Where are these 40 famous actors of the 80s?

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FOOTLOOSE, Kevin Bacon, 1984

The 80s was a remarkable time for young actors and actresses to show their talent on screens. Many actors and actresses could still be seen in different movies and series, but some have gone off the radar.

Artist of that time has still left some great roles to remember them by. Some of them are still doing some big hits, and some could be seen inside roles.

Those artists have not just followed the path of acting, but some have gone down the road of direction, production, and writing. We still wonder what happened to the artist from that time and what they are up to now.

1. Alf

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Film: Alf

Alf was a character in a sitcom that aired in 1986 with the same name. It was one of the biggest hit sitcoms at that time. The character was an alien who crash-landed on earth and started living with one of the family.

His friends Skip and Rhonda wanted to invite him to live with them, but the Alien task force captures him and takes him into custody. The show did not continue after season four. The fans wanted to know the rest of the story. In 1996 a movie was made in which Alf was shown to escape the Alien task force; however, the movie was not liked by fans.

2. Tiffany

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Tiffany Darwish, the teen icon Tiffany, is a singer and a songwriter. She got her fame by her song “I think we were alone now.” This song was actually a cover of another song by Tommy James and the Shondells.

This song got her nominated for the Juno award for international single of the year. It was released back in 1987. She got her fame and became a star of television in early 2000. She gave her appearance in many shows, not just in America but in Australia as well.

She appeared in shows like Celebrity fit club, and I am a celebrity… get me out of here! Tiffany has starred in a sci-fiction movie, “Mega Python Vs. Gatoroid”. Tiffany now owns a boutique in Nashville, Tennessee.  

3. Rebecca de Mornay

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Film: Getting Out (1994) 

Rebecca De Mornay is an American actress who has worked in many shows. Her breakthrough role was Lana in Risky Business. She has worked for continues 30 years after that.

She is also known as Debby Huston by one of her roles in Neil Simon’s film “The struggle.” She got engaged in the early 90s to Leonard Cohen, a Canadian singer, and songwriter. After that, she made her appearance in a lot of hit shows, like Lucifer and Jessica Jones.

She is still working as an actress. Her recent film was “I am wrath,” released in 2016, and she is still working on some huge shows.

4. Jennifer Jason Leigh

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Jennifer is an American actress and a producer. She made her debut in the film “Fast Time at Ridgemont High” as Stacy Hamilton. She got some appreciation for her acting in movies like Last Exit to Brooklyn, Miami Blues, Backdraft, Single White Female, and Short Cuts.

She had other smaller roles from the 1990s to the 2000s. She was one of the many actors in Quentin Tarantino’s latest ensemble western, The Hateful Eight. Right now, she is working in a Showtime drama, Patrick Melrose. She had also done some Broadway shows. She was nominated for her off-Broadway performance. Her Broadway debut was in 1998.

5. Shelley Long

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Shelley Lee long started her career as an actress in 1980. She rolled in many shows and movies. Her best-known character is Diane Chambers from the hit sitcom Cheers.

Although she had her fame from the role of Diane Chambers, she worked in some other hit movies. Some of those movies were Nightshift and The Money pit. Apart from Cheers, her big hit came out in 1995, when she rolled in The Brady bunch movie.

It was a big-budget renewal of a sitcom. She is still a working actress. She made a guest appearance in Switched at Birth and Modern family.

6. Lisa Bonet

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Lisa Bonet, an American actress, who is also known as Lilikoi moon, is famous for her role as Denise Huxtable in The Cosby Show. Her role in this show lifts her career. She also performed on other shows like “A different world.” Lisa ran away with a singer, Lenny Kravitz, in 1987.

They got married and had a daughter named Zoe. Zoe Kravitz also pursued the career of acting. Lisa Bonet made her appearance in some recent shows like “New Girl” and “Ray Donovan.” Lisa and Lenny got divorced in 1993. Lisa then married American actor Jason Momoa in 2017, and they are still married to the present day.

7. Jeremy Miller

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Jeremy Miller is best known for his role as Ben Seaver in Growing Pains. He also worked in the two reunions of the movie. He still works sometimes on different projects. He performed in movies like “Milk and Fashion,” “Never have I ever,” and “Ditching Party.”

Miller also voiced for Linus van Pelt in “Happy new year.” Jeremy is working in other fields along with acting. He is teaching private party cooking classes and catering. He is working together with Xander Dames and Lonni Rivera to co-host “The Xander effect” podcast.  Jeremy is married to Joanie Miller and has three stepsons.

8. Jami Gertz

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Jami Beth Gertz is best known for her roles in movies: “Crossroads, the lost boys, Less than zero, and Quicksilver.” Jami was discovered by Norman Lear in nationwide talent. She then studied drama at NYU.

In the late 1980s, Jami went into her stable career in television and appeared in Seinfeld, ER, Ally McBeal, and Modern Family. She also acted in two sitcoms: Still Standing and The Neighbors. She married business executive Tony Ressler in 1989.

They have three sons. Ressler is the principal owner of the NBA’s basketball team, “Atlanta Hawks” Her recent appearance was in the sitcom “difficult people” as David’s wife.

9. Scott Baio

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Scott Baio was a man-made for sitcoms back in the 80s. He performed in many sitcoms. His best work was the role he played as Chachi in Happy Days and Joanie Love Chachi. He also played Charles in Charles in Charge. Back when playing Chachi, he and his costar Erin Moran dated for a while.

He married Renee Sloan in 2007, and they have a daughter named Bailey Deluca Baio. Scott played a role as high-powered attorney Bob Loblaw on the cult sitcom “Arrested Development.” He also appeared in many reality television shows, like “Scot Biao is 45…and single”, “Scot Biao is 46…and pregnant,” and “confession of a Teen Idol.”

10. Phoebe Cates

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Phoebe was an American actor best known for her role Fast Time at Ridgemont High and Gremlins.  She was considered one of the most beautiful women back in the 1980s. Phoebe’s family was already involved in show business.

Her parents are Lily and Joseph Cates, who was a big Broadway producer and a television figure. Phoebe said goodbye to the most of acting because she wanted to raise her kids with her husband.

She married actor Kevin Kline in 1989 and had three Kids: Owen, Greta, and Autumn. Greta is also known as Frankie Cosmos, who is an indie singer. 

11. Mr. T

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Series: A-TEAM

Mr. T is a former bouncer and professional wrestler. His famous role was B.A . Baracus on The A- team. He also worked in Rocky 3 as Clubber Lang. After that, he worked in different television shows.

He mostly played himself. Mr. T used to wear his gold chains everywhere, but after the disaster of Hurricane Katrina, he stopped wearing them. He said that it was impolite to the survivors of the disaster.

He also participated in Dancing with the star in 2017 and stood in 10th place. Mr. T is now a spokesman to many companies and is also part of the ever-popular app celebrity app world. 

12. Kelly LeBrock

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Kelly LeBrock is a woman best known as “Fantasy” from the “Woman in red” and her role in “weird science.” She also made her appearance in Celebrity Fit Club and Britain’s Hell’s Kitchen season 3.

Kelly started her career as a model at the age of 16. After that, she worked with many modeling companies and got her name in different magazines. She became the Spokeswoman of Pantene shampoo, and her line “Don’t hate me because I m beautiful” became the catchphrase of that time. She is now working as a spokesperson for an organization called Club Carson that helps kids with cancer.

13. Elisabeth Shue

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Elisabeth Shue is an American actress best known for her character in Marty McFly’s girlfriend in Back to the future part two and its part three. She also starred as Ali Mills in The Karate Kid.

After that, she did more serious roles. She worked with Nicolas cage in Leaving Las Vegas. Some other works are an adventure in babysitting, Cocktail, Soapdish, piranha 3D, the saint, Hollow man, Battle of the sexes death wish, and Cobra Kai.

Freshly she appeared in Crime Scene Investigation as Julie Finlay. She is currently living in Los Angeles with her husband and three kids.

14. Tempestt Bledsoe

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Tempestt Bledsoe is still known for her childhood role as Vanessa Huxtable in The Cosby Show. In 2010 she became the host of The Clean House on The Style Network and also starred in NBC’s sitcom Guys with Kids, playing Marny. She made a one-time appearance in “A different world.”

She also played the role of Grace Wheeler in The Gift of Amazing Grace. Bledsoe is dating her costar from “A Different World” since 1993. She has been with her boyfriend for almost three decades and living happily even though they are not married. Tempestt is still a working actress.

15. Catherine Bach

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Catherine Bach got famous for her role as Daisy Duke on The Dukes of Hazard. Her character stole everyone’s hearts. Her other famous role was Margo Dutton from African Skies.

She started her career by debuting in the show The Sound of Music. Her first screen appearance was in The Midnight Man, a murder mystery by Burt Lancaster. Catherine married Peter Lopez, an entertainment Lawyer, in 1990 and had two daughters.

Unfortunately, Lopez was found dead in an apparent suicide at the age of 60. Catherine played in “The Young and The Restless” recently, not a lead but an important character of Anita Lawson.

16. Ally Sheedy

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Alexandra Elisabeth Sheedy is an American actress and a member of Brad Pack, mostly known as Ally. She had worked in some other movies after “The Breakfast Club.” She stared in “Welcome to the Rileys, Ten Stories Tall, Fugly!, Sins of our youth and some others. She made her debut in the 1983 movie “Bad boys”; after that, she became a member of the Brad Pack. She is still acting, just not in Hollywood big-budget movies. She mostly works in indie movies with a more complex character. They did not pay her as much as Hollywood movies, but she is happy with that.

17. Kim Basinger

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Kamila Ann Basinger, also known as Kim, is an actress, singer, and former model. She worked in many famous movies like “Batman” and “Blind Date.” 

She was nominated for the role in L.A Confidential in 1997. She won the Academy Award for best-supporting actress for the same role. She is still pursuing her acting career. Kim recently appeared in The Nice Guys and Fifty Shades Darker.

She also appeared in one of Amazon’s series, “comrade detectives.” After that, she has not been seen in many movies. She started her career as a model; then, she moved to L. A and followed her acting dream.

18. Willie Aames

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Willie Aames is not just an actor but a director, producer, and screenwriter as well. He played Buddy Lembeck in a famous show Charles in Charge. Apart from this character, Willie played in “Biblemana.” “Bibleman” was a children’s series about Christian crime fights.

He is also known for his role as Tommy Bradford in the 1970s series “Eight is enough.”  Willie started as a child actor in shows such as Gunsmoke, The Wonderful World of Disney, Adam-12, and The courtship of Eddie’s Father.  Aames started working as a cruise director for Regent Seven Sea Cruise in 2010 before going back to acting in 2016.

19. Mia Sara

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Mia Sara, the actress, is best known for Sloane Peterson’s role in the comedy film Ferris Bueller’s Day off. She appeared in many fantasy T.V. shows such as Lost in Oz, The witches of Oz, and Dorothy and witches of Oz. Her debut was for the movie Legend in which she played Princess Lilli.

She won a Saturn Award for the best-supporting actress by playing Melissa Walker in the science fiction film “Timecop.” She got married to Brian Henson, who is the oldest son of Muppets creator Jim Henson. Flying is one of her hobbies and passion, and luckily she got the Pilot’s license for that.

20. Justine Bateman

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Justine Bateman is an American writer who wrote films, short films, and books. Her first featured film as a writer was Violet which was premiered at the 2021 SXSW film festival.

Her debut short film, Five Minutes was premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival in 2017. Justine did not just show her talent in writing, directing, and producing but also in acting. Her famous character was Mallory Keaton on the sitcom Family Ties.

She was nominated for two Emmy Awards for the same role. Her role in Arrested development as Nellie Bluth was one of her best works as well.

21. Alyssa Milano

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Alyssa Milano is still known for her most famous character Samantha Micelli in “Who is the Boss?” She is also known for work in Mistresses, Wet hot American summer: 10 years later, and Insatiable. 

She made an appearance in the show Charmed and now occasionally works on some projects. She began at the age of seven and is still an active actress. She is the actress that started #MeToo.

She tweeted the hashtag on her tweeter to put a light on sexual harassment and assaults around the world, especially in the Hollywood industry.  She is also serving as a political activist.

22. Jennifer Beals

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Her role in Flashdance will always be Jennifer Beals, an American actress, and former model. Her debut film was My Bodyguard. She won the NAACP award for Outstanding Actress in Motion Picture for the role in Flashdance. She was also nominated for a Golden Globe Award for Best Actress-Motion Picture Comedy or Musical.

Jennifer worked in some well-known movies, such as Devil in Blue Dress, The Last Days of Disco, Roger Dodger, The book of Eli, and Before I Fell.  She appeared ad Bette Porter on the showtime series The L world. She has also done some photography under the name of Dixon, which is her marital name.

23. Michael Schoeffling

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Michael Schoeffling is an actor we have not seen in any movie or show nowadays. He said goodbye to the acting industry in 1991 because of the lack of good roles.

He was best known for his character Jake Ryan that he played in Sixteen Candles. He also worked in other movies, such as Wild hearts Can’t be Broken, Vision Quest, Mermaids, Sylvester. He also made his appearance in the horror mystery television series “The Hitchhiker.” 

After leaving his acting career, Michael started making handcraft furniture as the owner of a woodworking business. Michael Schoeffling was ranked #22 by the Teen Magazine.

24. Daryl Hannah

Image: Imago / SKATA

She is an actress not just seen in movies and shows but also an environmental activist. One of her notable roles was the villain in Quentin Tarantino’s saga of rage and destruction, Kill Bill. She also appeared in Splash, Blade Runner, and Wall Street.

She also worked as a Native American rights activist along with environmental activism. Hannah founded the website named DH Love Life, where she educates people about the environment. Hannah married singer Neil Young, and now they are expecting their first child. Even though she is 60, she is in good health and good to carry the baby.

25. Robyn Lively

Image: Imago / UPI Photo

Robyn is an actress who has worked in many well-known movies. Her best-known character was Louise Miller in the movie Teen witch. She worked in other shows, like Twins Peaks, Doogie Howser, M.D, Savannah, and Saving Grace. Robyn started her career as a child actress at the age of six. She made her debut in the movie Summer of My German Soldier in 1978.

After that, she starred in many television shows like Silver Spoons, Punky Brewster and Starman. Lively married the actor Bart Johnson and have three kids. Lively has a well-known family, and people might know her half-sister Blake Lively better.

26. Rob Lowe

Image: Imago / Everett Collection

Another member of Brat Pack, Rob Lowe, got his fame by starring in movies like The Outsiders. An unfortunate incident with the sex tape scandal took his career downhill in the late 80s.

He made his comeback in the late 1990s. He stared in the television series of Aaron Sorkin’s opus, The West Wing. He worked in the first four seasons. Rob worked in cult comedy classic Parks and Recreation on NBC as well.

He also appeared in some well-known movies back in the 80s, such as Class, The Hotel New Hampshire, Oxford blues, St. Elmo’s fire, About Last Night, and Square Dance.

27. Robin Givens

Image: Imago / ZUMA Wire

Robin givens were best known for playing one of the big hits, “Head of the Class.” She played Darlene Merriman in the series and stayed with the show for five years. She did some Broadway shows as well.  In 1988 she and Mike Tyson got married, but the marriage did not go for too long, and they divorced in 1989.

After that, Robin became a spokesperson for The National Domestic Violence Hotline. She did not leave her acting career and worked on some other projects, like The Women of Brewster Place, Boomerang, and the sitcom Sparks. Recently she made her appearance in Once Upon A Time and Riverdale. 

28. Emilio Estevez

Image: Imago / Allstar
Film: Nightbreaker

Emilio Estevez started his career of acting by becoming a member of the Brat Pack. Brat pack was a name given to a group of actors working together in different teenage movies in the 1980s.

Emilio did not work as much as other members in the Brat Pack, but he still does work, unlike other members. His career of acting did not go downhill like other members of the pack. It was all because of his role in Mighty Ducks and then the role in its sequel.

He worked as a writer and director and made a movie on the Bobby Kennedy assassination. The movie was called Bobby.

29. Tawny Kitaen

Image: Imago / ZUMA Wire

Tawny Kitaen is best known by the girl from the music video for Whitesnake’s “Here I Go Again.” She has done acting and modeling as well. Her first television film was “Malibu” and “California Girls.”

She also worked in comedy shows like “The Perils of Gwendoline in the Land of the Yik-Yak” and “Bachelor Party.” She worked in some horror movies as well, like “Witchboard.” She played some small roles after that, like “After Midnight” in 2014.

From 2017 to 2018, she played the character Rachel in “Moms Anonymous.” She also took part in the reality show “The Surreal Life” in 2006. 

30. Emmanuel Lewis:

Image: Imago / Everett Collection
Series: Webster

Emmanuel is an American actor who is best known as Webster. It was the character he played in the 1980s sitcom Webster. He was nominated for four Young Artist Awards. He won four consecutive People Choice Awards and two CLEO Awards. He did not work that much after The Webster.

He could only be seen in few projects. In 2003 and 2007, he worked, in reality, show The Surreal Life. In 2014 Lewis gave his appearance on Ken Reid’s “T.V. Guidance Counselor” Podcast. He was the child spokesperson for the Burger King Whooper. He also appeared in “The weakest Link” as himself.

31. Soleil Moon Frye

Image: Imago / Cover-Images

Soleil best know character was Punky Brewster in the series with the same name. Soleil is not just an actress but a director, producer, and songwriter as well. She started her career as a child artist. She did her debut in the Punky Brewster.

The series was not a big hit, but everyone loved her character. After that, she did some supporting roles. She was one of the casts of the sitcom “Sabrina, the Teenage Witch.”

In 1998 she directed her first film, “Wild Horses,” after attending “The New School.” In 2013 and 2014, she hosted a show, “Home Made Simple.” She also owns a company that sells party decoration stuff. 

32. Lea Thompson

Image: Imago / Starface

Lea Thompson was known best for her character in “Back to the Future,” She starred as Marty McFly’s mother. She did different big and small projects as well. She also participated in the 19th season of “Dancing with the Stars” and played in “Switched at Birth “as well.

She also got her fame from Caroline Duffy’s character from the sitcom “Caroline in the City.” She married film director Howard Deutch in 1989. She won many awards for her best performance like Young Artist Award, Kid’s Choice Award, People’s Choice Award, and American Movie Award. She also got for best-supporting actress for the role in “Back to the Future.”

33. Matt Dillon

Image: Imago / United Archives

Matt Dillon’s most popular character was Dallas Winston from “The Outsiders.” He made his film debut in “Over the Edge “in 1979. He became a Teen Idol after playing in “My Bodyguard.”

He started giving big hits in the 80s. He played the villain role in the comedy film “There’s something about Marry.” He got nominated and also won some awards for his best work. Matt is a big fan and collector of Latin music. He has a large library of Cuban 78s.

He made his appearance in ensemble drama Crash recently. He also worked in the Fox TV show “Wayward Pines.”

34. Molly Ringwald

Image: Imago / UPI Photo

Molly Ringwald is an actress, singer, dancer, and author. At the age of ten, she played the character Annie, in West Coast Production. After that, she played the series “Different Strokes” and was chosen to join the same spin-off “The Facts of Life” series.

She also showed her talent in her singing career. She launched her debut jazz album in 2013. Molly Ringwald was another actress regarded as the “Brat Pack” member. She also worked in several French movies because of her fluency in the French language.

Ringwald most recently appeared in The C.W. show “Riverdale” along with some new projects.

35. Delta Burke

Image: Imago / Independent Photo Agency

Delta has spent the past few years on Broadway shows. Her best-known role was on “Designing Women.” She was nominated for two Emmy Awards for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy Series for that role. Her other television works are Filthy Rich, Delta, Women of the House, and DAG.

She worked on some famous Broadway productions like Thoroughly Modern Millie and Steel Magnolias. She was also cast in the drama series “Boston Legal” from 2006 to 2007. In 1980 she played the second Bonnie Sue Chisholm role in the CBS western miniseries “The Chisholm.” Delta now runs an institute named Delta Burke Design.

36. Kadeem Hardison

Image: Imago / EntertainmentPictures
Film: Made of Honor 

Kadeem Hardison is an actor who played Dwayne Wayne on the sitcom “A Different World.” That role still remembers him. He also did a sitcom for the Disney channel, K.C Undercover. He also did voice recordings for some video games, such as Beyond: Two Souls. He gave his appearance in the first season of the Showtime comedy “Black Monday.”

He also made guest appearances on some other sitcoms like Living Single, Girlfriend, Under one roof, The Boondocks, Greek, Parenthood, and Everybody hates Chris. He was married to the singer Chante Moore. He is still friends with Darryl Bell, who played his best friend on “A Different World.”

37. Tracey Gold

Image: Imago / Everett Collection
Growing Pains

Tracey Gold’s most famous character was Carol Seaver on the sitcom “Growing pains.” Tracey started as a child actress in a commercial at the age of four. She also appeared in the series Shirley and Goodnight Beantown. Gold was the actress who was originally cast to play on the sitcom “Gimme A Break!” but then was replaced with actress Lara Jill Miller. 

She also hosted a show on the T.V. Guide Channel named “Trapped in T.V. Guide.” She also starred in the movie “Final Approach.” California Highway Patrol arrested Tracey for driving while being drunk in 2004. She spent five hours in lockup and then got bailed.

38. Milla Jovovich

Image: Imago / imaginechina

Milla started her acting career right after she and her family moved to the United States from the Soviet Union. She made her appearance in movies: The Night Train to Kathmandu and Two Moon Junction. Her role in the “Return to the Blue Lagoon” got more popular.

She is playing Alice in the long-running Franchise “Resident Evil” nowadays. She has also done singing and modeling. She launched her debut album “The Devine Comedy” in 1994. She started modeling at the age of twelve. Her breakthrough role was in the French science fiction film “The Fifth Element.” She is still an active actress.

39. Brooke Shields

Image: Imago / UPI Photo

Brooke started her career in some controversial movies like Pretty Baby, Blue Lagoon, and Endless Love. She did a great campaign for the brand Calvin Kline Jeans. She took a break from acting and went to school. She returned to acting in the late 1990s.

She worked then in many movies and series like “Suddenly Susan.” For that role, she was nominated for two Golden Globe awards.  She is well known for her active use of social media. She played a major role in the show “Law and Order: Special Special Victim Unit” She has also voiced some animated series like Mr. Pickles, and Momma Named Me Sheriff.  

40. Nicole Eggert

Image: Imago / ZUMA Wire

Nicole was the costar of Scott Baio in Charles In charge. She was starred in “Baywatch” and was known as international beauty. She has worked in many reality T.V. shows and films.

She also made a guest appearance in “The Super Mario Bros. Super Show!” and “Boy Meets World.” She did participate in the VH1 reality show “Celebrity Fit Club” in 2010. He also took part in the celebrity diving show “Splash” and took second place.

Her first role was at the age of eight in the movie “Rich and Famous”; she also played in “Who’s the Boss?” She won an award for her performance in Charles in Charge.