Hilarious and Eye-Catching Signs People Just Had to Snap Photos of

Sometimes, it’s the little moments in life that bring the most joy, like stumbling upon an unexpectedly hilarious sign on your way home or visiting your pet’s veterinarian. Some of these signs were unintentionally funny, while others were clearly designed to make us chuckle.

Image: Imago / Pond5 Images

But they all share one thing in common: they’re delightfully absurd and amusing enough that someone couldn’t resist snapping a photo. And trust us, you’ll be glad they did. Get ready to laugh along with us!

You can be sure this will catch people’s attention.

That sign is definitely designed to turn heads. It’s perhaps the most misleading one on this list, yet it’s also hilariously clever. A garage boldly displays the words “Girls, girls, girls” in a font style reminiscent of a certain type of club signage. But underneath, they quickly clarify with “Just kidding, oil changes.”

Image: Imgur.com

This kind of inventive humor not only grabs attention but also injects a refreshing dose of wit into what is typically mundane advertising for car services. It’s the kind of clever twist that would make anyone do a double-take and maybe even pull over for an oil change, just to see what other surprises await inside.

We’re Just as Surprised as You That This Sign Exists

When venturing into nature for activities like camping or hiking, it’s commonly understood that one should dig a hole to use as a restroom if necessary. However, this park faced a problem with visitors relieving themselves between large stone boulders. Encountering human waste along a hiking trail is definitely not pleasant.

Image: Imgur.com

The sign expresses frustration at having to address this issue, stating: “Please do not poop in the rocks.” It’s followed by a disclaimer: “We can’t believe we had to make this sign.” Clearly, they’re exasperated by this behavior disrupting the trail experience.

Cats are like rebellious teenagers in animal guise

If you’re aiming to attract more visitors to your veterinary clinic, this sign could be the perfect solution. It humorously suggests that dogs prepare people for the responsibilities of having babies, whereas cats prepare them for the challenges of raising teenagers. Dogs, with their affectionate yet sometimes clumsy nature, are likened to large, lovable babies, which endears them to us.

Image: boredpanda.com

On the other hand, cats are portrayed as moody and independent, much like teenagers. Whether the sign was crafted by an employee or the business owner, it certainly deserves praise for cleverly capturing the contrasting personalities of dogs and cats.

Who decided it’s not always happy hour?

Restaurant signs are typically mundane, often listing daily specials or employment notices. However, this restaurant found a clever way to capture attention while meeting customer expectations. Their sign reads simply “Soup of the day: tequila.”

Image: Reddit

It’s a smart move, especially since patrons at a place named Little Mexico likely have an affinity for drinks featuring that particular ingredient. While such a sign might raise doubts about the food quality, when tequila is involved, who really minds?

The devil’s in the details

Coyotes have become a growing issue across the U.S., increasingly infiltrating urban areas where they’re challenging to manage. This might explain why someone from the California park service devised a unique sign. At first glance, it appears like any typical warning about wild animals. However, upon closer inspection, the fine print advises people to alert authorities if they spot a coyote “carrying a box marked ‘ACME.'”

Image: Reddit

This, along with other tongue-in-cheek scenarios listed, clearly nods to Wile E. Coyote from the Looney Tunes cartoons. The sign humorously lists other “suspicious” activities like a coyote wielding a catapult or holding a “detour” sign.

They definitely should’ve specified “GOLF Balls”

Golf courses are often associated with a formal and serious atmosphere, typically found in traditional country clubs. However, this particular golf course sign breaks away from that stereotype. It starts with “Coronavirus Be Aware,” followed by a playful reminder: “Do not touch other players’ balls. Wash your hands after touching your own balls!”

Image: Imgur.com

The sign’s humor is clear, aiming to lighten the mood while emphasizing virus precautions. It’s surprising that such a sign made it past management, but it’s also refreshing to see a touch of levity in promoting health measures.

Please agree to the terms and conditions before you start knocking

There are few things more frustrating than answering a knock at the door only to encounter someone pitching an idea or product. Fortunately, someone has devised a warning sign for such occasions. The sign bluntly states that visitors will be charged $50 per minute for the homeowner’s time, with payment required upfront.

Image: Imgur.com

It covers pitches for products, religious ideas, or fundraising events, leaving no exceptions. However, one can’t help but sympathize with anyone hoping to sell Girl Scout cookies to this household.

There are multiple interpretations going on here

This sign demonstrates the importance of creativity in running your own business. The owner of a photo studio offering photography, framing, and printing services hung a clever sign aimed at potential customers: “We can shoot your wife & frame your mother-in-law.”

Image: Reddit

Adding a playful twist, the sign continues with, “We can hang them too!” Clearly, they’re referring to their printing and framing capabilities, using humor to capture attention. Despite the tongue-in-cheek approach, the sign’s originality alone would likely persuade many to consider making a purchase, even if it’s not for a portrait of a loved one specifically.

The pharmacy is getting in on the humor, too

While many signs on this list are intentionally humorous, this one spotted inside a pharmacy takes a more serious tone. It declares the store a “drug-free workplace,” a standard policy in most workplaces but perhaps ironic in a pharmacy, where drugs are the primary product.

Image: Imgur.com

The sign likely aims to deter illicit substances, but its placement in a pharmacy does add a layer of unintended humor.

Turns out this is the secret behind wind chime production

This sign is possibly the most imaginative one yet. Positioned above a display of wind chimes in a store, it offers a unique backstory for the popular product. The sign whimsically declares, “Wind chimes are made from the metallic bones of robots that tried to overthrow us. Hang them outside your house as a warning to others.”

Image: Imgur.com

It’s a touch dark, but that’s what makes it so unexpectedly humorous. Wind chimes becoming a symbol of a robot uprising strangely makes sense, and it’s likely this sign will come to mind every time wind chimes are heard from now on.

From now on, we’re retiring the word “skunk.”

A sense of humor appears to be a job requirement for park workers. One amusing park sign advises visitors against petting the “fart squirrels,” illustrated with a picture of a skunk.

Image: Imgur.com

It’s an apt description, though it hadn’t occurred to us before. We didn’t realize skunks would willingly approach people for pets. Aren’t wild animals supposed to instinctively avoid humans? Perhaps this sign addresses a recurring issue, hence its humorous yet practical existence.

This restroom sign didn’t hold back on the guys

This sign is a great addition for parents or restaurants, offering a humorous yet practical guide on toilet etiquette. The first half humorously instructs: “If you lift it up… Put it down. If it runs out… Replace it. If you miss it… Wipe it. If you’re finished… Flush it. If it smells…

Image: dailybee.com/

Spray it.” These are straightforward rules, but the second half of the sign adds even more wit. It politely advises women to “Please remain seated for the whole performance,” while cheekily suggesting to men to “stand closer; it may be shorter than you think.” Clearly, this sign leaves no room for misunderstandings!

Here’s a prime example

So, there’s this sign warning about low-flying planes, right? Well, it’s seen better days. It’s either been run over by every vehicle in the county or it’s auditioning for a part in a plane crash reenactment. Seriously, it’s so flattened and bent out of shape that I wouldn’t be surprised if Amelia Earhart herself made a surprise landing on it.

Image: Imgur.com

And you know those signs are supposed to be tough, like your grandma’s old cast iron skillet. But this one? It looks like it met its match with a Boeing 747 doing a limbo dance. So, yeah, we’re not sure if it was a plane or just a really persistent squirrel with a vendetta against signs.

Everyone appreciates a solid pun (or three)

If you’re not into puns, brace yourself for this sign—it’s going to make you a pun believer. Picture this gem hanging in what seems to be a bar:

Image: Imgur.com

“Alcohol isn’t in my Vodkabulary. But I checked Whiskeypedia and found out if you overdo it, you’ll likely end up Tequilya.” Talk about clever! Yet, while the puns flow like a tap, it might not be the smartest move for a bar to remind patrons that their drinks could fast-track them to the great beyond.

Looks like a U-turn is your best bet

Navigating the highway can sometimes feel like a comedy of conflicting messages, especially when it involves trucks with contradictory signs. Picture this: one truck on the right urges drivers to “keep left,” while its counterpart on the left bluntly states “do not follow.”

Image: Imgur.com

It’s a classic case of mixed signals that leaves drivers scratching their heads, unsure of how to proceed safely. In such sticky situations, the only sensible move is to slow down and patiently wait for one truck to pass the other and align in the same lane.

Spot the odd one out

This sign at a place with an escalator safety message feels like one of those school tests where you have to spot the odd one out. It lists the usual rules: “No pushchairs. No running. No heavy luggage.” But wait, did you catch the odd one?

Image: Reddit

It also says, “No competitive dog grooming.” Competitive dog grooming on an escalator? That’s definitely an activity better suited for elevators, right? It’s a quirky addition that stands out among the more practical safety guidelines.

Perhaps every night should be literacy night

We can only hope that the school sign saying “Leteracy night” was done on purpose for a laugh. If not, there might be a few parents considering switching schools soon! Whether intentional or not, it’s definitely catching attention.

Image: Imgur.com

Maybe it was a clever ploy to boost attendance, and if so, it seems to have worked. It’s always great to see educators finding creative ways to engage parents, even if it involves a playful play on words.

Using guilt to promote happy hour? That’s some clever marketing!

Mexican restaurants really understand their clientele well. Take El Arroyo in Texas, for example. Their sign cleverly suggests, “Treat your mom to a margarita. You’re probably the reason she drinks.” It’s a sentiment that resonates with many, especially those who visit just for the drinks. While the food is undoubtedly delicious, enjoying a margarita or two seems almost mandatory at such a spot.

Image: daily-stuff.com

Some observers joked that the sign should also include husbands as a reason people drink. That suggestion might just inspire another witty sign idea down the road!

Warning: Smartphone zombies ahead

If you’re annoyed by people glued to their phones, you’ll appreciate this neighborhood sign: “Beware of smartphone zombies.” While it’s likely a reminder for drivers to watch out for distracted pedestrians, it’s also amusing and grabs attention. It cleverly addresses the pervasive issue of phone obsession, prompting both drivers and pedestrians to stay alert.

Image: Natalia Sokko / Shutterstock.com

Now, if only there were a sign to prevent people from getting lost in their phones while walking down the street. Perhaps signs like these will start popping up in more places soon!

When you rely on Google Translate for your signage…

This post features several humorous signs, though their exact location remains a mystery. One sign instructs people to call the police if the signs themselves are stolen, which poses a bit of a logistical challenge.

Image: Imgur

However, the standout sign in the background humorously advises to “Avoid rude and unreasonable chicken,” which is a nugget of wisdom in itself. Another sign warns about slippery surfaces with the quip that “the slippery are very crafty,” a humorous take on the dangers of slick areas. These signs certainly add a touch of levity to their surroundings!

He’s got his eyes on you, always.

If you’re aiming to give someone the creeps and make them feel constantly under scrutiny, look no further than this sign. Featuring an image resembling Jesus, it humorously declares, “I saw that.” It’s designed to hang conveniently on your door or wherever you choose to place it, ensuring its watchful presence is felt.

Image: Imgur.com

Just gazing at this sign can induce a sense of guilt even for the smallest actions. It’s almost tempting to imagine there might be a tiny hidden camera embedded somewhere within it. Perhaps adding a discreet fake camera could enhance its eerie effect even more!

This mile marker reads “419.99” because “420” kept disappearing.

Government officials often find themselves having to get creative to prevent theft or misuse of signs. In Colorado, where the sale of a certain plant is legal, the mile marker 420 became a frequent target for theft.

Image: deviantart

To deter this, they installed a marker reading “Mile 419.99” instead. It’s a clever solution, but ironically, it might just make this marker even more desirable as a unique piece of road memorabilia.

This is a shining example of why punctuation and grammar matter.

On this list, we’ve seen a few signs with grammar slip-ups, but this one takes the cake. In bold red letters, it simply states: “Elephants please stay in your car.”

Image: Imgur.com

Clearly, the intention was to warn people to remain in their vehicles if elephants are around. However, without proper punctuation, it hilariously suggests that elephants themselves should stay inside cars. While we all know elephants don’t drive, it’s a perfect example of how a missing comma can completely change the meaning.

You could definitely use some improvement.

This sign is either pure genius or a masterful troll, depending on your perspective. Instead of a mirror, someone wrote a message on the bathroom wall that simply says, “you look fine.”

Image: Imgur.com

While it’s reassuring in a quirky way, it also raises the question: what if you actually need to check your appearance? On the bright side, it probably reduces the time people spend fussing in front of the sink, scrutinizing themselves in the mirror.

A place where nobody’s passing judgment.

It can be challenging for your furry companion during hot weather. They need to stay hydrated, especially on long walks. Fortunately, there are thoughtful individuals who leave out bowls of water for passing dogs or anyone feeling thirsty.

Image: dailybee.com

This sign humorously suggests: “Water for your dog, or short people with low standards… we don’t judge.” It’s a kind gesture, and it highlights the need for more public amenities like water fountains in cities, despite concerns about sanitation.

We’d definitely take that right turn.

This sign at a taco shop adds a humorous touch to pedestrian choices. It presents two arrows: one pointing towards “tacos” and the other towards “no tacos.”

Image: thechive.com

Naturally, most would opt for the direction promising tacos. Interestingly, the street is one way, making the choice moot for drivers. It seems like a clever way to playfully engage passersby while also highlighting the strategic location of the shop.

Providing the clarity we’ve all been waiting for.

Encountering a pair of doors with such signs is an unusual experience that prompts an internal dialogue. The sign on the right door straightforwardly directs users to use the opposite door. In contrast, the left door’s sign intriguingly declares itself as “the other door.” This quirky wording almost gives the door a personality, making it feel as if you’re engaging in a conversation with it.

Image: Reddit

The signs provoke curiosity about their underlying meaning. Does the left door feel neglected or overlooked? Is there a deeper metaphor at play here, suggesting something beyond the literal function of doors?

Life hack: neuter your car and save on maintenance costs!

This sign, a first on the list concerning parking, was cleverly placed by a veterinary clinic to reserve spots for their customers. It sternly warns non-customers against parking there, threatening them with the consequence of being “neutered.” What makes this sign particularly amusing is not just the wording itself, but the fact that it’s presented in a serious, official-looking font typical of standard no-parking signs.

Image: dailybee.com

At first glance, without reading it carefully, one might mistake it for a typical parking restriction sign. The humor lies in the unexpected twist upon reading the full message, which certainly adds charm to the situation. It’s fortunate that someone took the time to read it all and capture a photo to share with others.

Teacher of the year, not quite.

Teachers often showcase their knack for humor through classroom signs, and this music teacher’s creation is a standout example of dry wit. The sign begins with an amusing admission of being “a mean, demanding, and slightly obsessive music teacher.” It lightens the mood with a promise to “try to be nicer in the future,” only to humorously retract this with a declaration that these intentions “are lies.” The sign wraps up by urging students to practice more, adding another layer of humor with its straightforward honesty and self-awareness.

Image: dailybee.com

Despite the tongue-in-cheek tone, the sign reflects the teacher’s dedication and commitment to engaging their students with humor while imparting musical knowledge. It’s a testament to their ability to connect with learners in a playful yet instructive manner.

Dinosaurs with bouquets? Absolutely!

This sign is a bit perplexing in terms of its target audience and where it might be displayed, but it’s undeniably humorous. It features a T-rex holding two pistols on the left side, marked with a red forbidden symbol, contrasting with the right side where the T-rex holds flowers, marked as allowed. It’s unclear if this sign would dissuade an adult from carrying a gun or perhaps inspire a child to opt for flowers instead of firearms.

Image: deviantart.com

The humor also lies in the absurdity of imagining how a T-rex could manage to hold either a gun or flowers with its famously tiny arms. Despite the odd juxtaposition, the visual is undeniably funny and likely catches the attention of anyone passing by.

It’s all about that chemical connection, dude.

No smoking signs are a dime a dozen these days, but sometimes people still manage to ignore them. This dock owner took a creative approach to emphasize their no-smoking policy with a straightforward sign: “Absolutely no smoking, fire + fuel = kaboom!” It’s hard to argue with that logic.

Image: boredpanda.com

Despite the clear warning, human nature being what it is, it’s doubtful every visitor to the dock adheres to the rule. Smoking habits can be hard to break, even with a sign that spells out the potential dangers so clearly.

An Opportunistic Pub Owner

As we’ve mentioned, business owners often need to think on their feet. One bar owner seized an opportunity when they noticed a road-closed sign and promptly placed their own next to it: “Pub open tho.” Despite a small spelling error, they added an arrow to ensure people knew where to go.

Image: Imgur.com

It’s admirable to see such quick thinking, although it’s probably not the best idea to detour to a pub if you’re driving and on your way somewhere. Safety first, after all!

Whoever created this masterpiece deserves the Employee of the Month award!

Stocking inventory and changing displays can become monotonous, which might explain why an employee decided to inject some humor by labeling bananas as “long yellow things.” It could be a case of simply not putting much effort into the sign or perhaps a playful experiment to see if anyone would notice.

Image: deviantart.com

The sign also converted the price-to-weight ratio, making it accessible for those unfamiliar with imperial measurements. It’s these small moments of levity that brighten up mundane tasks in a grocery store.

Comfort Food Is Good for Road Safety

It’s always amusing to spot those electronic highway signs with clever messages, reminding us that there’s a human behind the scenes typing them out. However, sometimes they can unintentionally tickle our funny bone, like this one that seemed to have a typo. It boldly proclaimed: “Winter conditions.

Image: buzzfeed.com

Drive with cake.” While there’s nothing wrong with having cake in the car (in fact, we encourage it!), we’re pretty sure they meant “care.” It’s likely just a case of someone having a busy day or a slight slip-up. Usually, these signs are spot-on with their messages, but hey, nobody’s perfect!

Looks like someone’s been picking on the staff again.

Apart from being one of the most random signs on this list, it probably has one of the best backstories. Sadly, we don’t know the backstory, but the sign itself reads: “Please do not throw cabbages at our staff.”

Image: Reddit.com

Why the employees would put this up in a random spot in the freezer or even put it up at all is anyone’s guess. However, it now begs the question: if not cabbage, what else can you throw at the staff? Those other items in the freezer look a bit hard.

What’s Wrong With Potatoes?

Potatoes are probably the most underappreciated vegetable, and this sign just proves it. Originally written in another language and then translated, the sign reads: “You are my love my angle. Don’t treat me like potato.”

Image: Imgur.co

The sentiment is kind of nice, and we can guess that “angle” is meant to be “angel.” But what in the world is “potato” supposed to refer to? This would also make a good name for a song, or if you’re feeling really adventurous, a tattoo. Bonus points if you also get the characters from the other language.

Sure About That?

You know you’ve mastered sign writing when you earn two entries on a list like this. Another gem from El Arroyo in Texas, renowned for their witty signs, reads: “I have never faked a sarcasm in my life.”

Image: Imgur.com

Of course, they’re employing sarcasm right there on the sign, which makes you pause and think for a moment. Reading it twice is almost necessary to fully appreciate the clever twist. In any case, it’s definitely piqued our interest in visiting this place.

If you need a sign to go pour yourself a glass, this is it!

If you’ve ever had one of those days where you just can’t muster the motivation to go to work, this sign might resonate with you. It boldly declares: “Weather too depressing for coffee. We’re going home early to drink wine in bed & watch Futurama reruns. We appreciate your understanding,” signed by the entire coffee shop team.

Image: dailybee.com

It’s the kind of sign that makes you smile, imagining the coffee shop team collectively deciding to call it a day and indulge in some relaxation. Watching Futurama reruns and sipping wine certainly sounds like a cozy alternative to a dreary workday. The sign also raises an intriguing question: what kind of weather could possibly make coffee seem inappropriate? It’s a playful mystery that adds to the charm of this unexpected message