Terry pleasing his soul mate by surprises

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Sometimes there are many things that are hidden from us. When revealed, they can cast a positive impact or negative impact depending upon the situation. We are going to tell you a same story of something that you must know.

Most of the time, we try to gift something special to our loved ones as a memory. It can be anything, it can be a physical gift or affection in the emotional form. We always try to find something special that will make our loved ones think that how special they are for us. Here is a similar story, we hope you will like it.

1. Best Gifts

We always plan to give something amazing and most surprising to our loved ones. For this we try to buy unique and elegant things. Many people buy the stuff that is unique and also not easily available. But sometimes, we can make our loved ones happy even by a simple gift.

Hand crafted gifts are amazing and most memorable. Many couples make amazing gifts to give each other. We have the most interesting story to share with you of a couple. They are literally the best couple and they share cute memories with each other by giving amazing surprises to one and another.

2. Anniversary of the Couple

There was a beautiful couple who lived in Australia and was dating each other since one year. They were together for almost four years before they went into relationship. They were very close friends and you are thinking right, they were having an amazing time together.

The couple shared amazing time with each other. And then they celebrated their first anniversary together. Just like every lovely boyfriend, Tarry wanted to surprise his girlfriend Anna with something really amazing. So, he had been planning this for weeks. He was planning to give her a gift that she would never forget in her life.

3. Try To Surprise Differently

We try to shower our loved ones with the gifts that shows our affection towards them. Most people try to make hand crafts for their partners. It looks amazing and yes it shows some true affection and care for each other. Tarry did the same thing.

He didn’t know how to make a best thing because he was not good at making things. But still he was searching for the person who can help him in making something extremely amazing. What it can be and how can he make something really unique? He was thinking constantly and yes when the gift was presented, Anna was really amazed.

4. Making a Necklace

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You can see a lot of gift ideas on the internet and can easily figure out what to make. There are several DIY projects for making handmade gifts and crafts for your loved. Despite of these plenty of ideas, he tried to come up with an idea of making something different for his girlfriend.

He decided to make the necklace for his girlfriend as he thought that it will be an amazing gift to present his girlfriend. For this, he searched for many ideas and came up with a different idea. So, he then went to collect the material for the necklace.

5. Selection of Material

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After he decided to make a necklace, he then immediately start to look for the material that was needed to make the necklace. He decided to make the pendant with wood. Woodworking does not require any wood. But different woods are used for different purposes.

You will find some woods really hard and some are very easy to work with. It all depends upon what type of work you are about to do. Terry chose Tasmanian wood as it is used to make small objects and it is perfect for making soft things and objects. It is also used for making furniture.

6. Making the Necklace

So, he collected all the material required and then started his work. He crafted the necklace. And it was not that easy as he has to cut the pieces and stick them with the glue the way he wanted. He didn’t make a plain shape like circle or square. But it was more than a plain shape.

He tried to make the most beautiful necklace. And for this, he designed in a way that no one had ever designed or crafted. It was not a simple necklace but there was something hidden inside it that was really important for Anna in the future.

7. First Anniversary

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So, after making the necklace he kept it safe until their anniversary night came. He was really excited to gift her beloved Anna this perfect necklace. They made a plan to go out for a dinner. And at that moment Terry planned to surprise his girlfriend with the necklace.

He was really happy because finally he had made something perfect and amazing. But still, he was worried deep inside and wondered what if Anna does not like the surprise. Anyways, he still managed to look calm and took her girlfriend out to have dinner. They both were looking really happy.

8. Time to Reveal the Gift

Both went out to have the dinner and enjoyed their meal. Moreover, both were having an amazing time with each other that evening. They talked, and laughed and enjoyed each other’s company. They ate the dinner and their table was clear.

It was the time to present the most precious gift to Anna. Terry thought for a second that how Anna will respond. He was really worried about what would she do. But anyhow he managed to give her the gift. He moved his hands inside his pockets and took out the necklace. He didn’t knew what will happen next.

9. Try To Impress Her

Then he grabbed the necklace and showed to Anna with love in his eyes. Anna was so pleased by gift. She had never thought that Terry will surprise her with such an amazing gift. And not only the necklace was beautiful but the time and effort Terry put in making the necklace made her heart melt.

She held the necklace in her hands. Her eye were full of tears of joy and she didn’t know how to express her feelings. She appreciated him a lot and asked him to make her wear the necklace. Terry felt relief and was really happy that she liked his handmade gift more than anything else.

10. Symbol of Love

Anna loved the necklace a lot and the reason was that Terry made that necklace just for her showcasing his love to her. Anna really liked and adored the love and affection Terry showed. But it was not just a piece for jewelry, it was something else then that. It was a symbol of love that Terry showed to Anna.

They had an amazing time with each other and they danced and laughed and shared memories with each other. Anna wore the necklace that day and never take it off. She wore the necklace every time. But the most surprising part is she never knew what hidden secret was.

11. Hidden Secret

Necklace was not only a secret surprise that Terry gave to Anna on the first anniversary of their relationship. But there was another secret in the gift. Terry prayed that Anna never knew about this secret and he did not want to reveal this secret.

There were many reasons behind this. The first one was that their relationship could be changed forever if the secret was revealed on Anna before the main time. So, only he did was praying and wishing all the time that may Anna never find out the secret in her life before the time to reveal the secret arrives.

12. Risk

When someone surprises us or gave us something really special. We try to show them to everyone. It is natural phenomenon. Anna was also really happy and she wanted to show the necklace to everybody she knows and everyone who was in her circle. She loved the gift a lot.

She bragged about her sweet boyfriend in front of everyone and showed everyone this masterpiece. Although it was kind of cool thing. But there was a risk. Everyone who saw the necklace, held it in hands. And there was the risk that they might know the secret. It was something that worried terry a lot.

13. Zoom Calls

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As we all have friends and family members in different parts of the world. Same thing happened with Anna and Terry. All of their friends were not with them. Some closed people lived outside Australia. Anna wore the necklace all the time. So people close to her saw it in video calls and photos.

They asked Anna about it and made cute comments. Anna’s best friend lived in Australia, and her name was Sophie. Anna was very excited to show the necklace to her best friend. And she was waiting eagerly for the time when Sophie will return to her home town.

14. Secret Was Not Revealed

Many months and weeks past. The life was going on as usual and Anna still wore the necklace all the time without knowing about the second secret. It was still safe. Terry was really afraid that what will happen if Anna would know before the actual time come. But Anna was not aware of it.

The best part was that nobody was now touching the necklace to see it because all of her friends have already seen the most beautiful necklace that Terry made for her girlfriend. Now, he was bit relieved and was not in the fear of getting exposed.

15. Necklace Was Always with Anna

Anna loved the necklace so much and she appreciated her boyfriend for this surprise almost every day. The best part was that Anna never took it off. Firstly, it reminded her of the love Terry had for her and secondly she did not mean to take it off in any situation.

She wore it wherever she went. Whether it is a family gathering or a trip with friends. She wore the necklace almost every day and expressed her love for Terry while wearing the necklace. There are many photos of Anna wearing the necklace. This necklace meant the world to her.

16. Vacation

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Anna and Terry were very happy with each other. Soon, after some months, they planned to take a vacation. They both were adventure lovers. But they have not been on a trip together. As both wanted to go for a vacation, they delayed their plans because of financial issues.

Now the time arrived when the couple went to spend the time with each other. They planned amazing things to do together. So, they started to think of the places they must go and visit and spend quality time with each other. Where they should go? The question was very thoughtful. But they were searching for the best places.

17. Fear of Flying

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They started to plan a holiday trip. But most people are afraid of flying. Same goes for Anna. She was afraid of plains. So, they limited their plans. But Australia is a big country and a travel destination of many people. So, they opt for the plans where they can take a bus or car.

Terry although wanted to explore the far places. But they cannot go to far places because Anna was afraid of flying. But he was happy that at least he will be able to spend quality time with the love of her life. Although plan was limited, still he chose the perfect places.

18. One Must Compromise

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When you are in a relationship, one must try to compromise for the happiness of the other person. Terry wanted to go on a foreign trip but Anna was afraid of flying. So, he had to cancel the plans he had been making in his mind for years. So, he decided something else.

They decided to go on a trip where they can explore more places while travelling by the road. So, they took a route where there were more and more places to explore in Australia. And they booked a bus to discover the beauty of Australia together. They set for the journey.

19. The Most Memorable Vacation

Terry and Anna spend the most memorable days together on the vacation. They chose the best destinations to spend time with each other and enjoy each other’s company. The couple had a really great time and they enjoyed each and everything.

Although Terry loved her so much and had decided to spend the rest of his life with her. But he never had exposed the secret of the necklace that Anna was wearing. No matter how much involved they were, but he never ever spit a word out of his mouth. He knew that he will expose the secret right on time.

20. Surprise

He took the necklace in his hand and then took it out to give it back to Anna. Right at that moment, he dropped on his knee. At that time, he was going to show the biggest secret to Anna. Anna was feeling suspicious about what was he doing.

Then he took out the necklace and asked Anna “will you marry me?”

She was amused and Terry was nervous what will happen next. She was stunned but at a sudden she passed a smile and shouted yes. She was really happy and excited about the way her boyfriend proposed to her.

20. How Long It Could Be

The timed passed, and Terry had never told the secret to anyone around him. Terry also wondered that what will happen if Anna discovered the secret of the necklace by herself. Moreover, he though what would happen if he will spit out the secret.

He shared everything with Anna, but he didn’t know how far he can keep the secret of the necklace from the love of her life Anna. He was really worried about this thing and the thoughts always surrounded his mind that what will happen when Anna will know the secret of the necklace that Terry was hiding from day 1.

21. More Months Passed

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So, more and more months passed and more time went by. It was almost a year. Many months also passed after the big trip together. They were still the happiest couple so far and enjoyed each other’s company.

Many other months passed and then the couple decided to go for another trip. This time Terry insisted to go far away and not only venture in Australia. So, he somehow managed to agree Anna. Although she was afraid to fly but she could not say no this time because she knew that Terry loves to go on trips. So, they decided to explore more countries.

22. Where They Should Go?

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Last time Terry compromised. But this time Anna was the one who compromised. Although she was afraid of flying. But this time she had to accept going by air with Terry. She was exited and overwhelmed too. She was going to confront the fear of flying.

So, when Anna agreed upon flying with Terry. Now, the next thing was where they should go for vacation. So, both scratched their heads and looked for the best places they could visit together and explore the world. Both of them decided to ask their closed ones that where they should go. Then both of them also asked the tour agents.

23. Obvious Decision

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Terry had been to many places and countries. So, he decided that they should go to a specific place where Terry had never gone. Moreover, they decided to go for a vacation that can create the most last long and loving memories. So, it was the time to decide the best place.

Now, they have decided to fly. So, Anna did not want to miss the opportunity to visit her best friend Sophia. Her dearest friend lived in Scotland. So, they decided to go there. And the best part was that Terry had never been to Scotland. So, what an amazing journey it would be.

24. Scotland

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They both decided to go to Scotland. They booked the tickets and set for the vacation. Moreover, there was something else that Terry wanted to do. Yes, you are thinking right. Terry decided to reveal the biggest secret of his life.

He decided to tell the secret of the necklace to Anna. As he think that it would be the best thing to do. And Anna was also very happy to visit her best friend. So, it would be the most amazing trip for both of them. Well, Terry was all set to surprise Anna with the biggest gift of her life.

25. Airport Issues

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Terry was finally going to expose the biggest secret of his life. He was going to reveal what is inside the necklace to Anna finally. They were all set to go to the Scotland. But he was still worried about some problems that might occur.

The biggest problem was the security check at the airport. The secret of the necklace could expose if the security would demand to check the necklace thoroughly. Terry was terrified by this thought and as soon as they approached the airport, Terry was really panicked from inside. He was worried what would happen. But anyways, they start heading towards airport.

26. Secret at Airport

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Due to many unusual activities, the security at the airport was very tight. Terry was really panicked from inside and he was wondering what would happen if the airport security scan the necklace. His secret will be exposed and what will he do.

Well, both of them went to the security check. Terry was nervous and was praying that no one notices the necklace. The best thing happened that time. No one noticed the necklace Anna was wearing and they were all set to go to airport. Both of them were really happy that finally they are going for the trip.

27. Arrival to Scotland

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Terry and Anna travelled together. Anna was bit nervous at start. But then she was okay with it. Terry was really happy and he felt relieved that Anna had not discovered the secret of the necklace and had not uncovered when it was airport screening. What was more satisfying than this thing for him?

He was now thinking to make the trip memorable for him and Anna. But still he was worried about how Anna would react if he would surprise him with the secret she had been keeping with her all the time without knowing it. What would be her reaction?

28. Beautiful Time

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They had enjoyed a lot in Scotland. They were so happy and pleased by the beautiful places. Moreover, Sophia also accompanied them. They were so happy and enjoyed most of the places together. Sophia also threw a party for them and most surprisingly everything went perfect.

Terry was still puzzled about what to do. How to give the biggest surprise to Anna? The major problem was that Anna didn’t take her necklace off no matter what happened. How Terry will open the necklace and show Anna what was inside it? This thing made him worried and confused. He was thinking about the ways to make her happy.

29. Year and Half

More than a year, Anna was wearing the necklace. It was almost year and half and they also celebrated their second anniversary. Anna was wearing the necklace from the first anniversary when Terry presented her. She was so amazed with the surprise that she never took it off no matter what.

Anna and Terry were so happy with each other. Terry often gave her different surprises and Anna loved them all. But the biggest surprise was still waiting. Terry was so excited and also worried about how to reveal the secret to Anna. Well, he still enjoyed the trip with her.

30. Risk

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Both of them loved Scotland a lot. They visited the caves in the northern Scotland that were the favorite and most famous tourist spot. No doubt, Scotland is an amazing place. And they enjoyed the trip a lot more than they ever expected.

At northern caves, Terry thought that this was the chance that he never must miss. This is because Anna was in the best mood at that place. So, he thought to open the necklace and surprise Anna with the best thing he can ever do to her. He was really nervous about how Anna would react. But he can’t hold the secret anymore.

31. The Caves

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So, they had planned to visit the caves one day. The day finally came when they set their journey towards the caves and they were so excited to explore the beauty of Scotland. The caves were so beautiful and best scenes were there.

Terry was terrified and nervous about how would Anna react. Finally the day is there when Terry was going to unrevealed the biggest surprise of their life that would change their relationship entirely. He was so panicked and didn’t know what to do. Anyhow, he was ready to face whatever that was going to happen. So, he decided that today he will tell Anna about secret.

32. Smoo Cave

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So, they packed the bags and set for the journey. The enjoyed the travel to the caves and loved each other’s’ company. Finally they arrived the destination where they have been planning to go since ages. They reached the location and went to Smoo cave.

Why they went to that cave? This was the main question. Well, Terry answered that they have been planning to visit the Smoo cave since day 1. Sophia sent Anna the pictures of Smoo cave and from that day, they wished to go at that place. At that time, Anna and Terry shared beautiful memories and captured pictures.

33. Request

When they reached the caves, Terry had been planning to take her necklace off by making an excuse. But what it could be. He was thinking of many ideas. But he could not make a better excuse in his mind. Finally, he thought about an idea.

He requested Anna to take her necklace off. On enquiring he said that he wanted to take some shots of the necklace on the rocks. Anna thought it would be an amazing thing. So, she gave her necklace to her boyfriend. He thought that he can now easily break it. As Anna had no issue handling him the necklace.

34. Broke the Necklace

Terry started taking the pictures of necklace. And when Anna was not around him, he immediately broke the necklace. But tried to break it with great care. Then he double checked the thing that was inside the necklace. It was safe and he was relived.

Then he put the necklace in the pocket and started enjoying with Anna. At a moment, he said oh I forgot to give the necklace back to you. But Anna does not know what had happened to the necklace that time. He reached his hand to the pocket to take out the necklace. And he then looked at Anna.

35. Surprise

He took the necklace in his hand and then took it out to give it back to Anna. Right at that moment, he dropped on his knee. At that time, he was going to show the biggest secret to Anna. Anna was feeling suspicious about what was he doing.

Then he took out the necklace and asked Anna “will you marry me?”

She was amused and Terry was nervous what will happen next. She was stunned but at a sudden she passed a smile and shouted yes. She was really happy and excited about the way her boyfriend purposed her.

36. Ring

It was the ring inside the necklace. Yes, it was one of the best surprises that Terry gave to Anna. She was carrying the ring along her all the time which she never knew. How could she knew as she was not expecting this thing from him?

Anyways, it took few moments to understand that Anna was having ring all the time in the necklace. She was really surprised by the idea that her boyfriend presented her. It was no doubt the moment when she knew that she was luckiest girl who have found the best man on the Earth.

37.  Anna Was Upset

Although the gift was amazing. But you know how girls really react. Similarly, Anna was happy but at the same time she got upset. She thought that she would have lose the ring. She got panicked. She was so upset and worried.

Then she turned back to Terry and asked him what would happen if I had lost the necklace somewhere. She was quite angry but the moment was so pleasing that they both smiled and hugged each other. This was one of the most memorable trips. She was so excited to tell everyone about how Terry has surprised her.

38. Moving

Their proposal went viral all over the world. They were the best couple so far. Now, the next thing was about the future. Terry asked Anna about the future plans. And he also told Anna that he was buying their own house so they can have the wedding ceremony at their home.

They planned about each and everything and planned how they can have the best things in future. Moreover, they thought about the idea of celebrating different rituals at home with their loved ones. So, they were very excited about the future. They had already decided the places to enter.

39. Next Plan

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Terry had waited a long time to surprise Anna with the ring. So, he did what made her feel really special. Everyone was curious to know what had happened to the couple after the proposal because there was no special update yet.

So, Terry updated the status that the marriage was cancelled due to the global pandemic. As there were health issues, so they had to call out their wedding. He also said that as soon as pandemic will be wiped off, they will tie a knot and be with each other forever. Both of them are excited for the big surprise to come.

40. Funny Jokes

Although Terry surprised Anna with the best thing. Anna was also in love with her man even more. But still they were not married yet. Although everyone praised the way Terry surprised Anna. But there is something more interesting than that.

People made a fun and exciting thing out of it. They tried to make funny wooden stuff and tagged Terry and Anna over there. They also tried to hide different things. The fun part was everyone loved this idea and tried to make beautiful crafts out of necklace. It is no doubt the best and most amazing idea. What do you think?