85 Unbelievable Nature Photos with power

Image: IMAGO / blickwinkel

You’ve probably seen a million nature photos in your life, but few will evoke the awe and majesty of nature like these 85 photos. If a photo is worth a thousand words, these impact-laden nature photos speak volumes.

Nature is a fantastic, splendorous, awe-inspiring, sometimes mystical force that shakes us out of our complacency and reminds us that our day-to-day lives are part of something bigger than ourselves.

We are all part of a bigger web of life, and it pays handsomely to remind ourselves of this from time to time. We have selected for you 85 incredibly beautiful nature photos.

1. Granite faced Grizzly Bear

source: pinterest

One look at this powerful grizzly with a bite strong enough to pierce a bowling bowl tells you this isn’t the kind of bear you see riding a bicycle or twirling a hula hoop. Nor is this powerful creature the type of declawed, semi-tame bears featured in faux wrestling matches.

Not this fella. One look at his powerful shoulder and leg muscles tells you who is the real king of Alaska, Canada, or anyplace wild they inhabit.

Solitary animals, attacks are rare but frequent enough to give them wide a wide berth. Anyway, we wouldn’t like to encounter him on a walk in the forest.

2. Barn Funnel Spider Web

source: pinterest

We’ve all accidentally run into a spider’s web, which perhaps freaked you out, but nobody accidentally runs into the spooky but awesome web of a Barn Funnel Spider.

Known biologically as Tegenaria domestic, these spiders are active hunters, consuming lots of unsuspecting insects, and occasionally cannibalizing their own species. Renowned for their quickness, when they detect an insect in their web they leap out at lightning speed with 6 of their 8 eyes sighted forward.

Their webs are deep funnels, and it’s not an inviting place to stick your hand. They look pretty scary, but at least you would notice them and run away.

3. Charging Rhino

Image: Imago / Design Pics

Short of a great white shark (and thankfully, none of them live on land), there is unlikely to be anything that appears to be more threatening than a charging rhino.

Fortunately, rhino attacks on humans are relatively rare ( around two per year) but there are hundreds of dented safari and tourist vehicles that can attest to the ferociousness of an irritated rhino.

And if they charge your vehicle, (most likely just to chase you away from their territory) that’s 3,000 or more pounds charging at you at more than 30 miles per hour. So we would recommend not to stand in the way.

4. The Awesome ocean wave at the Lighthouse


In case you had any doubt that the ocean has power, take a gander at this giant wave swallowing a lighthouse. It happened in 1989 in France, and no, this is not photoshopped.

The light houseman was Théodore Malgorn who looks to be casual but was really frightened after waves had already ripped off the front door and one of the windows of the lighthouse.

The photo was taken from a helicopter which Malgorn believed was a rescue helicopter. And he barely escaped the oncoming wave. This is a reminder that nature is stronger than humans, and that we should respect her.

5. A Bee’s stinger next to a needle.

source: pinterest

Bees are amazing creatures. One-third of all the food we eat, is available via pollination, mostly by bees. But if you have ever been stung by a bee, or stepped on one, you know that they hurt like the dickens. This photo shows why.

But not to worry. First, many bees are of the stingless variety and all males also do not sting. So the probability for you to get stung by a bee is rather low.

And as for dangerous reactions, be aware that you are more likely to die of a lightning strike than die of a bee sting.

6. Landslide in Taiwan

Image: Imago / Xinhua

Landslides often occur in parts of the world that are hilly. Defined technically as a movement of a mass of rock, debris, or earth down a slope, the dictionary definition doesn’t really do justice to their power.

As is evidenced by this landslide in Taiwan which happened in 2010, in which 210,000 square meters of rock and debris came down upon one of Taiwan’s major freeways. On the photograph, it looks just as if a whole piece of the mountain had been dropped on the site.

Several motorists were killed, and it took nearly a month of digging before they found any of the doomed motorists. Some were never recovered.

7. Firestorm over the Outback

source: reddit

Wildfires can become so intense that they generate their own atmosphere. Called pyriCBS’s, which is short for pyrocumulonimbus clouds, with the uplift of ash, smoke, and burning materials, a wildfire can cause firestorms without any precipitation.

These firestorms create tremendous gusts of wind which not only whips around but carries smoking embers to nearby locations of the fire. On this photograph, you can see the firestorm from a rare angle.

Not only can firestorms carry smoking embers a long distance, but they can also generate lightning strikes which further can spread the fire. Winds can gust up to 70 mph in seconds.

8. The Great White Shark

source: reddit

Ever since Jaws hit the theatres in 1976, and possibly long before, people have been fascinated by Great White sharks. And why not, these mega sharks can get as large as 5,000 pounds and have 300, razor-sharp teeth.

The great white’s reputation is well deserved, as there have been 314 recorded unprovoked shark attacks. and approximately 74 fatalities. A great white typically has a bite force of around 4200 pounds of force.

One look at this photo and you can almost hear the great whites singing, “Do you feel lucky punk”. While it is some people’s dream to dive to see them closer, I would for sure rather stay on the boat!

9. Tarantulas and Frogs

Image: Imago / Ardea

Oscar and Felix are not the only Odd Couple on the block. Take a look at this odd photo of a frog that is the pet of a tarantula.

The pairing does seem odd, however, it makes perfect sense when you understand the biology behind it.

The tarantulas keep predators such as snakes away from these tiny frogs. Meanwhile, insects quite frequently invade and eat the tarantula’s eggs. So the frogs eat the insects and thus the precious eggs are protected. It’s a match made in heaven, or wherever tarantulas grow. We would never have thought about it, but it makes perfect sense.

10. Stunning Antarctic Monolith

Image: IMAGO / Science Photo Library

Imagine an ocean wave flash-frozen, over 50 feet in height and at least 30 feet in width. Then imagine standing in front of this huge wall of ice, like this person. That must be both beautiful and a bit scary at the time, to be so small in comparison.

Actually, although it looks like an ocean wave, it’s actually compressed ice. Water from the glacial mounds collects, melts, freezes then melts and freezes again and again in a continual cycle. The air bubbles in the water are pressed out and you get these marvelous monoliths.

If only you could import one of these beautiful monoliths to your next party.

11. Frozen House Wonderland

source: reddit

Want to have the most unique, winter house on your block. It’s simple. Just locate your house on a location like Lake Ontario, where the average shore temperatures in November, December, and January are around 3 degrees or less. Then add a lot of wind coming off the lake, and you’ll soon have a house that is a frozen, winter wonderland.

Of course, unfortunately, as beautiful as this house looks, when it becomes unfrozen it will have to be trashed. The foundation will be completely ruined and the wood will rot to the core. We don’t even know how the persons come into the house, as the main door is frozen, too.

12. Skunks eat first

Image: Imago / UIG

This dog appears to have learned his lesson and may have been sprayed by a skunk at least once. So quite naturally, he waits his turn at the kibble table. But how do you get rid of the smell if your dog has recently been “skunked?”

While some people recommend a tomato bath or a bloody mary bath (hold the celery) the American Kennel Club recommends a bath consisting of baking soda, mild dishwashing detergent, and water mixed with a 3 percent hydrogen peroxide solution.

Leave it on for five minutes, then rinse it away. The smell should then be gone.

13. Fat, hungry raccoons

source: reddit

This is a true story. A woman went camping, heard some ruckus outside, stuck her head out of her tent, and took this picture of a gaggle of hungry raccoons. (And by the way, the technical term for a troop of raccoons is a gaze.)

While many animals shy away from city life, raccoons just love the easy pickings of the city, and they are not afraid to come in contact with humans.

Ways to discourage raccoons include coating tennis balls with vinegar or cayenne pepper, buying commercial predator urine, ensuring you don’t leave pet food out, and locking up your garbage cans.

14. Qizai the Brown Panda

source: reddit

There are an estimated 200 to 300 Qinling pandas (brown pandas) in existence. These rare pandas come from the Qinling Mountains in China. This is a photo of Qizai, one of the few brown pandas in captivity. Qizai was abandoned by his mother and brought to the Fopin Panda Valley Nature preserve where they have around 64 protected pandas.

Being a brown panda makes Qizai pretty rare and preserve. Currently, around 7 years of age, preserve officials home to find him a mate and breed brown panda cubs in the future.

Have you ever seen a brown panda before? And isn’t he cute?

15. Apocalyptic View over Moscow

Image: Imago / Russian Look

Moscow can be a cold, bleak place. Full of crowds, noise, plenty of viruses, alcoholic vodka drinkers, horrendous traffic jams, toxic and environmental pollution, and many unsmiling people, not to mention extremely long, cold winters, it’s only a place for the brave or those unable to leave.

This photo shows a storm waiting to happen. And it is not photoshopped, the sky really had these colors. Time to find shelter inside, before it happens.

Although we can admire the interesting artistry that went into the photo, Moscow is bleak enough without making it seem like a Biblical plague is about to erupt.

16. Bald Eagles are King

source: reddit

One look at a bald eagle in the wild, those apex predators and masters of the sky, after 6 long years of contentious debate, the bald eagle officially became the national bird and the symbol of our country in 1789.

Although at one time threatened with extinction in the U.S., there are currently now over 300,000 bald eagles living safely within our borders.

Found only in North America, President Kennedy said, “The fierce beauty and proud independence of the bald eagle aptly symbolizes the strength and freedom of America.” Here you can see one of those eagles and maybe imagine how big and strong they are.

17. Catatumba Lightning

Image: Imago / Agencia EFE

Catatumbo Lightning is scarce and unique. Catatumbo Lightning only happens in Venezuela, where the Catatumbo River empties into Lake Maracaibo. This lightning occurs around 140 to 160 nights per year, and happens when humid air collides with ice crystals.

Somewhat predictable, this lighting, which can happen from 16 to 40 times per minute for a nine-hour period, produces a jagged lightning pattern which is extremely powerful and awe-inspiring. It looks but quite scary, if you are not aware of this phenomenon.

Venezuela is not known as a particularly happy place to be with thousands in poverty, but if you are nearby, do visit Catatumbo.

18. Frosty Celltower

source: reddit

Rime ice is formed when droplets of water or mist collect to surfaces or objects. Everyone has seen how lovely rime ice can look on trees, but in this case, the rime ice formed on a cell tower a couple of hundred feet up in the air.

The results are spectacular and this is a genuine, non-retouched photo. It surely doesn’t look like a friendly work environment or this person.

There is no telling how long it took the cell tower to unfreeze but if people in the area had trouble making a cell connection, there was a good reason why.

19. Young Coyotes Learn to Yip, Bark & Howl

Image: Imago / Ardea

Coyotes have 11 different types of vocalizations, and coyotes learn all 11 at an early age. It is believed that coyotes can distinguish different howls up to 40 miles away.

But like all animals, they aren’t born with these vocalizations, they have to learn and practice them. Just like children have to learn to speak. The baby coyotes on this photo imitating their mother are so cute.

As far as humans are concerned, one of the more interesting aspects of coyote vocalizations is that two coyotes can actually sound like 7 or 8. Generally, people don’t like them, but they are not as dangerous as you may think.

20. Starling tornado

Image: Imago / Inpho Photography

This one is a rare sight. It’s called a Starling Tornado by most layman, though officially it’s known as a Starling Murmuration. It almost looks like it could be a scene from a horror movie.

Essentially, thousands of starlings gather together to twist and loop and perform aerial gymnastics in the sky. Most biologists believe that Starling tornados form as a protection against predators such as falcons.

To see thousands of starling fly together is a truly awesome flight. Generally maturantions form in the winter months in places such as England, and usually around dusk. It’s an awesome sight and you never know what formation will appear.

21. Grey Owl Incognito

source: reddit

Many animals are colored to blend into their surroundings. Camouflage is essential for most animals to survive in the wild. There are four basic types of camouflage. concealing camouflage, just blending into the animal’s surroundings, disruptive coloration, ie stripes and spots that make the animal difficult to detect, mimicry and disguise.

Disguise is when an animal has the coloring of a non-food object, while mimicry is the coloration of a harmless animal that makes them look like their dangerous peer.

This guy really blends into his surroundings. This photo really proves it. Walking by in the forest, we would totally have overlooked this owl.

22. Geese look like they have teeth

Image: Imago / Panthermedia

By the looks of this goose, he needs to go to the dentist at least twice a year. No, geese do not have teeth, but they have multiple rows of sharp cartilage that act like teeth. This very sharp cartilage allows them to tear and rip through food,

And by the way, keep your distance from most geese. Especially when they have babies to protect, geese can be very fierce. A bite from a goose can be a painful experience. Particularly children.

And yes, geese have cartilage teeth on their tongues as well. Geese aren’t particularly aggressive but they are very territorial.

23. The Very Scary Harpy Eagle

source: pinterest

Harpy Eagles are the largest eagle in the world and more resemble batman than a bird. Being up to 3.5 feet in length and weighing up to around 25 pounds, it should be noted that the rear talons of a Harpy eagle are longer than a grizzly bear’s claws.

Primarily located in the jungles of Mexico and Argentina, Harpy seals will sit hours upon a perch waiting to swoop down at 50 miles per hour to snatch a monkey or an opossum.

Extremely powerful, you don’t want to mess around with them. We admire this man, courageous enough to sit right next to the eagle.

24. Did he or didn’t he capture this lightning photo?

source: Darren Pearson

In 2015 photographer Darren Peterson created an internet sensation when he posted a supposed lighting strike photo showing a pink tree with blue flames emerging from the base of the tree and covering the grass.

How in the world was he able to be in the right place and the right time to capture such an event?

Well, he didn’t. Actually, it was all just an artful, artistic way to stage a shot. But plenty of people to this day still believe the photo is real. The internet has spread so many rumors about this picture that there probably always be a doubt.

25. Multiple lightning strikes over Lake Michigan

source: reddit

This photo of 6 lightning strikes over Lake Michigan is spectacular. Was the photographer particularly lucky? Did he use witchcraft to call up the strikes on demand?

No, water tends to attract lighting and any lake, river, or ocean will do. When clouds build up a lot of positive charges, the negative charges in the water act as a wire from the lightning to the water. Some photographers specialize in this kind of shots. They know all the best places and locations to see lightning.

This photo is gorgeous, but if you are going to photograph lightning shots, make sure you are in a covered area for safety.

26. Spectacular Super Storm

source: reddit

A dome-shaped supercell, frequently found in the great plains is an awesome sight to behold. These are thunderstorms with a mesocyclone, a huge updraft of air that rise as high as 55,000 feet into the air.

Supercells are the least common of thunderstorms but can produce very violent storms with intense winds, hail, and moderate tornadoes.

The general advice from most professional storm photographers is to leave your camera at home, find safe shelter yourself, and obtain your photos from the experts who are willing to risk their lives and equipment for photographs. Indeed, these storms move extremely fast and are very dangerous.

27. Dead whales afloat

Image: Imago / Ardea

Whales die at sea and when they die in the water they often blow up with gasses and more resemble an alien spaceship than they appear to resemble their previous selves as former living and majestic creatures.

In areas where there are a lot of whales, specialists often go out and pierce the dead whales with gaffes and spears to let the gasses out and to keep the carcass from exploding.

We don’t know about you, but this is one summer job we wouldn’t want to have. It’s a messy job for sure. Hopefully it is well paid at least.

28. Lens-shaped clouds that resemble UFOs.

source: reddit

Some of the most spectacular cloud formations in the sky are lenticular clouds. Formed primarily when moist air flows over mountain tops, you can see them as far as 60 miles away.

And yes, lenticular clouds do resemble UFO spaceships, particularly the oval-shaped ones. If you have never encountered this kind of cloud before, we wouldn’t be surprised if you had a doubt for a second.

While lenticular clouds can appear and disappear rather quickly, unless you live near the mountains, most people have never seen one. But they are visually striking. Pilots tend to avoid them, but those that fly gliders absolutely love them.

29. Baby Polar Bear

Image: Imago / robertharding

Is there anything cuter than a baby polar bear? But look but don’t get too near. Mother polar bears may be just around the corner. And mother polar bears are extremely protective of their young. And a female polar bear may weigh over 600 pounds, have huge claws and 42, extremely sharp teeth, this is one female that you don’t want to irritate.

Polar bear attacks on humans are fairly rare, but polar bears are very curious beasts and most attacks are at night. Avoid camping in their territory and carry a deterrent. And stay away from mother bears with their cubs.

30. Unique after storm tornado clouds

Image: Imago / Design Pics

Generally, if there has been a severe thunderstorm like a tornado the sign of mammatus clouds, clouds that have a circular, pouch-like nature are welcome signs. It generally means the worst has passed.

Mammatus clouds hang beneath thunderstorm clouds and are composed primarily of ice. They can extend hundreds of miles in any direction and are generally fleeting, lasting around 10 or 15 minutes at a time.

They can appear around or after a storm but are a sign that the weather is weakening, and so they are a pleasant sight. They are also a very good subject for those who like to take pictures.

31. Top of the Tree, tree-climbing goats

Image: Imago / imagebroker

This is a photo you don’t see every day. The tree-climbing goats of Morocco. And why you might ask, do goats climb trees? No, they aren’t auditioning for the circus, but rather they climb argania trees to get to the tasty fruit, which is much better than meager food they can find after the low-hanging fruit is gone.

Although the goats love the taste, they can’t digest the seeds, either spitting them out or swallowing them, which softens them. The farmers then make argan oil, which is used for cosmetics. It is indeed a very good moisturizer for skin and hair.

32. Don’t do this and freak out fish

source: reddit

Many people who go into fish stores love to tap on the glass to attract the fish as if they were calling a puppy to pet. Wrong move.

Tapping on the glass scares the heck out of most. They have a very sensitive sense of hearing, and their small brains interpret the act of tapping on the glass as aggression and confusion. Their natural tendency is to flee rather than stop and say, “hi”

In addition, in their panic to flee, they may run into objects in their tank. So please be nice to them, and leave them in peace.

33. Rare Black Jaguar

Image: Imago / ingimage

Wildlife conservation groups estimate there are less than 15,000 jaguars left in the world, due to both poaching and habitat loss. However, even rarer are black jaguars, who are not a unique species but simply a rare color variation of traditional jaguars. The best estimate is that there are 600 black jaguars left in the world.

While their color can definitely can assist on the hunt, unfortunately, their rare color lends them to poachers who may obtain a better price for a black panther skin.

Let’s just hope their population prospers, and they can be protected from illegal hunting for their skin.

34. Morning Glory Clouds

Image: Imago / Design Pics

If you want to see a rather rare cloud formation, head to Australia, jump on a small airplane, and search for Morning Glory Clouds. A meteorological phenomenon that is not completely understood, Morning Glory Clouds are believed to be formed when warm, humid air from the Coral Sea combines with warm air from the nearby gulf.

To heck with all the scientific mumbo jumbo, however. Suffice it to say these cloud formations, which can normally only be observed from the air, are very striking and beautiful. Hopefully you are lucky enough to witness this phenomenon if you go there on vacation.

35. Da dah. Da dah. This is no landshark

Image: Imago / OceanPhoto

You’ve probably got composer John Williams theme from Jaws buried into your head, and one thing is for sure. If you are in Martha’s Vineyard, the real-life background for the fictional Amity Island, well you are not going into the water.

This shark photo, shot in Mexico, is real, not photoshopped. It follows a shark nicknamed Squirrel who continuously went for the large chunks of tuna thrown overboard while the photographer safely sat in a shark cage.

Spectacular for sure, we’d rather settle for the photos, thank you. Even if he assures us the cage is super safe, there is no way we are going in.

36. Near Frozen American Buffalo

Image: IMAGO / R. Kistowski/wunderbare-Erde

Were it not for the general degradation of the American Indian, as well as the wholesale slaughter of millions of these magnificent beasts, there is no question to many that the American Buffalo rather than the bald Eagle should be our national symbol.

During the building of the Transcontinental railroad, millions of buffalo were slaughtered to help force Native Indians to go to reservations. By 1884, the millions of buffalo had dwindled down to 325.

Today, their numbers have increased to 500,000 and one look at this photo suggests they are majestic. They can also live in very rude weather conditions.

37. Teddy Rosevelt rides a moose

Image: Imago / Photo12

This photo is evidence that long before photoshop, photos were being manipulated, often for political purposes. The Soviets were masters of this, as not only were photos of Stalin retouched to eliminate his pockmarks on his face but to simply remove political undesirables from photos after they had gotten at the wrong end of Stalin.

This photo shows Teddy Rosevelt riding a moose across a river, by simply taking a photo of the Rough Rider on a horse and combining it with a photo of a moose. Heh, it convinced many. Have a look at the next photo! It is really funny.

38. Smart Cat Outwits Dobermans

source: reddit

No telling if this photo was real or fake, but if real, there’s no question the cat was not only clever but frightened.

Do dogs naturally hate cats? No, but dogs have at their core the basic genetic characteristics of a hunter. So a cat that flees triggers deep biological to chase them. And cats can either flee, or they can stand their ground and swipe a vicious claw at the dog.

Dogs and cats can be socialized to get along together at an early age but wait and it takes training. Have a look at the next photo! It is really spectacular.

39. Roger the Fighting Kangaroo

Image: Imago / blickwinkel

This muscular, buff kangaroo more resembles Ivan Drago from Rocky IV than he resembles an ordinary kangaroo. In fact, you can almost hear Roger mimicking Ivan and saying (in Kangaroo talk) “I must break you!”

Kangaroos fight other kangaroos for two main reasons. Either access to females, or access to water and ideal personal space like a shady cave. It is said that some kangaroos have kicked other kangaroos so violently they fell off a cliff.

Roger here is an example of a typical Alpha male kangaroo who loves to dominate. Have a look at the next photo! It is amazing.

40. Extinct Tasmanian Tigers

Image: Imago / United Archives International

This family of Tasmanian Tigers in Hobart Tasmania is all we will ever likely see of the Tasmanian Tigers. Tasmanian Tigers, once numbering in many thousands, had been reduced to around 5,000 when settlers r tamed Tasmania.

By the time this photo was taken, there were just a few remaining, mostly in zoos. Tasmanian tigers were officially declared extinct in 1936, although there continue to Tasmanian tiger sightings, though most of them have been proven to be false.

Though not a beautiful animal like the Bengal tiger, sadly this is one more extinct species. Have a look at the next photo! It is really funny.

41. Seaweed infested ocean wave

Image: Imago / Cavan Images

You don’t want to bodysurf, swim, or water surf in these ocean waves. Not if you don’t want to be covered in seaweed. Known as sargassum, this is a brown seaweed that floats and clogs many parts of the ocean near the shore.

Besides being just yucky in its feel, sargassum can cause major skin irritation, and although it’s not dangerous, when it lands on the beach it releases hydrogen sulfide gas which not only gives off a rotten egg smell but can be quite toxic to humans. Have a look at the next photo! You will be surprised.

42. Trans-Antarctic exploration vessel stuck in Antartic ice

Image: Imago / Xinhua

This happened in 1915 although the journey began a year earlier. Sir Ernest Shackleton and crew set forth on a ship journey from England, to South Georgia in the Falklands, and then to around Antarctica.
Two days after setting sail from South Georgia, the ship was slowed considerably by pack ice, and within a little more than a month, the ship was hopefully trapped in ice.

Less than 8 months after having become trapped, the ship was crushed by the ice and by November of 1915 the boat sank. Have a look at the next photo! It is really funny.

43. Soviet Soldiers feeding polar bears condensed milk

Image: Imago / All Canada Photos

Former Soviets perhaps get a bad rap. Even today, post-communism, Russians are characterized as sullen, unsmiling people whose sole motivation in life is to get drunk on Vodka.

Yes, there are and have been plenty, but just as often Russians can be sweet and friendly as evidenced byco this photo in the 50s of Russian soldiers feeding polar bears.

The Chukchi Peninsula where this photo was taken gets brutally cold, as much as negative 40 degrees. But the soldiers had lots of condensed milk, which the bears just loved. Have a look at the next photo! It is not for spider-haters!

44. Spider webs covering trees during a flood

Image: IMAGO / TT

Here’s a photo you don’t see every day. Thousands of spiders spinning a giant cocoon in a tree to protect themselves against rising floodwaters. This photo was taken in Pakistan during the flood season.

Seeing how it was either adapt and survive or perish, the spiders made this ghastly looking, yet at the same time beautiful giant web.

One side benefit to this cocooning by the spiders is despite the rising waters, the local mosquito population drastically went down as many of them were trapped in this giant web. Have a look at the next photo! It is amazing nature.

45. Starling swarms over Rome

source: reddit

We’ve covered starling swarms before, but over a city? It happens in Rome quite frequently and it’s not only freaky but gross as the city also gets covered in bird poop.

Starling swarms are somewhat of a mystery but the latest explanation as to why they happen is to find warmth together as well as to exchange foraging information. Each bird tends to follow 6 others, rather than the whole flock.

Because starling swarms are natural, it’s no wonder that efforts to discourage them such as trying to prune trees don’t work. Have a look at the next photo! It is really funny.

46. Sylester Stallone’s real life movie turtles

Image: Imago / Mary Evans
Film: Film: Rocky

By all accounts, everybody remembers Rocky’s turtles, which Rocky proudly showed to Adrian in his dumpy apartment. Guess what. Sylvester Stallone kept these two turtles, given the name Cuff and Link in the movie, and they are now 44 years old.

Being 44, the turtles have nearly lived their lifespan, with some turtles living until they reach around 50.
Stalone by the way is 74 now, so he has seen the better part of his days too, although he’s still pumping iron as if he’ll live forever. Have a look at the next photo! It is really dangerous.

47. Terri and Steve Irwin with a croc

Image: Imago / Ronald Grant

Steve Irwin, who absolutely loved snakes, tigers, crocodiles, and the like believed firmly in the public not seeing these animals as monsters but just living and doing what nature intended them to do but survive and thrive.

Sadly, Steve died in 2006 from a stingray barb in the heart while filming in Australia’s Great Barrier Reef.
But sad as his untimely death was, for a naturalist, Steve probably wouldn’t have it any other way.

Thousands mourned his death, but his take care of the planet message lives on. Have a look at the next photo! It was taken in 1922 in Austin.

48. Teror in Austin in 1922

source: reddit

Austin Texas has had some horrific weather over the years. Temperatures as hot at 112 degrees, freezing temps to -2 below, winds of nearly 80 miles per hour, and plenty of flash floods.

However, in May of 1922 Austin experienced twin tornadoes, an F2 and an F4 category tornado. The first storm tornado left one dead, 7 injured, and $400,000 worth of 2021 damages. Meanwhile, the stronger tornado killed 12, injured 50, and caused over $1 million worth of 2021 damages.

Fortunately, this was a once in a lifetime for Austin. Have a look at the next photo! It is really funny.

49. Cute and lovely Artic Hares

source: reddit

You won’t find any of these lovely hares eating in your garden unless you happen to have your garden in the upper reaches of Canada, New Foundland, and Labrador. These are hares (as distinguished from rabbits) that have a 20 percent body fat count and can survive in very low temperatures.

Primarily, vegetarians, they are solitary animals who never the less sometimes run in big packs and eat snow for drinking water.

Arctic hares can run up to nearly 40 miles per hour, which is good because they have many predators. Have a look at the next photo! It is hilarious.

50. Steely bird of prey

Image: IMAGO / blickwinkel

The bearded vulture, we assure you, is not the national bird of any of the 195 recognized countries of the world. This is a rare predator, living in the mountains of Europe and Africa, who live almost exclusively on bones as well as carcasses.

The bird takes bones and drops them from a distance, sometimes several times before the bones crack. Meanwhile, eating carcasses dies their feathers blood red. The brighter the bird, the more successful and the better the bird’s resources are.

Don’t worry though. They are not dangerous to humans. Have a look at the next photo! It is amazing nature.

51. Spectacular volcanic lightning

Image: Imago / United Archives International

Many lightning strikes can be pretty amazing, and we often marvel at how the photographer managed to take them. But is there anything more striking than volcanic lightning?

Volcanic lighting comes about when volcanic ash and gasses produce great friction that generates static electricity of a tremendous force. The result is usually a lightning bolt that can travel in pretty much any direction.

When millions of electrons produce a static charge and it goes off, a volcano can produce a light show as you’ve rarely witnessed. Have a look at the next photo! It shows the aliens that have arrived?

52. The aliens have arrived thunderstorm

Image: Imago / ZUMA Wire

While many photographers have captured beautiful, awe-inspiring photos of thunderstorms, this out-of-this-world alien mothership-looking thunderstorm may take the cake. It is believed that this photo captures a tornado touching down while spewing lightning everywhere at the same time.

The lighting in a tornado is caused by tons of microscopic ice pellets slamming into one another as the storm progresses. In fact, many weather researchers are now looking to study lighting as a predictor of tornadoes.

Meanwhile, this photo is pretty unique and breathtaking. Have a look at the next photo! It shows a tornado which looks unreal. Take a look yourself!

53. Supercell that produced 12 tornadoes

Image: Imago / ZUMA Press

We’re not even sure you want to know how photographer Jason Weingart produced this photo showing a supercell generating 12 tornadoes. Most of us would just rather enjoy the stunning photo results.

In fact, Weingart is a tornado photographer extraordinaire and makes a handsome living not only selling his tornado art but conducts seminars on the art of tornado photography. And if you haven’t had that type of training, leave it to the experts who are willing to risk life and limb for the ultimate prize. Have a look at the next photo! It is an amazing photograph.

54. Lighting and water O’Rama

Image: Imago / StockTrek Images

Lightning strikes over water are less common than overland. And here is a popular myth exploded. While it is possible, it is extremely unlikely that a lightning strike will hit anyone swimming in a swimming pool. According to the Aquatic Safety Research Group, there has never been a single case of someone injured or dying through a lightning strike.

Large bodies of water such as a lake or the ocean are another matter. Lightning can travel fast in the water, so play it safe and avoid storms. Have a look at the next photo! It is an amazing photograph.

55. Gecko Eye

Image: Imago / ZUMA Wire

Geckos make great pets, and as this close-up photo shows, a gecko can have fascinating features that can really draw the eye in.

There are around 1600 variety of Geckos, but most people choose the Tokay Gecko featured here, the Leopard Gecko or the Day Gecko. Be sure an buy from a pet store, as wild geckos may carry diseases into your home.

You’ll need to be comfortable feeding geckos insects, and be sure and know the body comfort levels of the gecko you buy. Some require a higher heat source. Have a look at the next photo! It is an fantastic photograph.

56. Beautiful young Yellow Boxfish

Image: Imago / Aurora Photos

If you go skin diving off the coast of Australia, the Phillipines, Fiji or New Guinea, then chances are you”ve spied these beautiful yellow boxfish. Note that yellow boxfish only retain their bright colors when young. As they get older, they tend to turn into a motely brown color.

Marine biologists suggest that the reason for the bright color in the younger boxfish is to alert predators that they can be poisonous. As they get older, boxfish develop coats resembling armor, and that helps protect them as well. Have a look at the next photo! It is an amazing photograph.

57. The teeth of Antarctic crabeater seals

source: reddit

Crabeater seals have some ugly choppers. but they have a purpose. The teeth allow them to consume massive amounts of krill in a very easy manner.

The most abundant seals in Antarica, Crabeater Seals don’t eat crabs at all. They were given the name by early whalers who assumed they ate crabs and the name stuck.

Crabeater seals swim in krill beds and their specialized teeth allow them to filter out the tiny krill from the seawater like sieves. They eat as much as 44 pound of krill daily. Have a look at the next photo! It is an polar bear breathing fire?

58. Polar Bear Breathing Fire?

Image: Imago / Danita Delimont

No, this polar bear, caught by photographer Josh Anton, was not really breathing fire. He didn’t have hot sauce for breakfast with his daily ration of seal meat. Nor is this photoshopped either.

What happened is that Josh was able to take the photo when the early morning sun rose, and the reflection of the sun on the frozen article landscape blended perfectly with the polar bear to give the impression he was breathing fire.

Although the shot is beautiful, we’re guessing it took about 30 shots to get it right. Have a look at the next photo! It is an amazing photograph.

59. Majestic photo of Bow Lake

source: reddit

Approximately 30 minutes from Lake Louise, Bow Lake has some stunning views of the mountains, the lake itself, with its beautiful, turquoise color, and the surrounding forest treeline.

Besides hiking, fishing, kayaking, and photography, the surrounding Bow Lake areas has some tremendous glacial falls that are breathtaking.

While most people go to Bow Lake in June to September, during the winter months, the area can be absolutely dazzling. There is a snowshoe trail around the lake, Just be careful to stay on the trail in the winter to avoid avalanches. Have a look at the next photo! It is an amazing photograph.

60. Ball Lightning Strike

source: reddit

Ball lightning is an event that very few people have witnessed and can be strange and confusing even to scientists. Strange orbs of light seem to hover in the sky, and occasionally even strike an object such as a church window pane.

There are several theories about ball lightning including that microwave radiation is developed, a reaction is caused between vaporized elements and oxygen, or even that ions will collect onto a window causing a discharge.

Whatever the cause, these strange electrical discharges are fascinating and mystical. Have a look at the next photo! It is an unreal photograph.

61. Storm Surges are nothing to sneeze at

source: reddit

The ocean is a powerful beast. Waves 78 feet high can occur on rare occasions and the record after a Tsunami is 100 feet, But even 30 to 45 foot waves may be strong enough to capsize a ship.

A 30-foot wave, for example, may generate up to 410 tonnes of energy, And if there is one monster wave after another, let’s just say the ocean, not the ship is likely to go for the goaline.

The trick is for the captain to hit the wave at an angle. Have a look at the next photo! It is an amazing one.

62. Tree crushes a headstone

source: pinterest

Trees grow wherever the heck they want. And as this photo shows, if a headstone gets in the way, so be it. A tree doesn’t really care.

Grabbed early enough, an errant tree can be removed, but once they have hold of an object such as this headstone, usually the only choice is to not only remove the tree but the headstone as well and start over.

Of course, it’s a basic gardening fact that you don’t want to plant a headstone too near a tree anyway. They just don’t mix. Have a look at the next photo! It is an amazing photograph.

63. Sailfish are really fast

Image: Imago / Westend61

Sailfish are considered to be the fastest fish alive. Clocked at more than 68 miles per hour. Compare that with a great white shark or a killer whale that goes half the speed and you get some appreciation for how these powerful underwater speed demons travel.

Compare the sailfish to the fastest land animal, the cheetah which can go 75 miles per hour but only for short bursts. A sailfish is like an energizer bunny underwater, it can keep going and going.

Great hunters, they are marvelous fish to observe. Have a look at the next photo! It is an amazing whale in different decades.

64. Same Whale, different decades

source: proyectopupila

Whales have different shaped tales, so it is indeed possible for biologists to tell one whale from another. But can a whale appear, disappear and reappear 35 years apart? Apparently so. This photo shows the same whale, observed in Nayarit Mexico in 1985 and then observed 35 years later near Los Cabos Mexico.

A California grey whale can live to be from 40 to 70 years of age, They can grow to nearly 50 feet and weigh upwards of 90,000 pounds. They typically give birth every 1 to 3 years. Have a look at the next photo! It is an amazing photograph.

65. Sunset over the Great Pyramid

Image: Imago / Panthermedia

The Great Pyramids are one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World and this stunning sunrise shot captures their majesty. The Greek Historian Herodus says it took 100,000 men 20 years to build. Modern scholars are betting it took 20,000 men at best.

There are wild theories about how they were built. Everything from the help of ancient aliens to catapults and cranes to water-lubricated sleds. Nobody knows for sure, but these 4,500-year-old sculptures are truly spectacular, and FYI they were probably not built by slaves but by peasant labor. Have a look at the next photo! It is an amazing photograph.

66. Go ahead, make my day Croc

source: reddit

Crocodiles as a species are the ultimate survivors. Crocs are over 200 million years old, well outlasting the dinosaurs by 65 million years. There are over 23 species of crocs and they pretty much look like their ancient ancestors.

Able to live up to 70 years long, the key to their survival may be that they can go for a long time without eating. In fact, the average croc eats about 50 full meals a year. And yes, sadly crocs do eat humans by the hundreds per year. Have a look at the next photo! It is an great nature photo!

67. Gravity free goats

source: reddit

You’ve seen goats hanging from treetops in Morocco but in case you wondered how agile goats can be take a gander and these two goats hanging on the walls of the steep 160 foot Cingino Dam in Italy.

Well, the walls of the dam are covered with salt, and these herbivores do not get enough salt in their natural diet, and all animals need salt to function properly.

Naturalists say it’s mostly females and their kids climbing on the dam to lick the precious salt, although males have been observed as well. Have a look at the next nature photo in our list!

68. White, snuggly bats

source: pinterest

Bats don’t make the kind of pets you want to snuggle up to unless perhaps you are Dracula. But if given a choice, these innocent-looking white bats, might be your choice. First, they live in tents underneath Heliconia plants, not in a cave. Second, they are strictly fruitarians.

Honduran white bats live almost exclusively on a specialized type of fig. They may rarely eat other figs, but they love the Ficus colubrinae figs so much that they will travel up to .2 square miles to obtain them for their daily feast. Have a look at the next photo which shows the Timber Wolf.

69. Timber Wolf on the attack

source: Reddit

Timber Wolves are some of the most ferocious predators around. Coming in a variety of colors, the icy black variety of timberwolves fit the description of the type of wolf you’d least want to encounter at night while on the way to grandmas,

Traveling in packs of 10, and sometimes up to 30, timber wolves are nocturnal, so you’ll only encounter them at night, Adults can consume as much as 20 lbs of fresh kill during a meal.

Not to worry though, there have been no accounts of wolves attacking humans. Next one is Mr. Olympia? No, just a very cool animal!

70. The Next Mr. Olympia?

source: reddit

A championship bodybuilder may be able to bench press up to 500 pounds, but bodybuilders can’t even come close to the power of a chimpanzee which maybe 4 times the strength of a human.

In fact, on Man vs Beast, a neighboring species wiped out a sumo wrestler in a tug of war, and on the same show, a chimpanzee came in second to a Navy SEAL on an obstacle course, but we are betting the beast of a chip in this photo would have beaten him. Have a look at the next photo, which was taken in Texas. It’s funny!

71. Gackles aplenty in Texas

source : reddit

Throughout Texas, it’s the same familiar site. Hundreds of Gacklesl gathering at dusk around shopping centers as they hang on power lines.

Grackles gather in parking lots, in particular, grocery store parking lots for one good reason. There is plenty of food strewn in the parking lots, often coming from nearby fast food joints.

People learn quickly to not park their cars near the power lines, but no matter what it seems destined that your freshly washed car may be covered in bird poop. But cities have given up discouraging their residence. Next one is a great photo for Jellyfish-Lovers.

72. Jellyfish or strange alien from another planet?

source: pinterest

Jellyfish have been in existence for at least 500,000 years, making them the oldest, multi-organ animal on the planet. There are at least 2,000 types of jellyfish known, and many thousands that have yet to be discovered.

A plague of swimmers in Florida, Maine, and Hawaii in the U.S. and throughout Australia, South Africa, and Japan, in 2016, a new species of Jellyfish was found 12,000 feet below the Ocean.

Jellyfish typically live a few months, but it is speculated they some can live 20 years. We love these animals, but you would not want to come to near to them!

73. Unique, fozzilized dino

source: reddit

While the vast majority of fossilized dinosaurs are fragments of bone, sometimes put together with a few synthetic parts as well, this unique nodosaur skeleton is unique. It is extremely intact for a fossil that is at least 70 million years and possibly 90 million years old. It more resembles a preserved crocodile than a traditional dinosaur.

Discovered in 2011 but taking six years to excavate, it is estimated when it was living that this beast with spikes over his body for protection was nearly 20 feet in length and weighed 2,500 lbs. Have a look at the next one, a giant batman?

74. The real Batman emerges

source: reddit

No, they won’t eclipse the superhero, but these bats, known scientifically as Pteropus vampyrus can be pretty intimidating, especially when they fly in flocks. But don’t worry, despite the scientific name they are strict vegetarians.

They have a wingspan of nearly 5 feet in length and have a fox-like face. Primarily preferring mangrove forests, coconut groves, and mixed fruit orchards, they are fairly common in Philippine cities.

They may fly up to 30 miles at night to their feeding grounds and generally land in the trees, then hang upside down to eat. Next one is a pit from hell? We are not so sure about that!

75. The Pit from Hell?

source: pinterest

This pit from hell appears to be a great place to film a damnation movie as souls plummet to a fiery death.
But it’s very real. Taken by the U.S. Geological Survey, the photo shows a fairly rare phenomenon, a lava flow skylight.

Skylights are formed when the opening at the roof of a lava tube collapses, revealing the underlying lave stream below.

In general, the lava tube collapses because it is too thin and fragile to support itself. In Hawaii, where there is constant volcanic activity, skylights are very common. Have a look at the next photo. You can’t tell if it is photoshopped or not.

76. Faux waterfalls into the Ocean

Image: Imago / Panthermedia

Maybe you think this photo is photoshopped. But we can tell, it’s not! This photo looks like a giant waterfall is pouring into the ocean depths. Actually, there is no waterfall at all. It’s an optical illusion.

This photo was taken in Mauritius, a small island commonwealth 1300 miles from Madagascar. The surrounding underwater landscape slants decidedly down, leading to a 4,000-foot drop-off into the Indian Island.

What appears to be a waterfall is the movement of sand in Mauritius heading toward this drop-off. As silt moves from the island toward this drop-off point it provides the optical illusion that there is a waterfall.

77. Bombs away in Chile via a volcano

Image: Imago / Xinhua

The Calbuco volcano in Chile is among 90 volcanos in Chile, and when an eruption occurs, even a small one, the people take notice. In the 20th century, eruptions have taken place in 1906, 1907, 1909, 1911, 1917, 1929, 1932, 1945, 1961, 1972 and 2015.

In the 2015 eruptions, the volcano dumped more than 2 feet of ash on the closest city to the volcano, Ensenada, and all 1500 people had to evacuate from the town. No deaths occurred, but the earthquakes have killed thousands as evidenced by Pompei. Have a look at the next spectacular nature photo! It looks great.

78. Stop, do not come any closer

source: reddit

This photo shows two bodies of water, the Copper River in Alaska, flowing into the Gulf of Alaska. Except in this case, the inflowing water of the River seems to be stopped midstream by the Gulf.

The reason for the definitely perceived stalemate is the waters from the Copper River are freshwater coming from the surrounding glaciers of the Copper basin, while the gulf is thick with saltwater and has plenty of organic material as well.

The two temporarily do not mix, but finally, the salt overwhelms the freshwater. The next photo is amazing. It’s a big water spout, which looks unreal!

79. Amazing Water Spout

Image: Imago / Panthermedia

Water spouts make amazing pictures, as evidenced by this photo in Tampa Bay, Florida, but they can be quite destructive to boats in the nearby area. Essentially, a water spout is a tornado that forms over water, not land, or one that starts over the land and moves to the water.

They can have high winds to 50 miles per hour and if you are on a boat and see one, your best bet is to navigate 90 degrees away from them. But they can often be predicted, so listen to the weather. You should see the next photo. It is full of bees!

80. Beehive Bicycle Seat

source: reddit

It’s exceedingly likely that this bicycle hadn’t been ridden for a while but the owner did have quite a shock when he came back and found the undercarriage of his bicycle seat had been taken over by a swarm of bees. Nor did this rider from Los Angeles just hop on and ride away.

Photos on Pinterest show that bees swarm on all kinds of objects, parked cars, mailboxes, barbecues, mailboxes, pop-up campers, boats, and garden gates.

Your best bet is to find a local beekeeper who can safely remove them for you. Have a look at the next photograph!

81. Baby Elephant has a temper tantrum

source: reddit

Human children are not the only ones that have temper tantrums. Animals do too. And one of the best examples is shown here where a baby elephant has a temper tantrum in front of his adult keeper and buries himself in the mud.

Baby elephants show all kinds of behavior to express jealousy, or just an unwillingness to go along, and mud diving is the most common. And like all wise parents, usually, the adult elephants let the baby just whine itself out till the baby chooses to give up. The next one is a cute bear who looks for someone to play.

82. Bear looks for someone to play

Image: Imago / All Canada Photos

Many families live in parts fo the U.S. and Canada that are bear country. And bears are naturally curious beasts. The have been observed cooling themselves swimming in swimming poolsor hot tubs, raiding birdfeeders, eating your dogs favorite food, trashing your gardens, overturning your barbecues for leftovers and of course, going through your trash.

This fellow it seems, just wants to play, but wear her cubs go, often mama bear likes to follow.

The main thing is not to encourage bear visits, for where bears find food they frequent return. Have a look at the next photo! You will be surprised.

83. Creepy tree line road in Ireland

source: reddit

Not the place you want to get lost in or have your car break down, believe it or not these trees were originally planted in Ireland in 1775 to be inviting. The trees are part of the Gracehill estate.

There were originally 150 trees of which around 90 are still living. The Irish government protects the area and people are actually forbidden to drive down the road. However creepy, Twilight Zone photography and selfies are welcome.

The house is on Bregagh Rd, Stranocum, Ballymoney, if you want to visit. Have a look at the next photo, it’s an Electron microscope.

84. Electron microscope shot of a spider foot

source: reddit

Spiders are fascinating creatures and this electron microscope shot of a spider’s foot shows you exactly why they can crawl up and down your wall. While on the wall looking for tasty bugs or going to their web, spiders can actually support hundreds of times their weight.

The key is tiny hairs called setules. Spiders have more than 600,000, triangular shaped setules which allow them to walk on walls, hang upside down,

There”s also a form of static electricity involved known as the van der Waals force. Have a look at the next photo. It’s a unique sand fall. You have to see it!

85. Unique sandfall

source: youtube

Water falls are just about one of the most breathtaking sights on the planet. But have you ever seen a sandfall?

Sandfalls form in places like Saudia Arabia after a rainfall when tons of sand get carried away and as a result, it looks like a water fall.

When videos began showing up around 2017, many people accused them of being fake, photoshopped from actual waterfalls and then manipulated. But more and more videos are showing up, and it is believed sand falls are a result of environmental damage. This was our list about the great nature photos. Maybe you can see them in real some day.