As a mother was cleaning out a fish, she experienced the shock of her life

Resounding cries

She let go of the knife and quickly moved back from the counter. This couldn’t be real.

Image: YouTube / Ed Cupp

It seemed like her eyes were deceiving her. With shock, she gazed at the shiny object. However, as she extended her hand to touch it, it shifted. Her scream reverberated throughout the house, drawing her husband to her side. What was happening?

Nature enthusiasts

Minni and her husband, Joel, embraced a life deeply connected to nature.

Image: Nemracc, CC BY-SA 4.0 https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

They cultivated a bountiful garden, yielding an array of fruits and vegetables, and frequently ventured to the lakes and sea for fishing, enriching their meals with the freshest catch. Their commitment to self-sustainability extended to teaching their children essential hunting and gathering techniques.

A Day That Changed Everything

Minni and Joel didn’t view their lifestyle of growing what they ate as a burden; rather, it was a delightful and calming pursuit that allowed them to bond with their children and each other.

Image: Photo by Maël BALLAND on Unsplash

However, during their fishing trip on this particular fateful day, Minni and Joel caught something that would completely alter their lives.

Unexpected Catch

Bowfin, often referred to as Mudpike or Trashfish, may not always be desired by fishermen. However, with the right culinary skills, they can be transformed into a delicious meal.

ImageColin Meurk, CC BY-SA 4.0 https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Fortunately for the couple, their culinary expertise came in handy when they caught a few bowfin; they knew precisely how to prepare them.

Cleaning Routine

“Looks like we’re having fishcakes and baked potatoes tonight!” Joel announced as he brought in their hard-earned catch.

Image: YouTube / Ed Cupp

Upon returning home, they stowed the surplus fish in the freezer, leaving two out for dinner preparation. Minni placed the fish in the sink and commenced her customary cleaning routine. She had done this countless times before, but today, something caught her eye like never before.

Getting the Fish Ready

Preparing the fish was Minni’s least favorite part of the entire process, but she always reassured herself that it was better than purchasing processed and imported meats from the store.ü

Image: Image by tjane73 auf Pixabay

The initial task was to detach the head, followed by removing the guts and cleaning the fish before scaling it. As she was about to glide the knife along its stomach, she sensed something peculiar.

An Unusual Lump

In the midst of the fish’s body, Minni discovered a firm lump. Upon examination, she ruled out the possibility of it being eggs. Puzzled, she considered the prospect that the fish might have ingested something unusual.

Image: Image by Christel SAGNIEZ auf Pixabay

With cautious precision, she dissected the fish and removed its internal organs, uncertain of what she might uncover. However, as something shiny caught her eye, she couldn’t help but gasp in astonishment.

What’s Within?

Minni gazed at her hands in disbelief, still processing what she was holding.

Image: YouTube / Ed Cupp

Within her grasp lay a delicate necklace, its gold links intricately woven, culminating in an anchor pendant. The discovery seemed unfathomable! How could such a small swimmer have ingested such an item? Suddenly, Minni, overcome with astonishment, felt another peculiar sensation along the fish’s body.

Jewelry Within a Fish

The discovery of the necklace had already sparked numerous questions, yet the little fish held even more mysteries within.

Image: Image by Catkin auf Pixabay

Determined, Minni retrieved the fish once more and carefully extracted the remaining guts. Her fingers traced along the inner cavity until they reached the location of the bump. However, as soon as she delved deeper, something terrifying occurred.

Screams and Shock!

As Minni probed the lump, she felt a sudden movement. She shrieked in a mixture of surprise and revulsion, recoiling away from the counter.

Image: Carrastock / Shutterstock.com

Her piercing scream reverberated throughout the house, jolting Joel from his reverie. With wide eyes, he rushed to Minni’s side, stunned by the inexplicable sight before him.

A Shock to the System

Minni’s heart pounded in her chest, her breaths coming in rapid gasps. It had been quite some time since she’d experienced such a jolt to her system.

Image: Twitter

“What’s going on?!” her husband exclaimed, his gaze fixed on the fish. Minni steadied herself and extended her hand, pointing at the fish in disbelief. “How is this even possible?” she shrieked.

Alive and Thrashing!

The elongated piece of flesh contorted as if it were a live fish, writhing and flailing as if gasping for air on a dry dock.

Image: YouTube / Ed Cupp

It was alive! The head lay in the sink while the rest of the body wriggled on the cutting board. Minni’s husband prodded the flesh, causing the thrashing to escalate. How could this be happening?!


Minni pondered whether the strange lump concealed something responsible for the fish’s movements. Could whatever was inside the lump be causing the fish to come to life?

Image: YouTube / Ed Cupp

Prior to touching the mysterious object again, Minni decided to gain a better understanding of what she was dealing with. Halting her impromptu treasure hunt, she hurriedly retrieved her phone.

Seeking Solutions

As her husband recorded the bizarre occurrence, Minni swiftly accessed a search engine, fervently scouring the internet for explanations.

Image: YouTube / Wilderness Life

Minni breathed a sigh of relief when she discovered that fish moving after death was actually a relatively common occurrence. The culprit? A ubiquitous cooking ingredient – salt.

Biological Response

Even in death, certain cells in a fish’s body can still respond to stimuli. In this instance, it was sodium that triggered the muscular reaction, causing the fish to move.

Bild: Satria Nur P / Shutterstock.com

The scientific explanation involved intricate concepts about sodium and potassium ions reacting to neurons firing, along with electrical signals, resulting in a chain reaction that causes muscles to contract and release briefly.

New Toy

Excited by their newfound understanding, Minni giggled with relief as her husband amused himself with the fish. Yet, one question persisted: what other secrets were concealed within the fish?

Image: Photo by Lesly Juarez on Unsplash

As Minni cautiously approached the fish once more, her husband noticed the necklace and inquired about it. Upon hearing Minni’s account of the bizarre discovery, he was left speechless. Then, he too felt the strange sensation.

Moment Of Truth

In a moment of revelation, he stepped back, allowing Minni to proceed with her extraordinary discovery. “Do you think there’s more jewelry in there?” he asked. “I don’t know, but I suppose we’ll find out,” Minni replied determinedly.

Image: Alla Vovk / Shutterstock.com

Joel leaned in, peering over Minni’s shoulder as she peeled back the fish’s innards, revealing a series of small balls. “What in the world…?” Minni muttered in bewilderment.

Tiny Balls

Upon closer inspection, Minni and Joel took one of the shiny balls between their fingers to examine it. “Could it be a bead?” Minni wondered aloud.

Image: Kajal Naina

Joel squinted, carefully examining the tiny ball between his fingers. Holding it up to the light, he was stunned by what he saw.


“Pearls!” he exclaimed in amazement. With a sudden realization, Joel confirmed that they were indeed genuine pearls. Minni’s jaw dropped in disbelief. “Wow! Are you sure?” she asked, seeking confirmation. In response, Joel took the pearl and rubbed it against his teeth, a method often used to verify the authenticity of pearls.

Image: Kabakova Tetiana / Shutterstock.com

His eyes widened with certainty. “These are definitely real!” he exclaimed, his excitement palpable. Minni furrowed her brow in confusion, wondering how he could be so sure.

Teeth Test

Joel explained that one of the best ways to differentiate between real and fake pearls is to rub them against your teeth.

Image: Subbotina Anna / Shutterstock.com

A real pearl will feel gritty against your teeth, almost like rubbing sandpaper against them, Joel explained. In contrast, a fake or imitation pearl will feel smooth. If there’s any doubt, chances are it’s fake, as a real pearl will certainly grate against your teeth. As for how it ended up inside the fish?

A Fishing Fortune

Bowfin are notorious for their indiscriminate appetite. They’ll devour anything that catches their eye! This particular fish must have developed a taste for shiny objects, perhaps after consuming an oyster or mussel or two.

Image: Pixabay

Fortunately, the jewelry discovered within the fish was in impeccable condition, and the pearls? They could fetch anywhere from $300 to $1500 each!

Expected Reactions

Eager to share their extraordinary discovery, the couple uploaded their video of the moving fish and posted about their incredible find on social media, anticipating a flurry of reactions from friends, family, and perhaps even the wider online community.

Image: Pixabay

It didn’t take long for comments to flood in, with many expressing shock and amazement at the couple’s discovery. However, a few skeptics accused them of fabricating the entire ordeal. The backlash escalated to the point where they began losing a significant number of followers on Instagram. After using an application that reveals unfollowers, they were dismayed to discover that some of those who unfollowed them included their closest churchmates and relatives. Shocking indeed! But amidst the negativity, two other users pointed out something intriguing.

“So Cool!”

The phenomenon of post-mortem movement wasn’t exclusive to fish.

Image: Pexels

Frogs and squids could also exhibit similar behavior. However, it wasn’t a guarantee that every fish pulled from the water would display such movement or harbor hidden treasures inside. Nonetheless, witnessing such occurrences was undeniably remarkable. Nature never ceased to amaze!


Initially, Joel and Minni encountered significant online criticism for not attempting to locate the rightful owner of the gold necklace. However, they explained to their friends that finding the original owner was practically impossible.

Image: Pexels

The necklace could have fallen anywhere within the water system surrounding the area where the fish frequented. Additionally, there was another complication.

Not Over

There was no way to determine how long the necklace had been submerged underwater before the fish snatched it up. It could have been there for years, or even decades!

Image: Photo by Kristina Litvjak on Unsplash

Now, one might assume that their extraordinary discovery had reached its conclusion. However, over the following weeks, a nagging thought consumed Minni’s mind – they had stored some fish in the freezer as well. Could there be anything intriguing hidden within those too?

Finding the Fillets

Despite feeling a bit foolish, Minni couldn’t resist the urge to rummage around in the freezer, akin to a child on a treasure hunt. After all, the previous discovery had already been astonishing. So, why not take a peek?

Image: © Raimond Spekking

She carefully sliced open the vacuum-sealed pack, extracted the frozen block of fish, and placed it in a bowl to defrost.


Joel paused in his task of cutting the garden tomatoes for the afternoon salad, looking over at Minni with a raised eyebrow. “You don’t seriously think there’s more in there, do you?” he questioned skeptically.

Image: Ralph Daily / Flickr.com

Minni nudged him away, her hands trembling with excitement.

Fingers Crossed

Thankfully, the fishy siblings didn’t exhibit the unsettling death-dance like the previous fillet.

Image: Wikimedia Commons

She carefully slid the knife along the belly of the fish and cautiously poked her fingers inside, hoping to discover something other than squishy guts.

Just Fish

To her disappointment, there was nothing unusual. It was just a regular fish, no different from the hundreds they had caught before.

Image: Pexels

But there were four more to go, and Minni eagerly tackled them like a gambling addict with a pile of fresh scratch cards. Little did they know the mystery that awaited them.

5th Time’s The Charm

After examining the third fish, disappointment set in as there was nothing remarkable to be found. The same held true for the fourth fish.

Image: Wikimedia Commons

But it was on the fifth fish that Minni’s knife struck something solid. Joel’s eyes widened as Minni pulled out another piece of gold – but this time, it wasn’t a necklace. It was a thick gold ring, reminiscent of something a man would wear.

What Are The Chances?

“This can’t be real,” Joel murmured in disbelief.

Image: YouTube/CTV

Minni leaned against the counter, feeling dizzy to the point where she feared she might collapse to the floor. This discovery wasn’t just a shiny new find. As she examined the ring more closely, an astounding clue emerged.

A Solid Lead

Despite the excitement of finding the necklace and pearls, there was still no way of knowing who the treasures belonged to.

Image: slika.nezavisne.rs

But as Minni wiped away the grimy film from the inside of the ring, an engraving emerged – two names and a date. This was the breakthrough they had been hoping for! The adventure was far from over.

Starting The Search

Though it might not have seemed like much, the new details provided Minni and Joel with far more to work with than they had started with.

Image: QueenslandPolice

Joel hastily retrieved his computer and began searching for wedding announcements around the date engraved on the ring. Meanwhile, Minni joined in the search, feeling compelled to take action rather than sit idly by.

Not Giving Up

“Jimmy? Or perhaps James,” Minni muttered to herself, her fingers flying over the keys in a caffeine-fueled blur as she delved deeper into the search.

Image: Julan Shirwod Nueva, CC BY-SA 4.0 https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

The entire endeavor felt like searching for a needle in a hundred haystacks. It wasn’t until they had consumed their sixth cup of coffee that a glimmer of hope finally reignited.

Could It Be?

“James and Madeline Jeffords!” Joel exclaimed, his excitement nearly knocking Minni out of her seat.

Image: Pexels

There it was, unmistakable – James and Madeline Jeffords, the likely owners of the lost wedding band. Minni silently thanked the internet gods for their assistance. To their relief, the Jeffords had a social media presence.

Reaching Out

Their social media page was a stream of photos, predominantly featuring their grandchildren and lighthearted jokes.

Image: YouTube/nuggetnoggin

But there was no mention of a lost wedding band on their social media page. Perhaps the couple had lost it so long ago that it slipped their minds? Minni’s hands trembled with excitement as she composed a message to Madeline.

The Waiting Game

Every tick of the kitchen clock felt like an eternity, each moment laden with anticipation.

Image: Sridhar Rao, CC BY-SA 4.0 https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

They waited with bated breath, hoping to see those three little dots appear—a sign that someone was writing back. Every fiber of their beings held onto the hope that someone still bothered to check the account.

An Answer!

Minutes stretched into hours, and the moon ascended high into the sky, casting its silvery glow over the quiet kitchen.

Image: Wikimedia Commons

The children slumbered peacefully in their beds, oblivious to the tension filling the air, while Joel emitted snores akin to a chainsaw in his Barcalounger. Minni fought against the heaviness in her eyelids, repeatedly jerking her head upright as she struggled to stay awake. Finally, the sound they had been yearning for pierced the silence—a soft “ding.”

The Stars Align

“Yes, we did lose a wedding band. But that was years ago. Who is this?” the message read.

Image: YouTube/nuggetnoggi

Minni couldn’t contain her excitement, emitting a loud squeal that startled Joel so much he jolted awake, causing his chair to collapse like a mousetrap beneath him. However, before they could proceed, Minni and Joel had established one simple rule.

Making Sure

In her response, Minni introduced herself and mentioned that their family shared a passion for fishing.

Image: Wikimedia Commons

Minni and Joel had stumbled across the ring, but now the question loomed: could the person or people on the other end accurately describe it? They were determined not to inadvertently give someone else’s cherished wedding memento to a complete stranger.

Yes, It’s Them!

The three little dots appeared once more, and the subsequent message elicited a wave of emotion in Minni, making her eyes well up with tears.

Image: Pexels

They described it perfectly – right down to the use of “Jimmy” instead of James. They had indeed found the owner of the ring! But the best part was yet to come.

Road Trip

The entire family piled into their minivan and embarked on the three-hour journey north to where the couple awaited. As they pulled into the driveway, Minni could feel the tears welling up in her eyes.

Image: YouTube/ActsRetirement

An elderly man and woman stood on the porch, their hands clasped tightly together, their faces aglow with excitement.

Lost Long Ago

It was an incredible sequence of events that had united two families across many years and miles.

Image: Pexels

The couple recounted a memory from years ago when they had been taking a leisurely stroll along a pier. Madeline couldn’t recall exactly how it happened, but a small pouch containing jewelry had slipped out of her purse – items she had intended to take to the jeweler for cleaning. It seemed that the pouch had been swept away by the waves and lost to the sea.

The Necklace Too!

Minni and Joel’s eyes widened in astonishment as the couple showed them photographs of the wedding bands – and a gold necklace with an anchor pendant.

Image: YouTube/ActsRetirement

Both parties were overcome with emotion, unable to hold back the tears. It felt like fate… pure fate. But the elderly couple had an extra-special gesture in mind.

A Wonderful Gift

“We want you to keep the necklace,” they said, expressing their gratitude for reuniting them with the long-lost ring. It was also a token of appreciation for this remarkable reunion, serving as a cherished memory of their encounter.

Image: 100Ways

Even after a cup of tea and returning home, Minni and Joel’s smiles remained steadfast. However, they couldn’t help but mull over the thought that this wasn’t the first time a fish had been found wearing a wedding band…


Losing a personal item is aggravating, but losing something sentimental and irreplaceable is even more distressing. That’s precisely what occurred to an Australian couple during a day at the beach.

Image: Albert Yarullin / Shutterstock.com

While spending time with relatives near Norfolk Island’s shores, Suzie Quintal and her husband, Nathan Reeves, were relishing a day of swimming and joy when an unexpected misfortune occurred.

Forever Lost?

As they made their way back to shore, Nathan Reeves was struck with horror when he realized that his wedding band was nowhere to be found.

Image: d.newsweek.com

The couple returned home after Christmas, resigned to the belief that the ring was lost forever. However, in May of the following year, a woman had an extraordinary encounter while snorkeling, unlike anything she had ever experienced before.

Susan Prior

Susan Prior, a writer, editor, and environmental conservationist, was snorkeling in Emily Bay, near Norfolk Island, when she stumbled upon a sight that churned her stomach.

Image: Norfolk Island Reef

Observing fish with debris entangled around their necks wasn’t an unusual sight for Susan. However, during her tracking of spotted sand mullets in Emily Bay, she noticed something out of the ordinary – one of the fish appeared to be adorned with what resembled a gold collar.

A Gold Collar

In a blog post, Susan elaborated, “Yesterday, I spotted another mullet with a ring collar, but this one seemed to be a shiny metallic gold, with significantly less algae growth compared to the plastic ones.”

Image: Norfolk Island Reef

She continued to explain that the ring likely became ensnared around the small fish while it was foraging for food on the ocean floor. “Sometimes these rings inadvertently find their way into the natural environment, leading to unfortunate outcomes,” she elucidated. “Mullet frequently sift through the sand in search of sustenance, making it all too easy for a ring or hair tie to inadvertently snag around their noses and become trapped.”

Tracking The Owner Down

“The only way to remove the metal collar is by capturing the fish in a net and carefully extracting it. Thus far, the fish appears to be unharmed, but as it grows, the ring will begin to constrict,” Susan noted.

Image: Norfolk Island Reef

Susan recalled a local post detailing a man’s loss of his $1000 wedding ring in the bay during the holiday season and made efforts to locate him.

“Not Happy”

In an interview, Suzie Quintal expressed her dissatisfaction with the situation. “He attempted to search for it and then broke the news to me, and I was quite upset,” she recounted. “I always remind him to remove it before swimming. He lost it just a day before our second wedding anniversary.”

Image: Unsplash/Denis Hay

Looking For The Positive

“Always striving to find the silver lining in any situation, I view this as an opportunity to motivate someone to alleviate the fish’s burden,” she penned on her blog.

Image: norfolkislandreef.com.au

“Here’s hoping we can provide a happy ending to his story and to the owner of the wedding ring! The mullet has a life ahead of it, and it’s only fair that it gets to live it,” she concluded optimistically.