Best Gardening DIY

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You will find many gardening DIY hacks that you can easily employ and make your house look beautiful and incredible. You can use many household items and add plants to them. Household items like water cans and fertilizers can become the best plants so far.

You have to be more creative, and you have to think about different things. You can create your own mini garden at home with varying works of art. We will help you in creating the favourite garden of yours in an affordable price. We are here with the most incredible and best tips for perfect gardening and making your home more excellent.

1. Green Wall

You can employ different DIY hacks in your home and can make your house look extremely beautiful and eye-catching. Well, we are going to tell you how you can do this. Now, look around your house and find the things that can create a new look.

You might have look green walls that are the hanging gardens and have flowers and herbs inside them. Well, you do not have to buy the expensive contraptions. If you have old shoe racks, then hang them and place cute flower pots on them. This will create the best look in your home. Well, this one was no doubt a creative idea.

2. Salt

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Chemical fertilizers can harm you and can also cause a great harm to your gardens as well. But you can find relief. Because we have a natural fertilizer for you. Salt, a natural fertilizer! It is not only excellent for seasoning the food, but you can make it useful in your garden too. If you are thinking how? Then we are going to tell you. You can sprinkle the table salt into the soil. As a result, your plants will grow faster and better.

You can also absorb it in water and then add the liquid to the garden. Or you can simply sprinkle the salt in the garden.

3. Toilet Papers

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Toilet papers are very useful in many terms. Even you can use the toilet paper cardboards too. You can collect the cardboard and make the flower pots from them. You can become a creative gardener using them. How will they work?

Well, you have to cut the toilet paper cardboard in half and place it in a plastic tray. After that, fill them with fresh soil. Then you will have to plant the seed in each cardboard, and then the seedlings will grow slowly and gradually. When they become mature, you can place them anywhere in the garden. Your tiny garden is ready.

4. Garden Water

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The garden waters or the water made especially for plants are kind of expensive. But you can have a garden at home too. Yes, you heard it right. You can make a garden water at your own home. How? Well, we will tell you. You can use any scrap fruits and vegetables. They are having the best nutrients in them.

Then throw them in the bucket and pour fresh water into it. Then let them marinate. The water will take out all the nutrients from them. Then you can use the water for your garden. Even you can use the weed water to give nutrition to your plants as well.

5. Use Newspaper

Flickr via Stacey Meinzen

Many people around us get the newspaper every day. If you are one of the people who get the newspaper, then you can use it too instead of getting it recycled. You can use a newspaper in the garden. Yes, you have heard it right! The weed will never grow. Even a single sheet is enough.

You can bury a single sheet on a new seedling. The paper is moistened when it gets water because it is thin. As a result, the seeds will break through, and they will continue growing. Here, the newspaper is like a barrier to weeds and prevent them from growing.

6. Making Mini Greenhouse

Image: YouTube via 7Savings Garden

We buy small water or plastic bottles whenever we go out.  Most of us throw the bottles and do not use them. But now, instead of throwing them, you can gather them too. You can make a mini-greenhouse by adding a soil and a bit of fertilizer to it. Moreover, you can moisten the soil by adding water to it.

Do you know that you have to grow the seedlings before the spring starts? Well, you can make this mini green house for letting the seedlings grow in the spring season. You can put them anywhere at anyplace you want to and add water to them on a daily basis.

7. DIY Water cans

YouTube via Make It and Love It

Mostly, you might have seen the expensive watering cans. Even if you want to take the metal can, it is also very expensive. Well, you do not have to spend a lot of money on them, and you can make a water can easily all by yourself. You might have big plastic bottles or gallon containers at home. You can add water to them and water your garden easily. 

For this, you have to clean the container so it does not give a foul smell. After that, you have to make small holes in the lid. Add water, and pour water by making the container upside down.

8. Good-Bye

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Plants survive on two major things. One is water, and the other is sunlight. Well, you can grow plants by giving both things to them. But if you water too much, your plants will die. So, what can you do? If you overwater the plants, the roots will rot.

We have a solution for you, and you can easily make your plant grow without worrying about its growth.  If you want to avoid the root rot, then you can do a little trick. Place a sponge in the pot or near the flower roots. It will absorb the excess water.

9. Use of Wine Corks

YouTube via Learn To Grow

If you are a gardener and you love to grow plants. Then you might have experienced how hard it can be to grow the plants from seeds if you forget which seed was buried in what plant. But we are here with a DIY technique that will help you a lot.

You might have gathered old wine corks in your home. All you have to do is take them and also a permanent marker with you. Whenever you plant a seed. Just write the name of the plant in the cork and stuck the cork with a stick in the pot. You will which seed is it and how you will have to grow it.

10. Making Insecticide At Home

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There are many remedies that you can do if you want to get rid of the pests. There are several natural DIY treatments too. Many bugs eat leaves, but most of them also spread disease in the garden. If you want to grow your garden healthy. Then you have to follow our tips. So, for keeping the bugs away, you can make an insecticide all by yourself.

Take garlic, cayenne pepper, water, soap and mint and make a mixture of them. After mixing them, blend with voila. Here, you will have an insecticide spray that you may use at your home.

11. Cardboards

YouTube via Urban Farmer Curtis Stone

We will never want to do the weeding. Because it creates a lot of mess and it makes the garden look ugly. But if you want a pristine home garden, then a weeding is necessary. You can easily cut down the weeds by using the cardboards. Make a shape of the garden bed and cut them down.

The cardboard will prevent the weeds from growing anymore in the bed.  You can say goodbye to weeds if you do this trick. The plants will get the water, but anything that grows on the bed will die soon. So, you will have a great garden. It was a simple and tricky hack.

12. Green Onions

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There are many vegetables that have a great ability to grow from their roots. If you are thinking about the best vegetables. Then green onions are the best example. We mostly throw the end of their roots. But you can hold on to them and use them for gardening purposes.

You have to take a mason jar. And then fill it up with almost one inch of water. Then you have to place the onions where their roots are downwards. After few days, the roots will start sprouting. And the onions will start growing easily. You can plant them in your garden when they have grown enough.

13. Making Scare Crows

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The birds not only attack fields, but they can ruin the look of your gardens too. To avoid such things, you can apply several tricks. One of the best tricks is placing scarecrows in your gardens. You can place the scarecrows in the most sensitive plants.

You can make a scarecrow at home. All you have to do is take plastic forks and stick them upside down in the garden beds. The birds will not land in the garden as they will be afraid of getting hurt. We think it is the best way to reuse your plastic cutlery rather than throwing it.

14. Adding Cinnamon

YouTube via Gary Pilarchik

Cinnamon is one of the most common spices that is found in almost every home. It is one of the delicious spices, and it is added to baked foods for a fresh smell. Some people sprinkle it over the baked food for making them look more appealing.

You can also use them in gardens. How? We will tell you! You might have seen ants walking over plants and ruining your gardens. If you want to make it, the aunts run away or want to protect the garden. Then sprinkle the cinnamon all over the places you want. Ants do not like cinnamon and will never come to your garden.

15. Kitchen Compost

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We throw the peels of fruits and vegetables, considering them as a garbage. But if you want your garden to grow more, then keeping it safe is essential. You can make a personal compost container, and it will turn into an excellent fertilizer.

You can use them a fertilizer. Firstly, collect the compost in a container. Then, after you have collected it, you have to spread it on the garden beds. The nutrients will penetrate in the soil, and your plants will grow healthier.

So, next time do not throw the vegetable out of the house. Rather, collect them and make a compost.

16. Roses

YouTube via The Earth Facts

Roses are part of every garden. The Garden looks incomplete without these colourful flowers. But have you heard about the combination of potatoes and roses? If not, then we are going to tell you. Potatoes and roses are the best friends when you talk in terms of gardening. The roses that you cut lose their bloom after some time. But if you have potatoes with you, you can bring them into life.

Take the potato and cut the end of the stem. Then make a hole in the rose and place the rose carefully in it. Even you can place more than one rose in it.

17. Garden Spacing

BetterBe via Do It And How

There are two choices for every gardener. Some love the wild look, while others look like a proper patterned garden. If you are one of those, who love their gardens to be spaced properly. Then you can find the best solution over here. You will need a muffin tin for this.

You have to space each muffin cup evenly in the garden. It is best used as the mould in the garden to shape your garden. You have to place the muffin tin bottom down on the bed and press down and repeat the same process. You will get perfect spaced holes in the garden.

18. Bell Paper Seeds

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We often throw the seeds away while we cut fruits and vegetables. We also throw seeds of bell pepper out. But you can rather save them and use them. You might be thinking how? Well, we will help you with this. You can replant the seeds of both veggies and fruits in the spring season.

If you want to save money from fruits and vegetables, then we have a perfect idea for you. You can take out the seeds, dry them and then save them for spring. Just before the spring, soak them and let them sprout. As a result, you can grow a number of fruits and veggies at your home.

19. Weeds

Image: YouTube via High Profile Green

We often buy weed killers to get rid of weeds. But it is full of toxins. So, you must go for natural products. We are here to help you with this. But how? Well, we have the best things for you to use. You can use the natural products that are easily found at home. Most of the weed killers also harm and toxin the plants that we eat.

You have to use white vinegar, salt and dish soup for making a natural weed killer that will help kill the weed. You will have to mix them, and yes, this mixture is nontoxic at all.

20. Grapes

Flickr via Cindy C

Grapes are loved by everyone, and the hanging bunches of grapes not only attract you but also the animals that are straying. Most of the stray animals are like goats, and if you live in an open area, then deer’s will try to steal the grapes from your garden.

How to protect grapes? You can easily protect the grapes by using soap. Yes, you heard it right! Soup can be sprinkled over the grapes. As a result, stray animals will smell and go away because of the soup. They will not eat your grapes, and hence you will have safe grapes.

21. A Perfect Greenhouse

Image: oleg_picolli / Shutterstock.com

You might have seen the glass greenhouse in the backyards of people and have fantasized about having a greenhouse. Well, we can help you. If you do not have much space or much budget, then you can create a greenhouse in your own house.

You can make the green house of recycling to-go bowls and tiny containers. All you have to do is fill them with soil and plant few seeds in them. Then place the lid on top and let the seeds toast. After few days, the seedlings will grow. As a result, you can have a greenhouse at your home too.

22. Coffee Filter

YouTube via Helpful Smiles TV

You might have seen that the pots that contain flowers are having holes in the bottom. These holes drain an extra amount of water. It is the best technique that keeps roots healthy and away from rotting. But it is not the best technique when we are discussing about soil levels.

The soil runs out from the bottom as well. So, you have to prevent the soil from running out of the bottom. For this, you can use a coffee filter. When you are repotting a plant, add coffee filer at the bottom and then place soil over it. As a result, soil levels will never be disturbed.

23. Weeds And Weeds

YouTube via Bonnie Plants

Weeds are enough to ruin your whole garden. Weeds usually choke the plants, and then it becomes difficult for them to grow. The weed eventually steals the nutrients. So, you have to remove the weed from your garden. But how? Well, we can help you with this!

You cannot target each and every weed. It can be very difficult for you. But you can remove them using handy tin cans. All you have to do is take the can and place it over weed. Then add weed killer on it. As a result, it will not harm the other plants around it.

24. Uplifting Plants

There are the big plants that grow outside the pots. No doubt they look amazing. But you have to report them so their growth won’t stop and they do not die. The transplanting of large potting plants is very difficult because they are of large size and mostly are equal to small trees.

First, you have to take a big and wide pot. Then you have to place the clean plastic bottles in the base of the pot. After that, cover them with soil. As a result, the plant will be uplifted a bit, and as a result, the roots will grow with the bottles. As a result, you will never ever have to shift to a massive pot.

25. Zip Tie

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Zip ties are used for various purposes. They are used for handcuffing the criminals, also closing the bags of the garbage, and we have a DIY for you too. You can use the zip ties for keeping the plants stay upright.

You might have seen many flowering plants and food plants leaning down because they do not have stems and stalks. So, they can droop and most of the breakdown. If you want to avoid this, you can take a stick and place it in the pot. Right after that, you can zip tie the plant. As a result, your plant will start growing upwards.

26. Slugs and Beer

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There are many risks to your beautiful garden. You have to look after it every time. Do you know that slugs can settle in your garden and eat your favourite plants, especially the vegetables? If you are a gardener, then you might be worried about these slugs and might be thinking about how to get rid of them.

If you have a beer in your home. Then we have an ideal solution for you. Take a beer and pour it into a bowl. Then you have to place the bowl in the garden along with the vegetables that are affected. Leave the bowl over night, and the next day, you will see the slugs floating in the bowl.

27. Orange Peels

YouTube via Family Handyman

If you are a home gardener, then you might have observed that the plants grow in natural nutrients. The more you put the raw fruits and vegetables in the soil, the more your garden will grow. But you can not only throw peels in the garden. You can also do another thing.

You can use orange peels as a pot. Yes, you have heard it right. When pealing the orange, make sure to peal in a way that it is equal from everywhere. After that, you can just use it and place the soil inside it. After that, place the seed inside the soil, and your plant will out grow.

28. Rusty Tool

YouTube via The Impatient Gardener

The gardening tools are prone to rust. And to avoid this, you have to follow a lot of tips and tricks. These metal tools are very expensive, and you cannot buy a new tool every time you want to make your garden look appealing and neat.

We have a DIY trick for you. It is easy, and anyone can do it. Well, you can take a bucket of sand and add some oil to it. Or even you can apply some oil on the tools and place their metallic part in the sand. They will never rust out, and you will not have to buy the tools again and again.

29. Place For Plant

Reddit via Rachb02

You probably take out the plant from the container or anything and place it in the garden when it starts growing. But do you know that plants grow according to the area? If you provide them big area, their roots will grow larger and more in size.

But in this case, they can take any other plants’ place and absorb the nutrients that were essential for that plant. What to do in such cases? Well, always dig the soil and add the small flower pot inside it or a small plastic container. It stops the roots from growing out of their area.

30. Dirty Diaper

Well, babies are cute, and they have unique attracting power in them. But the dirty diapers will always keep you away from the baby. But do you know that you can utilize the dirty diaper for your gardening purposes? Yes, you have heard it right!

The dirty diapers of the baby’ poop act as natural fertilizers, and you can grow plants in them. Whenever you are growing a new plant or replanting a plant, take a dirty diaper and then place soil over it. Then add the plant over it. This process can create a lot of smell, but you can have a great plant.

31. Rubber Made

Most of us have rubber made baskets in our house. Most of us throw them outside the house because they are of no use at all. Most of us also use them garbage cans. But we have a DIY hack for you that can help you grow your natural garden.

There is no need to buy all those expensive pots from the markets if you have rubber made baskets at your home. All you have to do is drill the holes in the bottom and add the soil to them. Your home made pots are ready for you, and you can easily grow plants in them.

32. Eggshells

If you grow the seedlings before every spring. You might have experienced that they are hard to grow in big pots. You can grow the seeds in small things too. All that a seed requires is soil and some essential nutrients. Well, we have a quick DIY for you.

You might have eggs at your home. Do not throw the eggshells. Rather you have to keep them safe. But how? Well, it is an easy trick for you. All you have to do is place the soil and the seed inside it. And it will start sprouting. The eggshell has nutrients in it which will help it grow.

33. News Paper Pots

You can make amazing small pots at home top. Do you read the newspaper? Then you might have the old newspapers at your home as well. Well, you can easily make the newspaper pots all by yourself. All you have to do is take newspapers.

Take the newspapers and fold them. Then you have to roll them. Cut them in such a way that every small role is almost 2 to 3 inches long. Then glue or stapler the newspaper that is in the rolled out position. Then take another newspaper, place it flat and then add rolls, and in rolls, you have to add the soil. 

34. Sweet Tomatoes

YouTube via Daddykirbs Farm – A Homesteading Story

Tomatoes are very easy to grow. We use them in many dishes, and they are also an essential part of salads. The juicy tomatoes are rich in ingredients. And if they are sweet in taste, then what else do you want? Well, we have something for you over here. What is it?

You can make the sweet tomatoes all by yourself. Most gardeners’ complain that their tomatoes are not sweet enough. Well, we have a trick for you. When you are planting tomatoes, sprinkle a bit of baking soda on the roots. It will make your tomatoes sweet. Make sure that you just sprinkle on the roots.

35. Creating Compost

The fertilizers for growing the plants are quite expensive. Even the compost is also now available in the markets. But it is also expensive. Most people do not buy them because they are out of budget. But do you know that we are here to help you in making a compost?

You can make a compost at home all by yourself. But how? Well, we will tell you over here. It is not as such a difficult thing. All you have to take is some old bucket which has a lid or a container. All the peals, eggshells and everything related to fruits and vegetables will go inside it. Make sure that you add some soil too.

36. Raised Garden Beds

Image: Nadezda Verbenko / Shutterstock.com

You might have seen the raised garden beds in most of the gardens. They look beautiful and enhance the beauty of any garden. Well, we can help you out in making a perfect raised garden bed. How can this be possible? Well, it is really easy!

All you have to do is simply take some old containers, or you can take big old boxes and then add some water to them. After that, fill them with soil. Then you may add your plants after the soil is moistened. The garden beds will totally look incredible and perfect. Are you ready for making your garden unique?

37. Seedling Protection

Whether it’s an open garden or a closed one, seedling protection is essential. If you have animals, they might jump over the seedlings or take them out of the soil. Or even they can eat them up. Similarly, the kids that come or live in your house can also destroy the seedlings.

Not only these, but birds can also attack the garden and take out seedlings with them. What can you do to protect seedlings? Well, you cannot keep them in small pots forever! You can take the plastic containers and put them over the seedlings to protect them. Even a plastic bottle can work.

38. Hammocks for Watermelons

Watermelons are one of the best fruits that are juice and tasty. Moreover, the red colour is appealing too. But they hang on their stalks, and they eventually fall, and most of them are broken when they fall down. Now what to do in such a situation? Well, we have a solution for you.

You can use hammocks for your watermelons and try to hang them in your gardens. You can make hammocks for your old t-shirts or any other piece of cloth. They look amazing, and you can easily protect your watermelons from falling and breaking apart. Isn’t it cool?

39. Greenhouse Protection

You might have seen different types of green houses. Some are very big, and they are in yards. While some are so small that you can lift them up in your hands. Well, if you are planning to make a big greenhouse and cannot afford the glass etc. We have a trick for you.

All you have to take is plastic pipes and containers and big plastic sheets. Not make a greenhouse by combining all those. It is a simple and easy way, and we think the most cheap way to build a greenhouse is all on your own. Wasn’t it cool?

40. Ice Cream Cones

Most of us love ice cream cones, and we eat them too. But we have a surprise for you. You can make amazing home gardens with ice cream cones too. Eat the end part, where it is a cone, and then make the cones stable.

Add some soil to the cones, and you can grow seeds in those cones. As you can eat them, so it means they are nature friendly and can cause no harm to the plants. Well, if you want to start the gardening, then it is your time, and what are you waiting for? Follow these DIY for becoming a gardener.