How Meghan Broke The Royal Rules

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Meghan became the official royal princess after marrying Prince Harry. He is the son of Princess Diana and we know that everyone knows about who Lady Diana was and when she died. But still, there are many things that are hidden from us about the royal family.

Meghan after marrying Prince Harry has changed the royal traditions a lot. You are strictly bound to follow them. But this young girl has broken more than 3 dozen rules. It means that she has something else in her and that’s why she has gone so far. Well, we will tell you what rules did she broke and why?

1. Not Wearing Pantyhose

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No matter what normal world seems like, Royal family has its own rules and laws. Even most of us got annoyed by looking into rules and laws of British Royals and we say that we are blessed not being a member of such a family.

From dress up to eating, you have to follow rules. One of the unexplained rule is that being a royal woman, you have to wear pantyhose. But Meghan didn’t follow the rule. She appeared on her engagement day without wearing a pantyhose. Hmmm! Breaking the rules from very first day. This girl will do a lot.

2. Hamilton

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You cannot justify your mistake if it is done over and again. We may say that maybe she was not aware about the strict rule of pantyhose and just do not consider wearing it. But then there comes the next time when Meghan had to wear a top.

She was looking amazing at performance of Hamilton in black dress and standing close to Prince Harry. But there was another thing that everyone noticed about her. Again she was not wearing a pantyhose. It means that she didn’t want to wear that. And no matter what the rules are, she will not still wear it.

3. Duchess of Sussex

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Well, Meghan is a courageous enough to break the Royal rules again and again. But why is it so? Well, she is from a normal family, and we might say that she needed some time to settle in. Most of the royalty does the things we normal people do. But they are really careful when they are surrounded by public.

Meghan, as she do not care of anything, well managed to be a normal human. On the famous occasion of Duchess of Sussex, she did something noticeable. She closed the door herself when she moved out the car. Normally, royal members do not do such things.

4. Moved In Car

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Normally, British rules are set for showing ethics too. And another thing is that anyone can recognize a Royal member out of a crowd because of some gestures. But Meghan, still broke many rules and acted like a normal woman.

She broke another rule where she get into the car FIRST. You might be thinking that it is not a big deal. But when it comes to Queen, you have to be strictly following the rules. When it was her engagement, Meghan get into the car first. But before sitting, she first asked the Queen. This thing saved her, anyways she broke a rule.

5. Coat Of Arms

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When a woman marries a man, there are several gifts exchanged between the families. So, there are also gifts exchanged between the families of Royal members. But there was something quite different. Royal families present special gifts to each other.

When a woman marries a Prince in Royal family, her father is given a Coat of Arms with badges. But unluckily, Meghan’s father does not show up on the wedding. Still, there was a coat of arms. It was for Meghan. Yes, you heard it very well and your guess is right, Meghan broke another rule. On her big day, she did not mind to break the rule.

6. Pants

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Well, sometimes you will scratch your head thinking why royal family has set so many rules. This is because the queen wants to. Everything in royal palace happens is with the permission of queen. You have to obey her no matter what.

Queen do not prefer pants as a perfect dress. She always like dresses or skirts, but not pants. Here, your guess is right. Queen of rule breakers, Meghan is here with one more rule that she broke. She wore pants several times regardless of knowing that queen does not like. Well, we have already seen she do not compromise over her dresses.

7. Official Visit

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You have to be really careful when you are a part of Royal family. Even if you are a royal servant, still you have to follow a list of rules. And when it comes to prince and princess, they have to obey Queen. Meghan is a free bird and you might have known that she does not like to be kept bound.

Well, okay for many things. But when you are in public or go for official visits. Then you have to be really careful about different things. Well, we think Meghan do not care much about that. She again wore the pants on an official visit to Ireland.

8. WellChild Awards

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Well, if you are a person who prefers himself over everything and want to keep his lifestyle same throughout the life. Then you must set Meghan as an ideal. She had kept her style the same no matter what. If she likes something, she never quit doing it.

Meghan is a highlight of every newspaper ever since they have declared her as Harrys’ wife. She has not changed her lifestyle. And Harry has no problem with it. Maybe they have already decided it. Meghan once again wore pants on WellChild award in 2018. Now, we must say that she does not compromise.

9. Christmas at Sandringham

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Christmas at Sandringham is only meant for Royal members and their spouse. You can only do Christmas over there is you are married to a Royal Member. It is clear that no other person than royal family can go and celebrate Christmas at Sandringham.

Back then when Kate was engaged to Charles, she did not celebrate her Christmas at Sandringham. But as the time went, the rules were changed or maybe broken. Harry requested her grandmother to let Meghan be a guest too. So, she might celebrate Christmas with them. Although indirectly, but rule was broken by Meghan. She went and enjoyed Christmas.

10. Hi Kaitlin

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Royal families have strict rules. Some of them are because the royal families are always in a constant danger of being deceived or be a part of some conspiracy. So, some rules are set for safety of the Royal members. To avoid any conspiracy, they are bound to follow the rules strictly.

Well, there is a rule that Royal members are not allowed to sign an autograph no matter what. This is because people will know their handwriting or their signature and may misuse them. Well, Meghan broke the rule by signing an autograph to a girl named Kaitlin. Although spelling was wrong but she broke the rule.

11. Catholics

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Family background matters a lot if you are a person related to Royal families. They have specific rules and regulations that they must follow. As a royal man or woman, you should marry someone who has royal blood. But here something is that you might not know.

Well, Meghan was not a royal. Do you know? It was hidden but soon everyone know this fact. Meghan was a catholic and she studied in catholic girl’s church too. Although the fact was hidden but it was exposed when Meghan replied I do to the priest. Well, there was another rule broken this time.

12. Vanity Fair


Meghan did many things that she was not supposed to do at all. There are many rules that Royal members must keep in mind. And the people linked with the royal members must also know those rules and regulations. Even if you are not a spouse of royal family, you are not allowed to share anything.

Not from the day of engagement, but before that, Meghan tried to break as much rules as possible. We do not know why! At Vanity Fair she talked about the relationship of her with Harry and also stated that she lives the way she was living before.

13. Holding Hands

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Royal couples have some rules that they must follow when they show up in public. Although they have very great time together, still they have to keep following some rules and regulations. They are bound to follow them as a member of royal family.

Although Kate and Charles were also in love with each other. But they kept everything in mind. But Meghan and Harry are totally opposites and seems like they are love birds who do not care about anything. It is not allowed to hold hands of your partner in public, but they do it almost every time and go against the rule.

14. British Ambassador’s residence

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We do not know for what reason Meghan does this all. Maybe she wants to live the normal life and do not want to accept the rules. After all, she is grown adult and she knows what is good for her and what is not.

Anyways, she was again in the news when Meghan and Harry visited the Ambassadors’ house. They were looking perfect and a cute couple. But again they broke the rule of British Royals and held each other’s hand in public. The next day they were in news. It seemed quite interesting that Meghan was a highlight on every occasion.

15. Lion King Premium

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The royal kids have been breaking the rules and it seemed no one in Royal family was at least upset for them. This is because Harry is grandma’s boy and he is loved by everyone in the family as being the youngest child of Lady Diana.

But there are controversies that Harry and Meghan created. We are still wondering why anyone would do the same thing over and again. Almost most of us know the rules, then it is obvious that Meghan would also know them. Well, they again held hands in Lion Kings’ Premiere. And again were in highlights.

16. Arms around Each other

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There are strict rules for regarding gestures. Not only hand holding is a PDA but there are several other gestures that are not allowed to follow in public. Meghan and Harry almost broke all the possible rules they could. And yes, remained in highlights.

They not only held hands at different occasions, well they also did some other gestures that we normally see couples doing in public. They not only held hands in a cute way, but they also wrap arms around each other’s’ back on several occasions. Well, this seem really cute. But again, a rule was broken by both of them.

17. Side Hug

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Well the cute love birds and royal kids not only stopped at that point. They also showed some other gestures in the public although they knew that they are not allowed for that. But who really cares? When people are in love they forget everything. The same goes for this cute couple.

They were seen giving each other side hug at engagement ceremony. Well, have you seen Kate and Charles doing this? No, never. Both looked happy and cute together when they were hugging each other and became the headline for the next news. Anyways, the look really cute together.

18. Bondi Beach

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The royal couple went on many gatherings together. Well, not only Meghan broke the rules, but Harry also broke most of the rules of royal family. As if he does not acre about all those rules and he wanted to live normal life with her spouse like every normal person does.

They showed another PDA gesture and this time, Harry did it. They both were sitting on the beach and Harry put his hand on Meghan’s thigh. Ahm! Well that is something that can make every girl feel jealous of Meghan. Prince Harry showed the most cute version of PDA.

19. Marriage

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Do you know that Harry broke another rule too? It was regarding marriage of his spouse Meghan. Meghan was already married with Trevor and was divorced. They got separated and then after sometime she started dating Harry.

Dating is another thing, but marrying a divorced person or already married person was prohibited in the royal families. There was a movie named as The Crown, where everyone turned against King Edward because he was marrying a divorced lady. But when we look at Harry, his father already married a divorced lady Camila, so we cannot blame Harry for breaking the rule.

20. Talking About Politics

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Although British Royals are considered to be in politics. But they are not allowed to share the political opinion publically this is because their statements matter a lot. As they are nonpolitical body so they are not allowed to talk anything regarding politics or discuss something related to it.

Well, here Meghan again broke the rules of British Royals by talking about the politics. She was not allowed to say something about politics. But she gave a statement that she supports feminism, this was not the only time. But she gave several political statements too. Although she was not allowed to do them.

21. Hats

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You might have seen that royals are almost in hats every time. This thing not only adds class but also makes them prominent from others. There is something else that you need to know. The Queen Elizabeth is decent lady and she thinks rules that show her decency.

She believes that ladies and girls should cover their heads. Either with hats or with scarfs. You might have seen that Queen always wears hats. Similarly, Kate also tries to cover her head with hair accessories. But Meghan has broken this rule in front of queen on special occasions when almost everyone was in hats.

22. Loose Bun

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Royals are always taking care about how they dress up. Do you remember the primary school where there were rules to keep hair neat clean and tied, well royal family has rules like this. Your appearance must be appealing and your looks must be neat.

Have you ever seen Kate in messy hair? No, never! Even you will not see any British royal having messy hair that are moving on cheeks. But this time, Meghan again broke the rules. She made a messy bun from her hair. She looked cute but again, she broke another rule of British Royals sadly.

23. Titanic Belfast in March 2018

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Have you seen Titanic Belfast in March 2018? It was having perfect things in it. You might have seen royals too. They all were looking great and were all having quality time with each other. But there was something worth noticing far.

Have you looked Meghan? How was she looking? Pretty hmmm? But there was something wrong with her look. Something that was again highlighted and again told that the young lady seem to be breaking the rules again! But what was that? It was her hairstyle. She was again having a messy bun. For the second time on a special appearance, she broke the rule.

24. Messy Updos

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Messy buns suits only on few people. And luckily Meghan is one of them. She appeared in messy buns two times. But they were not only two times. Meghan appeared in such looks too often. Maybe you also have noticed the same thing.

She has appeared in messy bun in almost all the times. She no doubt looks great in the bun and reminds us of the most cute decent ladies who do office jobs and for controlling their hair they do a messy bun hairstyle. Although she broke a rule again many times but she looks amazing in this hairstyle and many girls copied her too.

25. Cross Bags

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The royals sometimes have the craziest rules of all the time. Same goes for British Royals. For the safety of royals, they set up several rules. That you might think are crazy. But every time, they set the rules, they have got history behind them.

You might be thinking what is a logic behind cross bag? Meghan wore a cross bag that is not in British rules. You might have seen British Royals holding clutches in their hands. This is because they want to keep them away from shaking hands with people. The reason is that if there is a pandemic or a virus, but she still wore a cross bag.

26. Tote

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Meghan has never compromised upon her style and how she look. She has always wore the thing that suits her best. Although royal members have grace and decency in them. But Meghan has never compromised upon her style and the way she looks.

She not only wore a cross bag but also a tote. It was looking great with her outfit and she was looking graceful and elegant both. But still, here the point arises that she broke a rule by not taking a clutch in her hand. So, among many other rules, you must count this too. But we must say, she looks beautiful.

27. Black Color


Most of us like black color dress and accessories. But do you know that there are specific rules to follow if you are a royal member. Well, black dress symbolizes sadness and grief. So, queen does not like if anyone in the royal family wears black.

But have you looked into the wardrobe of Meghan? It is mostly dark or black colors? She looks a perfect and fine lady in black dresses and tops no doubt. But here you must know that she is again breaking the rules of British Royals and setting her own. Well, anyways she looks elegant.

28. Royal Engagement

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The royal marriages and engagements are colorful. Every Royal lady wears the bright colors and cute dresses with hats. It seems amazing. But Meghan always comes in her own styles. It means that no one can ask her to change herself.

Well, Meghan was again a part of highlights when she appeared at a royal engagement. Why was that a main highlight? Why everyone was talking about her? There was a reason behind that. A reason that we all know. If you do not know, let us tell you. She was wearing black dress and appeared on the engagement. Broke another rule!

29. Ripped Jeans

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We already told you that royals prefer cute look rather than messy look. They in order to represent themselves do not wear what is in public demand. But Meghan did it several times. From wearing the bags to allowing herself having messy buns, she did more than this.

When we talk about jeans, royals are not allowed to wear jeans until they are doing something casually. It can be like going for a walk or having fun times with family. But they are not allowed to wear jeans in public. Meghan wore ripped jean sin Toronto, which was more than simply wearing a jeans.

30. Modest Dress

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Well, the modesty is the thing that royals must follow. From their gestures to what they are wearing, everything must be good and according to rules. But you know, Meghan is a Queen of her own world. She does not bothers do listen to someone.

Well it was a day where it was her second public appearance after her marriage. She showed herself to public. She was looking elegant but there was something. She was wearing the off shoulder top. Royal ladies are not allowed to wear something revealing and this was again in highlights. She again broke a rule.

31. Fashion Awards 2018


We must say that Meghan is a lady of courage. No one can restrain her or tell her what to do and what not to do. There are several rules that Meghan broke. Most of them were related to dress up and accessories. Why Meghan did that? Answer is that she did not want to change herself.

So, there is another rule that also shows modesty. Most of us know it but many of us don’t. Princesses are not allowed to wear dark color nail paints. They only wear very light colored or even transparent nail paints. But Meghan broke the rule by applying dark nail paints.

32. Blush

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Not only dress but the royal members must look elegant and natural. They are not allowed to apply artificial things more than normal on them. Weather it is dressing, accessories or even makeup, they have to keep it simple and elegant.

Royal princess Meghan, but somehow managed to apply more blush on her cheeks. She did simple makeup but the blush-on she applied was really heavy. It was a time when another rule was broken. But no doubt she was looking really cute and fresh that day. No matter what, she has her own style that nobody can copy. And its cute.

33. Taking Off Shoes

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British Royalty focuses on the rules that are mostly related to ethics. As British royals are ideals of most people and many people follow them. They have to act the way people will like them more. They are not allowed to do various activities in public.

These activities can be caught on camera and later on disgrace for Royals. They are not allowed to take off their shoes publically. Royals are not allowed to take off their shoes on beach. Whereas Meghan did this thing. Have you seen Diana wearing plains on beach? It is hard but following the rules is important.

34. Hugging the Fans

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We already told you that acting like normal people in the public is not allowed. Even showing some gestures is also banned. But Meghan has broken several rules knowing the fact that it was not good at all. After all, she wanted to live a life like a normal person.

Meghan when went to Edinburgh, she broke several rules. Among those rules, she also broke a rule where she hugged a fan. Although Kate also hugs her fans but it is just for children. But Meghan hugged a lady and showed a cute gesture that most of the normal people show.

35. Multiple Times

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Meghan not only hugged a fan in Edinburgh, but she was caught on camera while hugging many people of different ages. She hugged a cute little girl in New Zealand. It was really cute moment caught on camera. After that, she was seen hugging a fan girl in a March when she was with Prince Harry. That was also a really cute moment.

Not only were these public fans hugged by Meghan. But you might have seen Meghan hugging Beyoncé. Well we might say that she is a great hugger and a rule breaker at a same time. Anyways, that was cute.

36. Diamond Ring

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We think that the royal kids do not even bothered about rules and regulations. They wanted to live peacefully and out of the boundaries. They wanted to live unbothered and do not wanted any limits. Well, we can see this from day one.

Have you seen Meghans’ engagement ring? If not, then you must take a look. It is beautiful! Isn’t it? But there is something wrong with the ring. Yes, you have read it right. The ring is made up of diamond whereas the ditches wear rings made up of Gems. The kids no doubt break another rule of the royal family.

37. Ralph and Russo ballgown

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She is a queen of rule breakers! She broke many rules and even on her engagement day, she again broke the rule. We think that she might be doing this just to tell the Royals that everyone has a right to live. Or maybe she wanted to tell the public that there is no such thing as rules.

Whatever she meant, but have you checked her engagement dress? Royal women are told to wear the modest dresses. But she broke the rule. Moreover, she wore a dress in black color. We think that its because she was already offended by royals.

38. Wedding Day


Well most of us arrange the wedding on weekends so everyone could attend it. We normally arrange on weekends because most of us are job holders and due to job restrictions they cannot come on week days. But royals are slightly different.

Royals arrange weddings on weekdays. We do not know why but they do and you may say that it is a royal rule. Well, Kate got married William on Friday, Diana married Charles on Tuesday and Queen Elizabeth was married on Tuesday. But Meghan was married on weekend. Again rule was broken but they seemed happy and pleased.

39. Wedding Toast

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When we are marrying, we have several things to say and several things to ask. But have you ever wondered what if you were marrying a Dutch? You may not have answer to this, but marrying a Dutch means following rules and regulations.

Meghan once more broke the rule when she married. On her wedding day, she gave a wedding speech. In the speech she thanked Harry and Royal family for being so loving and caring and choosing her as the princess. Normally, non-royal brides do not do such speech. Again a rule was broken but it was a sweet speech.

40. Baby

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Meghan and Harry broke several rules for their baby. Firstly, they arranged a quite expensive baby shower for the baby. After that, they did not reveal the details before birth. Not only this, but later on they named the baby with only two names.

Normally dutches have three names at least. There is a proper photoshoot of baby, but they showed up days later after the birth and gave a casual pose for photoshoot. Moreover, they did not reveal the names of Godparents of Archie. These rules were broken for the baby. Yet they were still cool. And no royal member had problem with them.