One Picture Changed the Whole Life of This Couple

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Love marriages are not new, and their ratio is higher than arrange marriages. Every marriage has its ups and downs. Nowadays, technology has taken a lot in its hands, and couples use it to stay in touch. The pair even prefers to stay connected on social media. That could cause many problems in their relationship.

Something like this happens to a couple in Portugal. They would chat with each other daily. They would send pictures and videos, and that’s when things went downhill. They met on social media and spent most of their time on that. Read the story to see how the couple goes through all the hardship just because of a picture.

1. The Shy Girl:

Iris was a stunning city girl. She was a fashion lover and loved to style up her day. But she was alone in the love department. The reason was that she was a bit shy and was also not a social person. For that reason, she would not date anyone and is still in need of a loved one. Her friends were worried that she would stay alone all her life.

She could not even buy herself food or a drink, how she would find herself a boy. Her friends decided to take the matter into their hands and introduce her to a dating app.

2. A Dating App:

Her friends suggested her dating app. She did not want to use it at first, but she decided to give it a try. She thought that she would be left alone if she did not find herself, someone. She took faith o her fate and joined the app. There were so many people with different profiles. The more she was scrolling down, the more she was getting uncomfortable.

Some descriptions and questions were wildly inappropriate for her liking. Her friends suggested that she should know the person online first before meeting them. She was about to leave the app when she came across him.

3. Found Love on the App:

She liked his profile. His name was Thomas, and he worked in sales. She texted him, and he replied. They started texting back and forth. They instantly clicked. After that, they would wait impatiently to talk to each other. There won’t be a single day they would not speak to each other; it was like they have been in love all their lives.

They decide to meet in person finally. She was the happiest on that day. She was optimistic that this would be the best date of her life. But sometimes, things don’t go the way we plan them. She did not expect what happened next.

4. Love-Struck:

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They started dating officially and became inseparable since then and were all head over heels for each other. They would go out with their friends as a couple, would attend all the events together. Her friends were surprised at how fast she found the love of her life.

Her friends were a bit envious as well. She was the shyest person in their group, and now she had found herself a nice man. They had that kind of love where people would call them “soul mates” like they were destined to meet. But even soul mates can do the unexpected.

5. Getaway Trip:

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The couple was happy in their little bubble. It was so apparent that they wanted to all the time with each other. Thomas decided to surprise her with a getaway trip. He planed everything in discrete. Thomas decided to take her to a warm and beautiful place where they spend some alone time. They were like a couple who have been at least a year into their relationship.

Even though just being together for some time, they were acting like a committed couple. He surprised her at the airport, and they took their seats on the plane. Iris was all excited and giddy for their first vacation. Little did she knew about another surprise.

6. The Surprise:

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They were having the best time of their lives on the Island and visited different places and the beach. They did not leave each other’s side for a second. They spend the whole week there and on the last day they took a stroll down the beach. They spend some quality time there.

While they were taking a walk, Iris notices some lightning in the distance. They went closer to it and what she saw took her breath away. The lights were arranged in a way so they could be read. It said “Will you marry me?” in the most romantic way.

7. Reply to the Proposal:

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Iris was shocked to see the proposal. She never thought that Thomas would be giving her such a big surprise and thought it was just a vacation for them to spend some time with each other away from all the interruptions.  She was a bit reluctant to say yes. They have been together for few months, and it was a huge commitment.

The whole romantic proposal and Thomas’s love and excitement made her believe that it would be the right decision. After a while, she said “yes” and hoped that Thomas would be the best husband she had always wished for.

8. The Wedding:

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After the proposal, the wedding was the next step, and they just wanted to get married and be each other’s husband and wife as soon as possible. They were on the ninth cloud from all the exhilaration. They had to plan the wedding. They were delighted and excited to share this day with everyone, but they just wanted close friends and family at the wedding. The ceremony went smoothly and beautifully.

Everyone was happy for them and congratulated them on their new life together. Some of the guests were a bit concern, though. They didn’t think that their relationship would work for long.

9. Honeymoon Phase:

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They went for a long and lovely honeymoon after their fantastic wedding and spent their honeymoon visiting some romantic places. They were so in love and were enjoying their honeymoon phase.  They were the happiest at that time, but they had to come back and resume their everyday lives.

They bought themselves a lovely apartment where they started living as a newly married couple. They get into the routine of each other quickly.  Some people still had doubts about their relationship, but they did give a second thought to them. They were living happily and cherishing each and every moment of their lives.

10. Not So Perfect Couple:

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Thomas and Iris were happily living their married life. They were like those perfect couples that we read in magazines or see in movies. Iris was one of those fashions-loving girls. She liked to style up her way into daily life. She was an elegant young girl.

Thomas was having a good time as well. He was working hard to make a promising future for Iris and himself. But as all bad days do not stay for long same as the good days. They were facing some trouble in their paradise.  And wondered how they would get out of this trouble?

11. A Perfect Home:

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For a perfect couple, a perfect house is a good match. They wanted a place of their own. After their marriage, they started looking for a lovely home to settle in. They wanted something cozy and homey, so they started their search at different places. They found a house shortly after. It was an old house and needed some repair.

They thought that it was a perfect house for them. They just had to do some repairing, and they will be good to go. Little did they know that renovation of the house would not be the only problem they will be facing?

12. Losing the Job:

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Thomas and Iris were having the best time of their lives, and they have their own house. They were happily married. Iris was busy renovating the house. Thomas was also working hard to back up their financial needs. He was called to the meeting by the executive of the company.

He was so happy that he might be getting a promotion because he worked hard so much that he knew he deserved it. He was in shock when the company told him that he was fired. The company was facing some downslide, and he was fired because of that. They weren’t able to handle it very well. 

13. Financial Issues:

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Any financial issue takes a stroll on a family. A couple as new as them would find it even harder. Thomas was the only source of their income. Iris had decided to stay at home and look after the house. They were in so much trouble. Without having any other source of income, they did not know what they would do. How would they manage everything?

They still had to renovate the house and pay all the bills. They had no idea that they would face such a significant setback at the start of their wedding. They were worried that it would affect their relationship.

14. Job Hunt:

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Thomas started the job hunt right away. He could not just sit back and mop over it. They work together to get out of that situation. They still stayed together and promised to support each other no matter what. Thomas went on different interviews until he finally got the job.

They were so happy that they did not have to worry about the money now. They resume the renovation of the house, let loose all the expanses they were holding back. They were relaxed now, but they did not know what the new job requires and how it will cause a new problem.

15. Little Time Together:

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Thomas’s new job was excellent. He set back into the routine of it. Thomas used to the routine. Being a salesman meant that he had to go places. He used to all the traveling, but Iris was not used to it. She was sad that her husband would spend so much time away from him.

They just got over a big problem, and now they have to face another one. The only time they actually spend some time with each other was when Thomas lost his job. Iris was happy that Thomas found another job, but the job also kept her husband away.

16. A Lot to Travel:

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Iris knew that Thomas’s job required some traveling, but this new job was difficult to handle. Thomas had to spend all the time traveling. He was barely at home. Iris would spend all the time alone in the house. She missed her husband, but they also knew that this job was important. They did not have any other source of income.

They had to sacrifice something in order to get their lives back on track. The couple was suffering from the job emotionally as they have to be away from each other, but they also do not afford to lose the job.

17. Succeeding:

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His new job was undoubtedly tricky and time-consuming, but Thomas was doing an excellent job and achieving success in it. In this job, he worked extremely hard and earned twice as much money after only a year of employment. He still had to do all of the traveling and be away from his wife, but Iris understood its importance and encouraged him to go through it.

They have even begun renovating their home once more, now that they have the necessary funds. The new job was undoubtedly helping them solve some problems, but it was also causing them to encounter some new ones.

18. Long-Distance

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Even after being married, they felt like they were in a long-distance relationship and would just talk on social media. They would have some face-timing, but it wasn’t still enough. They wanted to be close, and his job was not allowing it. Thomas thought that his hard work and success would give him the advantage of not traveling so much and so far, but it was not in their cards.

They had to stay away from each other, and it was started to getting frustrated for both of them. They were so in love that they would not spend a second without each other, and now they have to be so far away.

19. Growing Apart:

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The distance was first just geographically, but then it started to develop in their hearts as well. They were away from each other for so long now that they turned into strangers. They talked on the phone and texted each other every day, but there was nothing left to talk about anymore. They use to have fought even over phones.

Their love started to turn into irritation and annoyance. First, they tried to save their relationship, but then they got bored of it. Iris stopped trying to support his husband in his situation. Thomas also stopped trying to save their relationship.

20. The Text:

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It was one that Thomas got a message from his wife that changed his mind. Iris texted him that she was distraught and frustrated with him. Iris believed that Thomas did not love her anymore. Thomas got worried. He was sad that he neglected his wife, He still loved her, but it was just the long-distance taking a toll on him. He started searching for another job near home. He was financially stable now. He knew that he could afford a new change of job now. His struggles paid off, and he got a great job near home. He was so happy that he is going back to his wife after all this time, but his happiness did not stay for long.

21. Surprising his Wife:

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Thomas was thrilled to meet his wife finally. They have stayed away for very long, so he decides to surprise his wife and starts giving interviews at other organizations. While waiting for their reply, he started thinking about ways how he could surprise his wife.

He was thinking of buying a gift for her as well. He would apologize for all the time he neglected her. He would show her by the present and the surprise visit that he still loves her. He was not aware of what was coming next; if he knew, he might not have planned any of this.

22. Surprise was Not a Good Idea:

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Thomas was giving his wife a surprise so he could show her his love and commitment, but it looked like it was not a good idea. If he had told Iris about his arrival, then he might not have seen what he saw. Thomas had no idea that his wife was feeling so unloved and neglected, he might have done something about it, but it was too late now.

He made a mistake by not telling his wife about his arrival, which he regretted now. He doesn’t think that he would ever forget the rest of his life what happened next.

23. Some Alluring Girls:

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Thomas was a slender, good-looking gentleman. He used to work as a salesman, which meant he had to meet many new people regularly. There used to be some lovely young ladies among those individuals who would attempt to allure him.

Thomas piqued the interest of a number of these individuals. Thomas had no idea that one of the ladies was so skilled at seducing men that he would be unable to resist her advances. Consider the possibility that he could foresee what was in store for him. His responsibility was to deal with people; he could not simply ignore them because he did not care for them.

24. The Stranger:

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Thomas was thrilled and excited to meet his wife finally. His mood was ruined when Iris began arguing with him about how much he preferred his job to his wife the moment they met up. Although he had planned everything for her, he was distraught because she had refused to forgive him. He became dissatisfied and left.

He went into a bar to get some drinks. He wished to forget about the battle and the stress. He attempted to unwind a little. His drink was being consumed when a stranger took up a position beside him. He had been stressed, so he tries to relax and enjoy the company of others.

25. They Clicked:

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Thomas and the stranger lady instantly clicked. They started talking. Thomas forgets all about his worries and about Iris as well. They were laughing and enjoying all night. It was getting late, everyone was leaving the bar, but they sat there talking all night. Thomas was ignoring all Iris’s messages and calls.

He was feeling very thrilled with this strange woman. Thomas wanted to forget all the stress, and this woman made it possible. He was having a great time. When the bar closed, the women invite him to her place. Thomas got into thinking about what he should do now?

26. Making a Mistake:

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Thomas was too drunk to make a rational decision. He was enjoying that woman’s company as well and did not want her to leave. Thomas did what his drunken mind thought is a good idea. He was stressed up and wanted to get away from all the problems just for one night.

Besides, that stranger lady looked like she will help him with that. He went with her to her home. The following day he regretted every single decision he has made. He was so guilty that he had cheated on his wife. The wife he loved so much and was the reason he was here in the first place.

27. It Took Just a One Photograph to Crash Down :

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Thomas went back to his wife and decided not to mention this mishap to her. He was very guilty of his action and promised himself that he would never do anything like this again. Thomas told Iris that he would not ignore her again and love her like he used to do.

Iris got all excited and happy when he said that he would not be traveling anymore and would stay with her. They went back to a lovely couple they were, and things started to set back into place till one day Thomas gets a picture from his wife.

28. A New Situation:

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Things were going great between them. They were again in love with each other. They will spend as much time with each other as they could. Thomas still had a job, but it was not so far away now. They would text each other if they were away for something. Send each other pictures.It was one day that Iris sent him a photo of herself that got him thinking.

There was something different about that photograph. Iris was wearing a white tank top in the picture, and she was smiling into the camera. But something else caught Thomas’s attention.

29. Minor Details:

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A minor detail was different in that photograph, but still, it was not that minor for Thomas to ignore. Iris has sent him a beautiful picture of herself. She was smiling and looked genuinely happy. He should have been glad that his wife was delighted and sent him a photo to make him happy as well. But he was not. He was concern about the thing he just noticed. He was agitated.

He thought things were better between them, but it looked like something went wrong. Thomas did not want to make things bitter between them again, but he cannot help being upset.

30. The Ring:

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Thomas keeps on looking at her wife’s hand where the wedding ring was missing. Iris was not wearing her wedding ring in the photo, and that made Thomas really upset. Iris was looking happy in the picture; she was smiling; why would she not wear her ring? Was it just an act?

Was she not satisfied with him, or was there another reason? These all questions were going around in Thomas’ head. He thought they were happy together. If they were pleased, then would her wife not wear the wedding ring? He was devastated and wanted to know the answers.  

31. He Was Not the Only Cheater:

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Thomas returned home, enraged, and approached Iris right away. It was pointless to waste time going around the bushes in the first place. He was determined to get his answers and had a plan to do so. He inquired of Iris about the ring, inquiring as to why she was not wearing it at the time of the photographs.

Iris reluctantly admits that she had been having an extramarital affair while Thomas was away. She was feeling lonely and unloved at the time, so when the other man offered his shoulder, she took it. Her wife’s infidelity immensely hurt Thomas. His trust and heart had been broken, and he did something he had vowed to himself he would never do.

32. Revealing Secret:

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Thomas was not only hurt but he was also enraged by what had happened. Since his wife had cheated on him, he felt there was no point in keeping it a secret for fear that she would be hurt as a result. He told her about what happened that night. He confessed to Iris that he had cheated on her with a woman he met at a nightclub and was not his wife.

It was Iris’ turn to be enraged at this point. She was in the same boat as Thomas. They got into it with each other. Both of them began yelling at each other, accusing each other of being cheaters. During their heated argument, they decide to part ways and never to see each other again.

33. The Divorce:

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They filed for a divorce and went their separate ways. They went as far away from each other as they could. Thomas leaves for abroad. He retakes his old position as there was no issue in staying away now. He did not want to stay where he can have any memory of Iris’s marriage failure.

Iris also left for the city where she always wanted to have a job in fashion. She did not wish to stay in that place as well. They were happy as a loving couple, but now they did not want to see each other faces.

34. New City:

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Thomas was living in a new city and is working his up into his company. He made some new friends and tried to get an everyday life. He was handsome, and now that he was rich as well, girls would try to have a relationship with him. But he would decline. He was heartbroken from his fail marriage that he stopped believing in love.

He did not want to get involved in a relationship. One day after work, he went to a nightclub in the neighborhood of his loft. He went to relax and just enjoy himself, but something strange happens there.  

35. A Gorgeous Girl:

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Thomas was taking pleasure in his time at the bistro. He didn’t bother trying to recall the last time he and Iris had visited a place like this on one of their dates. When he heard a commotion in the bistro, he kept himself occupied by checking his smartphone. It came to his attention that a stunning young lady had entered the bistro.

Everyone’s gaze was drawn to her direction. Her hair was short and drab. She was a stunningly attractive young lady. Thomas shifted his gaze to the side of the bistro, away from where all the commotion was taking place. He was taken aback when he realized who the girl was in front of him.

36. An Old Crush:

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Thomas was surprised to see her old crush, Angel, from the high school in front of him. She was his sweetheart from high school. They parted ways when her father had to move due to his work to the other country. They parted in junior year of secondary school and did not stay much in contact after that. Just some social media strings were still attached.

They would just post some birthday posts. Thomas was very stunned to see an old flame in front of him after all those years. He had absolutely no expectation of seeing her at all.

37. Catching Up:

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They smiled at each other when they recognized each other. Angle went to him sat with him. They started talking. They had a lot to catch up on. Angel told him that she was also surprised to see him here. They were just kids when they were together. Now they both were grownups. They fell into a rhythm of talking like they are not meeting after somewhat ten years. They felt like they only met after few days.

They were laughing and enjoying their time with each other. All their feelings were starting to rise up that they had for each other’s back in the day.

38. Sharing Their Lives:

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They shared their life stories. Sharing all the difficult times they have gone through. They didn’t realize how much time was spent them sitting there talking. Thomas felt good after a long time. It was not the same as Iris, but he felt somewhat relaxed. Thomas found out that Angel was also separated from her husband as well.

Thomas told her about Iris that she was now married and had a kid. They went through the same problems that are, why they understood each other better. Thomas was happy that he could share some of the burden of his life with someone.

39. The old feeling coming back:

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They both were so immersed into talking that they didn’t realize that the bistro was almost close. They were sitting at their table holding hands and unaware of the world around them. They talked about everything and listened to each other’s heartbreaking stories. And show each other some support.  

The waitress gave them some time alone and told them to let her know so she could shut the place. She left with a smile, but they stayed there looking into each other’s eyes, unaware of the world and feeling all the emotions back again they once had for each other.

40. New Beginning:

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They left the bistro after a while and went out, still holding hands. Angel told Thomas that she would like to show him around. They walk in the lights of silent and calm streets as they knew it was the beginning of something new. They sat outside the bistro and waited for their respective cabs. They smiled at each other realizing where this was leading to.

They both decided to meet again. They were happy that they both found love again. It was not just the old emotions and feelings coming to the surface but also something new, and they both hold on to that for their lives.