These are some of the coolest things you can do in Dubai

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Dubai is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world, and for a good reason. There are so many things to do in Dubai that it would be hard to list everything. Dubai has something for every type of traveler – if you’re into beaches and shopping, then Dubai is perfect for you.

If you want cooler weather and more cultural things, head to Abu Dhabi. Whatever the reason for your trip, you’ll have a great time. We will cover some of the most expensive things you can do in Dubai.

1. Jet Skiing & Parasailing

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Both of these super cool activities will cost you AED 300 per hour. You could easily spend a day on the water in Dubai and get AED 600 on your bill for dinner.

However, this is a really fantastic way to spend the day if you love being out on the water. It is perfect for young, adventurous children or those who don’t like water. They are also very easy to rent, which makes them great for a family vacation.

2. Dubai Mall of the Emirates Skydiving

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The Mall of the Emirates is a shopping center in Dubai. You can find it in the Al-Barsha district. Anyone who has ever been skydiving knows that it can be nerve-wracking and exciting at the same time. Drop in Dubai Mall of Emirates and experience the thrill of skydiving.

You will get one-on-one training before you jump. If you have never done this, this is a great way to make friends and have fun showing off your bravery! You can even take an optional skydive with a friend or family member.

3. The Planet Hollywood

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If you love big shows, then Planet Hollywood will give you the adrenaline rush of your life. Plan a trip to Dubai and enjoy the Sin City show at this impressive venue. There are four stages with different performers, including Cirque de Soleil and other famous acts.

The Planet Hollywood is not just for tourists; even locals are excited about it. It is a restaurant chain based on a Hollywood theme. You can choose of a wide range of American delicacies. During the meal you can also watch old movies and famous music videos on big screens.

4. World’s Largest Falconry

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Dubai’s Bird Zoo is a must-see if you love birds and animals. Admission costs AED 25 per person and AED 30 if you want to go in the car. You will also see rare birds and learn about their lifecycle. Don’t forget to look at the other exotic animals in Bird Park – it’s an excellent zoo.

You can check out the Raptor Centre, where visitors can get up close with these majestic animals, including eagles, vultures, and hawks. It is a small zoo, but the birds are in fantastic condition.

5. Dubai Zoological Garden

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If you love animals and visiting a zoo, then Dubai Zoo is for you. The zoo was originally built in 1967. There are about 1,500 animals and 100 species of birds at this zoo.

You can see some of the weirdest and most incredible creatures, some that might be familiar – including gorillas, elephants, camels, and more. There are many cool things to do in Dubai if you are into animal-related things. It’s an impressive zoo and definitely worth your time.

6. Fly Over the Oceans

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Several tour companies will fly you over the ocean in Dubai. It’s an excellent place for a family vacation as it is ranked one of the best beaches in the world and has some of the most spectacular views you will see anywhere in the Middle East. You can book a helicopter tour of Dubai for AED 500 per person or buy a camera to take pictures for AED 75 per person if you have your equipment. The terms will start at 10 AM daily and last about 45 minutes before returning to the helipad. They fly over the Palm, Burj Dubai, and Jumeirah Beach.

7. Rafting

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If you are looking for something adventurous, rafting is a great option. Depending on water conditions, it can be done in Dubai at Layla Rafting Company about seven times per week. They offer both white water and tubular jumps, so you’re sure to have a good time no matter what. You will get up close and personal with some of the most majestic animals on earth while rafting in Dubai – including dolphins, turtles, and more! There is something special about getting to know an animal in an all-natural way instead of going up close to them behind bars or glass.

8. Diving

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Diving has become very popular in Dubai, with many companies. There are so many companies in Dubai that you might see diving everywhere! Tour the various areas if you want to see the underwater city. You can check out the Atlantis Dive Center. They also offer snorkeling tours and trips to a fantastic aquarium at Treasure Island Hotel Mall of the Emirates. Diving is a great way to see what Dubai offers and an excellent way to beat the summer heat.

9. Aquarium

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If you love fish and other water creatures, then a visit to the Dubai Aquarium is for you. It is one of the best aquariums in the world, and it’s a must-visit if you visit Dubai! They have many exhibits, including penguins, sharks, orca whales, and other impressive marine life. They have an Oceanarium showing the lifecycles of various sea animals. You can also see aquatic animals in their natural habitats, including dolphins, seals, and more. There is something for everyone at this aquarium – whether young or old, there will be something for everyone.

10. International Tennis Superstars Night

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Home to the most international tennis stars, Dubai is an excellent place for those who love tennis. The Dubai Duty-Free Tennis Championships are the biggest sporting event of the year regarding prize money. The tournament brings in top players from around the globe to compete for their share of the $15 million grand prize. It’s a great way to spend time with friends, family members, and significant others while catching some of the greatest athletes in action – an event you will cherish forever! Tickets to these matches cost AED 200 per person on average if you want to see a game up close.

11. The Dubai International Horse Show

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If you love horses, then the Dubai International Horse Show is a must-see while in Dubai. The horse show features races throughout the city, included with the Dubai Shopping Festival, and it’s one of the most exciting ways to experience life in Dubai. The races are also a great way to get up close with beautiful horses and see what they can do – so if you like horses and maybe even want to try riding one, this event is perfect!

12. Dubai Desert Safari

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If you’re looking for something more extreme than horse racing, then Dubai Desert Safari is for you. You can see the dunes in Dubai and other unique animals, including camels and even a baby camel. The safari guides will take you through several areas in a jeep and teach you about the various creatures in the desert – including insights on how to live as they do! If you are interested in learning about animals, this is a great place to visit in Dubai. You can also check out one of the many camel farms or even go on a desert safari at night.

13. Dubai Water Sports

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If you want to get a little wild, then try out something new! Several companies in Dubai offer complimentary water sports for everyone. The adventure starts with a bus trip to the beach, where you will board speedboats and jet skis. You can also head to the beach and try surfing! It’s a fantastic way to see some of the world’s most beautiful beaches while having fun with your friends and family. It is a great way to make memories while spending time outside. Plus, it’s very affordable compared to similar activities.

14. Dubai Summer Surfing Festival

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Another way to have fun in the water is with the Dubai Summer Surfing Festival. This festival involves surfing lessons for beginners and more advanced surfers alike. It is a fun time for all ages, and there are also plenty of other things to do in Dubai while you’re there. You can check out the oceanarium, go on an adventure in the desert or even visit one of the many malls while you are there. Either way, this festival is a great way to spend your time in Dubai and make some fun memories!

15. View Emirati Culture

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Emirati culture is very unique and fascinating. Understanding the culture of where you are traveling is beneficial to appreciate different aspects of a country. If you want to know more about Emirati culture, visit one of their many traditional markets. You can view their beautiful clothing, practice your Arabic and see just how similar the cultures are in Dubai and other Middle Eastern/Arab countries. You can also take an Arabic class or visit local schools to understand Emirati culture better.

16. The Oud

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Art is about the finer things in life, and the Oud is the premier instrument for classical Arabic music. The Oud is a short-neck lute-type and has a pear shape. It is a fantastic acoustic instrument that offers a beautiful sound.

In fact, for centuries, it was referred to as an “Arab lute” due to its attractive look and sound. If you are interested in learning more about traditional Arab music, you will enjoy the Oud while spending time in Dubai.

17. Indian Ocean Adventures

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If you want to do some amazing things in Dubai, you should visit a shark cage diving tour! This involves being lowered into the water in a cage with scuba gear, allowing you to watch the sharks in safety. You can get close to these giant fish while scuba diving with them.

It offers an unbelievable experience, and the best part is that they are protected, and the tour guides know how to spot sharks without harming their environment. If you’re looking for unique experiences during your Dubai trip, this tour is definitely for you!

18. Rodeo Divers

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Do you like thrill rides? Then this may be the trip for you. You and your friends can be immersed in free diving for up to 10 minutes. Free diving is a form of underwater diving where you dive without a scuba gear. Freediving allows you to be as free as possible.

The only things you need are a pair of fins, a snorkel, a mask and someone to guide you. This fantastic company will teach you how to safely free dive underwater. The managers are pros and will ensure you are comfortable and safe at all times.

19. Dubai Haunted Tour

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If you are looking for a unique way to spend your time in Dubai, then the haunted tour is for you! You can join teams of people and take a tour around the city, where you will have ample opportunities to get scared.

Your guide will tell scary stories, all while telling jokes to lighten the mood when needed. It’s fun to spend time with friends or your significant other! The tour is affordable, and you also get to see many cities.

20. Camel Racing

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If you want to see some of the most incredible animals in the world, watch camel racing in Dubai. You will be able to watch these fantastic animals race and learn more about them. Camel racing is an exciting sport, and it features unique animals that are sure to capture your heart.

If you are interested in desert life and are fascinated with these animals, you will not be disappointed. A famous place to watch camel races is the Al-Marmoom camel race track. The sport, very popular among the locals, originated here in the region.

21. Abu Dhabi

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In addition to Dubai, if you have time to spend a few days elsewhere in the UAE, you should take advantage of the opportunity and visit Abu Dhabi.

This city is very different than Dubai, and there are plenty of things to do while there, including visiting the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, hiking in the Hajar mountains, or even scuba diving in the clear blue waters. You can also check out one of their beautiful islands that has breathtaking views for miles.

22. Marina Mall

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If you are looking for a shopping mall unlike any you have ever seen, visit Marina Mall in Dubai. You can shop for anything from groceries to luxury items with no sales tax! This mall features an incredible indoor shopping experience with hundreds of stores and is constantly growing.

The Marina Mall in Dubai covers 390,000 square meters and is spread over four levels. If you are looking for a unique experience in Dubai, this mall should be your next stop!

23. Horseback Riding

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If you are interested in traveling to a new country or just having fun while exercising and spending time outside, horseback riding may be the perfect thing for you. You can enjoy rides through stunning landscapes, spend time walking with your friends and family or even bring them along on the trail.

Horseback riding is a relaxing way to spend time, perfect for inexperienced or dedicated riders. If you have never been horseback riding, this may be the ideal opportunity for you!

24. Dubai Metro

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If you are a frequent traveler, you know how important the train system can be for getting around quickly. While Dubai does not have a proper subway system, the metro is the closest thing to it and is an excellent way to get around and see all that Dubai has to offer.

You can take the metro anywhere and get there in just minutes. It’s one of the most efficient travel methods, and you can take it anywhere in Dubai. It is also free for all passengers so you can’t beat that!

25. Magic Lantern Tours

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If you are interested in learning more about traditional Arab architecture and culture, you will want to do this tour while visiting Dubai. You will be guided around the city by a local guide who will tell stories about the historic buildings, their significance, and how they were built.

You can learn about the history of each building, which is very interesting if you have never been to Dubai before. In addition to learning about the past, you will also get a chance to see these amazing architectural wonders in person and be able eye-to-eye with them. It is a fun and unique way to spend your time in Dubai.

26. Jumeira Beach Club

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If you are looking for a fantastic beach club unlike any you have ever seen, then Jumeira Beach Club is the place for you! The beauty of this place can’t be explained with words alone, so visit it and see what all the hype is about!

A few things that make this place different from other beaches around the world are its incredible ocean views. If you are a beach lover, you will have the time of your life here! The club is large and features plenty of things to do while you are there.

27. Aquariums

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If you are into aquatic life, you need to head to a local aquarium as soon as you get to Dubai! There are many options for these facilities around the city, which cannot be missed. The three best aquariums for a closer look at the amazing underwater world are: the Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo, the Lost Chambers Aquarium and the Dubai Dolphinarium.

You will see some of the earth’s most amazing underwater creatures in transparent crystal tanks that amaze you! Seeing these fantastic creatures will surely give you a new outlook on life and make your trip more incredible.

28. Abu Dhabi Water Parks

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If you are a fan of aquatic life, then you will want to check out one of the water parks in Abu Dhabi. These water parks are unlike any other; they feature dozens of slides and pools that will blow your mind. The area is so large that you can spend all day there and never run out of things to do.

That is what makes this place great! It features all the fun things to do while at a water park and plenty of beaches if you prefer beach life. You can go here anytime during the year, but winter is best because it’s less crowded!

29. Dubai Marina

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If you are a fan of large bodies of water, then you will enjoy Dubai Marina. It is surrounded by water and features dozens of activities that can be done there, including shopping and dining. Dubai Marina is a district in Dubai, located about 25 kilometers southwest of the city center.

There is also a park with plenty of entertainment if you want something to do in Dubai. If you have never visited one of the largest marinas on earth, this is the place for you!

30. Dubai International Airport

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It is one of the unique airports in the world, and you will not want to miss it while visiting Dubai. It is one of the most advanced airports that you will see anywhere.

You won’t see any other airport featuring a six-star hotel, a fountain running through the center, and even a terminal that looks like a giant flower! If you haven’t seen this place before, it is worth your time to check it out since it’s unlike any other airport in the world!

31. College Park

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Dubai is known for its high-tech lifestyle, which includes many of the things that are found around the city. College Park is a fantastic park located in the heart of Dubai that provides incredibly advanced technology that you won’t see anywhere else in the world.

In addition to being one of a kind, College Park also offers plenty of activities to enjoy while you are there. It may be one of the most fun places you can visit in Dubai!

32. Atlantis Water Park

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If you want a great new place to cool off and enjoy aquatic life, then Atlantis is the spot for you! It is one of the largest water parks in the entire world and features over 70 slides, pools, and more! The best way to describe this wonderful park would be magical!

The decor spread throughout the park is simply stunning and will take your breath away. If you are a fan of water parks, then this should be on your must-see list while in Dubai!

33. Dubai Museum

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Dubai has a rich cultural history that dates back thousands of years, and the Dubai Museum is one of the best ways to see this culture come to life. It features many different ancient artifacts and information about the history of Dubai and how it started so that you can learn about it in person.

The museum is large and features plenty of things to do, including a climbing wall with sand. It’s unlike any other museum you have ever seen, making it stand out from the crowd!

34. Emaar Park

Image: Shutterstock / ViktoriyaFivko

If you like theme parks, you must stop and visit this one while in Dubai! Emaar Park is a fun park that is unmatched anywhere else in the world. It features over 50 attractions that are sure to keep you entertained for hours on end.

In addition to the rides, there are plenty of other things to do at Emaar Park, including shopping and dining options. There is a lot of entertainment available at this park, making it hard not to want to come back each time you visit!

35. Atlantis The Palm

Image: Shutterstock / Sergii Figurnyi

Atlantis The Palm is another fantastic attraction located in Dubai. The hotel is absolute huge and has a fantastic view. It’s a world-class resort with a vast aquarium and plenty of dining options.

There are some great restaurants and bars on the Atlantis property, including one over 100 feet in the air. It makes it even more incredible to enjoy your time at Atlantis! If you want to visit one of the most luxurious hotels in Dubai, this is definitely one of your best options!

36. Ski Dubai

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If you are looking for an indoor attraction with the real fun, then Ski Dubai is the place for you! It’s an indoor ski area made entirely of snow and ice. It is located in Dubai and features more than 30 snow and ice slides.

There are also two ski areas to enjoy: the small area for beginners and the large one for experienced skiers! It is a unique and fun attraction to check out in Dubai, and you will love it!

37. World Expo 2020 Dubai

Image: Shutterstock / Aleksandra Tokarz

Dubai is building a new World Expo Authority Headquarters that will be one of the biggest attractions ever created. The plans call for an incredible world-class scientific center featuring thousands of new exhibits. It will be divided into three separate sections; one for creativity, another for innovation, and yet another for sustainability.

The goal of World Expo 2020 Dubai is to make the entire world better. It will showcase how the world can be better and the progress that is being made to make it happen. It will also let people know what different countries are doing to achieve these goals, and it is an incredible attraction that will help make the world a better place!

38. Anantara Resort

Image: Shutterstock / esherez

This incredible resort offers plenty of luxury for you to enjoy while in Dubai, including a private beach area and several excellent restaurants. It features everything you could want from a luxury resort and much more.

There are also several unique attractions on the property that is sure to enhance your entire stay. It is one of the best hotels in Dubai and one of the best resorts that you will ever visit! Check it out if you can while in Dubai.

39. Some more facts about Dubai

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There are many attractions in Dubai that you can enjoy while visiting, and this guide has covered a lot of them. There are plenty more exciting spots to see, so you should make sure that you check them out too! However, the attractions in this guide include some of the best things Dubai has to offer, so there is no doubt you will have a fantastic time visiting these sites.

Dubai has a lot of fun and exciting things to offer tourists and locals, so it makes sense that everyone should check it out at least once before they die. It’s a great place to visit for peace and quiet or for those who want to go crazy while partying all night long. You can also indulge in some fine dining or try your luck at the casinos. There is something for everyone, and that’s one of the reasons that people love to come to Dubai. It’s an excellent place for a vacation or a work trip.

If you are going for business, then Dubai has plenty of great places to conduct it. There are many fun activities to enjoy while you’re there too, so there is no doubt that you will have plenty of fun while away from home. It’s an incredible place that everyone should experience at least once. If you haven’t been before, check out this guide to make the most out of your time in Dubai! You won’t be disappointed! In Dubai, there is always something that you can do, so it’s only natural that at least a portion of your time should be devoted to having a great time.

It would help if you explored the city by simply walking around and taking in all the sights. The food and drinks are also great, so enjoy a few drinks and some delicious sandwiches there. You will enjoy yourself and learn more about the city there. It would help if you didn’t miss out on great things like this because they can make a visit memorable and enjoyable. Dubai is engaging, fun, romantic, and exciting.

40. Summary

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Dubai is one of the most amazing cities in the world. It’s a place that refreshes your spirit every time you go there because it is filled with so many things to do and see. You can visit one of the top ten attractions in Dubai or check out some of these fun places, enjoy some great food, and have a fantastic time while you are away. You will come back every time you visit if you take this advice and make the most of your time in Dubai. If you want to check out some of the top attractions in the city, then visit this guide because it will give you all the information you need for a fun and relaxing trip.

The things that you will find in Dubai are incredible. You will see some great wonders and impressive buildings as you get around the city. There are so many unique places that there is no way that you can see everything during your visit. However, there are several top ten attractions in Dubai that you should visit at least once. If you want to see the best things in Dubai, then make sure you check out a few of these places and have a great time there.

The top ten things to do in Dubai will be one of the most exciting things you will ever read about. You will learn about some fantastic attractions in the city along with some fun places for you to visit and explore.