Celebrity Weight Loss Transformations That Will Shock and Inspire You

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Losing weight can be a difficult task for most people. Staying fit takes an incredible amount of work that everyone struggles with. With all eyes on them, it’s no surprise that celebrities’ size can fluctuate wildly between roles. These celebrities have shed the weight and will inspire you to hit the gym!

1. Kirsten Vangsness

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Known for her role as Penelope Garcia on Criminal Minds, Kirsten Vangsness credits her weight loss to a book by Renée Stephens called “Full-Filled”.

Vangsness stopped thinking of losing weight as a question of willpower or strength and started thinking of it as part of her spiritual wellbeing. Next one is Jorge Garcia.

2. Jorge Garcia

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An actor beloved for his roles as Hurley on Lost and Hector Lopez on Becker, Garcia underwent a gastric bypass surgery and started exercising.
Garcia said that his weight was due to never saying no to good food but when he hit 400 pounds he knew he needed to make a change.

3. Kirstie Alley

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Kirstie Alley got her acting start on Cheers and has enjoyed a long and storied career since.
She has said that her weight became an issue when she started to go through menopause but finally through hard work and dieting she was able to get to a healthy weight. Next one is Susan Boyle.

4. Susan Boyle

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Angelic voiced Susan Boyle shocked the world in her 2009 appearance on Britain’s Got Talent.
While Boyle has said that no one ever cared about her weight she knew she needed to make a change when her health began to suffer. Her diagnosis of Type 2 diabetes is what really drove her to get healthy.

5. Chris Pratt

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Christ Pratt got his start as a chubby actor on hit TV show Parks and Rec. His transformation into one of Hollywood’s fittest actors happened rapidly over 6 months..
Pratt was offered the role of Starlord in Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy but he would need to lose weight and get fit for the role. His commitment really shows!

6. Seth Rogen

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When Seth Rogen got his start he was known for being a “chubby” comedian. His break into acting is what kickstarted his drive to lose weight and get healthier.
He lost 30 pounds for his role in Green Hornet through eating healthy and exercise. Have a look at the next one: Alec Baldwin!

7. Alec Baldwin

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Multi-talented Alec Baldwin is an actor, comedian, writer, and producer with a long career. One os his best known roles was on hit TV show 30 Rock.
Baldwin committed to getting healthy and losing weight when he was diagnosed as pre-diabetic. With the help of his wife Hilaria he lost 60 pounds.

8. Khloe Kardashian

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Khloe Kardashian is a media personality, reality TV star, and member of the famous Kardashian family. When Khloe committed to losing weight she took the process seriously.
Khloe started working with a personal trainer, taking boxing classes, and adopted a diet that cut out dairy. She lost more than 40 pounds this way.

9. Chaz Bono

Bild: Imago / Starface

What a success for Cher’s son Chaz Bono: he lost 38.5 kilos. Chaz used to weigh a whopping 113 kilograms at a height of 1.65 meters. His secret is simple: exercise and the right diet. He has controlled his food intake by means of a diet system that many stars follow. The method is called “Freshology” and basically means nothing more than simply having food and even ready-made meals delivered to your home.

10. America Ferrera

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Best known for her starring role in Ugly Betty, America Ferrera was always pointed to as an attractive, curvy woman.
After she started gaining weight, though, she decided she needed to really focus on her health. She opted for dietary supplements and a protein heavy diet to shed the pounds.

11. Peter Jackson

Image: Imago / China Foto Press

Famous director of the Lord of the Rings and Hobbit series, Jackson always felt his chaotic life kept him from living healthy.
However, by choosing to make one major change by cutting out fast food from his diet he lost over 80 pounds! Have a look at the next one: Jason Segel, you will be surprised!

12. Jason Segel

Image: Imago / Future Image

Most recognizable as Marshall from How I Met Your Mother, Segel has also appeared in I Love You, Man.
Segel put on weight at the end of filming How I Met Your Mother and worried about his health. He cut out junk food and hit the gym to shed the unwanted pounds.

13. Mark Labbett

Image: Imago / Matrix

Mark Labbett is a British TV personality most famous for being one of The Chasers where he earned the nickname “The Beast”.
Labbett said that he realized he couldn’t continue his lifestyle after being diagnosed with diabetes. He committed to a healthier diet and exercise and has lost more than 35 pounds.

14. Chrissy Metz

Image: Imago / ZUMA Wire

Chrissy Metz is a TV actress that has appeared in This is Us and American Horror Story.
Metz has talked about her issues with her fluctuating weight, dropping and regaining as much as 100 pounds in her years as an actress. Now Metz counts calories and walks to help stay healthy.

15. Adam Richman

Image: Imago / Landmark Media

It surprised no one when Adam Richman, host of food show Man v Food, started to struggle with his weight. After years of binge eating for a living, Richman knew he had to make some healthier choices.
Richman has adopted a vegan diet and exercise and lost over 70 pounds.

16. Chaka Khan

Image: Imago / ZUMA Wire

Famous musician of more than 50 years and frontwoman of the band Rufus, Chaka Khan has won multiple Grammy Awards.
When Khan decided she needed to lose weight she chose a vegan diet and healthy exercise and dropped more than 70 pounds. Next one is Rachael Ray, you will be surprised!

17. Rachael Ray

Image: Imago / ZUMA Wire

A famous tv chef, Rachael Ray has made her name for making recipes that are easy and accessible to home cooks. As many good cooks do, Ray started to put on weight.
Ray decided to focus on regular exercise and a carefully controlled diet and she has shown fantastic results.

18. Ethan Suplee

Image: Imago / ZUMA Wire

Ethan Suplee is an actor with a long career including roles in American History X and My Name is Earl. Suplee’s decision to lose weight came from a bet with Kevin Smith.
Suplee has dropped over 200 pounds since making that bet! It’s safe to say he won! Next one is Jennifer Coolidge.

19. Jennifer Coolidge

Image: Imago / UPI Photo

Jennifer Coolidge is an iconic actress known for her role in Legally Blonde. While she has always maintained that she was never ashamed of her weight she did commit to achieving a healthier lifestyle.
Despite rumors of having undergone surgery, Coolidge maintains that she follows a low-carb diet and exercise routine.

20. Renée Zellweger

Image: Imago / Starface

In a rare case for any actress, Renée Zellweger was forced to gain almost 30 pounds for her role in Bridget Jones’ Diary. The actress vowed to lose the weight after filming.
She consulted a nutritionist to create a calorie-restricted diet that helped her get back to her original weight.

21. Zach Galifianakis

Image: Imago / Starface

The transformation of well known comedic actor Zach Galifianakis is truly remarkable. The actor is known for his role in The Hangover.
Galifianakis kept out of the limelight as he went through his weight loss journey, shocking everyone when he appeared after having lost 60 pounds! Have a look at the next one: Melissa Joan Hart.

22. Melissa Joan Hart

Image: Imago / ZUMA Wire

Melissa Joan Hart holds a special place in the hearts of many for her role in Sabrina the Teenage Witch.
Hart put on weight during her first pregnancy and struggled to lose the baby weight. She persisted, though, and she committed to a low fat diet that eventually helped her to lose 40 pounds.

23. Missy Elliott

Image: Imago / The Photo Access

Missy Elliott is a famous rapper having produced dozens of albums. Elliott withdrew from public life due to her health for years.
She was always known to be chubby but Elliott committed to losing weight to improve her health. She did this by cutting out bread and drinking only water.

24. Jonah Hill

Image: Imago / snapshot

Jonah Hill is another comedic actor with roles in Superbad and Knocked Up whom was always known to be chubby.
Hill knew that he had bad eating habits and needed to make a change. By cutting out sugar and taking up yoga the actor has truly transformed! Have a look at the next one!

25. Rebel Wilson

Image: Imago / ZUMA Wire

Rebel Wilson is an actress known for her role in the Pitch Perfect series. A comedic actress who frequently played off her weight for laughs, Wilson knew that she would need to lose weight if she wanted to avoid typecasting.
Wilson decided to make weight loss fun by taking up hiking instead of hitting the gym!

26. Chaz Bono

Image: Imago / Independent Photo Agency

Chaz Bono has been in the spotlight his whole life as the child of Sonny Bnoo and Cher. He has had a storied career in acting and music in his own right, too!
Bono has said that he was unhappy with his weight and blamed bad eating habits. He cut out junk food and became vegetarian. The results astounded audiences when he appeared in American Horror Story.

27. Blake Lively

Image: Imago / UPI Photo

Sweetheart actress Blake Lively has appeared in dozens of movies over her career. In recent years, though, she’s become just as famous for her philosophical approach to health.
Lively swears by the macrobiotic diet. The diet separates foods into “yin” and “yang” categories and requires that each meal be a balance of the two.

28. Melissa McCarthy

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Maybe the most famous comedic actress in Hollywood, Melissa McCarthy has had a fabulous career. However, the actress admitted that she always felt dissatisfied because she knew her life was out of balance.
McCarthy committed to losing weight and hired a personal trainer to help her workout four times a week. She also started eating healthier. Her hard work has shown amazing results.

29. Gabourey Sidibe

Image: Imago / ZUMA Wire

Gabourey Sidibe is an actress that has spoken out about how her beauty is not tied to her size, writing a book entitled ”This is Just My Face”.
Sidibe chose to work on losing weight because of her diagnosis with type 2 diabetes. She says that self love and exercise have made this possible.

30. Amy Schumer

Image: Imago / ZUMA Wire

Amy Schumer is a comedian and actress known for her role in Snatched. Schumer has faced considerable scrutiny from fans on social media for her physique, including photoshopped pictures appearing to make her appear thinner.
She has kept her weight loss journey private, but she certainly looks fabulous! Next one is Adele.

31. Adele

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Adele is a famous musician that got her start in the UK. She has always maintained that she loves her body and that she looks like a normal woman instead of a model.
Adele maintains that she does not want to be stick-thin like a model but she has worked on getting healthier and losing some weight for her health.

32. Mariah Carey

Image: Imago / Pacific Press Agency

Mariah Carey is a famous pop star who got her start in the 1990’s. She has also done some acting and appeared in movies like The Bachelor.
Carey began to struggle with her weight in the 00’s and committed to getting back to a healthy weight through diet and exercise.

33. Kim Kardashian

Image: Imago / MediaPunch

Famous TV personality Kim Kardashian is best known from Keeping Up with the Kardashians.
Kim has famously followed the Atkins diet to achieve her goals. While the scientific community has concerns about the diet’s lack of complex carbs for energy, it’s no question that Kardashian has seen results. Next one is Beyonce.

34. Beyonce

Image: Imago / i Images

Beyonce is a world famous musician that got her start with girl group Destiny’s Child. She and husband Jay-Z tour the world which can make a healthy diet difficult to maintain.
Beyonce swears by a plant based vegan diet that has helped her to maintain her fantastic figure and a healthy lifestyle.

35. Kate Winslet

Image: Imago / Future Image

Kate Winslet is known for her role in Titanic. She is also a long time vegetarian, but her reasons are more ethical than health related.
Ethics or not, the vegetarian lifestyle has helped Winslet to achieve and maintain a healthy weight, and she looks great! That was our list about the great transformations. Hope you enjoyed it!