day, Matt’s excitement overflowed. At just four years old, he felt compelled to share his feelings with the world. Standing before the entire class, he boldly professed his love for Laura.

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“Just you wait!” he declared, met with laughter from their peers. Undeterred, he made a solemn vow to marry Laura someday. Though his declaration was dismissed as childish whimsy, as they matured, their paths diverged, leading them on separate journeys.

Diverging Roads

As kindergarten approached, Laura and Matt found themselves enrolled in different schools, marking the beginning of their separation. Despite their efforts to maintain their friendship, the passage of time led them down divergent paths, causing them to gradually drift apart. With each passing year, they grew and evolved, their once inseparable bond fading into distant memory.

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By the time they entered elementary school, the two childhood confidants had become strangers, leading separate lives. Yet, just as it seemed their connection was lost forever, fate intervened, setting the stage for an unexpected reunion that would reignite the flame of their friendship.

Forging Ahead

As Laura and Matt matured, forging new friendships and embracing new adventures, the memories of their past gradually faded into the background. It appeared as though they had outgrown their childhood bond and moved forward with their lives.

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Seven years elapsed, and amidst the passage of time, Laura stumbled upon something that reignited a flood of old emotions, reminding her of the special connection she once shared with Matt.

Adolescent Years

Matt and Laura found themselves navigating the halls of high school, their paths seemingly diverging further apart with each passing day. However, during the fall of her freshman year, Laura’s routine was interrupted by an unexpected sight.

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While casually browsing through her close friends’ phone, she stumbled upon Matt’s name in her contact list. The sudden rush of emotions caught her off guard, stirring up feelings she had long buried beneath the demands of adolescence. This serendipitous encounter with her old friend’s name left her feeling unsettled yet strangely nostalgic, prompting her to contemplate the significance of their past connection.

A Strategy

The mere sight of Matt’s name caused Laura’s cheeks to flush, prompting her friend to inquire about her sudden reaction.

Opening up about her childhood sweetheart, Laura shared her memories of Matt with her friend. Unbeknownst to Laura, her friend was already concocting a plan to reunite the preschool sweethearts. Determined to reignite the flame of their past connection, Laura’s friend embarked on a mission to bring them back together. But as she schemed and strategized, uncertainty lingered: would her plan be enough to rekindle the bond between Matt and Laura, or had too much time passed for their love to be resurrected?

Arranging Their Reunion

Laura’s friend had grand plans of orchestrating a reunion between Laura and Matt, but Laura had her reservations. “I was a freshman in high school, so I was like, ‘I don’t think so!'” Laura recounted to People magazine.

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Despite Laura’s reluctance, her friend took matters into her own hands and passed Matt Laura’s number. Anxious about the unexpected turn of events, Laura braced herself for what was to come. However, Matt’s response was nothing short of extraordinary, melting away all of Laura’s apprehensions in an instant.

Back Together

Shortly after exchanging numbers, Laura received a text from Matt, sparking a wave of anticipation and uncertainty. Despite the passage of years, the undeniable chemistry between them was palpable.

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Opting for a rendezvous at the local movie theater, they were pleasantly surprised to find that their connection remained as strong as ever. Within a mere two weeks of rekindling their friendship, Laura and Matt took the leap from friends to partners, embarking on a romantic journey together. However, their reunion was just the beginning of their story, as they soon realized that the road ahead would be fraught with challenges and obstacles to overcome.

Divergent Paths

Matt and Laura cherished every moment spent together, making sure to see each other weekly. However, as the time for college approached, they couldn’t ignore the looming challenge ahead.

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“Right after we graduated from high school, we were pretty hesitant,” Laura recalled in an interview with People. “We were like, ‘Do we stay together? Do we try to make it work?'” The prospect of navigating separate paths in college weighed heavily on their minds, forcing them to confront the daunting reality of maintaining their relationship amidst the uncertainties of higher education.


Once more, fate seemed poised to pull them apart, yet they were determined to defy destiny. Laura pursued her studies at Northern Arizona University, while Matt embarked on his journey at Columbia College in Chicago.

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Despite the miles that now separated them, they refused to let distance dismantle their bond once more. Unbeknownst to Laura, the vow Matt made in a crowded classroom so many years ago held steadfast. It was as real and unwavering as the day he first proclaimed it, serving as a beacon of hope and commitment amidst the challenges of their divergent paths.

Origin Story

As their senior year of college approached, Matt devised a remarkable surprise for Laura. “I convinced Laura that we were going to a picnic at the preschool. We had just finished up our junior year of college, so I framed it as a nice relaxing date,” Matt recounted to Huffington Post.

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Upon their arrival at the unexpected destination, Matt took a knee and proposed to Laura. Overwhelmed with joy, Laura exclaimed “YES,” incredulous at the unfolding moment. Everything had been meticulously planned by Matt, who chose to propose to her in the very place where their journey began: their preschool classroom.

Love’s Inception

“In matters of the heart, you just have to speak up,” Matt shared in an interview, reflecting on his unwavering conviction to spend a lifetime with Laura.

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The moment Laura laid eyes on the ring, her emotions surged forth uncontrollably. “This is stunning. I’m absolutely thrilled,” she exclaimed, overwhelmed by the unexpected surprise. Unbeknownst to them, their heartfelt exchange was about to captivate headlines, marking the beginning of a new chapter in their remarkable love story.

Saying “I Do”

In December 2016, Matt and Laura finally exchanged vows after nearly two decades of steadfast commitment.

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With Matt’s uncle presiding over the ceremony, their union was described as nothing short of remarkable. “For most preschoolers, it’s about snacks and nap mats, but for them, it was about finding their soulmates,” Matt’s uncle eloquently proclaimed. However, their wedding bliss was soon disrupted when they woke up one morning to find their faces plastered all over social media, thrusting them into the spotlight in a way they never anticipated.

Internet Sensation

Shortly after tying the knot, Laura took to social media to share the story of their enduring love. Her post quickly gained traction, catching the attention of the popular social media account “The Way We Met,” known for showcasing remarkable love stories.

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The post soared in popularity, with Matt’s heartfelt declaration serving as its opening statement: “I was enamored with Laura as a child, and I still am to this day,” he professed. Yet, their story is just one of many heartwarming tales featured on the platform, resonating with audiences worldwide and reaffirming the enduring power of love.

Memories Alive

Across the ocean, a parallel tale unfolded, where two unsuspecting souls unearthed a shared history far more profound than they ever anticipated.

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Amidst a backdrop of cherished recollections from a quaint town, their separate journeys converged during a fateful trip. As they embarked on this adventure, little did they know it would lead to a serendipitous encounter, unveiling a revelation that underscored the depth of their connection and reaffirmed their destiny to be united.

Chase And Erica

During a backpacking excursion across Europe in their mid-twenties, Chase and Erica’s paths crossed, igniting an undeniable spark from the moment they laid eyes on each other. Erica couldn’t help but feel captivated by Chase’s striking appearance and his gentle demeanor, reminiscent of a compassionate monk.

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His infectious smile and penchant for stimulating conversations left Erica feeling both enchanted and intellectually stimulated. As they embarked on this adventure together, neither Chase nor Erica could predict what fate had in store for them. Uncertain yet hopeful, they embraced the journey ahead, eager to uncover the mysteries of their shared destiny.

Meant to Cross Paths

Their journey spanned a mere two months, yet for Erica and Chase, it felt like a lifetime of shared experiences. Reflecting on their time together, Erica expressed a profound sense of connection, remarking, “I felt like we’d spent decades together.”

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The first month spent in conversation with Chase was nothing short of extraordinary for Erica. There was an inexplicable familiarity to him that transcended mere acquaintance. Little did they know, the reason behind this deep connection would only add to the magic of their bond, making their encounter all the more remarkable.

A Powerful Attraction

For as long as she could remember, Erica, a native of Italy, felt an inexplicable draw to a small town near Bucharest, Romania. Despite never setting foot in the area, it felt as though a part of her belonged there.

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The sensation was indescribable, haunting her nights with vivid dreams of the quaint town. In her slumber, she could almost taste the flavors of the local cuisine and hear the melodies of the native music. Perplexed by these experiences, Erica found herself grappling with an inexplicable connection to a place she had never physically visited.

Concealed Mysteries

Throughout puberty and her teenage years, Erica grew accustomed to the enigmatic stirrings within her. Yet, as she reached the milestone age of twenty-five, the intensity of these feelings became increasingly challenging to ignore.

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What had once been a subtle connection to Bucharest now manifested as an irresistible tug at her heartstrings. Despite her efforts to rationalize these emotions, Erica found herself inexorably drawn to the mysterious allure of the place. Unaware of what awaited her there, she grappled with a sense of anticipation and apprehension, uncertain of the hidden secrets that lay in store.

Encounter with Chase

Unbeknownst to her, a parallel experience unfolded in America, where twenty-eight-year-old Chase grappled with similar inexplicable sensations. Despite never setting foot in Bucharest, he felt an inexplicable bond to the city, as if he had once called it home.

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Adding to the perplexity, Chase harbored vivid memories of a past life in Bucharest, including a deep connection to a beloved wife to whom he had pledged eternal love. Confounded by these inexplicable feelings and memories, Chase found himself at a loss for explanation, unsure of how to reconcile the complexities of his past with the realities of his present.

Farmland, a Canine Companion, and a Life Partner

Certain memories felt so vivid to Chase that he couldn’t dismiss them. In his dreams, he would find himself tending to the fields, his faithful dog by his side, or relishing moments with his wife after a day of toil.

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However, hailing from a city devoid of farms, Chase found himself perplexed by the origin of these seemingly inexplicable recollections. Determined to unravel the mystery shrouding his past, he resolved to delve deeper into the enigmatic connection he felt to a life he couldn’t consciously recall.

The Farmland

After meticulous planning, Chase embarked on a journey across Europe with a group of friends. While the itinerary promised to explore various destinations, Chase’s focus remained fixated on one country: Romania.

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To his astonishment, upon touring the outskirts of Bucharest, Chase stumbled upon the very farm he had always envisioned. Despite its dilapidated state and locals recounting tales of its previous owners, an elderly couple long gone, Chase sensed an undeniable connection to the place. Convinced that what he sought lay within its walls, Chase embarked on a quest to uncover the truth hidden amidst the ruins of the farm.

The Awaited Meeting

Amidst days of fervent exploration, Chase immersed himself in every facet of the area, from the comforting familiarity of the fields to the rich tapestry of local cuisine, libations, and folklore. Unbeknownst to him, he wasn’t the only one consumed by the quest for answers that week.

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As Chase traversed the desolate expanse of the compound, his gaze fell upon her. Despite the chill of the Romanian air, her beauty radiated warmth. Without exchanging a single word, Chase felt an inexplicable certainty wash over him—he had finally found her.

Destined for Each Other

Erica stood in stunned silence, her gaze fixed on the man before her. Although unable to articulate the reason, she felt an inexplicable certainty that he held the answers to her questions. Likewise, he appeared equally taken aback by her presence, rendered speechless for the next five minutes.

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As they finally found their voices, conversation flowed effortlessly between them. “The connection was instant. It’s like we’d done this a million times over,” Erica recounted to her local news. Little did they know, their meeting marked just the beginning of an extraordinary journey awaiting them.

A Rebirth

For the remainder of their backpacking journey, the two became inseparable companions. As they conversed, uncanny similarities continued to emerge between them. Recollections of seeking refuge from storms in their humble abode and tending to their livestock under the summer sun flooded their conversations. “Erica believes we may be a reincarnation of the couple who once resided on that farm,” Chase disclosed.

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With each shared memory and revelation, their bond deepened, fueling a sense of intrigue and wonder about the mysteries of their intertwined past lives.

Foreseeing Tomorrow

Erica and Chase’s relationship blossomed effortlessly, feeling like a continuation of an eternal bond. Despite the enigma surrounding their initial connection and their inexplicable attraction to the Romanian land, they embraced their journey wholeheartedly.

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Now happily wedded, they are actively planning to return and purchase the Romanian property. “Our dream is to restore it, ensuring that we may reunite there once more when life’s journey draws to a close.”