All You Need To Know About WD-40 Lubricant

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If you use WD-40 as your preferred lubricant for rusty and noisy screws, you know exactly what you are doing. What you don’t realize, however, is that this lubricant offers several other benefits that most people are not even aware of.

What if someone told you that WD-40 could be used to get rid of the chewing gum stuck in your child’s hair? How about that bird feeder of yours that squirrels won’t stop taking advantage of? The WD-40 is the solution to these problems. This article will give you all the information you need to know how to use your WD-40 lubricant effectively.

1. Are you looking to Shine Your Silver? WD-40 is the Answer!

If you want to create a positive impression among your guests, then silverware is the way to go. The problem with silverware is that they pick up stains easily, especially when left unused for a long time.

To give your silverware that sparkling look that will make your guests feel very special, you need an effective lubricant. We recommend WD-40 because its functionality is just as practical as its usage. All you need to do is to spray this lubricant on your silverware and use a very soft piece of fabric to wipe them circularly, and you’re good to go.

2. The Ultimate Solution for Stuck Glasses

When you have your friends visiting, it is sometimes expected that they might want to take a few shots with you, just for old time’s sake. Now picture yourself going to the bar section of your house or the glassware cabinet in your kitchen, and all your glasses are stuck.

That can be both embarrassing and inconvenient. The thing about stuck glasses is that attempting to separate them using physical force might lead to breakage. So, how then do you deal with such a situation? The answer is simple, WD-40. This time, you don’t even need a piece of cloth to wipe them. All you need to do is spray your glasses with the lubricant.

3. Relaxing Zippers

The zipper is one of the most straightforward and unique gadgets. They help keep our items safe, and they at times even go a long way in keeping us warm and dry during storms. Even with their numerous benefits, zippers can be highly annoying when they get stuck. If you have ever suffered a zipper failure, then you must know that they tend to occur during the most delicate moments.

If you happen to be walking around with a WD-40, then a stuck zipper will be the least of your worries. You need to spray your zipper with a little of your lubricant, and you’re good to go.

4. Shining Sneakers

Anyone will tell you that wearing white sneakers, and especially when they are clean, dramatically enhances one’s self-esteem and confidence. The trick about white sneakers is that you need to watch really every step you take because they easily get covered in dirt, and the last thing you want is your gorgeous white sneakers concealed in mud or dirt.

We strongly recommend carrying a can of WD-40 in your bag every time you are wearing white sneakers. Don’t forget a piece of fabric, too, because you will need it to wipe your shoes after spraying them gently with the lubricant.

5. Removing Stubborn Tar Stains

Tar is not your typical stain or dirt that you can quickly get rid of using a piece of cloth dipped in soapy water. Car owners can attest that tar stains can be very annoying, especially if you have washed your vehicle clean and are just there all by themselves. Their presence not only makes you appear ignorant, but they also ruin the fun of driving around in a spotlessly clean vehicle.

You’re welcome to try cleaning the tar stains on your vehicle with soap and water, but you can be guaranteed that this won’t work. What you need is a WD-40.

6. Thawing Ice

The ice and snow of winter create a landscape that can be very captivating to the eye. We can all agree that winters are beautiful. The problem with winter begins when you have to wake up early and drive to work. Picture yourself clad in that three-piece suit complete with cuffs, ready to hit the wheel and go straight to work; then, the first thing that meets your eyes are frozen windows.

The thing about frozen windows is that they won’t let you see where you are going, and attempting to scrap the ice off with your hands can be a daunting task. In such an event, all your need is a can of WD-40.

7. Lubricating Scissors

When your scissors get stiff, they can be pretty annoying, mainly because no one ever thinks of buying two pairs of scissors at the same time just in case one gets stiff. The result is that you will be forced to find an alternative that will most likely be less effective than scissors.

We are here to tell you that you don’t need to buy an extra pair of scissors or find an alternative whenever your scissors get stuck. All you need is a little spray of WD-40 at the joint of the two blades, and you’re back in business.

8. Protecting Bird Feeders

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Squirrels are adorable creatures, and the sight of them can warm anyone’s heart. They have long fluffy tails and bright dark eyes that make it almost impossible for anyone to hate them. However, unlike birds, it is hard to tame squirrels and expect the same level of compassion and kindness that you direct towards their care. That is why we have bird feeders instead of squirrel feeders.

Squirrels don’t know that your bird feeder is not reserved for them, so they will cling to it and steal its contents whenever they can. If you can relate to this problem, what you need is a can of WD-40.

9. Removing Finger Rings

You might have fallen in love several years ago and even got lucky to secure a lifelong commitment with your partner. The ring that was placed around your finger ten years ago may not precisely fit now. Furthermore, at your anniversary or wedding, you might have opted for a cheaper alternative due to limited financial ability or a tight budget.

Several years down the line and your circumstances have changed, so you are looking for a better-fitting ring or just something fancier. You can rely on WD-40 to help you in removing your old ring. Just give it a try and see for yourself.

10. Getting Rid of Gum

Gum sticking on your shoes can be very annoying. The unwritten rule is that no one is supposed to spit their gum on sidewalks, but some people still do it. You would not understand the severity of this situation until you find yourself in it.

Say, for instance, you’re heading for a job interview or just an important meeting, and your shoes are part of the reason you are feeling confident and lively. Then a few moments later, you experience a sticky sensation at the bottom of your shoes, and upon realizing it’s chewing gum, your confidence flies off the window. Get yourself a WD-40, and this will never happen to you.

11. Erasing Lipstick Stains

Walking around with lipstick stains on your clothes can make you appear clumsy. In these modern times, appearances play a massive role in articulating every individual’s level of success. But it’s not always your fault that you step outside with lipstick-stained clothes. Perhaps you were in a hurry, and you forgot that at some point, you used your top to clean off your lipstick.

Getting rid of lipstick stains can be very difficult if you don’t use the appropriate resources. With WD-40, all you need to do is to spray the area stained with lipstick and rub it off using a clean piece of cloth.

12. Removing Crayon Stains

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Crayon painting is one of the most effective ways for children to exhibit their level of creativity. Typically, they are supposed to practice on paper first, but this is not always the case. As long as you have children, you shouldn’t be surprised when you return home to crayon-painted walls.

Your first move will probably be to get a bucket full of soapy water and a wall scrubber and start going hard on the stains. That might do the trick, but after a lot of hard work. What if we tell you that WD-40 can help you get rid of crayon stains within seconds after the first spray?

13. Eliminating Stains from Wood

Coffee tables are an essential addition to your interior design. Whenever you have friends and family visiting, your coffee table will serve as the surface where they place their glasses or mugs. In the process of talking, chuckling, and refilling glasses with either coffee, tea, or just any other drink, spillages may occur.

If the stains are ignored even after your visitors are long gone, they can become permanent. This means that your coffee table will not be half as attractive as it used to be. To prevent this from happening, we recommend purchasing a can of WD-40, which has robust stain-removing properties.

14. The Solution for Rusty Locks

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We all know that locks are essential in keeping our possessions safe. Nowadays, the norm is to go for a colossal padlock that will make it very difficult for anyone trying to get through without a key.

But what happens when you can’t get through your door despite having the appropriate key due to a rusty lock? If you were standing outside and trying to twist and turn your key to no success, you’d probably look like you are attempting to let yourself in forcefully. Why go through the ordeal of breaking your expensive lock, yet you can buy a can of WD-40 to get the job done for you?

15. Getting Rid of Stickers

There is no doubt that stickers are very cool, mainly if used to communicate a specific message. You can stick them on your fridge, your door, or even your car bumper. Like most things, stickers are temporary, and you might end up outrunning their use sooner than you thought.
The tricky part usually comes in when you’re trying to remove the sticker and, at the same time, ensure that your surface remains clean.

Typically, stickers tend to leave markings behind as if they are trying to tell you not to forget them. All you need to get rid of these markings is a can of WD-40.

16. Protection for your Shower Head

Image: IMAGO / Michael Eichhammer

Shower heads are simple but very crucial gadgets that many people find that they cannot do without. The sprinkling of water from these devices can make you want to stay in the bathroom for long, especially if the water is warm and heavy.

After using your shower head for an appreciable amount of time, some pores tend to clog because of solid debris coming from the water source. With time, you will realize that your shower moments are not as interesting as they used to be. Don’t let clogged pores ruin your shower head. Get yourself a can of WD-40!

17. Need a Clean AC? WD-40 is the Way to Go!

The whole point of an air conditioner unit is to keep our spaces fresh with clean air. ACS can be heaven sent especially in summer when the air outside is heavy and dusty. The gentle breeze from the AC will clear the air inside your room or your car and give you the cooling sensation that you very much deserve.

But even ACs pick up dirt after a long period of use. The last thing you want is your AC breathing down dirt-filled air into your room or car. To prevent such a situation from happening, buy yourself a WD-40.

18. Removing Water Stains

There is nothing more annoying than water stains on your utensils, mirrors, or shower walls. You might not fully understand why water stains can be such a menace until such a time when you’ll be forced to use that tiny portable mirror on your dressing table because you couldn’t get a clear image of yourself in the bathroom mirror due to water stains.

These stains can be hard to eliminate even after several minutes of scrubbing and rubbing. WD-40 is specifically tailored for this problem. A single spray of the lubricant followed by gentle scrubbing and your surface will be good as new.

19. Keeping your Fridge Gasket in Good Shape

A gasket is that rubber that separates the fridge frame and the door. If you use your fridge often, then it’s apparent that you will have plenty of terrible gunk and bits getting stuck in your gasket.

Failing to clean your gasket can attract insects such as cockroaches. Now trying picturing yourself in your kitchen with one of your most valued friends or family, and the first thing that appears when you open your fridge for them are cockroaches. That would be very embarrassing. Why suffer such a huge risk when you can just walk up to your nearest retail store and grab yourself a can of WD-40?

20. Getting Rid of Bugs

Can you think of anything that can survive a nuclear blast apart from earth and water? Most people will respond by saying “absolutely nothing.” Well, they are wrong. Cockroaches can live through a nuclear blast. That explains why these pests are a constant presence in most people’s homes despite implementing several remedies to exterminate them.

If you are a part of this population, then you have nothing to worry about because WD-40 brings you the ultimate solution to permanent bugs’ extinction in your house. All you need to do is identify the areas where the pests like to hide and spray them with WD-40.

21. Removing Gum from Hair

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Few things are more annoying than chewing gum sticking in your hair. If you have never found yourself in this awkward situation, then you should consider yourself lucky.

If you have children in your home, you can be assured that you will or even several times experience this situation. Now try imagining yourself with chewing gum stuck in your hair on a workday morning, and the only feasible option appears to cut that part of your hair. With a can of WD-40, you can remove the gum and still maintain your hair. Also try the next trick, which is also very good.

22. Cleaning License Plates

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In the United States today, road safety has become one of the most critical concerns for the authorities. A single level about the allowed driving speed limit can land you in great trouble. So what do license plates have to do with this?

The reason is quite hilarious-dirty license plates can at times save you the risk of being noted down by a traffic police person. This is especially the case when they haven’t gotten close enough to stop you. If you ever find the need to clean your license plate, WD-40 is the way to go. Just try it!

23. Detaching Super Glue

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Every modern household and office requires superglue. Superglue can be used to attach just about anything, which is why they are an inevitable addition to our lives. The thing about this product is that it knows no limits. In the process of applying it to your furniture or stationery, it can decide to get stuck on your fingers. Attempting to remove it from your skin forcefully can lead to adverse outcomes, such as part of your skin piling off.

WD-40 is the only product in the market with the capability of dealing superglue a hefty and effective blow. Get yourself a can today.

24. Number-One Protection for your Guitar Strings

Music is food for the soul! Without it, the world would be gloomy and dull. Good music can be produced by merely shifting one’s vocals from one point to another without any additions. But for the perfect music to be created, there have to be a few musical instruments to accompany the melodies from the singing voice.

Whenever one thinks of musical instruments, a guitar always pops up. This instrument is only good if its strings are nice and clean. You’re welcome to explore other options for cleaning and protecting your guitar strings, but we are here to tell you that none of them is half as good as WD-40.

25. Avoiding Splinters

Image: Imago / Jochen Tack

Even the most ardent users of WD-40 will tell you that they have no idea that this product can also be used as a varnish. We are used to buying recurrent items at the retail store such as grocery, milk, bread, and maybe butter or cheese. No one minds purchasing these items over and over as long as there is a need for them.

But what about other items like mops, rakes, and brooms? No one would enjoy buying a new broom every once a week. To avoid this, you need to prevent splinters from ruining your broom, mop, or rake. The solution is simple-WD-40!

26. Getting your New Baseball Gloves Ready for Use

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Baseball is the big heart of American identity and culture. Everything involved in playing baseball has a unique function and holds an essential place in the hearts of the players and fans. The baseball glove, for instance, is specifically tailored to guarantee comfort and safety while playing.

Obtaining a brand-new pair of gloves can be very fascinating until when it comes to breaking it in. Most people opt for oil to soften the edges before breaking it in, but you will still experience some hardships even with this lubricant. We recommend using WD-40 because it is more effective and convenient.

27. Protecting Leather Sofas

The manufacturer of WD-40 must have had a fascination with leather because when it comes to anything leather WD-40 operates like magic. Leather sofas are often costly. They also necessitate a unique kind of maintenance; otherwise, they will not give you the glam that you very much deserve for all that money you poured into buying them.

To give your leather sofas the kind of care they deserve, get yourself a can of WD-40 and after spraying it on your couches, use a smooth fabric to wipe them gently. The result will be a clean and shiny appearance coupled with long-lasting protection for your sofas.

28. Enticing Fish

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We know it sounds too good to be accurate, but WD-40 can be used to attract fish. We know this from numerous interviews with different fishers who agreed that WD-40 is the secret to their big catches.

Fish is one of the most nutritious foods on the planet today. They come in different shapes, colors, and appearances, but the bottom line remains that fish will always be our number-one protein no matter where we go. That is if you’re not allergic to fish, and you happen to love them. The only thing that attracts these slippery creatures more than a heavily loaded bait is a little of WD-40.

29. Keeping your Grill in Good Shape

No one ever thinks that the grill needs cleaning until it’s a few minutes before your visitors arrive. You will then find yourself in the unfortunate circumstance of having to scrub your grill with just about anything that you can lay your eyes on. Most people go for aluminum foil because it is hard and rough.

With aluminum foil, you will probably scrub off stuck meat from your last roast, but the grease and oil will remain unattended. In such a case, all you need is a can of WD-40 and a wire brush. Just make sure the fire isn’t turned on while you’re scrubbing your grill using WD-40.

30. Need to Separate Lego? WD-40 is the Answer

Image: Imago / Frank Sorge

If you’ve ever used Lego, you must be aware of the fun and joy these simple gadgets bring. Even as an adult, you can still use Lego to explore and enhance your creativity. It’s not just about the colors, the different shapes that come with Lego can bring so much joy and excitement, especially when you’re forming structures with a specific goal in mind.

The problem with Lego is that they tend to get stuck even when they haven’t been used for a single day. Instead of pulling, we recommend using WD-40 to separate your Lego. Try this good trick!

31. WD-40 can also Help in Separating Flower Pots

You might have moved places and had to pack up your flower pots together in a hurry, or your flowers might have gone dry, and you decided to give your jars a long break. Flower pots usually come in different shapes and diameters, which means that some can fit into others.

When the time comes for you to unravel your pots and decorate your balcony or corridors with flowers, you find that some of them are stuck. Trying to separate them forcefully can lead to breakage because most of them are usually made from clay. That is where WD-40 comes in.

32. Improving your Digging Experience

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Even with modern advancements in agriculture and farming technology, there are still cases where you will have to go the old school way and use a shovel in digging. The problem with using a shovel is that it can make the digging process distressing, especially if the ground is hard. Despite the apparent hardship in using a shovel, you might find that it is your only option, so it’s either you embrace or let the planting season pass.

What if we tell you that a single spray of WD-40 on your shovel can help you dig into the ground with so much ease you might even end up enjoying the entire process.

33. Getting Rid of Tea Stains

Image: Alex James Bramwell /

The most exciting part about tea is the actual drinking. When you are seated in the living room with your loved ones drinking hot tea and watching TV, or just having a light conversation, no one ever stops to think about the hustle that will be experienced in scrubbing off tea stains on the sink or kitchen counter.

Soap and water alone will not do the trick with tea stains. For a flawless surface, what you need is WD-40 and a small piece of cloth to wipe your sink or counter after spraying the lubricant. It helps very good! Try it!

34. Giving your Plants a Shiny Look

Image: Imago / Martin Bäuml Fotodesign

You are probably wondering how someone can clean their plants, leave alone the fact that they even find it necessary to clean them in the first place. You’re not alone in this thought. But have you ever thought about how nice the interior or balcony of your home would look if your artificial flowers were all shiny and clean?

WD-40 will give your flowers the glam they were built for and make your home look like you just moved in. You don’t need to worry about your flowers reacting with the lubricant because WD-40 is entirely harmless to your plants.

35. Eliminating Ink Stains

Image: Imago / Panthermedia

Ink stains are more annoying than all the other stains combined. Perhaps tar can beat them by a single level, but the rareness of one encountering tar stains means that ink stains take the day. Ink stains tend to occur in the most visible areas. For instance, you might have forgotten to remove your pen from your trouser pocket, or you accidentally splash ink on your white shirt while refilling your pen.

You don’t have to discard your trouser or shirt simply because it’s stained with ink, and you can’t seem to be able to remove it. All you need to do is get yourself a can of WD-40, and your fabric will be good as new.

36. Getting Rid of Dog Poop

Dogs are adorable creatures and our number-one best friends. Keeping a dog in the house can bring so much joy and happiness. You will always have something to look forward to when going back home from work. Depending on what breed of dog you keep, they can act as both companions and protectors.

For your dog to serve you well, there is a need to ensure that its essentials are well cared for. Part of this entails cleaning their poop without complaint because when you got that dog, you were getting the entire package. If you ever find dog poop stuck under your shoe, don’t worry much. Spray a little of WD-40 on the area, and it’ll come right off.

37. Removing Sticker Marks

Sticker marks are tolerable when they are attached to every other object but DVDs and CDs. Back in the day, as a child, you probably tried playing a few CDs, and all you got were periodic pauses. At the time, you must have thought something was wrong with your CD player or the CD itself.

If you had remembered to get rid of the sticker on your CD before inserting it into your player, you would not have suffered this ordeal.
To eliminate sticker marks without leaving a trace, buy a can of WD-40 today. So you can eliminate this perfectly.

38. Cleaning your Hairbrush

Having thick hair can be a blessing because you will not have to worry about constant maintenance. One thing that always manages to steal a few strands of hair from our heads, no matter how thick they are, is a hairbrush. Everyone wants a clean and neat dressing room or bathroom. Part of your cleaning routine should involve pulling hair out from your hairbrush.

This process can be difficult and frustrating if you are relying on your fingers. You might get a few strands out, but the ones beneath will remain. To get your hairbrush completely free from stuck hair, apply a small amount of WD-40.

39. Looking to Make Your Shoe Waterproof?

Image: LeStudio /

The rainy season is here, and despite it pouring for the better part of each day, you’re still responsible for yourself, and you’re loved ones. Or you could just be a college student commuting to and from campus each day. The rain can create a huge mess, especially when you’re trying to keep everything you are wearing clean and dry.

Potholes filled with rainwater are the number-one enemies of your shoes. If you’ve been getting to your destination with wet shoes every time it rains, it’s time to make your boots waterproof with WD-40. Fascinating for what WD-40 everything is, or?

40. Cleaning Toothpaste Stains

Image: Tamas Panczel – Eross /

Toothpaste is only excellent and desirable when it interacts with our teeth. Its use is exclusively mouth-based, which is to say that we don’t like seeing tiny bits of toothpaste spread all over our sink or washing area.
The sight of toothpaste stains can create discomfort and even embarrassing moments when you have visitors in the house.

They can make you appear ignorant and untidy. It’s not anyone’s fault that a few drops of toothpaste escaped from your brush and hit the sink. Instead of creating a fuss about it, you can buy a can of WD-40, and the last thing you will have to worry about is toothpaste stains.