40 Pictures from the 1970s showing celebrities partying

Image: Imago / MediaPunch

The 1970s are famous for the rock and roll and the discos and for the celebrities of the time period that were obsessed with having a good time partying it up with all the other famous celebrities of the time period. Most of these celebrities are very different from the celebrities of today.

In the 70s the famous celebrities were rock stars, disco singers and dancers, eccentric pop singers, artists, the models that dated rock stars, and some familiar types as well. It wasn’t uncommon to see actors and actresses spending time among the celebrities of the day, but they were often more eccentric and not as typical of Hollywood stars as some generations.

Here is a list of pictures of some of the famous people from way back then partying it up with one another. It’s kind of interesting seeing them relax and unwind together at some of this strange and changing times decade’s fashionable haunts for celebrities to see and be seen at.

1. Cher and Gregg Allman

Image: Imago / ZUMA Wire

After Sonny and Cher were no more, Cher moved on by dating another musician. This time she was with a rocker, Gregg Allman. He’s famous for his time in the Allman Brothers band and for his solo work. He may also be partially famous for being married to Cher. She tied the knot with Gregg Allman once her divorce from Sonny Bono was finalized. When they were dating, it wasn’t too uncommon to see the dark haired beauty and the blonde locked rock star together partying and making music together during the 1970s.

Here’s a picture of the contrasting pop and rock couple dancing together and with other guests at a Doobie Brothers band LA party. This was taken back in 1975.

2. Elton John

Image: Imago / ZUMA Wire

This wouldn’t be an accurate line up of photos of celebrities partying in the 70s without a picture of Sir Elton John. Here he’s celebrating his 27th Birthday. 1974. On the picture: Footballer Martin Chivevs, Elton John, Ian Morgan

From the looks of it Elton John is entertaining the party guests around him with some story or joke, since his guests has burst into laughter and the other guest beside him is smiling. Elton John was always a charming character, so it isn’t surprising he was the life of the party. And now let’s go on to the next picture.

3. David Bowie and model Viv Lynn

Image: IMAGO / Everett Collection

The rock star and some time “alien” David Bowie just started really gaining fame during the 70s. He was going through a few of his different stage persona phases during the decade and confounding audiences and the public with his androgynous look and strange costumes. He was present at many a party during the 70s.

This is a picture of the famous rocker sitting with the model Viv Lynn at a movie premier party. Viv Lynn was briefly dating the rocker at the time of the photo. She inspired him to adapt a Japanese influenced look for a time. The movie was Just a Gigolo. The party is at a London location known as the Cafe Royal and took place in 1979.

4. Morgan Freeman

Image: IMAGO / Everett Collection
Movie: Street Smart

Surprisingly the actor Morgan Freeman and also his wife Jeanette Freeman were spotted out partying during the 70s. This may seem surprising because Morgan Freeman had his first major breakout role in the movie Street Smart in the year 1987. But he was already acting long before this role and was fairly well known in the 70s.

He started his career in school plays before studying acting in Los Angeles after serving in the US Air Force for a time. He actually first started to gain fame during the 70s for his work in the children’s television show The Electric Company and for performing in numerous Shakespeare plays and other plays. He really made his career start from the stage.

Morgan Freeman starred in the play as an alcoholic former gang member. The play only ran nine show performances on Broadway after its initial premiere. This was enough for Morgan Freeman to earn a Tony nomination for his performance.

5. Rod Stewart and his former wife Alana Hamilton

Image: Imago / ZUMA Wire

The singer Rod Stewart was one of the biggest singers in the 1970s due to his distinct, recognizable raspy voice and a string of hit songs. He’s one of the best selling artists of all time having sold a staggering 250 million records around the globe.

It isn’t surprising to see the rock and pop singer on this list along with his former wife Alana Hamilton. During the 1970s he experimented with a more disco sound after having a more rock centric sound. Here he is pictured with Alana in clearly disco style outfits for a roller disco party for Jacqueline Bisset in the year 1979. Many of his songs at the time would fit perfect at a roller disco, so it makes sense that his wife and him would attend a roller disco.

6. Cary Grant, Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin and Dina Merrill

Image: IMAGO / Belga

These old Hollywood players give some major throwback celebrity vibes to the list. These old Hollywood actors were still working regularly in the 1970s.

Frank Sinatra also was known for briefly being married to one of the leading lady actresses of the late sixties and seventies, Mia Farrow. Mia Farrow was starring in big films like Rosemary’s Baby toward the end of the sixties and starred in many big films during the 70s.

They’re at a party in Las Vegas in this picture. The party was celebrating Frank. The year was 1979. It looks like they’re having a good time getting part of the rat pack back together in their Las Vegas stomping grounds.

7. Diane Von Furstenberg

Image: IMAGO / ZUMA Wire

The famous designer Diane Von Furstenberg was a guest at many parties in New York during the 70s along with her husband fashion designer Egon Von Furstenberg. Egon was the son of Fiat company owners and the noble house of Furstenberg. Diane and Egon traveled to New York together and lived life up in the New York City party scene as only a couple with ties to a royal family in Europe would possibly do.

In this picture Diane Von Furstenberg is sitting with her friend Ara Gallant at the nightclub Studio 54 in 1978. She is at the nightclub for a book release party of her husband Egon’s book. Egon and Diane were always supportive of each other like this throughout their short marriage and afterwards while they were still friends working in the fashion industry.

8. Alice Cooper and Cindy Lang

Image: Imago / Cinema Publishers Collection

The rock and roll and shock rock star Alice Cooper is pictured here with his model girlfriend at the time Cindy Lang in 1970. Alice Cooper is famous for being in the band Alice Cooper. The band started their career in 1964. He started getting recognition as a solo performer once he started his career as a solo artist with the 1975 album Welcome to my Nightmare.

Alice Cooper and Cindy Lang dated during 1968 to 1975. Then they broke up and moved on to date other people, and Alice Cooper met and married his wife Sheryl Cooper. They’ve been married ever since. But before his split from Cindy Lang, it was common to see Alice Cooper and Cindy Lang out at parties together.

9. Robert Evans and Ali MacGraw

Image: IMAGO / ZUMA Wire

Here’s a picture of the Love Story actress Ali MacGraw and her spouse Robert Evans. Evans is a famous film producer that helped launch many a film during the 70s. He even produced Love Story, which was the film his wife at the time was most famous for among movie audiences and her peers.

From this picture, the couple is together at the premiere of “Godfather”. The two are very close together, and it looks like Ali is whispering something in Robert’s ear. I wonder what she is saying right now? Let’s see what kind of photo we can expect next.

10. Model Grace Jones

Image: IMAGO / MediaPunch

The outgoing and vibrant fashion supermodel Grace Jones is known for her extravagant clothes and outlandish appearances. The picture here shows her in the famous Studio 54. In an unusual costume surrounded by a horde of men, she sings into a microphone.

Grace Jones was just beginning a music career at the time of the photo. This was much to the displeasure of her father, who believed singing should only be for God. Grace Jones clearly disagreed with him, and her career was always set at the sky is the limits. The year of this picture is New York 1978.

11. Jack Nicholson and Barbra Streisand

Image: IMAGO / Everett Collection

The actor Jack Nicholson and the actress and award-winning singer and actress Barbra Streisand in the movie On a clear day you can see forever from 1970. They were both together are at the movie awards party in the same year.

Jack Nicholson was attending because he was celebrating his first Academy Award nomination for his role in the movie Easy Rider. Easy Rider was a hit in the 70s for audiences who could relate to the discontent and desire for freedom that the film encapsulates. But let’s go on quickly to the next picture. This will certainly also interest you.

12. Elton John

Image: IMAGO / Everett Collection

Here’s another picture of Elton John during the 1970s living it up. He is energetically performing in the middle of the stage together with TOMMY and John Entwistle, Keith Moon, Roger Daltrey, of The Who. They are performing the song Pinball Wizard in the year 1975.

By the way: two years earlier, Rocket Records was created. It was a record label company founded by Elton John, Bernie Taupin, Steve Brown, and Gus Dudgeon. The label was named after Elton’s hit song Rocketman. The record label was founded in 1973. The records were distributed by Island and MCA. And now for the next star of the 70s.

13. Diana Ross and Steve Rubell

Image: Imago / Landmark Media

The singer and diva Diana Ross was quite popular in the 1970s. So it was common to see her out at various clubs, and especially at the famous Studio 54 disco nightclub. She loved going out to the club to be seen by those in attendance.

Here is a picture of Diana Ross seated beside the owner of Studio 54, Steve Rubell. Steve Rubell founded the club in 1977, then in 1986 Studio 54 was closed for fraud and tax evasion and Rubell was sentenced to three and a half years in prison, of which he served 13 months. This is a picture from a party to ring in the new year of 1978.

14. Actress Lauren Hutton

Image: Imago / Cinema Publishers Collection

This picture of model and actress Lauren Hutton shows her with a cigarette in front of a curtain, 1978. Also in this year, Lauren and actress Susie Forrestal shows them attending a party for Richard Avedon opening. The party being held at the 1978 Xenon disco. It looks like they’re headed into the party. Lauren Hutton is dressed in a suit and a hat. Susie Forrestal is dressed in all black leather.

Lauren Hutton is still an active model today. She doesn’t act as much now. While she wasn’t liked at first by most modeling agencies for a gap in her front teeth, she eventually was signed and became partially famous as a model for her signature tooth gap.

15. The Rolling Stones Band

Image: IMAGO / ZUMA Wire

The Rolling Stones have been around a long time, but they probably had their career high points during the 60s and 70s. They do still hold a somewhat strong die hard fan base today. But they are definitely not at their strongest as they were back then.

The Picture shows The Rolling Stones (L-R) Bill Wyman, Ronnie Wood, Mick Jagger and Charlie Watts seen during the reception in Wardour St. this afternoon. They release a new double album. Love you Live : The Rolling Stones held a press reception today to mark the release of their new album Love You Live, 1977.

16. Actress and Director Dyan Cannon

Image: IMAGO / Everett Collection

The picture shows Tally Savalas (presenter) with Academy Award winner Christopher Walken (THE DEER HUNTER) and nominee Dyan Cannon, (HEAVEN CAN WAIT) in the year 1979.

Dyan Cannon was an actress and director and formerly had been married to a Hollywood actor from the Golden age of Hollywood. She was briefly married to Cary Grant in the sixties. And she was also sometimes pictured with Jack Nickolas chatting on a party. Both Dyan and Jack Nicholson also have been spotted nowadays watching Los Angeles Lakers games as spectators because they both enjoy the game and the team.

17. Amy Irving, Teri Garr, and Carrie Fisher

The actresses Carrie Fisher, Amy Irving, and Teri Garr are pictured here at a party in 1978. They appear to be looking at something or someone in front of them. The year is 1978.

Amy Irving had just had a few breakout roles in movies. She was in The Fury and Carrie around this time. Before that she was mostly starring in TV and stage productions. Her voice alone was also used for films. She was later on the singing voice for Jessica Rabbit.

Carrie Fisher had just filmed her breakout role as princess Leia at the time of this photograph. Princess Leia may be one of the greatest female icon characters of all time.

Teri Garr had just been in the film Close Encounters of the Third Kind. They were all actresses with new breakout roles and exciting career opportunities in front of them.

18. The Pop Singer Michael Jackson

Image: Imago / MediaPunch

Before he had a really successful solo career, Michael Jackson was still only well known for being the youngest in the Jackson 5. Here he is for a party at Studio 54 in 1977 with his Jackson 5 afro that he used to wear all the time, along with the other Jackson brothers.

It wouldn’t be until 1982 that Jackson’s famous and legendary album Thriller would be released and become a smash success for the pop singer. There’s little touches of disco sounds to his solo music, so perhaps visiting the Studio 54 club inspired some of his solo music. The 70s may not have been his time for solo recognition, but he largely ruled the 80s music scene.

19. Freddie Mercury

Image: Imago / Leemage

Freddie Mercury was known as the life of many a party during his music career with his band Queen and his solo work. As shown in the Queen biopic movie Bohemian Rhapsody, Mercury was quite the partier. Although his parties were considerably more flamboyant than some peoples party’s at the time

Freddie’s pictured here standing next to his ex fianc√© Mary Austin. She was also a very dear and special friend to him. He left his money to her after he died tragically from AIDs and entrusted her to be the only person to know where his remains would go. She was clearly a very special person to him, and perhaps one of the few friends he truly trusted at the end of his life. He’s having a drink while she looks on. The photo was taken at a house party in 1977.

20. Bernie Taupin, Elton John, Neil Sedaka

Image: Imago / Everett Collection

Here’s another picture of Sir Elton John partying, wearing a glitter costume. He really got around during the 70s. Similarly to Freddie Mercury, he was always throwing or attending flamboyant and dramatic parties.

For this particular 70s moment, he’s partying in London 1975 with singer Neil Sedaka and his songwriting partner Bernie Taupin. They appear to be possibly carrying or dragging Neil Sedaka with several other people as well.

Elton John’s costumes are today still very famous, and we cannot imagine him without it. He remains an iconic artist from the 1970s, and his songs are still very much appreciated.

21. David Bowie

Image: Imago / ZUMA/Keystone

David Bowie is shown here with long hair in 1971 playing the guitar. He’s at a party hosted by DJ Rodney Bingenheimer and held at a lawyer’s house. The picture is very early on in his music career based on his hair style.

Although he was still at the beginning of his career, we can already notice that he paid a lot of attention to his clothes and costumes. Indeed, later in his career, he became very famous for his image. He thought a lot about the outfits, makeup and hairstyles he wore. Or course, not only his appearance is iconic, but also his music.

22. Chevy Chase and Jacqueline Carlin

Image: Imago / ZUMA Wire

Back in the 70s comedian Chevy Chase and Jacqueline Carlin were a married couple. Here they are in 1976 at the RFK tournament at the Rainbow Room.

Chevy Chase is probably the more well known our of the two of them. Jacqueline Carlin should be remembered more by people today, though, as she was one of the first females to be in a skit for Saturday night live. She was featured in the new dad skit.

Chevy Chase is a very famous person. He was featured in the Saturday Night Live, as well as in many movies. He animated the Academy Award a couple of times as well.

23. Mick Jagger sitting with Billy Preston

Image: Imago / ZUMA Wire

The two singers Mick Jagger and Billy Preston speak to each other at a party to celebrate the Rolling Stones new album Goats Head Soup. The party is being held at Blenheim Palace, Oxfordshire, in 1973.

Mick Jagger is the very famous leader of the Rolling Stones. This rock band was formed in 1962 by the singer Mick Jagger, pianist Ian Stewart, and guitar players Brian Jones and Keith Richards.

Billy Preston started as a pianist and played for many artists like Ray Charles and the Beatles. The has also written songs, the most famous of which would be You are so beautiful, that he wrote with Bruce Fisher and that was sung by Joe Cocker.

24. Robin Williams

Image: Imago / ZUMA Wire

Robin Williams is pictured here with his arm around the model Cheryl Tiegs. They’re at a party and about to go dance at Studio 54 in 1979. The comedian appears to be having a good time as he’s smiling.

At the time, Robin Williams was most famous for his role as Mork on the hit comedy show Mork and Mindy. He was married st the time to his wife Valerie Velardi, and she was supposedly there at the nightclub with him as well. He had just got up to go dance with Cheryl Tiegs and was having a good time with his friends.

25. Sylvester Stallone and Sasha Stallone

Image: Imago / Cinema Publishers Collection

The action film star Sylvester Stallone and Sasha Stallone are seen here during their marriage before they opted to divorce. They sadly chose to end things, partially out of disagreements over raising their son, who was on the autism spectrum. They’re at Studio 54 in 1978 in this picture.

In 1978, Sylvester Stallone was already famous for starring in the movie Rocky in 1976. For this movie, he was nominated at the Oscars, Golden Globes and BAFTA.

Recently, he produced many movies, and got engaged in politics, supporting candidates for the US presidency. Even if he has acted in less movies recently, he is still a very famous actor.

26. Ron Wood from Faces and Keith Richards from the Rolling Stones

Image: Imago / ZUMA/Keystone

Ron Wood from the band Face and Keith Richards from the Rolling Stones band are pictured here at an event for the recording producer Phil Spector. This is the same Phil Spector that would be convicted of murder later on while he was simultaneously wearing some very strange wigs to court.

The year of the photo is 1974. Ron Wood and Keith Richards were good friends and later became bandmates for the Stones once Ron left Faces and Jeff Beck’s band.

On this black and white picture, you can see Mick Jagger on the left, the leader of the Rolling Stones.

27. Glenn Frey and Elton John

Image: Imago / Everett Collection

At an Eagles party Elton John and Glenn Frey were seated next to each other. There appears to be people sitting next to them as well, but they were cut from the picture to focus on the two.

Elton and Glenn Frey almost seem like polar opposites, so it’s a strange pair they make at the table. Glenn Frey is most famous for his work with the Eagles and Elton John is most famous for being his own act. And their music is quite different.

Elton is kind of a perfection of British rock to pop music, and the Eagles is rough old american rock n roll. The picture of them is from 1977.

28. Diana Ross at Studio 54

Image: Imago / Landmark Media

The singer Diana Ross got her groove on at Studio 54 in 1979. She has always been one ready to dance. Diana Ross was in the middle of her solo career at this time. Before her solo career, she was well known for being in the Supremes’ girl group.

The Studio 54 was a very famous club in New York in the 1970s and 1980s, located on Broadway. It was founded by Steve Rubell in 1977. Many actors and singers would regularly go there and part together. Disco was the iconic music that was played in the studio 54, and was emblematic for those years.

29. Liza Minelli

Image: Imago / MediaPunch

The actress and singer Liza Minelli is pictured at Studio 54 in 1978. She is surrounded by confetti. She is famous for starring in various beloved 70s classics like Cabaret.

Cabaret has a massive LGBT fan following, and the movie cemented Liza as an icon for many LGBT fans. Her mother Judy Garland may have also contributed to that, though, since it used to be code for being gay to say someone was a friend of Dorothy’s.

The musical movies that started her career are still very famous today. Probably a lot of us have seen or at least heard of the movie New York, New York, where she starred alongside Robert De Niro.

30. Stevie Wonder

Image: Imago / ZUMA Wire

The musician and singer Stevie Wonder is shown here with a shorter hairstyle than what he’s known for now. He generally wears longer dreadlocks and beads nowadays, but this style is about shoulder-length and gives him a younger appearance. He’s at a party to usher in the year 1977 at Giorgio’s Restaurant.

Stevie Wonder is an iconic musician, for sure everyone has heard one of his songs. Superstition, Lean on me, Master Blaster on I Just Called To Say I Love You are some of the most famous songs of his. He now works together with many other artists such as Celine Dion or Snoop Dog.

31. Francine Racette hanging out with Donald Sutherland

Image: IMAGO / Landmark Media

The actors Francine Racette and Donald Sutherland are at a party celebrating her being at the London Palladium. The party is at a club in Westminster in 1976.

They were both really respected actors back then, and they’re still respected actors today. Donald Sutherland appeared in the Hunger Games as President Snow. Francine Racette is a Canadian actress, she married Donald Sutherland in 1966.

Donald Sutherland is also a Canadian actor. His son, Kiefer Sutherland, is very famous nowadays for playing the main role in the series 24. On the next page, you will find a picture of three famous actors.

32. Jack Nicholson, singer Art Garfunkel and Dennis Hopper

Image: Imago / Everett Collection

The actor Jack Nicholson and the singer Art Garfunkel appear to be in some kind of in-depth conversation at a United Kingdom based party in 1978. Jack is talking and Art is listening intently to whatever he is saying. The third person on the photograph is Candice Bergen, who starred with the two of them in the movie Carnal Knolwedge.

He was also a good friend of Dennis Hopper. He and Jack Nicholson were pictured at a packed-looking Academy Awards party in 1970. They were most likely at a party for their 1970 film Easy Rider. Both of them worked on the movie. Jack stared in the movie, alongside Peter Fonda. And Dennis Hopper directed the film.

33. Model Brooke Shields, Beatle John Lennon and artist Yoko Ono

Image: IMAGO / MediaPunch / Mary Evans

The designer Calvin Klein and the model Brooke Shields are shown here at Studio 54. They are in the dj booth of the famous nightclub. Brooke Shields looks dazzling and is at the height of her modeling career.

The Beatles member John Lennon and his wife, modern artist and musician Yoko Ono, are seen together at a party. They are at a party for EM Gallery in London. The year is 1971. Surprisingly, they are not dressed the same as each other, since they so often dressed identically when they were out and about together. They really were an iconic couple.

34. Sammy Davis Jr. and his wife Altovise Gore

Image: Imago / ZUMA Wire

Sammy Davis Jr. and his wife the ballet dancer Altovise Gore are seen here smooching at a party in 1975. Sammy Davis Jr. was well known for being one of the great entertainers. He was part of the rat pack back in the day.

Sadly before he married Altovise, he dated the white actress Kim Novak. Accounts say that someone in the movie bsuiensss decided to use some people to scare Davis away from dating Novak because they were afraid of backlash to the Studio if it was widely known he was dating the white actress. Keep reading to see a picture of Cher.

35. Cher

Image: Imago / MediaPunch

The singer and oscar winner Cher is seen here at a party for the movie premiere of Last Tango in Paris in 1973. Her outfit with the feathers, crop top, and many necklaces looks like something people would wear at the Coachella music festival nowadays. She really knew how to draw attention to herself with her existing unique looks and adding some eye catching accessories to her outfits.

On this photograph, she is pictured with famous country singer Dolly Parton. Dolly Parton also wears a spectacular outfit with feathers and glitter. Both singers are nowadays still two iconic artists that everyone knows.

36. Andy Warhol, Bianca Jagger, Jack Haley, Jr., Liza Minnelli and Halston

Image: IMAGO / MediaPunch

This picture shows a chaotic new year party at Studio 54. There’s all kinds of celebrity types featured in the picture. The actor Andy Warhol, the muse and wife Bianca Jagger, the fashion designer Halston, director and producer Jack Haley, Jr. and his spouse the singer and actress Liza Minnelli are all seen in the crowded chaos in the year 1978.

As we explained before, the nightclub Studio 54 was one of the stars’ favorite place to party. Therefore, it was not rare to see so many artists, singers, actors and celebrities partying together or picture on a single photograph.

37. David Letterman and Merrill Markoe

Image: Imago / ZUMA Wire

The late night talk show host David Letterman walks along with Merrill Markoe. They are at a party together in 1979.

Merrill Markoe was the partner of David Letterman at the time. She was also the head comedy writer on his show the David Letterman show in 1980. The two were a bit of a talk show host and writer dream team back when they were working together and dating. Many people view their relationship as something that really created definition to David Letterman’s comedy style.

In the year of 2020, she war awarded for her works as a scenarist.

38. Judy Geeson and Sammy Davis Jr.

Image: Imago / Heinz Gebhardt

The iconic rat pack singer and Ocean’s actor Sammy Davis Jr. is seen sitting at a party with the actress Judy Geeson. The party is sometime in 1976. Sammy Davis Jr. is a complete artist who performed singing, acting and dancing.

Judy Geeson is an actress from the United Kingdom. Back in the 70s she was known for her roles in To Sir, With Love and 10 Rillington Place.

The two are an odd pair with Sammy Davis Jr being the ultimate American entertainer of his generation and with Judy Geeson being an English actor who turned the United States into her new home.