Is Celine Dion severely underweight? And if so, Why?

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A 2021 article published by Absolute History posed indirectly the question, is pop star singing Diva Celine Dion very much underweight, should fans and her loved ones be concerned, and is there a reason the naturally thin singer lost even more weight in 2019?

Is it anybody’s business but her own? and Why was it happening?

After all, fans feel they have an investment in Celine Dion’s success and in addition, in 1983, beloved fans saw the late Karen Carpenter die of anorexia, and want to avoid a repeat.

1. Celine strives to clear up the confusion

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Somewhere around 2019, Celine finally took steps to clear the issue up. Emphasizing in one way or another, a number of points.

The first point being that Celine Dion absolutely abhors bullying. Celine was bullied as a kid about not only her looks but her hand-me-down clothes, so naturally, the comments by fans, whether they were well-meaning or not were like a repeat of the bullying she experienced as a youth.

Celine grew up in a poor household with 13 siblings, so naturally, hand-me-downs were a significant part of her experience.

2. Comments from all Sides

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At first, the comments trickled in more and more. Then they became a flood and Celine felt inundated. The second point is that she was reminded constantly of her youth when her confidence was at her lowers.

Not only was she criticized then at school for her old clothes and her stick figure, but due to awful teeth, schoolmates called her “Vampire.”

And even the local Canadian media chimed in, calling her Canine Dion in her teenage years. To say things were stacked against the young teenager, who desperately wanted to be a professional singer would be an understatement.

3. Dion looking her best and her healthiest

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The next point is illustrated by an image from photographer Bruno Torricelli, showing a young Dion after a complete image change by her manager René Angélil,

Rene knew that to be successful, Celine needed a complete change of style, and as this photo shows, with Celine, smiling in front of a microphone, he managed to do that by changing her hair, and after cosmetic dentistry to fix her smile.

4. Hollywood Ready?

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Point 4 is that it took nearly 1 and 1/2 years to turn the “ugly duckling” into a swan. Celine also was tutored in the English Language at the famed Berlitz language school.

5. a complete outer transformation

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Point 5, which is very critical, is that Celine went through a complete outer transformation, but quite possibly, not on the inside. Just because she reinvented herself did not mean internally she was strong by herself. Rather’t she had an unshakable belief in Rene’s guidance, to keep her marching onward.

6. A Titanic Hit

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Point 6 of course is Rene’s movement from Celine’s manager to her lover. Rene was very slow on the uptake, however, in interviews, Celine was by the age of 20, totally in love with Rene. The couple married in 1994 after a couple of years of quietly being lovers.

Three years later, in 1997, Celine’s song “My Heart Goes On” became the blockbuster hit that catapulted her into world fame with the hit song for the blockbuster love movie Titanic.

7. a huge star

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So Point 7, is that by now she was a huge star, but nevertheless, critics started to pipe in about her weight.

This we don’t understand as the lovely photo by Ken Mazur of Getty Images, shows a rather radiant-looking Celine, in concert, performing her blockbuster hit. She looks fantastic in this photo, and nobody should have had the slightest concerns about her weight or her health.

8. fashion Icon

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Point 8, is that in the early and late 90s Celine also became a fashion Icon. She wore a sheer black outfit that showed her underwear to the 1993 Grammies and wore a stunning white blazer worn backward to the 1999 Oscars. Both looks generated plenty of press for Celine, which she seemed to love.

9. Hit over Hit in the 90s

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By the time the 1990s ended, this fabulous Diva had produced 13 albums, generating millions of sales in the music business.

10. motherhood

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Point 10 then, is it was time to slow down, and motherhood was in the cards. In 2001 Celine and Rene’s first child, René-Charles was born.

Celine seemed to develop a more mature tone after motherhood, and though she did take the occasional fashion risk.

11. Blessed twice more with Motherhood, this time twins

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It’s well known that Celine had a miscarriage in 2009, and before it was too late, she decided to undergo Inverto Fertilization. In fact, the 2009 miscarriage was also a result of Inverto treatments, but she kept pressing on, and in October 2010, she gave birth to twin boys.

12. Cindarella has painful memories

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Celine clearly has painful memories, as evidenced by this 2013 interview photo on Youtube/teamxceline.

13. Dozens of hits

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Point 13 then is that Celine, even at age 27, with dozens of hits behind her belt, certainly had not forgotten all the painful memories from her childhood, and while her marriage, the birth of her three sons, her fashion splashes and her successful Vegas residency had certainly muted it, it hadn’t gone away.

14. outside her comfort zone

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Point 14, is that Celine was outside her comfort zone in looks, in poverty, and in bullying, that she hated school, and wanted nothing more than to be at home among her family rather than with strangers.

Celine keeps her feelings close to the vest, and does not let in many outsiders.

15. Her rock comes crumbling down

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Point 15 is that in 2016, her rock came tumbling down with the death of her beloved husband Rene. Rene had been her rock and her comfort in both her personal and business life, and now he was gone

In addition, her brother Daniel, just 48 hours later, also succumbed to cancer.

16. Celine was nearly crushed

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Point 16, is that Celine was nearly crushed by the adversary, and her rocks became her children, even going so far as to buy a huge bed, and having the twins sleep in it with her as a source of comfort.

Eventually, she grew stronger, in part for her children, and Celine returned not only to her singing but to her Vegas residency, finding performing an outlet for her grief.

17. Throwing herself into fashion

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Point 17 is that Celine not only returned to music with a vengeance, but to fashion.

She claims to have always loved fashion but thought it might pass her by, as she aged, but was thrilled to see that even past aged 40, the fashion doors were open to her.

18. Celine now became a fashion designer

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Not content to wear fashion for herself, in 2018 Celine launched Célinununu, a gender-neutral clothing line together with gender-neutral child’s fashion retailers Nununu,

Celine had bought clothing from Nununu for her children and loved the concept of gender-neutral clothing for children, and they decided to collaborate.

19. 2019 a tipping point?

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Point 19 was that in 2019, When Celine was now 51 years old Instagram photos that she posted produced a rather severe reaction. Many claimed that Celine was now too skinny. Comments such as, “What happened to you?” and “Needs to put on a few pounds came flooding in as a result of the photos.

20. not everyone was trying to be mean

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20 Point is that not everyone who criticized her photos was trying to be mean. One devoted fan wrote about how she was a huge fan and just wanted Celine to stay healthy for a long time. Therefore, she urged her to gain a little weight. But not everyone was as kind. Many accused Celine of having a genuine eating disorder.

21. a huge amount

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Point 21, and this is our personal opinion mind you, is a huge amount of the comments came because some women in their 50s age gracefully, while others, to use a colloquial expression, hit the wall hard.

Holly Berry, Jennifer Lopez, and Salma Hayek are examples of women who have hit their 50s in great shape and still are sexy to others. Unfortunately, Celine Dion is a woman that is crashing hard biologically into the wall. Her face is wrinkled, her neck is a disaster area and her collarbone area looks like an Auschwitz prisoner.

22. Celine Strikes Back

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By the end of 2019, Celine had experienced enough. She lashed back at her haters, and spoke on a Dan Wootan Interview Broadcast, saying, “I’m doing this for me?

I want to feel strong, beautiful, feminine, and sexy,” and said those who don’t love it should leave her alone.

23. a comment on her quote

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Point 23 was a comment on her quote. If she said, “I’m doing this for me?” did it mean she wanted to deliberately keep her weight down? And name one woman in a thousand who felt having minimum body weight at age 51 was beautiful, feminine, and sexy? Nope, we call a foul on this one.

24. Don’t feed the Trolls?

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Point 24 was that Celine’s attitude was that her fans who had “turned on her” were nothing more than trolls. But this appears to be a rather harsh statement from a woman who has sold millions of albums and packed many concert halls.

And her statement was backed up on the article by a horrendous, unglamorous photo of her in her kitchen offered by Celine on her Instagram post.

25. what were the “trolls saying?


So what were the “trolls saying? As an example, the article cites one “nasty troll” as saying, “m in my mid-60s, and you have more wrinkles than I do. Gain some weight and get some mental help because you’ve turned into a freak since your husband passed on.”

True the commentator might have been more kind in their language, but she was expressing points that many people mirrored.

26. Back to bullying memories

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Point 26, which again reflects how bullying never left Celine’s mind, even at age 51, was her interview with ABC’s Deborah Roberts about how much bullying she had to endure in her younger years.

That well maybe, but what does bullying at ages 12 or 16 have to do with her weight in 2019. Were she in court, a prosecutor might direct her to “Stick to the question.”

27. feeling strong

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Celine goes on for a couple of paragraphs about how strong and in charge she feels, but again says nothing about her weight. And as far as being beautiful and strong, she must be speaking to some of the women who are her fans, because certainly, no man is itching to be Celine’s love interest now.

28. Taking a gamble on her?

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Obviously, Celine had no hand in the writing of the article, but the author, Sarah Jones, who wrote the article in 2021, certainly skips around. Now we are back to Celine reminiscing about how Rene took a gamble on her, a little girl who was Thin and Ugly” (her direct words.

Again we completely the point of the article which was supposedly Celine’s sudden weight loss.

29. The Big Reveal

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Celine’s big reveal to her weight loss. In a 2019 interview to People Magazine, Celine finally revealed the answer to her sudden, waif-like look. Seems she had taken up ballet with the same type of vengeance that she undertakes with everything she does.

Celine’s response was that she was working really hard at ballet, doing it 4 times per week, and that weight loss is a natural result

30. Should we believe her?

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Should we believe her? Probably not. While it is true that a ballet class can burn up a ton of calories, for those who are already thin, the body will do everything in its power to maintain a balance between fat and body mass in women.

So while ballet can indeed burn weight, for those who are already thin like Celine, even 7 ballet classes a week are unlikely to make severe changes in a thin person.

31. The detracting hits keep coming

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It seems that the vast majority of her fans don’t buy the ballet excuse. Hundreds of detracting comments keep coming. And the photos, taken by glamour photographers don’t help.

One photo taken by Edward Berthelot for Getty Images shows the upper 1/3 of her body to be as devoid of fat as a person could be. Is this really the epitome of health?

32. What’s on her mind?

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Point 32 is that quite naturally Celine still has a fair share of defenders. People go on Instagram or Facebook all the time and ask how dare the detractors to comment on her looks when she retains such a lovely voice. It’s just not fair they feel.

So to defend against detractors, they call the opposition haters? Is that fair as well?

33. danger signals

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While only Celine can actually reveal her true state of mind, and most of us are not medical doctors, we do see danger signals when we see them.

Whether a person is dangerously obese, or stick thin, we adhere to the principle that people should generally follow the norms. And doctors agree.

According to Harvard.edu, If you’ve always had a low body mass index and your weight doesn’t change, don’t worry. But if you start losing weight and aren’t dieting or trying to lose weight, schedule a visit with your doctor to figure out why this is happening. We think most people agree, and though very thin people can still be healthy, it is a concern that Celine has been losing weight on her exercise program.