Nicole Kidman Reveals The Truth About Her Marriage To Tom Cruise

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Nicole Kidman is one of the most popular actresses on the planet. Kidman and Cruise were married in 1990, a few years after they met on the set of the film Days of Thunder. They divorced in 2001, but throughout their marriage the Hollywood power couple was one of the most talked about couples in Hollywood.

Now, Kidman has finally opened up about her relationship with Cruise and why she stayed with him through thick and thin for 11 years. Stay tuned while we dive deeper into Nicole and Tom’s tumultuous marriage in detail. The following text gives an insight into Nicole’s feelings.

1. The biggest revelations from Nicole Kidman’s book

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When it comes to her marriage to Tom Cruise, Nicole Kidman hasn’t been shy about sharing intimate details with her fans. In an upcoming memoir, called ‘Unbroken,’ Kidman describes her relationship with ex-husband in a raw and vulnerable manner.

Fans who read ‘Unbroken’ have offered their insight into what else was revealed by Nicole in her book including why she ended up leaving Cruise as well as if any of it is actually true. Some sites have posted otherwise, but these are the facts about what happened. Below are five big revelations from Nicole’s latest book that fans won’t want to miss!

3. Their 9-year age gap

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Even though Nicole and Tom were just a year apart in age, she says they’re not compatible in that way. Tom’s an Aquarius, she says. He loves freedom. I’m an earth sign, very planted. She believes that one of their biggest clashes was over having children, which is something she wanted and he didn’t: If it wasn’t [me] telling him, it would have been his biological clock.

She also brings up another sensitive topic: His 2006 divorce from Katie Holmes. With Nicole he adopted two children during their marriage (daughter Isabelle and son Connor). Despite some rumors to the contrary, Nicole doesn’t believe Suri is the reason oft Tom’s second divorce!

4. Why they got married

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When Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise wed in 1990, they quickly became one of Hollywood’s most loved power couples. They had an on-screen chemistry that was unparalleled, with fans everywhere proclaiming them TomKid. At their marriage ceremony, they exchanged vows while looking deeply into each other’s eyes.

But according to new interviews with Nicole, there was a lot more going on than meets the eye. The couple seemed to be focused on more than just their vows, they were deeply in love with each other during this time. Although they were infatuated with each other on camera, no one really knew what went on behind the scenes.

5. Losing the children

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It’s been eight years since Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise divorced, but for her, it’s still painful to talk about. In a new interview with “Red” magazine, Nicole revealed that she considers herself lucky for having come out of her marriage to Tom without losing everything.

But what she may be referring to specifically is how hard she fought just to see her children after their separation. After Nicole went public with their divorce in 2001 (which was followed by intense speculation that it was due to religious differences), she continued to fight for custody of both children, Isabelle and Connor.

7. What she left out of her book

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While she has been candid about her divorce, Nicole Kidman has only revealed a few select details about her marriage to Tom Cruise. With her new book, Uncommon Type, which is set to hit shelves in November, fans may finally get some clarity. A representative for Nicole told E! News on Tuesday that it will be the most revealing autobiography ever.

In one part of her book, she says that leaving Tom was an incredibly difficult decision, and it took a long time to come to terms with leaving him. She also discusses how there were years of issues between them and their children.

8. Tom Cruise (1971-2012)

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Born on July 3, 1971 in Syracuse, New York. He started taking acting classes to improve his talent. Tom began performing at school events and church gatherings. But first he wanted to become a wrestler. He graduated from Glen Ridge High School at 17 years old with a GPA of 2.3/4.

At 19 years old he moved to NYC to pursue a career as an actor which lead him getting roles on The Edge (1989) TV show as Joey Boca and Born on the Fourth of July (1989) movie where he played Ron Kovic who was paralyzed during a Vietnam War operation.

9. Nicole Kidman (1967-2017)

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Nicole Kidman is an Australian actress, singer, film producer, and humanitarian. She has been nominated for multiple awards throughout her career including an Academy Award, a Golden Globe Award, three BAFTA Awards, four Golden Globe Awards and has won a Screen Actors Guild Award.

While graciously accepting these honors, Kidman still found it hard to hide the obvious. There was trouble brewing at the home front and no one knew until it was impossible to hide any longer. She had the support of her husband, yet still felt uneasy about the situation as a whole. Continue to read about Tom and Nicole’s romance.

10. Tom & Nicole together (1990–2001)

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Cruise was married to his Days of Thunder co-star Nicole Kidman from 1990 to 2001. Their daughter, Isabella Jane Cruise, was born December 22, 1992. The couple adopted two children: a son named Connor Anthony (born 1995) and a daughter named Isabella Jane (1996–2006).

On February 4, 2001 it was announced that Tom had filed for divorce from Nicole. The divorce was finalized on August 8, 2001. It is reported that Nicole received $35 million as part of their divorce settlement, along with full custody of their children. This Hollywood couple has been covered by many magazine and news media over the duration of the marriage.

11. Tom & Nicole break up (2002–2006)

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In 2002, Cruise married actress Katie Holmes. They adopted a daughter named Suri in April 2006. The couple announced their separation five months later, on June 28, 2006. Kidman and Cruise starred together in Eyes Wide Shut, and she supported him as he did press for Vanilla Sky.

But by 2002, cracks began to appear. In January of that year, Kidman’s father died; just weeks later, her sister Antonia also passed away. I wasn’t going to leave or break up my family, she told reporters at a film festival last year. But I had to ask myself how I could have a child without a soulmate.

12. Tom married Katie Holmes (2006–2012)

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The actor had been married once before to actress Mimi Rogers; he was 23 years old at that time. He has three children from his first, second and third marriage: Isabella Jane (born December 22, 1992), Connor Anthony (born January 17, 1995), and Suri (born April 18, 2006).

By marrying Katie Holmes—his third wife—he becomes stepfather to her daughter with actor Chris Klein. Not too long after they wed—on December 28—their daughter is born. She is named Suri after a region of northern Italy where Tom has often filmed movies over the years. It also happens to be a Hebrew word meaning red rose.

13. Nicole Kidman struggles with infertility

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There are millions of couples in the United States alone who struggle with infertility. It’s a heartbreaking and stressful experience that can cause devastating financial and emotional distress to those involved. However, actress Nicole Kidman and her husband Tom Cruise were lucky enough to have overcome their struggles with infertility, thanks to adoption services that helped them finally have their two children together: Isabella Jane Cruise (born December 22, 1992) and Connor Antony Cruise (born January 17, 1995).

Read more about Nicole Kidman’s struggles with infertility issues as we look deeper into her past struggles. Even financial opportunities often do not help over the pain.

14. Nicole Kidman’s divorce causes her to spend more time in Australia

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Film: Aquaman

Kidman was born in Hawaii to Australian parents, but grew up in Australia with her sisters and brothers after her parents divorced when she was very young. Now, news has emerged that Kidman and her husband have separated, prompting many to speculate that the split was due in part to her wanting to spend more time in Australia.

According to Nicole, her and Tom wanted to have their own child. When they couldn’t conceive one on their own, they adopted Isabella Jane Cruise in 1992 and Connor Antony Cruise in 1995. The separation of the couple was very painful for the children.

15. A closer look at Nicole Kidman’s divorce

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Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise were married for 11 years before their divorce. The split was not due to any one specific reason, but rather a combination of factors including irreconcilable differences. Nicole Kidman has revealed she was never able to have children naturally with husband Tom Cruise, and so turned to fertility treatments.

One media source claimed that the split was due in part to Kidman wanting to spend more time in her home country of Australia. It has also been reported that Cruise may have been starting his own church at home, causing a rift between him and his wife.

16. Why is she spending so much time in Australia?

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It could be that she and husband Keith Urban are trying to make their marriage work. Or maybe she’s using her time there as a way of getting away from whatever is going on with him. Either way, it looks like Nicole has decided that a trip Down Under may be what she needs right now.

Whether she’ll continue living in Los Angeles after their divorce, however, remains to be seen. Right now, all we know is that Nicole Kidman will be spending more time in Australia. In fact, she might even consider moving back there permanently. Sometimes it is good to go back to the roots.

17. The legal aspect of the divorce

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We tried [to get pregnant] for almost 10 years, she told news show “Extra” . And then all of a sudden I fell pregnant very quickly [with Isabella]. I thought it would happen really easily. But when it didn’t happen in any way that was natural, we had to do something about it. And so we just kept trying.

In order for Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban to get divorced, they first have to file for divorce. They could both do it on their own, but that’s typically not how most celebrity couples go about it. Nothing more should stay in the way oft happiness,

18. She wants to make sure she has enough money for retirement

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Although she hasn’t been as active in her acting career lately, Nicole Kidman is still one of Hollywood’s top earners. Not only does her resume include many star-studded films, she has tried many forms of acting as well. And for good reason—the actress has consistently acted well and won multiple awards during her twenty-plus year career.

With such success comes a hefty paycheck, however, and that means you have to take extra care when managing your finances, so you can save up enough money for retirement. Advertising contracts secure additional income for Nicole. Today she can live without financial problems.

19. The Journey of Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman

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Every relationship has its ups and downs, but few have been as public as that of Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman, who shocked the world when they announced their split in 2001 after nine years of marriage. The couple began dating in 1990, when Cruise was still married to his first wife Mimi Rogers.

After divorcing Rogers in February 1990, Cruise married Kidman in December 1990. Immediately, the press pounced on the beautiful couple. They had no rest from the paparazzi, but that welded them together even more. Read on, how the dream couple found each other and why they felt in love.

20. How they met

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Was it love at first sight? Did Tom Cruise say all the right things? Here is what we know. The two met in April 1996 on her farm in Australia while filming “Days of Thunder”. For months, Tom bombarded her with roses to get her attention. At first, she rebuffed his attempts at romance, but after two years, she finally relented.

They married in a glamorous ceremony on Christmas Eve 1990. The couple welcomed their first child (daughter Isabella) on January 22nd, 1992. Many women envied Nicole for the Top Gun actor. Tom Cruise was very attractive and Nicole fall madly in love.

21. Their unusual relationship

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They were Hollywood’s golden couple, known for their off-screen chemistry as well as Tom Cruise’s acrobatic leaps on Oprah’s couch. But only a few years later, after over 10 years together, they announced their separation.

Citing difficulties inherent in divergent careers which constantly kept them apart, they concluded that an amicable separation seemed best for both of them at this time, read a statement issued jointly by reps for each of them. “We decide to make an amicable breakup that has been decided by us privately.” A sad decision that leaves the fans of the couples disappointed. The drama for Nicole continues.

22. The breakup

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Film: FAR AND AWAY, 1992.

Breaking up with someone that you love is never really easy. The decision to split up was not made lightly. They had been dating since 1990, when they met on a shoot for “Days of Thunder” (1990). They married in December 1990, shortly after she divorced her first husband, country singer Tom Hogan.

The two worked together on many projects over their decade-long marriage, including “Far and Away” (1992), “Days of Thunder” (1990), “Cocktail” (1988) and “The Firm” (1993). However, by 1997 their careers began to pull them apart. Nicole suffered a lot from the separation and it took years to recover from it.

23. Where Are They Now?

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Ever since Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman announced their separation in February 2001, each star has seen success on their own. Following her divorce from Cruise, Kidman has starred in several high-profile films, including “The Others” (2001), “Cold Mountain” (2003), “Bewitched” (2005), Fur: An Imaginary “Portrait of Diane Arbus” (2006) and “Australia” (2008).

She won a Golden Globe Award for Best Actress for her portrayal of Virginia Woolf in The Hours. But Tom Cruise was also very productive. We know him as incredible heroic in his “Mission Impossible” movies. Although the marriage to Katie Holmes and their divorce made headlines.

24. Did Scientology cause Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise’s divorce?

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The unusual part? They didn’t divorce right away; instead they adopted a new level of privacy (such as not being photographed with each other). They’re one of Hollywood’s most iconic couples, but did Scientology cause Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise’s divorce? Let’s take a look at the facts and see if there’s any evidence to support the theory that the religion played some role in their breakup.

And, if you ask us, that’s probably a good thing for both of them. Let’s look at this a little bit more in depth. After all, people gossip a lot and not everything is true.

25. Nicole Kidman is a Scientologist

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While she was studying at Flinders University, Nicole decided to take Scientology courses for fun. Although she never really expected anything out of her classes, it wasn’t long before she knew that Scientology was what she wanted to dedicate her life to. She knew that it had helped her become a more self-assured woman so she signed up as a Scientologist at age 19.

In 1989, Nicole married fellow Scientologist Tom Cruise, and they have two children together: Isabella Jane (born 1992) and Connor Antony (born in 1995). Isabella joined Sea Org when she turned 8 years old. The religion played a big role in the couple’s life.

26. David Miscavige was there when Nicole and Tom met

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It was July 1987, at the home of producer Jan Harlan in Telluride, Colorado. Harlan’s wife, Christiane Kubrick, a German-born filmmaker, was organizing a gala to celebrate her movie about a millionaire whose young daughter is murdered; to raise money for charity she had invited many Hollywood celebrities—including Tom Cruise.

Nicole Kidman was there too. She had been cast as David Bowie’s lover in Labyrinth (1986), which was being directed by Jim Henson. Henson often brought his troupe of Muppets along with him when he traveled, so he could test film clips on them to see if they were funny.

27. Scientology broke up many other Hollywood marriages

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In 1996, John Travolta divorced Kelly Preston after 12 years of marriage. The couple had been introduced to Scientology by their Scientologist friend Kirstie Alley. According to published reports, Travolta’s dedication to his religion caused a rift in his relationship with Preston. In 2000, Alley also broke up with her husband of 10 years, Parker Stevenson.

She told that she decided to leave him because he wasn’t committed enough to the Church of Scientology for her liking. In fact, it was a mutual decision; Stevenson also reportedly wanted more time for his acting career rather than being completely involved in church work.

28. Scientology has been criticized by the mainstream media


Many non-Scientologists are uncomfortable with what they see as unorthodox practices. There is a lot of controversy around these doctrines. Some believe that church members, particularly celebs such as John Travolta and now Tom Cruise, have been turned into lonely leaders who view all outsiders as enemies of their religion.

Certainly Travolta’s divorce from Kelly Preston, in which he used every legal maneuver available to him to ensure she would have no contact with their children (he now has sole custody), suggests that theory has some validity. So the rumors about the influence of the religion never stops and continues to these days.

30. Nicole Kidman on self-worth

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Nicole Kidman is an Australian-American actress who was raised in Sydney, Australia. “When I was 25, I made a decision that my self-worth was not tied to what I did or didn’t do. It came to me in a quiet moment when I read a line from Antoine de Saint-Exupéry: You—you alone will have the stars as no one else has them… In one of those stars I shall be living. In one of them I shall be laughing.”

Nicole doesn’t really care what you think about her. Check out what else she said here! The actress has really a strong character.

31. Nicole Kidman on being a gay icon

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I think I’ve always been a gay icon. When I was doing Moulin Rouge, every drag queen in town was in that movie! If I wasn’t already a gay icon then, after Lion King, and Dogville, and Birth (all of which were part of what my rep is now), then certainly after Rabbit Hole… There’s an ideal that you have to be thin to be a movie star or someone who’s beautiful.

But we know that’s not true, it is truly within that, in turn, determines what goes on in your life. Read more of the great actress’s secret confessions.

33. Nicole Kidman on preparation for engagements

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“I Don’t Give a Fuck.” Actress Nicole Kidman said that she doesn’t care what people think about her and that she still has a good relationship with her ex-husband Tom Cruise. “I don’t give a fuck”, Kidman told VF Hollywood when asked about media criticisms on her career choices.

The Moulin Rouge! The star said that if she let critics get to her, then it would be not so smart. If you think Nicole is fearless, then read more. Nicole had an incredible career. The separation from Tom Cruise had not harmed her professionally in any way. She is admired and respected as an actress.

34. She is not bothered by media criticism

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The term “unbothered” gets thrown around on social media as much as those quotes we have seen a million times. “If you take yourself too seriously, you’re not going to be able to laugh at yourself. So I just try and learn from everything—the good and bad—and have a laugh at myself.

If that comes across as “Oh, she doesn’t care what people think of her”, then maybe I don’t care what people think of me!” This is the kind of fearlessness that Kidman is known for in her career. Nicole is a role model for many young and elder actors.

35. What we know about Nicole Kidman’s “Big Little Lies”

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No matter what you think of Nicole Kidman, there’s no denying that her HBO series “Big Little Lies” was a massive hit during its run in the last years. Even though the show officially came to an end, there are still plenty of things we don’t know about the show, from Kidman’s character Celeste and her real-life inspiration to whether or not the show will get a third season.

So, here’s what we know about Nicole Kidman’s “Big Little Lies”. It was this that exposed Kidman to a new viewing audience. As always, Kidman did a great job together with the crew.

36. The show is based on true events

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HBO’s new limited series, starring Nicole Kidman and Reese Witherspoon as rival Monterey mothers, is based on Liane Moriarty’s novel of the same name. The storyline follows a group of Monterey mothers—Witherspoon, Laura Dern, Shailene Woodley, Zoe Kravitz and Sarah Hyland—as they navigate the lies we tell ourselves.

Big Little Lies will also star Adam Scott, James Tupper and Jeffrey Nordling. After casting was complete for HBO’s project from David E. Kelley based on Moriarty’s 2014 novel of same name about three women whose lives become entangled after one of their children is murdered by her abusive husband. We really recommend this show!

37. The Show Was Nominated For 8 Golden Globes

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One of them was Nicole Kidman’s for Best Actress in a TV Series (Drama). Nicole Kidman is an Australian actress who earned an Oscar for The Hours and a Golden Globe for “Moulin Rouge”! She’s also won a Golden Globe for “Bewitched”.

In 2017, she played Celeste Wright on HBO’s Big Little Lies alongside Reese Witherspoon. The show will return to HBO for season 2 with its all-star cast, including Laura Dern, Zoe Kravitz, and Meryl Streep. This particular show brought an all-star cast with amazing writers into the fray. This was another highlight in Nicole’s great career. What a success!

38. Season 2

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Season 2 oft the drama series “Big Little Lies” premiered in June 2019 on HBO. Meryl Streep appears in Monterey as Mary Louise Wright, mother of the dead husband Perry. The show is a drama based on Liane Moriarty’s novel of the same name. For her role as Celeste Wright, Nicole Kidman was nominated for an Emmy and Golden Globe award.

In Season 2 Nicole still plays her role as Celeste. “Right now, I just want to keep doing my best work possible.”, says Nicole. What many viewers do not know: Nicole Kidman and Reese Witherspoon are also the producers of this incredible show.

39. The Undoing

Image: IMAGO / ZUMA Press

Another miniseries in which Nicole is brilliant is “The Undoing”. She plays a wife and the mother of one son. Family dramas are Nicole’s specialty, and she’s incredibly convincing in this thriller, too. Her husband played by Hugh Grant is cheating. Nicole sticks to the family idyll. The situation becomes difficult when the beloved is found murdered.

The wife tries to protect her family and believes in her husband’s innocence. However, she has more and more doubts. Nicole plays her role so expressively that we cheer for her and understand how much she wants an intact family. A wish that Kidman also has for her real life.

40. What Do Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise Have Planned for 2021?

Image: MAGO / ZUMA Wire

Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise have been at the forefront of Hollywood since the mid 1990s, with both of them becoming well-known across the globe. But what’s next in store for these two? What do Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise have planned from 2021 onwards?

What do Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise have planned after 2021? Let’s take a look at what these two have planned post-pandemic. Hopefully there will be some new blockbusters in the mix for these two seasoned veterans. But their private life will also always be of public interest. Read what the two are up to

41. Nicole Kidman and children

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In 2021, expect to see Nicole Kidman with two children at her side. The couple has been very vocal about their desire to expand their family in recent years. Nicole Kidman says that her battle with infertility led to her decision to adopt two children, Isabella Jane Cruise and Connor Antony Cruise.

I was 35 when we started trying for Connor, she said. [We wanted] to have a family, but I didn’t know what that meant, whether it would be one or two or three. I went through all those steps in terms of IVF and other things that you do try… And it never happened.

42. Tom Cruise

Image: IMAGO / Sebastian Frej

“What lies ahead in his future: I don’t know if it will happen, but I can see myself retiring from acting, going back to school, maybe studying to be a doctor. Or maybe it’ll be something completely different; who knows? There are so many great films being made right now, and there are also a lot of terrible films out there too!

They keep me honest about my craft. They challenge me not to get lazy with my work on set because no matter how big your audience is or how much money you make at the box office, you still have to give them something that’s worth seeing”. Even if Nicole took these words in her mouth, we firmly believe that we will still see a lot of films from her and her ex-husband.

43. Nicole Kidman’s career

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Many have tried to guess what Nicole Kidman’s career will look like a decade from now. Many have even tried to guess what her role in Top Gun: Maverick will be. In 2021, Nicole Kidman is planning on completing her Broadway debut as Desirée Armfeldt in Stephen Sondheim’s A Little Night Music —an incredibly demanding role that she’ll share with Angela Lansbury.

But before then, she’ll also make her television debut as Alex Forrest—the psychotic ex-girlfriend of Glenn Close’s protagonist—in HBO’s remake of Fatal Attraction. Also there is a new mini-series in Post production. It is named ” Nine Perfect Stangers”.

44. Nicole Kidman’s next film

Image: IMAGO / ZUMA Wire

Nicole Kidman is an actress, well known for her role in ‘Big Little Lies’. Over her career she has received many awards including Golden Globe Awards, SAG Awards, Australian Film Institute Awards, Screen Actors Guild Awards and Primetime Emmy Awards. She was born on June 20th 1967 in Honolulu, Hawaii. Her last film that came out was a documentary about surfing directed by Wayne Blair.

At 45 years old she doesn’t seem to have any other projects upcoming apart from staying at home with her children. We wonder what she’ll be doing in …in 2021…when she’s 50 years old … oh, we mean young!

45. Happy family

Image: IMAGO / UPI Photo

The 51-year-old actress and her husband Keith Urban raise Sunday (10) and Faith (8). After filming is over, Nicole can’t wait to go home to her family. Weekends with friends are therefore of secondary importance. Nicole has waited a long time for this happiness and will certainly not let go of it.

The musician Keith Urban is her soulmate and she can live with him, which was not possible with Tom: a happy family. The family inspires her career and is the inspiration for her depictions. On the red carpet, Keith and Nicole are always beaming. A new dream couple who are no longer called Nicole and Tom, but Nicole and Keith. Life is changing.