Times that live television caused laughs because anchors were targets

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There are always going to be mishaps that happen, they are just magnified if the person is on live television. The anchors that are able to handle them the best are remembered and usually get more fame because they were able to be calm under fire.

These are some of the instances that people were live on air when pranks happened or other instances that should be humiliating were able to be laughed off. While it is not preferable to be the cause of the problem, it does not mean that people are unable to get see these funny situations.

1. Form Fitting

Picture: Televisa Monterrey

Yanet Garcia has a large following on Instagram and is a well known television weather woman for Televisa Monterrey. She is loved by fans for both her beauty and her figure hugging outfits.

This is why she has over fourteen million followers on Instagram and almost seven million on Facebook. It has also translated into chances to model for racier magazines and the like, which means she makes far more money than the normal “weather girl” does. This does not mean she does not have sad moments, as her famous boyfriend broke up with her in an equally famous way.

2. Suggestive song

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Her job as a meteorologist has people watching for several reasons, which also leads to her fellow anchors wanting to show her attention. One day while she was getting done, the crew decided to play the song “Get Lucky” by Daft Punk as exit music.

The song, for those who have not heard it, is extremely suggestive that a lady and a guy are staying up all night to “get lucky” by meeting. Garcia took the suggestive song in stride and even laughed about it on camera after blowing a kiss. This is why people tune in to watch Garcia.

3. Happens everywhere

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Some people become excited while doing their jobs, which means they prove the adage that doing what one loves means a person never works a day in their life. This does not mean that there will not be embarrassment if something goes wrong. This happens all over the world and will happen in front of a camera more than is expected.

Clothing is one of the bigger reasons that people get embarrassed, as has been noted in previous entries. How it is handled can mean the difference between a career change and just a momentary red face of said person.

4. Too tight

Picture: Antena 1 TV

Roxana Vancea is a popular weather presenter for the Romanian news channel Antena 1 TV and loves her job. She was giving a very good weather forecast one day and this caused her to bounce around in happiness. The outfit she was wearing was very tight,

Possibly too small, and her breasts slipped out of the top. Her actions were reviewed by the management of the channel and was seen to be an accident caused by being happy. Then again, they most likely wanted to keep her as the channel became international news in a way that would bring viewers.

5. Kimberly Guilfoyle

Picture: Fox News

Kimberly Guilfoyle is a well known television anchor and commentator that used to work on Fox News in several capacities. Most people are not aware of the fact that she is a lawyer that work for a couple of district attorney offices in California before she was noticed for her beauty.

She was brought onto the movie Happily Even After as a lawyer. This caught the eye of Court TV and eventually Fox News. It helped that people saw her as very attractive and that powerful men were always after her. This means everything she does makes the news regularly.

6. Smart and beautiful

Picture: Hanna Taniukevich / Shutterstock.com

Naile Lopez was one of the normal beautiful weather women that Mexico is known around the world for. She decided to take her career into her own hands and has become a model, actress, and host to a popular television show now.

She does still occasionally step in front of a weather map for old times sake, but she has definitely moved on to bigger and better opportunities. At this point, she has social media pages dedicated to her and people can find many videos of her online. Lopez has proven that a smart woman uses beauty to her advantage.

7. Shorts Shorts

Picture: MTY TV

The incident that propelled Lopez to fame that is in real life and on the internet was when she walked in front of a weather map in a red shirt and tiny brown shorts. The pictures of this went viral after that August 2016 airing.

One of the driving factors of her becoming noticed was a debate by many as to whether the outfit was appropriate for a woman to wear while being important to the daily lives of many. That debate may have brought her notoriety, but she was able to use it as a catalyst to move beyond.

8. Attention pleas

Picture: garagestock / Shutterstock.com

It can be difficult for some new anchors to keep the attention of their audience, as news can become repetitive. This is why new shows will have human interest segments that will bring in much more exciting topics, such as pets or cooking new dishes.

This happens all over the world and is a very solid strategy. It does not mean that there are never any mishaps and when they occur, it is pure gold for those who want a good laugh. This is also why it is a must for anchors to be able to keep their calm constantly.

9. Friendly dog

Picture: Мир 24

Search the internet for the Russian news anchor Ilona Linarte, and the main topic that will be found is her reaction to a friendly dog ending up under her desk. The dog was there for a soon to happen segment and had decided to explore without the trainer.

This led to it getting under the desk, which startled Linarte and caused her to scream while she was live. It was later explained why the dog was where it was and led to Linarte admitting she was a cat person. This story is the main thing Linarte is known for internationally.

10. All good things come in threes

Picture: Imago / UPI Photo

One of the ways that Guilfoyle stays in the news is her ability to attract powerful men and keep them in her life. Her first husband is Gavin Newsom, the current governor of California. They were married at the time he was elected mayor of San Francisco.

Her second husband is Eric Villency, who is a well-known businessman and helped develop the Peloton indoor bike that has become so popular. She is currently with Donald Trump Jr and has become close to that family. This helps her to get noticed and allows for her to get new job opportunities.

11. Distracting legs

Picture: Sergey Mironov / Shutterstock.com

One of the ways she was always noticed on Fox News was by her legs that have entire social media groups and pages dedicated to them. There are even videos on YouTube of people talking about being distracted by them, with some of these comments from women.

Her legs have been so distracting that sometimes the management of Fox News has had Guilfoyle change her outfits so that she in not in ones that are too sexy. Many people have speculated that many of the women of the news channel were hired for this exact reason, and it may show.

12. Just a reporter

Picture: Imago / Icon SMI

Erin Andrews has had unwanted attention paid to her by far more people than she should, but this does not mean she does not stay professional in front of the camera. She has worked as a sports reporter for ESPN and Fox Sports, along with hosting Dancing with the Stars and the CMT Music Awards.

Andrews was able to learn to be comfortable in these roles in college, as she was part of the University of Florida Gators Dazzlers dance team. She grew up wanting to be a sports reporter, but has shown she had far more potential in life.

13. What pandemic brought

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With the changes in life that the pandemic brought, many people did things from home that most people never considered would need to be done. This also meant that some people moved in with family members to make sure that they kept connections with as many people as they could while they had to cut themselves off from so many others.

It does not mean that there were no minor problems that happened, but many of these were able to be used as funny stories. This may become a bigger legacy than the sadness that was felt during the event.

14. A father is needed

Picture: SNN/Daily Mail

Jessica Lang is a reporter for the Tampa based Suncoast News Network, and she quarantined at home with her parents. She was even doing some news reporting from the kitchen, with her mom being the person behind the camera.

One of these times, her father walked into the kitchen putting his shirt on as filming was going on. This was not a live segment, but the event and story were put on social media by Lang, including her frustrations and humor. The global pandemic has shown that life does not need to be just about the frustrations, as Lang proved.

15. Brain or beauty

Picture: Doitforfun / Shutterstock.com

Liberte Chan is a well known reporter and meteorologist for the Los Angeles area for the KTLA channel. She is respected for her many talents, as she also does writing for the channel beyond what she does in front of the camera.

This is a woman that people will realize quickly that her brains are far more used than her immense beauty. At the same time, while working in the mornings, she has been known to make mistakes when getting ready to do her job as a morning meteorologist. It happens, and Chan has done quite well in adapting quickly.

16. Wearing a map

Picture: KTLA 5, Maestro Thaivisa/YouTube

There has been a few times that Chan has stepped in front of the green screen that is seen as the weather map for viewers and been wearing outfits that become part of the screen. She has had help from her fellow morning anchors, but it can still be embarrassing to wear the map instead of showing the map to the viewers.

Chan was handed a suit blazer one of the times so that she would not be so distracting. She has since moved on to another role, as she is one of the hosts for KTLA’s LA Unscripted show.

17. Network family

Picture: Imago / ZUMA Wire

Australia also has funny events happen that can make lists like this one. Belinda Russell is a respected member of the Australian Nine Network news family. She had started at the network as a producer for kid shows that teach, but they wanted her as a weather presenter and a reporter.

This has led to her becoming an important part of the Nine Network family and even getting another respected job. This does not mean she has not made a few mistakes. She has proven that her talent is such that people pay more attention to what she does right.

18. Traumatic expirience

Picture: Photographee.eu / Shutterstock.com

One of the reasons that she has been able to learn to be calm in a stressful situation is from a stalking incident that led to an equally traumatic lawsuit. A man was able to enter her hotel room in 2008 and place a camera.

He then released a video of her naked to the internet, which led to his arrest. Andrews sued the hotel chain, and they promptly started asking for every record they could from every source imaginable to smear her. She left the details to her lawyers, and she eventually won millions because of lax security measures.

19. Kiss by famous rapper

Picture: NASCAR/YouTube

Situations like that is why Andrews was able to deal with problems that happened as she was covering the 2013 Daytona 500. None of the competitors were where she was told they would be, and so she was having to spend quite a bit of time moving around a crowd with the cameras rolling.

The rapper 50 Cent was at the NASCAR race, saw her, and wanted to kiss her. Andrews was able to duck from him, so he was only able to kiss her cheek and not her lips. Being famous only means more people want to be harassing.

20. Look twice

Picture: Today Extra

One of the more noticeable mistakes that Russell ever did was to walk out in front of the weather map in an outfit that was extremely close to her skin tone. It was so close, in fact, that many viewers and people at Nine Network thought she had walked out naked.

It may have been less noticeable as a dress, but the outfit had tight pants that accentuated the fact that her skin and the outfit were similar. The mother of three proved that people still pay attention to her for far more than just her brains and weather forecast.

21. That is not his girlfriend

Picture: Alina Kruk / Shutterstock.com

Spanish reporter and host Alfonso Merlos proved that not every incident of someone walking in can be considered funny and will lead to major problems. He was having to be on the air live from his apartment during the pandemic.

While he was live, a lady walked through the shot almost naked, and it was not his girlfriend that he was known to live with. This caused an uproar among fans of his, his famous girlfriend, and the lady that interrupted the shot. He was sleeping with a coworker, who he lied to after leaving to cool off from an argument.

22. Who is she?

Picture: El Programa de Ana Rosa

The reason this story blew up to the proportions that it did is because all three of the people involved are famous to a degree. Merlos is a well known reporter and a college professor. His girlfriend at the time was Marta Lopez, a former member of the reality show Big Brother.

The lady that walked through the shot was fellow reporter Alexia Rivas. Rivas had been told that Lopez was no longer in the picture, and the affair had been going on for three weeks. Merlos had left Lopez 4 days before and had not broken up with her.

23. The pregnancy

Picture: FotoDuets / Shutterstock.com

Women who become pregnant are going to have issues while they are at work, and this can be magnified if they work in front of the camera. Poppy Harlow is a reporter and anchor that is well known for her work, which started as an intern for CBS and moved to important roles with CNN and Forbes.

During this time of building her career, she had two kids with her husband, which meant she was on television while pregnant. This never hurt her career, and she has covered a variety of topics for the viewers of the shows she works.

24. Pregnancy issues

Picture: Inside Edition

During one live broadcast on CNN, Harlow started to act in a peculiar fashion. She started to slur her words and even had problems breathing. This was at a time that she was pregnant with one of her children. The producers of the show realized something was wrong and cut to a commercial earlier than they had planned.

Harlow was not on the air when the show came back, but reported that she had just become overheated. There were no other complications from or for her pregnancy, and she was able to resume her duties when she was feeling better.

25. World record

Picture: Imago / Matrix

British sports reporter Mike Bushell is known for his love of sports, especially as he was a record setting athlete before stepping in front of the camera. This does not mean that he did not have a love of journalism, as he started a newspaper at the age of eight.

He has the world record for participating in the most sports by any single person. Bushell is known to be humorous, but this does not mean that he is normally clumsy in his normal actions. He was even a highly placed dance contestant on the reality show Strictly Come Dancing.

26. Very slippery

Picture: BBC

After a recent Commonwealth Games, Bushell decided to interview the winning swimmers of the English team. His plan was to be in a pool while they were sitting on the edge for him to interview. Plans went wrong when he slipped on something and went under.

This ruined the microphone and the segment, though he could not communicate this to the show. It also shows that even people who have been athletic all their life can slip, so other people do not need to be upset when they have a moment of clumsiness. It can happen to anyone at anytime.

27. Thats why we love kids

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With people working from home, this means that their kids are getting far more time with them than normally occurred with busy careers. Kids have ended up in front of an unimaginable amount of cameras, which has embarrassed many parents.

This may frustrate the parents who are dealing with the mishap, but it brings a smile to many others during a serious time. For news anchors and weather presenters, this can become more noticed when the people watching are viewers. It will also lighten the mood and cause parents to realize that they are not alone in their many struggles.

28. News with his Kids

Picture: Inside Edition/YouTube

One such parent is New York City WCBS weather presenter Lonnie Quinn. His kids wanted to spend time with him, and he was having to present the weather to the millions that live around New York City.

Quinn knows how to work under pressure from his long career, but many could see he was struggling a little while he was trying to get his kids to leave long enough for him to finish. He ended up just finishing the forecast with his daughters with him. The segment went viral, and all parents knew they were not alone during the pandemic.

29. Wrong guy

Picture: ABC 7 News/YouTube

One mishap that occurred happened when Marc Brown, an anchor for ABC 7 evening news in the 90s, was reporting on a police search for a suspect wanted on a rape charge. There was a sketch that came from witness testimony, and it was posted beside Brown as he spoke on the matter.

The sketch and Brown were almost identical, which caused many people to comment on this. It was proven quickly that Brown was not the rapists and has now become a funny story to be told. This is a little historic gem that makes modern memes very possible.

30. the issues of the clothes

Picture: Ivan Kurmyshov / Shutterstock.com

Most people will never understand the struggles that weather presenters have when it comes to choosing the right clothes to wear. Temperature conditions and bright lights can cause far more concerns over what a person is wearing than the issue of the clothes becoming the screen.

Even when the weather presenter is being completely professional in the choice of clothes, things can still become embarrassing. It does not mean that they need to be fired, it just means that tough conditions made a decision seem bad. No person is able to be right all the time, and it does show.

31. transparent clothes

Picture: KRON 4

One person who had to deal with conditions that a wardrobe decision seems bad is former San Francisco weather presenter Jacqueline Bennett of KRON channel 4. She had gone through her wardrobe and thought she had a cute top to go in front of the camera with.

The white top had gotten cold from the winter weather and heated up quickly under the lights, basically becoming transparent on live television. Her professionalism came through and ended any talk of it being anything but an accident. She has since moved on and is not with Spectrum News 1 covering the weather.

32. Clips in social media

Picture: Rawpixel.com / Shutterstock.com

One of the better situations for people wanting humor is that news has been recorded for decades, and this allows people to find old clips. While most people are not going to search through every station to find some unknown gem, there are situations that happened in larger markets that had people still talking to this day.

Those clips are far easier to find, and they do make it onto social media to bring a laugh. People who find these clips should be thanked, as it is not easy finding specific incidents unless dates are known before the search begins.

33. Everyone sees it differently

Picture: Who is Danny / Shutterstock.com

Earlier in this list, the KTLA reporter Liberte Chan was discussed dealing with a dress that became part of the green screen. She, as with many that make that mistake, worked hard to not have that happen again.

This does not mean that this respected reporter did not make mistakes, even if it was only in the eyes of the viewers. This means that sometimes outfits are going to be judged in a way that no person can plan to be offensive. It is made even worse when most people would normally think the clothes are OK, but complain anyway.

34. The request

Picture: Roger Licup/Youtube

Chan was doing her normal morning weather report when one of her producers handed her a sweater to wear. She was wearing a black dress that went to her knee and would be appropriate to wear out on the town with friends. It was not revealing, but showed some sexiness that some people seemed to be offended by.

The station received many emails, which led to her being handed the sweater on air by a disembodied hand. She did apologize to the audience and did not wear the dress again. This shows that people have different standards on clothing styles.

35. Animals are animals

Picture: Susan Schmitz / Shutterstock.com

The San Diego Zoo is world famous, which is why local television stations are always willing to have interactions for interesting segments. This means, in some cases, that animals are brought to the various studios to be shown off.

This also happens on a national level, but the local stations have far more access. It allows kids to have a chance to see animals they could go see, and it helps them convince their parents to take them. Animals are still animals, which can cause problems when they get loose at the wrong time. They can do anything at that point.

36. Chaotic show

Picture: KFMB San Diego

KMFB, which is channel 8 in San Diego, was getting ready for one of these visits from the people from the zoo. The keepers had brought in some animals, one of which was a bird called a scarlet ibis that had been named Sophie. Nichelle Medina and Eric Kahnert were covering the news when the bird came at them.

Medina almost lost an eye after the bird had landed on her head, and then the bird went after Kahnert. The animal handlers were able to come to the rescue, but not before the news segment of the show became chaotic.

37. False facts

Picture: Kathy Hutchins/Shutterstock, Dannys Uncanny/YouTube

Charissa Thompson is a respected sports journalist that also has had many false facts added to her life story from various media outlets. She has worked for ESPN, Fox News, and other sports channels, along with being a host on the shows Extra and Ultimate Beastmaster.

She has also had to correct wrong information. Sports Illustrated stated in one article that Thompson had attended Washington State, when she has not. Wikipedia once stated she had been a trapeze artist, though she has never been. This is the cost of being famous, but she has a well respected body of work.

38. Paper attack

Picture: Akintevs / Shutterstock.com

While Thompson was at ESPN, she was one of the hosts of the show SportsNation alongside Marcellus Wiley. The atmosphere was considered one of the more fun workplaces, and there were times that the hosts were caught being playful.

One of these times that was caught on camera was when Thompson was hit in the eye with a paper ball thrown from someone off camera. She was not hurt and there were no hurt feelings. This goes to show that sports journalists have to worry about watching out for projectiles even in the studio, and it is still funny there.

39. Hard for you, funny for them

Picture: Zheltyshev / Shutterstock.com

Live television can bring any manner of events that will later be considered funny, though not always by the people that lived through it. That means that anchors and presenters need to allow themselves to remain calm and professional, even when animals and humans that are around them are screaming for attention.

Clothing, kisses, and more can lead to the audience needing to pick their jaws up off the floor. This is all hilarious to those who get to look from the outside, and now people can see that these events happen far more frequently than they first thought about.