40 Cities in America Where Nobody Wants to live

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America, a place where anyone can find opportunities according to their desires. You can easily find a job, a place to live, and a place to enjoy in America. Although America is a superpower, still people in America suffer from different things.

There are many opportunities in the USA, but still, you will find it difficult to even live in some cities. Many cities are having no resources at all. There are many cities of America that are in a phase of poverty and also neglect. We have listed the top 40 cities of America where you cannot make a living for yourself. So, if you are planning to go and settle in America, avoid living in these cities.

1. Pahrump, Nevada

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Pahrump is in Nye Country. It is large and has significantly less population. Moreover, it is just one hour away from Las Vegas. But, you cannot live in this city. The main issue is for home buyers. They have to pay huge rents just for the sake of staying in the area.

The home value is almost $152,400. But residents spend thousands of dollars just to save their houses. The low median house income is nearly 47,000 dollars. This is because in this city many retired people live. There is a population of people over 65 years in this city. So, living is a risk.

2. Muscoy, California

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It is well known for being the most impoverished city in California. There are almost 40% of people who are facing poverty and issues like unemployment etc. The unemployment rate is also relatively high and is nearly equal to 10%.

The median household income is almost 41,000 dollars, but it is not bad as compared to this city. But the worst part here is that it is also well known because of criminal activities. There were 1500 violent crimes reported in the year 2019. Moreover, the cost of living is relatively high. Many people have moved out of this city. And many other people are thinking to find a better place.

3. Alliance, Nebraska

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Alliance is located in western Nebraska. It is well known because it is an agricultural center. Not only is this, but it is also known as the most important rail hub. There are many things for which this city is well-known. But still, it is not worth living.

Why is it so? This is because you will not easily find job opportunities in this city quickly. Even recently, BNSF railway announced several job cuts. And most people are now jobless. The household median is nearly equal to 47,000 dollars. But still, the unemployment rate is twice the living standards. We do not recommend you to live here.

4. Denison, Iowa

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Suppose you know about Crawford country. Then you must have read about Denison, a county seat of this country. This city has a household median of 54,000 dollars, and it is pretty great. But still, it is not worth living for. Why? Well, there are many reasons.

The main reason is unemployment. The unemployment rate is three times higher than the state average. There were meatpacking plants, but the wages were cut to almost half. Many residents left the city. Moreover, Tyson foods also closed its plant in the year 2015, and the unemployment rate was raised much higher. There was an economic disaster in the city.

5. Helena-West Helena, Arkansas

Helena-West Helena is having the county seat of country Philips. But do you know that this city is also in its decline? In 65 years, the population of this city has decreased to almost half. There was a drought and also industrialization, due to which the farmers suffer a lot. Moreover, there were many other businesses that helped farmers. But all of them failed miserably.

Most people have left the city because of low economic conditions. Even the schools report half the students in the year 2015 as compared to the year 2008. Moreover, the median household is $22,400 per year. It means the city is in its worst condition.

6. Southbridge Town, Massachusetts

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Southbridge was well known for optometry. There were famous optometrists camps set at some time. The primary field of earning was also optometry, and many people were unemployed when this thing closed up.

There are many people who are living a very hard life in this town. Moreover, the unemployment rate is still increasing day by day. No matter how much effort the government is putting, this town is not getting back its glory and is not the same as it was before. Living in this town can be challenging if you do not have any source of income because finding a job is very hard in this town.

7. Lansdowne, Maryland

Suppose you want to know about a census-designated place in Baltimore. Then Lansdowne is famous for that. But it is also known for something else. It is also well known as the poorest large city in the country. Baltimore is also having different problems. But Lansdowne is having more issues than the country itself.

It has almost 45,000 dollars median household, and it is less than the whole country. The unemployment rate is relatively high than in the other cities of the country. Also, the cost of living is too high. Can you ever imagine living in a city or a town where you are unemployed, and still you have to pay heavy bills and charges?  

8. Clifton, Colorado

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Clifton is well known for being the most peaceful area. But do you know that there is almost a quarter of the population that is poor and also unemployed? The unemployment rate is twice the national unemployment rate. The average median of a household is almost 40,000 dollars.

Unemployment is not only a factor to consider, but there are many drug abusers, and the drug abuse rate is becoming significantly high. There are many deaths occurring because of a drug overdose. Not only this, but the rate of violent crimes is also reasonably high in this city. It is not safe for you and your family.

9. Spanish Lake, Missouri

Spanish Lake, another famous and most beautiful suburbia, is now facing a decline. There is also a documentary that shows how Spanish lake turned into a ghost town. Why does this happen? Well, there are many reasons behind this.

The jobs are no more found in this place, and the homes were also foreclosed. There were no educational and transportation facilities in this area at all. Many families moved out of this area in the 1990s and settled in other places. Moreover, the businesses were also shut, and the economy was collapsed.  The average household median is almost 37,000 dollars. It means that this place is not worth living in.     

10. Wilmington, Delaware

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The largest city of Delaware in Wilmington. But do you know that it is also the neediest city in the state? Many people are poor, and the average household income is equal to 45,000 dollars almost. Poverty is not only a big problem.

But the crime rates are relatively high in this city. The crime rate is almost 148 percent higher than the normal rate. The police spending is also increased by 65 percent. This city is having the worst conditions and if you want to live with a family. Then we do not suggest you live here in this city.

11. Huron, South Dakota

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Huron is known as a meatpacking town. The turkeys’ power plant has brought many people to this town. But there was a time when the population was dropped to almost 14,000. There were nearly 2000 people left in the city. Before the facility was built, the population dropped to a significant level.

Although there are now many job opportunities, but still, this small town is not worth living in. The standards of living are still low, and the unemployment rate is still high. Even the wage in a meatpacking plant is almost 14$ per hour that is fairly less. So, it is not suitable to go there.

12. Fair Oaks, Georgia

Fair Oaks is in the neighbourhood of Cobb Country. It is named because there are large oak trees that were abundant and still found there. This increases the beauty of this place, and you can go enjoy the natural scenes of this area.

But there is something that is quite disturbing. The town is having the worst economic conditions, and people in this town are mostly poor. The value of homes is almost $100,000, but the average median income is still 38,832 thousand dollars. It is one of the most challenging areas to find a place for housing in the most affordable range.

13. Makaha, Hawaii

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Makaha is a small peaceful town in the Hawaiian of Oahu. It is one of the most beautiful towns and is well known for its beach. Suppose you want to enjoy the natural scenery. Then this place is no doubt worth living for. The median household is almost 51,000 dollars that are relatively high than in other cities.

But it is not quite impressive when you compare it with the other cities of New Jersey. The poverty rate is almost 30% in this town. Moreover, the unemployment rate is nearly 17%. There are many people who are homeless and also do not have any jobs. So, if you are thinking to stay there for earning, then you might be wrong.

14. Franklin, Virginia

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Franklin is also a small town and is situated in the Coastal Plain of Virginia. The main thing on which this town relies is agriculture. Moreover, some people are also involved in manufacturing. Everything was doing fine until 2009. An international paper mill was closed, and almost 1,000 workers were unemployed.

The average median of a household is almost 40,000 dollars which means that people are not living their life at best. Most people are facing poverty, and due to unemployment, even many people have migrated to several other areas. So, if you are thinking to settle in this area and you are not employed, then you must not go there.

15. East St. Louis, Illinois

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Not only a poor city. But it is known as one of the most dangerous cities. The city is known for all the wrong reasons. The headlines about this city are never satisfying. It has many crime scenes and is famous for most criminals and drug addicts.

Not only minor crimes but this place is known for significant crimes like murders etc. The economy is not stable at all. Moreover, many people have moved out of this city, and many businesses are closed. But the government is still retrying to improve its condition. Still, you cannot prefer this place to settle and earn a living.

16. Beloit, Wisconsin

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There was a time when Beloit was well known for the famous manufacturing industry. All people who were finding jobs in Wisconsin tried to move to this place for getting a job. But due to the Great Recession, almost more than 10,000 people lost their jobs.

The median household income is almost 44,000 dollars. But there is also the worst thing that a quarter of the population lives in poverty. Moreover, this city has twice the unemployment rate of the whole state. Moreover, there are many criminal activities that occur in this state. More than 300 different cases were reported in the last year.

17. Newburgh, New York

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Newburgh in New York is having different cultures and is famous for its travel spots. However, it is well-known in NYC. But there are many reasons why this place is not worth living for. This city is well known because of the lowest economy.

Poverty is considerably high, and there are many cases reported related to violent crimes each year. The results are that the population is declined to a certain number and still more and more people are shifting from this city to new areas. Well, it is not a wise choice to live in such a city. We will not recommend it.

18. Junction City, Kansas

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Junction city is similar to other places that are in Kansas. But this city is not worth living for. The underemployment rate is very high in this city. But the better part is that poverty is only 0.4 percent lower as compared to the whole state.

The worst part is the city is in debt for many years. It was on the verge of bankruptcy in the year 2012. As a result, the prices of property were raised higher, and taxes were also increased. Still, the services were not better. As a result, many people migrated from this city. Moreover, the wages are almost 7 dollars per hour that are significantly less.

19. Lexington, North Carolina

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Lexington was known as the furniture-making capital, and it was very famous in America. The hardwood supply was plentiful, and there was low-cost labor. But in the 1990s, everything changed. The Asian furniture that was imported was very cheap, and as a result, it decimated the city furniture.

The home prices are very low as compared to the whole state. Not only this median household average is almost 30,000 dollars. Nearly 35% of people are poor, and they are doing low-cost jobs. Due to unemployment and poverty, many people shifted to other cities. Still, if you are thinking to move to this city, then think twice.

20. Bastrop, Louisiana

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There was a time when there were famous mills and plants in Bastrop. International Paper Co. mill and the Pilgrim’s Pride poultry plant both were in this city. But in 2000, both of them were closed, and the population declined steadily.

There were many residents who were employed in this city. But all of them became unemployed. The household income is only 20,000 dollars, and this thing shows the worst economic condition of the city. But the mayor is promising to revive the financial condition by promoting small businesses and local industry. Still, this place is not worth living in. So, we do not suggest you live over here.

21. Altus, Oklahoma

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You might have heard about the Altus air force base. It is in Jackson County. The population of this big city is almost 60,000. Most of them survive in agriculture, health care, and industries. The famous industries are oil and gas and volatile fossil fuels.

According to research, the Altus provides jobs to many people, but the industry has lost almost 20,000 jobs in the past two years. There were 148 drilling rigs, and now only 28 are active. Most people have become unemployed and are living hand to mouth. We will never suggest you to go in this city for residence.

22. Robstown, Texas

Texas, one of the favorite parts of the people looking for a job and house. But you cannot live in Robstown, the actual place that gave birth to Texas. But why? There are several reasons. It is ranked number fifth because of increased poverty. The poverty rate is 40%. Moreover, the household median is an average of 35,000 dollars.

There are many other issues reported too. Many people are drug addicts, and almost 10.4 people die out of 100,000 people. It is not safe for families and for people who want to live alone. We will never suggest you this place to live.

23. Parkland, Washington

Parkland is known as an unincorporated suburb of Tacoma and the point to be noted over here is that it does not have to deal with the Aroma of Tacoma. But the worst part is that the economic condition of this city is far worse than you can ever imagine.

The unemployment rate over here is pretty high. And the poverty rate here is also very high as compared to other parts of the state. Almost 17% of adults are having bachelor’s or higher degree. But still are unemployed. The better part is that the average household income is $55,000, and it is way higher than many other parts of the states.

24. Cloquet, Minnesota

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There was a fire that destroyed the town in 1918. But still, Cloquet somehow survived. It was survived due to the lumber industry. And also was named as a wood city. It was having a paper mill, ceiling tile factory and also matchstick plant.

But in 2017, the matchstick factory was closed. The unemployment rate became pretty high. And this thing disturbed the economy of the whole city. As most people were employed in the plant, they became jobless. And as a result, the poverty rate also became higher. But still, it is somehow better than many other cities and towns. We will still not recommend you this city.

25. New Kingman-Butler, Arizona

No doubt, it is the best city for travel adventurers. There are many people who go to this city to hike and enjoy the scenic mountains. The climate is mild and perfect for holidays and weekends. However, it is worth visiting for. But we do not recommend it.

Why? Because it is one of the poor cities of the state. Many people are well educated but still unemployed. You can only survive in this city if you have a job.  But if you do not have a job. Then you must not go to this city. And we are definitely not recommending you this place.

26. Havre, Montana

Image: IMAGO / Danita Delimont

This town was great at some times. But now it is one of the worst places to live. In 2018 the worst thing happened when three major stores were closed. Moreover, Holiday Village Mall has also closed, and as a result, hundreds of people became unemployed. The economy was also disturbed.

Many residents were affected badly. The economy of this place is still low, and also the poverty rate is becoming higher and higher. Not only these, many people are drawn towards crimes, and criminal cases are also now common in this place. It was one of the best places, but now it is not.

27. Kalifornsky, Alaska

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There are more than 81,000 people living in this place. It is located in Kenai Peninsula Borough. The primary industry that supports its economy is the oil and gas industry. There are many companies. But the worst thing happens when the oil companies relocated themselves.

The unemployment rate became higher over here. Many people became poor, and the worst part is housing. The housing is extremely expensive over here. Moreover, the literacy rate is not much high, and the people are not drawn much towards education. This place is not suggested for you if you have a family with you who want to move.

28. Selma, Alabama

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You might have heard about Selma. Yes, it is the city that played a very important role in the civil rights movement. There were many marches done in this city. But even before the pandemic, this city was having a high unemployment rate.

The people employed in Selma are mostly workers with extremely low wages. The businesses in Selma are owned by families, but the children are no more interested in continuing their business over here. The reason can be the lack of facilities. So, if you want a place full of facilities and resources. We do not suggest you go over here.

29. Manchester, New Hampshire

Image: IMAGO / agefotostock

You might have heard that New Hampshire is the best state. However, it is one of the wealthy states of America. But why we have added it over here. Well, the housing is very expensive over here. And many people have become homeless.

There are almost 15% of people who live below the poverty line. The income is very low, and people are striving really hard to live and survive in this state. We will never recommend you live here if you do not have the resources to afford living standards. You can find the best alternatives than this place.

30. Avon Park, Florida

Image: IMAGO / agefotostock

This place was named after the famous Shakespeare. Although it is historically remarkable you might not have heard about it. It is now coming to its situation. Well, it is also one of the poor places to live. The average household median is almost 30,000 dollars. Moreover, almost the third part of the population is poor.

20% of people in this city are unemployed, and it made it the worst city. The unemployment rate is three times higher than the average state’s unemployment rate. You will really have to struggle a lot if you choose this place to live and make a living for yourself.

31. Chaparral, New Mexico

Imago: Chaparral, New Mexico

Talking about this incorporated community, it has no state government. This leads to very limited access to public services. Moreover, the employment rate is also very low. There are 40% of people who live in poverty and miserable state.

Can you believe that the median household income is just about 24,000$? This makes it clear that poverty is fairly high in this place. Moreover, the cost of living and buying a home is also relatively high. People often opt for mobile houses. So, they shift from one house to another. It is not recommended city to live in and earn something. So, going over there is not a wise choice.

32. Johnstown, Pennsylvania

Image: IMAGO / ZUMA Wire

International trade made a significant impact on the manufacturing industry, and it faced a significant decline. This trade destroyed the economic condition of this city since the year 1980. The worst part is that almost 1000s of people have left this city.

Not only this but large buildings have abounded. The median household is almost 24,000 dollars, and this shows the worst economic condition of the country. Even 40% of people live below the poverty line that is approved federally. Crime scenes are also becoming common day by day. There was a time it was called a friendly city. But now, everything has vanished.

33. Middlesboro, Kentucky

Image: William Silver / Shutterstock.com

This place is also the worst place to live. Even you cannot live if you are mediocre. The median household is almost 25,000 dollars. And it is half the median income. There are more than 40% who are very poor and barely afford their food.

Moreover, there are only 1 out of 10 people who have a bachelors’ degree. The literacy and employment rate is also significantly low. There was a time when coal employment was common. But it also faced a decline in the past few years. The unemployment rate here is increasing day by day. We will never recommend this place.

34. Minot, North Dakota

Image: Nick.Graham / Shutterstock.com

It was named the magic city. But tragically, it has lost all its charm and lusters. There are many reasons behind this. The housing rate is very much high, and it has become a significant problem in the state. People spend almost 30% of their income on housing only. The house-related expenses are also reasonably high than usual.

The median household price is $204,000, and it is pretty impressive. But there is a thing to know that median household income is just 66,000 dollars. There are many people who complain about the facilities and extra service charges. If you can afford such a significant amount, then you may go.

35. Middletown, Ohio

Image: Kilmer Media / Shutterstock.com

The AK steel was one of the essential things in Middletown. It was one of the biggest manufacturing centers. But it has now been facing a steady decline. There were 27000 workers who were locked out in the year 2006, and they lost their jobs.

This thing affected the economic condition badly. Moreover, the median household is almost 40,000 dollars. The poverty rate is also on the increase, and the unemployment rate is still on its verge. If you have a job and you can move to this place. Then it’s excellent because the property rate is relatively low. But if you are unemployed. Then do not go there.

36. Bangor, Maine

Image: IMAGO / agefotostock

Lumber Capital of The World, Bangor, was named and was honored by this title. But it faced the most significant decline. The people were unemployed, and the poverty rate was also high than in other cities. But now it is reviving. There are several manufacturing places that have restored it.

The government has also been working since 2006 to revive this place. But still, a lot and a lot of effort are needed to make it worth living for. If you want a better place to live, that has enough facilities. Then you must not go to this place as it is not still stable and lacks many facilities.

37. Altamont, Oregon

Image: Thye-Wee Gn / Shutterstock.com

This place was once well known. The name was given after a very famous racehorse. But the success rate of this country is relatively low. The median household is almost 43,000 dollars, whereas the rest of the state has nearly 60,000 dollars.

The unemployment rate is relatively high. And of course, if there is unemployment. It means that there is poverty. The poverty rate is also very high, and many people live a very hard life. Moreover, even some people do not have basic education. This place is DEFINITELY not recommended for you if you want the best place to live.

38. Natchez, Mississippi

Image: IMAGO / agefotostock

It is one of the state’s early capital. Well, yes, it was the first capital. It is now the worst place to live. But there were the days when it was the best place to live. It struggled hard to attract the industries but still was unlucky. Many young people left the place to find the work.

The median household income is no more than 26,000 dollars, and people are very poor. The literacy rate is very low, and many children are not going to school. Moreover, the basic facility departments like health and school are in their worst conditions.

39. Central Falls, Rhode Island

Image: Wangkun Jia / Shutterstock.com

This city is located in the smallest state. Well, this city is also the smallest. Although it is the smallest it faced bankruptcy in the year 2010. The taxes were raised at significant levels, and the pensions were reduced. Moreover, the salaries were also deducted.

The median household income is just 33,000 dollars which are really low. People are really poor, and the literacy rate is also very low. Although the government tries a lot, but no specific steps are taken to make it worth living. This place is not a better place to live. We will never recommend you to choose this place.

40. Parker, South Carolina

This small town has faced rapid population growth in several years. There are many employment chances created, and many people have raised the economy of this city by adding up different things. The standard of living is reasonable.

But here comes the dark part. The locals have still low wages, and they are still living the life of poverty. Moreover, they are also having a low literacy rate. In addition, the net income is only 34,000 dollars which shows that local people are suffering a lot and only those are benefitted that have come from outside. This is so unfair.