Post Wrestling career – What these former stars do now

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Wrestling has millions of viewers from all over the world and just as many fans. The sport is fascinating to many people and a huge business to both the fighters and their teams. We can not deny that this sport is hard for their bodies, and they often have to retire at a young age.

But what do you do with your life when you retire in your mid-thirties. We did some research on some former wrestling stars and this is what they are doing now:

1. Scott Oliver Hall aka. Razor Ramon

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Scott Oliver Hall is most known by the name Razor Ramon. He started wrestling in the 1980s and spent the whole 1990s in the ring. After he finished is career he struggled with heave health issues.

The former WCW and WWF fighter has been dealing with low blood pressure, seizures and pneumonia.

2. Glenn Thomas Jacobs aka. Kane

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His fans know him as “Kane”, and he’s got many admirers all over the world. Glenn Thomas Jacobs is one of the best known wrestlers in history.

After his career he started working as an actor. But that’s not the end of the story. He is also a successful businessman and started getting involved in politics a few years ago.

3. Sid Vicious

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Wrestling would not be the same without Sid Vicious. He had an active role in the process of making it the business it is today. His career started in the 1980s, and he was part of the WWF, WCW and the WWE.

After retiring from the ring he returned to the ring for one last fight and has lived away from the public since that day.

4. Dennis Knight aka. Mideon

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Dennis Knight loves changing his name, and therefore has used several names during his time as a famous wrestler. Have you heard of Phineas I. Godwin or Tex Slazenger? Yes, they are all the same person.

After is career he turned his passion into another career and became a quite successful chef.

5. Barbra Jean Blank aka. Kelly Kelly

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We sure didn’t forget about the female wrestling stars. In the ring she was known as Kelly Kelly, but her legal name is Barbra Jean Blank. During her wrestling career she had several other jobs.

After she gave up wrestling she continued working as a reality star, model and TV personality.

6. William Scott Goldberg

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William Scott Goldberg was mainly known by his last name. He had a major impact on the wrestling world which still lasts today. The former wrestling star opened his own gym after ending his career.

His famous name is the best advertising and draws many costumers into his business. Goldberg lives in California with his wife and son.

7. Mark William Calaway aka. The Undertaker

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Mark William Calaway moved on to work in real estate after retiring from the ring. During his wrestling career he was known by the name “the Undertaker”. He had a major impact on the world of pro wrestling and still shows up during events sometimes.

His new passion is real estate where he built a successful business with his partner.

8. Dwayne Johnson aka. The Rock

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Even if you are not into wrestling you might have heard of Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson. He used to be a wrestling superstar and transformed his career into a professional acting career.

Can you imagine that Times magazine called him one of the world’s most influential personalities? But it all started in the ring.

9. Terre Gene Bollea aka. Hulk Hogan

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Just like “The Rock”, Hulk Hogan has made himself a name outside the wrestling world. Most people might not know that his actual name is Terre Gene Bollea.

After his years in pro wrestling he became even more famous with several TV shows and movies. He had several other appearances on TV.

10. Fred Ottman aka. Tugboat

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Fred Ottman could never decide on a name and changed it several times during his years in pro wrestling. He was actually part of the same team as Hulk Hogan.

After his career he didn’t think about taking it easy. Fred Ottman started as a coach for the little league teams and worked as safety manager.

11. Paul Donald Wight, Jr. aka. Big Show


After his wrestling career he wasn’t ready to slow down and decided to follow the path of many of his colleagues. Big Show, also known as the Giant, was part of several TV shows and movies.

Producers often decide to hire former wrestling stars for their movies because their name will attract a bigger audience.

12. Stacy Keibler

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It’s still fascinating to me that this beautiful lady used to be a pro wrestler. Nowadays she’s more present in the acting world than in the ring.

Like many of her male colleagues she changed her career path and now makes her living with TV shows like How I Met Your Mother.

13. James Brian Hellwig aka. The Ultimate Warrior

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The former pro wrestler James Brian Hellwig had several nicknames that he used during his active time in the ring. Most fans remember him as Dingo Warrior or even as Ultimate Warrior. Later he even changed his legal name to Warrior.

After retiring from the ring he had a heart-attack and died way too young at age 54.

14. Ric Flair

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After winning 16 championship Ric Flair became the best wrestler in the history of professional wrestling. He was born as Richard Morgan Fliehr and Ric Flair became his wrestling name. Acting became his second career after retiring from the ring.

His private life has been filled with tragedy after he lost his son way too young.

15. Randall Mario Puffo aka. Macho Man

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If you are not into wrestling you might know him from Baywatch or Ready to Rumble. He even appeared in Spider-Man and therefore had an impressive acting career after 32 years of pro wrestling.

His actual name was Randall Mario Poffo, and he was one of the most famous wrestlers in the world before he died in 2011 after a heart attack.

16. Oscar Gutierrez aka. Rey Mysterio

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Oscar Gutierrez was known as Rey Mysterio during his time in the ring. He wore his Lucha Libre mask for every fight during his time in the pro wrestling world.

After his active career in the 1990s and 2000s he stayed in the wrestling community and is still part of it.

17. Tammy Lyn Sytch aka. Sunny

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Tammy Lyn Sytch does not look like the typical wrestler but actually had an impressive career in the ring. She was known by the name Sunny during her years as a pro wrestler.

After retiring she had personal problems that lead to several stays in rehab facilities. She also had to undergo cancer treatment.

18. Joan Marie Laurer aka. Chyna

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The former pro wrestler Joan Marie Laurer had an outstanding carreer int the 1990s when she became one of the first female pro wrestlers. She took part of opening the sport for many other female wrestlers.

After retiring she wrote an autobiography and now prefers to live in private now.

19. Rene Marlette Lesnar aka. Sable

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Rene Marlette Lesnar used the name Sable during her career as a pro wrestler. She was not only famous for her impressing looks but also for her outstanding talent in the ring.

After her first career she worked as an actor and was booked as a model for several occasions.

20. Jonathan Coachman aka. The Coach

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Jonathan Coachman known as The Coach was never an active fighter but still had an impact on the wrestling world. He used to play Basketball in High School but decided to pursue a career as a commentator.

During his career he worked for Raw’s color. Nowadays he has retired to spend more time with his family.

21. Steve Keirn aka. Skinner

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The former pro wrestler Skinner was born by the name Steve Keirn and was part of the WWF franchise. Even after officially retiring from his career he is still passionate about the sport.

He opened up a wrestling school in Florida where he lives together with his wife. His goal is to help others start their career.

22. Scott Ronald Garland aka. Scotty 2 Hotty

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The former pro wrestling star Scott Ronald Garland used to be called Scotty 2 Hotty during his active time in the ring. His career was successful for years. After retiring from the ring he started working as a coach.

In between he decided to work as a firefighter and returned to coaching after a short time.

23. Vincent Kennedy McMahon aka. Mr. McMahon

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Mr. McMahon is one of the most famous former pro wrestlers of the WWE franchise. He has a main role in the company due to being the owner as well as the chairman, and CEO.

Vincent Kennedy McMahon does not just focus on the wrestling business and also works as an actor and film producer.

24. Rodney Agatupa Anoa’i aka. Yokozuna

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The former wrestler Yokozuna was the first fighter with roots in Samoa that had a professional career in the ring. Rodney Agatupa Anoa’i was best known by his fans as Yokozuna.

Yokozuna sadly didn’t have much time to enjoy his retirement because he died after a heart attack in 2000.

25. Jacqueline DeLois Moore aka. Jacqueline

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Only three female wrestlers ever won the title Cruiserweight Champion and Jacqueline DeLois Moore was one of them. Her wrestling skills are not her only talent.

She is a successful wrestling manager and actress. Jacqueline was also part of TV shows and video games. It does not sound like she is ready to retire yet.

26. Stone Cold Steve Austin

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Stone Cold Steve Austin fought in the Wrestling World Championship. Steve Austin was forced to retire from wrestling sooner than expected after suffering several injuries. After he was doing better he started an acting career like many other former wrestlers.

You might have seen him in the movie Nash Bridges and The Expendables.

27. Michael Francis aka. Mick Foley

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Michael Francis must have had a hard time deciding on a nickname for the ring. He was called Mick Foley, Cactus Jack, Mankind or Dude Love. Although he had quite a large fan base he gave up on pro wrestling early.

He found his new career path in acting and also appeared on several TV shows.

28. David Michael Bautista aka. Batista

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David Michael Bautista is well known as Batista in the wrestling world. He retired from pro wrestling in the 2000s after being accused of taking steroids. The rumors could never fully be proven right or wrong.

He switched to acting and started bodybuilding. Martial Arts also became a part of his life.

29. Randy Orton

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Randy Orton is one of the less famous pro wrestlers compared to others mentioned in this article. Orton is actually a talented actor and was part of the TV show That’s Who I Am.

His private life also took some turns as he divorced from his first wife in 2013 and remarried a few years later.

30. Adam Joseph Copeland aka. Edge

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The pro wrestler Edge is legally called Adam Joseph Copeland. He retired from his wrestling career quite young to work as an actor. Copeland also released his autobiography in 2004.

His fans were very surprised about some strange details about him. One of them is that he is disgusted by cigarettes.