Kind Hairdresser Spends Her Day Helping a Troubled Teenager

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It was a typical day for hairdresser Kayley Olsson until she met a teenage girl who struggled with depression. Olsson decided to help the depressed teen who came in for a trim. However, the sixteen-year-old teen had completely let go of her hair and general hygiene. The hair was so matted and knotted.

The teenage girl sat there for hours, patiently watching Olsson work. It was a perfect day because the girl was not used to this kind of attention. After the woman spent all day helping the teenage girl, the girl could now proudly show off all of her beautiful hair.

1. Kayley Meets The Troubled Teen

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It was a typical week for Kayley Olsson, a 20-year-old hairdresser student at Capri College beauty school based in Iowa. She had finished a day of training and was working at her part-time job at a salon. That particular day started as any other day for Olsson. She had no idea it was about to change when a young teenage girl entered the salon.

She looked like she could use some help. Her hair was pulled back in a big bunch, and her face showed evidence of not having washed it for weeks. Her clothes were also wrinkled.

2. Kayley Helps Her

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Kayley wanted to help this girl get better, so instead of leaving her alone, she asked if she wanted to sit down and talk a little. The girl wanted to shave the hair off her head, but she was very nervous, and it took some time to talk her out of it.

Kayley noticed that the girl’s hair was incredibly knotty and matted. She decided to help the girl by first removing some of the knots from her hair. As she was doing this, Kayley asked about the girl’s home life and how she was coping with everyday life.

3. The Game Begins

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Kayley knew it would be a long journey, so she prepared herself for some time with her. She brought her a water bottle because the girl would have to wait awhile before they finished. The girl agreed to let Kayley help clean her hair, and then she decided to talk about how it is best to help people when they feel down and hopeless.

This greatly helped the girl, and she was now fully engaged with Kayley. In some minutes, some of the knots started loosening up. After an hour, Kayley had only managed to undo a few knots.

4. The Brush Was Used

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Kayley decided to use a brush to help her cut the knots loose. This was not the best idea she had ever had because now there was hair all over the ground. Kayley told the girl to grab a tissue and wipe away all loose hair.

She also let her know that it was not a big deal if she wanted to leave. She was deeply touched by the gesture, which was a massive step for them both. The girl was getting less upset, so Kayley asked her how she thought cutting off all of her hair would help her.

5. The Haircut Continued

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It was time to continue cutting the hair. For around the next 5 hours, Kayley combed out the hair and did it strand by strand. She used a lot of conditioning spray to help keep the process healthy.

The girl was very surprised at how long it took to comb the knots out of her hair, but she was very patient while she sat there and let Kayley work on her hair. Kayley also combed out all the knots left on the ground. She cleaned up the hair, and they were satisfied with everything they had accomplished to that point.

6. Wash And Cut

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The girl was kind of nervous about this, but Kayley assured her it was OK. It was time to clean the hair and cut off the longer hair. The girl didn’t want to get it cut, but Kayley convinced her that it would help make her look better because she now knew how to style and care for her hair.

Kayley gave her a nice wash with a special shampoo, cutting off most of her hair. After that, she blow-dried it and made it look beautiful. The sad girl looked at her hair and said it was much better than before.

7. The End Result

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After 13 hours had passed in total, Kayley completed the job of combing and styling this girl’s hair and then took a picture of her once she was completely done with her job.

She posted the photo to Facebook with a caption stating that this can happen when you let people help you do what you don’t feel comfortable doing yourself. The girl was delighted with her new look and left the salon with a beautiful smile. Now that she had confidence in herself, she went back to her life and tried to live life as normally as possible.

8. Job well Done

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Kayley did an incredible job, and she helped this girl who seemed to be lost entirely. She would hold on to her hair, but now that she was confident in herself and her new look, she was ready to move on with her life. The girl smiled for the first time when she saw her picture and was not embarrassed about it.

She was happy that Kayley took the time to help her feel better with all those knots in her hair. She even thanked Kayley for helping her. It is amazing what happens when someone trusts others for help.

9. The Reaction From Social Media

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Kayley realized that many people who saw her post were not surprised by what had happened. They were shocked and applauded Kayley for being so kind and taking the time to help out this girl. The positive feedback on Kayley’s Facebook post was overwhelming.

Many people were pleased about how she helped Kayley and praised her for her kindness. The positive responses on Kayley’s Facebook page were overwhelming; she received many supportive comments, including dozens of people who commented that they’d want their kids to look like Kayley after she got the makeover.

10. Review and Final Ending

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Being kind can affect others, like how Kayley Olsson positively impacted this girl’s life. The girl looked very different before And after the fantastic transformation that Kayley helped her with. From the long thick hair to the short and stylish hair, this girl’s life changed in one day.

She was happier, looking and feeling good. It was a very inspiring experience for everyone involved. The girl is now confident in herself to get help whenever she feels sad or upset. She found someone who cares about her and knows how to make herself feel better when her self-esteem gets too low.

11. General hair Hygiene

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After hearing the story of Hayley and the teenager, it is necessary to maintain a healthy, clean, and well-maintained hairstyle or cut for all haircuts and styles. Proper hair hygiene techniques can help to keep your hair healthy. Just as the hair must be combed and brushed, it needs to be maintained to stay healthy and look good.

A lot can also be done to keep hair healthy when it comes to the many grosser aspects of daily life, such as showering, washing, and combing hair. Here is what you can do to ensure your hair stays well-maintained throughout.

12. Wash and Condition Your Hair

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The first step in the process is always to make sure that your hair has been cleaned and conditioned with a good daily hair product. After showering, rinse hair with a shampoo and conditioner specially designed to keep hair healthy.

Try to use products designed for color-treated hair, such as those labeled “color care” or “color retaining.” The conditioner will help keep the hair moisturized and healthy. By doing this, your hair will always stay moisturized and healthy. This is the most essential part of hair care because everything else you do is pointless if your hair isn’t healthy.

13. Use the Correct Products

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Secondly, it is essential to use the correct types of products. The best hair products will help keep your hair well-behaved and moisturized. Your body has different types of hair that require other products, but most people use whatever they think will look best on their face or body.

Different types of people use different products because their hairs need different things. For example, someone with very thin hair might not want to use too much product, while someone with thick curly or wavy hair might want more to add weight and strength. Hair care products will help you to maintain your hair.

14. Be Gentle With the Hair

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You have to be gentle with your hair. Combing hair is key to keeping it healthy and looking good, but it shouldn’t be done in a way that causes the hair to shred apart or causes you pain. You should do so gently and as carefully as possible every time you comb your hair.

Taking care of your hair will ensure that you have great looking hair for a very long time. This will also help your hair stay in a healthy and good condition. Also, use a good hairbrush that will help keep your hair healthy.

15. Use the Right Tools for Each Type of Strand

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No one brush or comb is going to work for every person; different people require different types of brushes and combs depending on the type of tangles in their hair and their personal preference. A brush for thick hair will not work for someone with thin hair.

So, when using a comb or brush, you need to find the type of hair in your locks and then use the right tool. When it comes to hair, the hair strand plays an essential part. Different kinds of strands have different needs and responses to various treatments.

16. Know Your Hair Type

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Yes, everyone has different hair, and each person should care for it differently, but knowing what type of hair you have can also allow you to take better care of it. Knowing what your hair needs can help you to give it the proper attention and prevent any damage or problems with your locks.

Most hairs fall into one of these categories: straight, wavy, curly, or curly/wavy. Knowing your hair type makes it easier to find the best products for it. When looking for the correct hair tool, know your hair type before looking.

17. Use a Heat Protectant

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It is essential to use a heat protectant. At first, hair straightening products were considered a no-no. However, after the invention of the flat iron, many salons now offer this service to customers. Most people use hair straighteners on their hair to get rid of the frizz in it and make it look smooth, but this can damage the hair if not done right.

A great thing to do before blowing out your hair is to use an excellent heat-protecting product. This will help prevent chemicals or tools from wreaking havoc on your beautiful locks.

18. Watch Your Diet

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Although it is not a big concern to most people, your diet can also be the main cause of hair damage. Eating the right foods daily will help your body stay healthy and active, which will inevitably lead to healthy hair. Your body needs to be kept healthy for your hair to look good and not get damaged by it.

What you eat before and during hair treatment is just as important as what you wash it with. Eating certain foods can make your hair dry, brittle, or weak. Some foods and beverages will affect the growth or health of your hair, causing different problems as they occur.

19. Wash Your Brushes and Combs Regularly

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It’s easy to forget about washing these tools regularly, but they need to be cleaned just as often as your hair does. If you are trying to keep your hair healthy with a daily routine, you must also do that for your brushes and combs. You can usually hand wash them to clean them well.

A good thing to remember when handwashing these items is to ensure that they are clean before using them on your hair by rinsing off the soap and water residue. To maintain hair, it is essential to make sure that you wash your brushes and combs every time you use them.

20. Concentrate Shampoo on the Scalp

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This might not be the most pleasant of ideas, but shampooing is essential to hair care. You need to use the best shampoo for your hair type and the right amount each time. It would be best if you did not overdo it as this will lead to more problems with your hair.

That is why you want to stick to using a shampoo specifically made for your type of hair. Shampooing will effectively remove dirt and oil from your hair and scalp, allowing you more control over your hair with the right shampoo.

21. Benefits of Having Good General Hair Hygiene

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Taking good care of your hair will be healthy and vigorous for a very long time. In addition, it will grow fast from the start. The reward of taking good care of your hair is that you will be able to use it for a long time.

It will be very beneficial for your health, and you will look good to others. There are long-term and short-term benefits of having good general hygiene. Just like any other part of your body, your hair needs to be adequately hydrated to stay healthy.

22. High Self Esteem

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Hair hygiene is an essential factor in maintaining good self-esteem. People with good hair hygiene know that they look great, feel great, and that they can hold their heads up high. They are not afraid to look confidently in the mirror and show off their healthy hair.

Your hair is one of the first things people notice when they look at you. Proper hair care and taking good care of it will increase your self-esteem. This can help you to feel more confident and show who you are. Also, you can confidently show the world you care about yourself.

23. Good Health

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It is no less important than our diet, but we all neglect some critical pieces of hygienic routines which are pretty important for our overall health daily, like hair care routine. It is essential that you take good care of your hair and keep it clean at all times because true beauty comes from within.

It would help if you kept your scalp clean, especially in winter; otherwise, you might feel itchy. You will not be at risk for an infection if you wash correctly and keep the scalp dry. A clean scalp makes it easier to control dandruff.

24. Better Overall Appearance

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Hair hygiene is crucial for overall appearance, for if you have a bad hair day, no one will notice it because you don’t have your hair looking spectacular.

The same thing applies to the staff at work or anywhere else you go where your job is concerned; if you look messy, this will reflect on your work and make people think poorly of your abilities. Hair care will not only make you feel better about yourself, but it will also improve your overall appearance and confidence.

25. Hair Loss is prevented

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People who are prone to hair loss will lose more with poor hair hygiene. This is partly due to poor diet and lack of exercise, but also poor hair hygiene may be the main reason for hair loss at any age as it is easy for oil and dirt to collect on the scalp.

Good hair hygiene will reduce the build-up of oil and dirt, which will stop breakage. You should get a diagnosis and treatment if it happens. There are many causes of hair loss that can be prevented with the proper care of the scalp and hair.

26. Good Longevity of Hair

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It is a well-known fact that no one likes to see their hair thinning or falling out. In fact, many are desperate to prevent it from happening at any cost because they worry that their beautiful locks might be taken away from them forever.

Luckily, if you take good care of your hair and keep it clean, it will look healthy and full of volume. Hair is not only a significant part of our looks but also essential to longevity. You can still have beautiful hair well into your sixties and seventies.

27. Easy styling

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Another important thing to consider when worrying about health is your hairstyle because even if your hair is healthy, it may be challenging to style it the way you want due to a lack of volume. This is why you should use restorative styling techniques that contain natural products so that you can have a gorgeous mane of hair at all times.

Remember, this will also lead to a healthier scalp which means that dandruff won’t be as bad when on your head. When you take proper care of your hair, it will be much easier to style.

28. Prevents Hair Breakage

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Hair is weak enough on its own that it needs protection from heat and styling tools that may cause it to break over time. If you don’t take care of your hair, it will get brittle and break off easily, but with the right products that help to strengthen it, this can be prevented.

There are also various products that you can apply to avoid these problems from occurring. Breakage at the ends of your hair can make your hair look frizzy and contribute to more loss. If you keep up with your hair maintenance, there will be less breakage.

29. Prevents bald patches

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Some people lose a lot of hair every time they brush or wash it. This can turn into a problem, especially when you get older, because this will lead to bald patches. However, if you take good care of your hair, your scalp will be healthier and better looking, preventing these problems.

Another thing to consider with your hair is if you are losing patches of hair on your head. This can be embarrassing, but it is generally caused by an infection or fungal growth, which you should treat immediately.

30. Saves Money

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Currently, money is increasingly important for everybody, and you do not want to waste money on your hair because it is such a small investment. This is why healthy hair is a good investment for your overall health and well-being.

Taking care of your hair will last longer, so you won’t have to spend a lot on dyeing it more often or cutting it too much. You can get the same hairstyle for an extended period of time, and this will save you money in the long run. Money is hard to save when you are young and have no savings.

31. Depression and Other Mental Conditions

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In the story of Kayley, we see that she is a young girl who suffers from depression and possibly other mental conditions. Many young women and men suffer from depression and other mental illnesses because they face many life problems that can be difficult to cope with.

Part of the reason for this is personal responsibility, but some mental illnesses also have biological changes during young adulthood. The brain goes through complex changes as it develops throughout childhood and adolescence, but symptoms may sometimes begin to appear. Some of the Common Ways To Avoid Depression Are.

32. Making Sure you have a Good Diet

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A good diet not only gives you energy but it helps your body to function properly. This is because protein, fats, and carbohydrates are the main parts of a good diet. A healthy diet will keep your system and brain working correctly, preventing bad things like depression.

The foods we eat can also affect our emotions, so ensuring that we eat a healthy diet is something that young people should pay attention to. This is significant for young people because the brain must get enough nutrients. You will also have energy and feel better when you eat a good diet.

33. Social Activity

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A great way to beat depression is by being active. This can be social or physical. An unhealthy lifestyle can make you feel lonelier, but getting out in the world or interacting with other people will help you feel happier and better about yourself. Please do not neglect your social life because it will improve your mood and prevent bad things like depression.

Some people need to pick up the phone and talk to their loved ones because they are suffering. This is because being social can help you deal with life problems and strengthen your self-esteem and confidence levels.

34. Don’t Try To Manage Too Much Yourself

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Young people should allow others to help them with their problems and care for themselves, so they don’t have to manage too much. You should also be able to find ways to relieve stress and handle your feelings if you are facing times that are hard to cope with.

The key is to talk about these things with others and let them give you advice or help when you need it. It is often hard to see the positives in life, but they are there and need to be noticed. Try to focus on positive things when you are feeling depressed.

35. Recognizing Symptoms Of Depression

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It is normal to feel low and depressed sometimes, so you must recognize when you are afflicted by depression. These symptoms can be physical and mental, so try not to ignore them. If you go for a job interview and do not perform well or feel extraordinarily embarrassed or nervous, you may have a depressive episode.

Sometimes people feel sad because they do not see the time passed in the past few months. When the symptoms get worse, they control all aspects of your life. Sometimes people might mistake this for laziness, but we need to recognize depression to get help.

36. Taking Care of Your Health

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When you are healthy, your life will becomes easier. You will not have to worry about any illnesses that can make you feel depressed or upset. This is why people should try their best to stay healthy, even if it is not always possible.

Many young people don’t think their health matters, but this is false. If you take care of your health in your twenties, you will be better off when you get older. This is why it is also important for young people to exercise regularly and eat healthily to prevent illness from occurring when they are older.

37. Avoid Drug Abuse

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Many young people abuse drugs and alcohol because they want to live a carefree life. Many people who use drugs and alcohol also suffer from depression. Young people who smoke cigarettes are more likely also to use other drugs.

Drug abuse is one of the biggest causes of depression, so people should avoid abusing drugs or alcohol. It is also important for people to know that it will be best for them if they stay away from these substances because they can cause severe damage to the body and mind. If you are abusing drugs, talk to someone about it.

38. Get Support From The Doctors And Other Professionals

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Doctors and psychologists usually know more about depression than anyone else, so they are the best people to consult if you suffer from any symptoms of depression. It can be helpful for young people to get support from someone who has a professional understanding of how mental illnesses work. This allows professionals to give them the best help possible.

This person can also be helpful in helping to handle personal problems and deal with difficult situations. If you have a friend or family member suffering from depression, advise them to pay a visit to a medical expert.

39. Talk About Your Feelings

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Sometimes you have to talk about your feelings to someone to deal with them. This can be a problem because people can’t easily find the right person to discuss their issues. Everyone gets emotional once in a while, but if you have to deal with depression, you should try to talk about it with your friends and family.

If people know that you are suffering, they will be able to give you the emotional support that you need. This might help them better understand what is happening in your life and how they can help.

40. The general Take

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Kindness is an essential characteristic of people. Many young people ignore this and are sometimes cruel to others. But being offensive to someone on the internet or in real life is very bad. It also goes to show that depression is a serious issue that touches a lot of lives.

Remember to take good care of your hair, and don’t take it for granted. Combing out knots is one way to do that. Your appearance can affect how people treat you; using any means necessary to make yourself feel better is crucial.