Only at Walmart Would These 40 Crazy Things Actually Happen

Bild: Bruce VanLoon / Shutterstock.com

Okay, so we can’t fully knock Walmart. A lot of people love Walmart’s low prices, convenient hours (midnight shopping anyone?), and those beautiful, rare finds at a bargain price that send you over the moon with excitement. But anyone who has ever stepped foot in a Walmart can’t deny the downright weird people and things that lurk in the aisles.

Thank goodness for smartphones, where people can snap a photo and document the bizarre things they witness at their local Walmart, and share them with the world. We salute you. Click through the photos and enjoy a good laugh today.

Shop ‘Til You Drop

Image: ebaumsworld.com

The phrase “shop ’til you drop’ takes on a whole new meaning in this situation. This guy obviously isn’t cut out for shopping. He couldn’t take one more step, even to find the furniture department, or make it out to his car in the parking lot. Nah, this uncomfortable metal ledge will do just fine.

Amazing how some people can fall asleep literally anywhere. Do you think the employees woke him up, or let him take his afternoon nap there? I’m guessing most likely they let him sleep. For an employee, it’s just another day in Walmart.

This next picture will make you double check that your car windows are always shut!

Short Girl Problems

Image: peopleofwalmartyeah/reddit

This short girl deserves a standing ovation for creativity. She won’t let her lack of height keep her from reaching what she needs on the top shelves of her local Walmart. You go, short girl!

These platform style heels are basically mini ladders that give this woman a good six inch boost. While it seemed like a good idea at the time, I don’t think she accounted for how difficult it would be to walk in them. Her body is stiff and she’s gripping onto that shopping cart for dear life! We’ll give her an “A” for effort, though.

Pizza Slice Snatcher

Image: yaplakal.com

This scene is just a classic example of something that could only happen in a Walmart parking lot. Let’s break this down: Guy picks up some pizzas for him and his friends, makes a quick Walmart stop to buy some drinks, and comes back to find that someone reached through his cracked window to help themselves to a slice. Nothing else out of the car was taken. Seriously.

How would you respond? The only thing you can do is grab your phone, take a picture, and share it on social media – cause no one is going to believe you otherwise! Priceless.

Mufasa Wants His Mane Back

Image: pholder.com

Cruising down the Walmart aisles in your electric shopping cart, I’m sure you’d never expect to come across any wildlife. Oh wait, that’s just a woman shopping for batteries! The expression on this man’s face is priceless as he comes face-to-face with a lion-woman. I’m guessing this woman’s hairdresser is a huge fan of The Lion King, cause Mufasa’s got nothing on her!

What’s her secret? It makes you wonder what products she’s got in that shopping basket to give her hair so much volume. Or maybe she uses her hair for storage? Security might need to do a check for any hidden items.

The World is my Runway

Ok, at least Walmart it is! This lady will definitely never miss a chance to promote herself. May we take a photo of you? Yes, please, you should take a photo of me! Here is my best pose! Let’s just go into another isle, the background might be better! – That could have been the conversation behind this picture.

Real life model or not, this woman is very confident for sure, and ain’t it okay to celebrate that from time to time? Don’t hide yourself, ladies! Might it be on set or your local supermarket, if you got it, then you gotta show it, too.

King of the Neckbeards

Image: thechive.com

If there was ever a neckbeard competition, this man would certainly take home a trophy. You have to wonder how many years it took for this furry thing to grow out. The creepy part is how well shaven the other part of his neck is, creating a sort of collar around his neck. Perhaps he views his collar of hair as a risky fashion decision? Hopefully he’s not starting any trends.

You gotta love how the person behind the camera decided to snap the photo, right in front of the guy. It was obviously more worth it to document this hilarious sight than to get caught.

Lord, Have Mercy

Image: owned.com

The great thing about the motorized shopping carts available at Walmart is that they double as a convenient way to get around and as a way to drag your disobedient kid as you peacefully finish your shopping. Kid acting up again? No problem for grandpa. Now onto selecting a delicious yogurt.

You’ve got to appreciate the kid in this photo, taking his punishment like a champ. He looks like he might take a nap. Or maybe he’s praying no one rolls over him – yikes.

I seriously hope someone stepped in to stop this nonsense! But it’s unlikely because, after all, it’s Walmart.

Kiddo, You’re Under Arrest

Image: foozine.com

This mama ain’t playing. She takes misbehavior as a criminal offence, with criminal consequences. Maybe last time the kid ran away from her at Walmart, and this time she’s not taking any chances. Let’s hope the poor guy learned his lesson!

But for real, is handcuffing your kid even legal? This poor kid is doing a walk of shame through the aisles of Walmart, with a seriously tough mom by his side. Looks like years of therapy are in store for this kid’s future!

If you think this is messed up, just wait till you see the next Walmart parenting fail.

Honesty is the Best Policy

Image: digibunch.com

If your goal in parenting is to create traumatic memories for your child that not even years in therapy can undo, then these parents nailed it! Congratulations you two. The husband is even patting his wife on the back to compliment her on a job well done.

The impressive part of this public shaming is that it was done at a remarkably low price, which goes to show that brutal punishment doesn’t have to be expensive. All you need is some poster board, tape, and a permanent marker!

This type of thing could only, and I repeat only, be seen at good old Walmart.

You Have Goat to Be Kidding Me

Image: peopleofwalmart.com

Now how did this man scoot past the greeters? They most likely didn’t stop this man because, when you work for Walmart, literally nothing shocks you anymore. Just another typical day!

This man woke up one morning and decided it would be a good idea to bring his goat along for a shopping adventure. Maybe the goat doesn’t get out much. But by the speed he’s driving his electric shopping cart, it looks like the goat is being more dragged than walked. This poor goat doesn’t care how low Walmart’s prices are – he’s not having any fun!

Think this is odd? Just wait till you see the next furry creature that got in a Walmart store.

I’m Not So Nuts About This

Image: ebaumsworld.com

I’m not so sure what Walmart’s policies on health and hygiene are, but I’m pretty sure this would be frowned upon by a health inspector. This tough guy’s furry friend might be cute, but also might be carrying some nasty diseases!

Seriously, only in Walmart will you find a tough biker guy with a pet squirrel that sits still on his shoulder. You have to admit that it’s impressive how he’s trained the little guy. I bet if anyone approached him to get his rodent out of the store, they would get a pretty hostile response from this dude. “Nobody messes with my squirrel!”

She’ll Never Know the Difference

Nothing says I love you more than spending ten bucks on an engagement ring from Walmart. These classy gentlemen looking to wow their ladies with a large diamond honestly believe these women won’t be able to tell the difference between a real or fake. Spoiler alert: WE KNOW!

Given the amount of empty slots, looks like these rings are actually being purchased to pop the question. At least they’re saving cost on the ring to put more towards the wedding?

Speaking of weddings, did you know that a few couples get married at Walmart each year? You’re gonna want to see this.

Walmart Weddings

Image: peopleofwalmart.com

Imagine – ever since you were a little girl, you dreamed of your wedding day. You pictured yourself in a beautiful white dress, with the perfect hair and makeup, walking down the aisle to your prince charming. Now imagine yourself in your wedding dress, but you’re walking down the produce aisle at your local Walmart – why, oh why are “Walmart weddings” an actual thing?

Every year, at least a handful of couples is tying the knot at their local Walmart. I guess when you can find everything you need at Walmart, from groceries to clothes to electronics, you can find true love as well.

Did You Know Walmart Dropped an Album?

Image: reddit.com

Here’s an odd one. Apparently, Walmart employees have their own choir, and they even made an album to showcase their talent. You can find it deep in the bargain bin at your local Walmart for only five dollars – quite a steal for this musical treasure.

When this lucky person discovered the Walmart Associate Choir album, titled elegantly (but also creepily) “Eyes of a Child”, they knew they needed to share this discovery with the world. They snapped the above photo, uploaded it to social media, and the picture went viral across the Internet with thousands of people getting a good laugh, but also genuinely curious to hear the music. Apparently, the album surprisingly isn’t half bad.

Post Op Walmart Run

Image: imago images / ZUMA Wire

It doesn’t get much weirder than this. Imagine waking up from surgery, doped up on heavy medication, and your first thought is, “Gotta run to Walmart”. Luckily, Walmart opens its doors to all people, no matter how wacky they’re dressed.

Looks like this Walmart is walking distance from a hospital, but I’m sure this patient still had to walk long enough to get some strange looks from people driving their cars. He must have been loopy from the meds and had a sudden craving for snacks – who wouldn’t want to avoid hospital food? At least he had the sense to put a pair of shorts on before he left!

How Ya Doin’ In There, Granny?

Image: theoldreader.com

With so many electric shopping carts available at Walmart, it’s a mystery why granny must be squeezed into a cart full of coke bottles. That can’t be good for her arthritis.

The electric shopping carts that so many cruise around Walmart on are on a first come, first serve basis. It’s meant for those who have disabilities and truly need them to get around the store. However, sometimes it happens that lazy, overweight people also want to rent them out, leaving none left for poor old granny.

There’s something super cool about this grandma, with her feet out, chillin’ in the shopping cart.

Steak Security Measures

Image: Instragram/official_king_jonathan

Oh, what, you’ve never seen something like this before? It might not be what normal grocery stores do to keep track of their steaks, but at Walmart, things are anything but normal.

Employees at this Walmart must have gotten tired of steaks constantly being stolen. Quite an odd thing to hide under your shirt and run out the door with. I guess some hungry people who visit Walmart will stop at nothing for a decent bite to eat. Still, it seems extreme to install alarms on every steak! But, this is Walmart after all.

Keep reading for the next strange event – this time involving a runaway deer.

Catching Bambi

Image: sbyun / Shutterstock.com

Yep, this is a real life event that happened at Walmart. You can’t possibly make this stuff up.

It all went down in a Walmart located in Wadena, Minnesota. A deer trotted into the store unnoticed, took a leisurely walk through the aisles, then came face to face with some shoppers. Luckily, Tom Grasswick was there, an outdoorsman with plenty of deer experience. Grasswick literally tackled the deer, laying it down and covering its eyes to keep the deer calm. Then, he and a few others set the deer free.

Some have speculated that the deer was looking for a snack; some, that it had a mission to destroy the hunting section at Walmart. I guess we’ll never know.

Human Lamp

Image: Instagram/opumpkin28

When your hands are occupied pushing a wheelchair instead of a shopping cart, you’ve got no choice but to wear the items you need to buy. You’ve got to admire this woman’s bravery, proudly wearing a lampshade on her head and continuing her Walmart shopping.

It’s doubtful this kind of thing would happen in another store. Because at Walmart, there’s so much weird stuff going on that wearing a lampshade on your head is one of the least embarrassing things you can do. I doubt many people did a double take on this one.

Up next is an incident that left police dumbfounded.

Not a Drive Through

Image: dumpaday.com

This is another real life incident that could only happen at a Walmart. Apparently, this is a stolen vehicle, and police were in pursuit of the driver to arrest him. A car chase ensued, and low and behold, it ends in a Walmart. Dude drove straight through the automatic doors to find refuge in a happy, familiar place, where prices are always low – always.

Too bad for him, and unsurprisingly, the police followed him into Walmart. Did he think of Walmart as safe zone, where the law doesn’t exist, and one can’t get arrested? We’ll never know what was going through this criminal’s head.

Ain’t No Party Like a Walmart Party

Image: Instagram/derbydiamondcuts

This photo pretty much sums it up. Walmart is a place where nearly anything goes. You can be silly and fun. Wear your pajamas or practically nothing at all. Bring your goat or pet squirrel, or wear a lampshade on your head. Heck, you can even punish your children in public and no one will say a word. It’s as much odd as it is freeing. It’s Walmart.

These girls leave it on a fun note, wearing animal masks proudly in their local Walmart and making silly photos to share on their Instagram accounts. When in Walmart, it’s what you do!

Well, That is Some Hair

Wow, this girl is really going for it. Should we ask her, what is her secret? Because, that is pretty sure, growing yourself such a super long mane is a very time-consuming project! Also it does require a lot of patience and dedication, as you have to groom and nourish your hair on a daily basis!

But, does this thought did not come into your mind too, that this amount of hair is not only rewarding, because you might think it is beautiful and getting a lot of compliments etc, but also very very disturbing and exhausting? Is it even possible to ride a bicycle with this mane?

He Just doesn’t Care Anymore

As soon as you have reached a certain age, you might get weird a bit. From time to time you might just do some things that leave other people wondering – But hey, you reached the stage where this is absolutely okay and not a single person is allowed to judge you for that! We all get old, we all become whimsical.

So, go ahead, take a seat at the most comforting looking lounge chair at your local Walmart and read today’s newspaper in peace. Might they stare or not, you have lived a life, you deserve it! And if someone asks – You’re just testing out the chair because you consider buying it, of course.

A lesson in ignoring the opinions of others

Gender here gender there, why not just put it all in one. Hot chick in hotpants, dangerous rocker with straw hat, hunter with booty, Eskimo and the small handbag are not missing in this outfit. With this outfit you will definitely be the center of attention at the next Pride Parade. But why wait for this event, when you can also go to the shop next door to present yourself.

In the USA, one simply cannot exclude anything, it is justified that the country bears the title of the boundless freedom. No matter where you are, something crazy always happens. Even if it’s everyday shopping in the supermarket.

Find Your Match

Is this photo really taken by chance? You’d think the two of them would have come to an agreement. In any case, it would be a very funny and creative carnival costume.

It is simply the opposites that attract each other again and again. Even in a normal shop very bizarre things happen. I ask myself the question, if the two gentlemen in the photo have talked to each other about it above, or if they have even noticed it. Surely there are numerous videos of such situations.

On your “find your match” day, of course, they have drawn an ace here. Hilarious!

Is someone taking care of the cheese puffs?

It was a long shopping in one of the huge Walmarkets in my city. Believe me, it is quite exhausting to walk about half an hour to finally reach the cheese balls.

Well, anyway, after half an eternity I arrived – and exactly in my favorite balls a cat is sleeping, but there is no trace of the snacks! How disappointing, but the sight was definitely worth it.

That cute little white cat must be lost. Maybe she was already missing. But never would an owner ever think his cat is lying in a supermarket in a box of chips.

You can’t take this chaos badly

Quickly throw the most necessary things into the shopping cart – and oops… Something can go wrong, but you can’t leave such a big mess behind. Oh, yes… I am in a hurry and there is no staff here, so you can just push it aside a little.

And while you’re at it, a small apology is not to be missed in this little breakdown. After all, it’s quite stupid to clean it up again, you have to write “Sorry” of course.

Probably only the employees themselves know how often such small mishaps happen to customers in such a large store.

You have one job

This artist and comedian in one probably thought of naming these buns after Painepple. Well, you have to say, not everybody would have thought of that. This creativity literally bubbles out of this unknown artist. What I would give to get an autograph from this idiot, so I can hang it over my bed.

I wonder if he thought of a pineapple at that moment and hurt himself? Anyway, this is a very very creative inscription that will stay in my memory for a very long time.

Great, now I got hungry for these delicious fresh rolls. Which for the price of $2.62 are also very fair.

Okay, tomorrow I start

A young man, in his sporty outfit, most likely came from the gym around the corner. He seemed so motivated and happy as he marched through the whole store. He wore the latest sneakers from Nike – he simply attracted all eyes.

But! It’s not enough to wear sportswear if you don’t have the discipline to achieve your dream figure. Because it all starts with nutrition, which is clearly suffering from chocolate influence here.

But, it is somehow quite funny how the apple here was obviously exchanged for a Reese’s bar. Sometimes you have to treat yourself and just put your legs up.

Will you marry me?

This picture reminds me of those Free-TV reality series in which funny people make themselves ridiculous in front of the camera. Of course with the greatest pleasure.

Because everyone would like to be paid to walk through the supermarket in a wedding dress. It’s a bit like losing a bet. Or it would be much crazier if this woman were to REALLY ask her husband to marry her.

Oh, no, what I wouldn’t guess is she’s buying her wedding dress at the Cheap Supermarket. Well, it’s all about love, not price. I wonder if he’ll say yes to that funny woman. I hope they will be happy and content for the rest of their lives.

Won’t somebody call security?

OMG, what’s happening? I hope this man has not escaped from the nearest psychiatric hospital.

Who just sits down at a Walmart and starts fishing for poor fish? Well, somebody should really call security to stop this very odd crime. And did he seriously bring his own folding chair?

Hard to believe the ideas some people get when they use too many drugs. This man is as rock-hard as Walter White, and he happens to look the same. Surely it’s just some Instagram fanatic who stages exactly such stupid things to get a lot of likes and followers. This can only be a joke.

Is The Purge ready yet?

Image: pathdoc / Shutterstock.com

Did you ever see that horror psycho movie The Purge? It was a very big hit when the first part came out in the cinema. Now there are two parts of it that are quite reminiscent of this picture here.

In one night it is allowed to commit any crime. People put on masks, dress up as monsters and go hunting. Nothing and nobody is safe the one night. I don’t want to give too much away in case you haven’t seen the movie.

One thing is for sure: Just watch the movies if you want to see disgusting bloodbaths. The thought of walking into a supermarket with a mask on is scary.

Very nice look

Hey bro, I really like your outfit! You didn’t have to get all dressed up to meet me here at the Scent Tree Mall. But I’m flattered you did it anyway. I have a few questions about your style:

How did you get such even curls on your head?
This transition from white to yellow is also very remarkable, did you dye your hair yourself or did you fall into a paint pot?

I really love your sweater, it complements your look so perfectly. I always wanted a sweater with reindeer and Santa. I’m a little jealous. The Dude of the Year from Walmart is hereby established.

I didn’t know they sold monkeys here

Monkey time! How cute and sweet this monkey is in the arms of the woman. A rare sight in a Walmart. Was there a special offer on buying monkeys here? Or the mommy just takes her monkey for a walk. Maybe it’s the new Pipi Longstocking from the colorful house. The horse is probably right outside the door, too.

As sweet as it looks, let’s face it. A monkey belongs in a tree, not a supermarket. But apparently this is a new trend in keeping wild animals. Let’s take a look at Justin Bieber. He’s doing quite well. Indeed, more wild animals live in captivity than in the wild.

Spontaneous plan change

Oh no, that picture makes you feel a little sorry for me. A guy went to all this trouble to buy underwear and cheap champagne for his date, and then… I guess he got turned down at Walmart. Well, luckily there are still the good friends, if you just need a plan B. After all, no one wants to mourn their bedmate after all.

There’s only one solution. Give me the beer and get in the car. I guess you’ll have to settle for second best in the world. Maybe he can still make it work for the lady one day. We’re rooting for you, boy.

Be a good child and help your mom

As a little person, sometimes it’s really hard to live. You go into the kitchen and first have to get a chair to get your coffee. That restricts life in many ways. So you just go to Walmart on your day off, because at some point the big errands have to be done.

And then, same thing… Who invents these high shelves? Giants from the storybook? But luckily I have my little helper with me! Thanks to him I am unbeatable. But we still have to practice with the balance, because after all it is quite high. But my boy can do it.

I won’t buy it without testing it

Hand on your heart, everyone has gotten into a big suitcase in their childhood and had themselves locked up. It is simply part of their childhood! Just like when you sat down in an empty box and pretended it was a rocket. Oh, those memories are priceless!

In addition, a visit to a Walmart is a playing paradise for children. There are great surprises waiting on almost every shelf, especially suitcases and lots of suitcases. You can’t miss out on this fun. It only gets silly when the parents have to call out the children’s names again because they have no control over Walmart magic.

Don’t call him Mr.

Slowly but steadily the LGBTQ thing is also recognized and accepted in our society. This is a great thing, because each of us is different. For far too long we have fought against it because it was morally unacceptable, but prohibiting it is rather morally unacceptable. This is also how the older gentleman likes to express himself to the public with a great poster on his back.

The second possibility would be that some young people have allowed themselves a joke and simply stuck a sign on the poor man’s back. But let’s face it, each of us has had a piece of paper stuck to his back at one time or another. It’s just human nature.

An oasis also for dogs

Isn’t it usually written at the entrance of every supermarket “Dogs must unfortunately stay outside”? A mistress thought, not with my little bubu. She probably thought, “I’ll just put you little doggy in my shopping cart, just like you do with little children.”

Nobody’s gonna say anything, she thought as she walked into Walmart. But it wasn’t until she got to the checkout counter that the staff told her that she couldn’t. Well, the shopping was already done then. The dog seems to have a great liking for the whole thing. He could quickly get used to this situation. What an experience.

There’s just no one walking around here

So, as long as there is nothing in the shopping cart I want to be pushed around. That was always the first condition in childhood. But this woman here is no longer a child. And the shopping cart is specially padded. People in America really need to learn how to use both. It’s good for your health, good for your look.

But what am I talking about, in the end it is so much cooler to drive through the Walmart and not have to move. Honestly, I would do the same thing. But it is funny, especially when there is a Walmart traffic jam.