40 hacks for a long-haul flight

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Flying from one place to another is very enjoyable and fun, but it can get prickly if you have to sit in the plane for far too long. Long-haul flights are tiring because of their long durations. There could be stuff that will bother you, and the flight will get even longer for you.

If you are going on a long flight, try some tricks and tips to make your flight easy to bear and even enjoyable. Long-haul flights hacks are the best way to spend time on a plane. Share these tricks and tips with your family and friends and enjoy a comfortable journey.

1. Avoid icy drinks

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Avoid drinks that have ice cubes in them. Ask for drinks that are being chilled by the temperature of the refrigerator. Ice cubes take more space in the glass as compare to the actual drink. So it’s the half amount of the alcohol in the glass while you are paying for the full.

Also, the cubes that are made are not clean and fresh as well. These ice cubes are made of tank water, and they may not be as clean as they should be for drinking. Try to avoid those icy drinks next time you fly somewhere; otherwise, you can get sick because of that.

2. Do not fall asleep immediately

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The taking off of the plane put some pressure on our bodies. Our ears cannot adjust with such pressure produced by the high speed of the aircraft. So it will be helpful to stay awake and distract yourself with something like chewing a pack of gum or covering your ears.

It should be tried in the landing of the plane as well, as it has the same effect. Earplugs can be of help to avoid the discomfort that the pressure could cause. You can remove the plugs after the plane has been depressurized. To overcome your nerves, you can also take an antihistamine.

3. Pick your outfit accordingly

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When you sit on a plane seat for 8-10 hours, you do not want to sit there in a suit or tight jeans. Uncomfortable clothing will make the flight even longer. It is also not easy to just change your clothes on the plane. So picking a comfy and light dress from the start will save the trouble.

Wear a soft t-shirt and stretchy pants. Keep a warm jumper within reach even if you are traveling in summer. The plane has its own air conditioning system, and it can get cold at such heights, so keeping warm clothes nearby will also save the trouble.

4. Save the trouble by being early

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A long queue at any place is frustrating and gets more tiring when you get there late and have to work out everything in a short span of time. It is very convenient to go early to the airport so that you don’t have run around to get things done. It could be 3 hours or more before boarding.

Taking the trolley from the parking lot to long lines of security will take hours of your time. According to many passengers, it usually takes more time than just an hour. So it is highly recommended going early to the airport.

5. Lounging area is better than waiting area

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You will already be spending too much sitting straight on the hard seats of the plane. So it’s essential not to tire yourself before the journey. Spend as much relaxed time as you can before a long flight. Lounges at the airports will definitely help with that.

American Express platinum cards could be used for it if you have them. In some airports around North America, one can enter the airport for free just to be a cardholder. Lounges do charge, but in the end, they keep your body relax, and you will save some energy for a long flight.

6. Morning flights are better

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If you have a choice, then choose the morning flights. Flights get canceled and delayed all the time, but the morning flights are less likely to be a delay. The later it gets in the day, afternoon, or evening, the more chances of flight delaying will be.

It is not some hard rule, but the statistics show that morning flights are safer from the tragedy of delaying. It will also save you the trouble of being late, stuck in traffic, or waiting in a long line. There isn’t any rush in the morning as it is in noon, evenings and nighttime.

7. Clothes and blankets

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Clothing according to the occasion is essential, same goes for an airplane. The temperature in the plane can get freezing very quickly, even if it is the time of summer. The altitude aids with the situations, plus aircraft have their own conditioning systems. 

So you should wear warm clothes on the flights. Don’t wear any hot sweater or jacket or even shirt; wear a few layers of clothing of moderate warmth, so you can take them off if you want to. You can always remove some layers of your clothing if it gets too hot and use it as a pillow or blanket.

8. Comfy shoes

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There is a lot of waiting and standing in line at the airport. You will have to walk a lot to get things done. If you are wearing uncomfortable shoes, it will make you late, but you will also hurt your feet. Flat, sneakers, less complex shoes will be a better choice in this situation.

It is also helpful once you enter your plane. Tight shoes will hurt your feet if you keep them on for a very long time. You also won’t be able to stretch your feet with them. It is easy to wear comfy shoes which you can easily take off.

9. Use check-in apps

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Checking in takes a lot of your time. It is not just the process but a long line before you. To avoid trouble, arrive early at the airport and get started with your security. You also use the check-in apps. Many airports now provide these services. You can check in by the app and save your time at the airport. You can use the time to get other things done.

These apps also help with scheduled flights. You can see if a flight has been canceled or delayed.  Try to get as much help from such services as much you can; it will spare you a lot of time.

10. Avoid carbonated drinks

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It would be best if you did not drink any carbonated drinks on the plane. All the fizzy drinks we like to drink on the plane are carbonated drinks. These drinks make you take a lot of air inside. This air discharged out of the body at some point in a burp or any other form, which could be embarrassing in the quiet environment of the plane.

It can also cause pain if the pilot changes the altitude. The air expands in your lungs, causing pain. Try to avoid such drinks as coke or soda on the plane and prefer juices over them. They will also keep you fresh and healthy.

11. Morning flights are beneficial

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Morning flights have many benefits. One of them is to avoid turbulence. When the temperature gets hotter, it causes the air to rise up, which in turn causes turbulence. To avoid such trouble, it’s better to take morning flights. The temperature is cooler in the morning, and the flight will be smooth.  Storms or strong winds also can make the ride bumpy.

They are more likely to happen later in the day. Some people take medicines for motion sickness, but it’s easier just to book a morning flight. Morning flights can solve the problem of delayed flights as they are less likely to be delayed in the morning.

12. Seating

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If you are going to spend 10-12 hours in a plane seat, you better choose it according to your comfort. Try to book it before the flight to save from the discomfort that you will face later. If you like to stretch or want to stand a few times during the ride, take the aisle seat.

If you like to sleep most of the flight, it’s better to book the window seat. You should reserve the back seats if you want the three-seater just for yourself. The back seats are less packed than the front, so that you would be at an advantage.

13. Keep some cash on you

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It’s easier to have a credit card or use some app to buy anything you want. Keeping cash as well will help in some cases. It will be better to use some bills for small things from stations or stores at the airport.

If you have to tip a valet or some other service, you could use that cash instead of using a credit card. It can also come in handy if you want to buy something on the plane. Do not forget to exchange the currency once you land in a different country that does not use the same currency as yours.

14. A trick to get your bag first

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You don’t need to wait for your bag to come out on the carousel in a long line. You cannot control the process, but here is a little trick that will save you the trouble to stand in another line. Try to check in, last of all people. Your bag will mechanically appear first.

Try not to rush for it as it will not help you anyway. People try to move fast and try to check in first. They think that it will make their bags appear first, but you will see the trick happening in front of your eyes if you stay behind.

15. Make friends

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Friends are a special gift. They will help in any situation. It is not different with flight attendances. Try to make friends with them, and they will help you with any problem. Solving any issues of the passengers is their job, but once you make friends with them or offer them some gift or just a chocolate bar, they will treat you as special.

They will help you first and will be polite to you about it. They might offer you food or something else for free. Try to make those friends especially, who look polite and patient with everyone.

16. Avoid partitioned areas

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Long flights could be frustrating and tiring. You want to do everything to make yourself comfortable so that your flight will go smoothly. You surely want to void crying babies on a plane. It’s a long flight, and babies get bore and unsettling too quickly.

You cannot stop the baby from crying, but you try to avoid the partitioned area as families with babies usually sit there to set their baby’s stuff like a bassinet. You don’t want to tell the family to change their place, so sit far away from that part, and you do not get disturbed by a noisy baby.

17. Ask the flight attendant

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It’s better to ask the flight attendant for an empty seat. If you have been shown a full-flight still, it is better to ask the mediator at the gate. You can get the seat you wish for. You cannot always have the seats you want. There are a lot of people that want to have their favorite seat.

You will be lucky to book it beforehand, but if you have not, and you are still looking for your favorite seat, ask the attendant nevertheless. Someone might have canceled their flight, or there could be some mistake in the system, and you could get lucky. 

18. Keep the air conditioner on

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An airplane is a confined space. It can get suffocating at any time with so many people. To avoid such discomfort, always keep the air on above you. It will work as a suitable ventilator. It might be cold, but for that, you can always cover yourself. You would not be able to recover quickly from that constricting feeling if you have not kept the air on constantly. 

It also will help with your skin as it keeps it drying out. The air will also help to avoid contracting diseases from other passengers. It makes a force field above your head that keeps you protected.

19. Do not forget the essentials

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A long-haul flight takes so much of your time sitting on a plane. It could take days to reach your destination finally. It can get very unpleasant if you do not take your essentials with you like a toothbrush, hairbrush, etc. Make a kit of all those small stuff that you could use easily.

The kit must include a toothbrush and toothpaste for your teeth, a hairbrush for messy hair, and deodorant to eliminate any foul smell. Do not forget to pack a sleep mask if you can’t sleep with a light on or earplugs if you can’t sleep in noise.

20. Keep more than one pair of socks

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Never forget to pack extra socks with you. Your feet get sweaty during the flight all the time and can get sticky and smelly. You can change the pair immediately when the first one gets uncomfortable. Keeping extra socks also help in cold temperature.

You can wear them on top of your already covered feet or cover your hands with them if you forgot to pack gloves. Try to change your socks before boarding. The new pair will make you feel fresh and comfortable. Place the extra pair in your essentials kit, so you would not have searched your bags for it.

21. Bring your own snacks

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Always pack some snacks with you because there are a lot of people to feed on the plane and the food will never be enough for every single one. Everyone will ask for some food again and again because it’s a long flight, so it’s better to pack some of your own if they run out of it.

Try to pack light, small and healthy snacks. Dry food is preferable so that there is no chance of spilling them; they are also easy to pack and Pack healthy food like chopped carrots or pepper. They will also keep you fresh throughout the flight.

22. The trick to block noise

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Airplanes are packed in place. There are a lot of people surrounding you, which means a lot of noise, and if you add kids to the equation, it gets noisier. You cannot simply ask every single person to stay quiet so that you can have a little peace or so that you can sleep.

So when in such a situation, try using silicone earplugs. It will turn down the surrounding voices, and you can sleep peacefully. You can also use noise-canceling headphones to block the noise.  Music helps some people too. The rhythmic sound lures them into sleep and also stops the surrounding noise.

23. Hydrate every hour

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A plane air conditioning system will dry you out. Make sure to hydrate every hour. The altitude of the plane you are in also aids dehydration. Try to avoid alcohol, coffee, or any drinks that contain sugar as they make it dehydrate you.

Ask for more than one water cup, or keep your own water bottle with you. It will be challenging to deal with dehydration in a plane, so take precautions and take as many fluids as you can. On long flights, they serve water now and then, so it won’t be a big problem not to get some.

24. A trick to get exceptional service

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It is known that there is a limited amount of food and other services to offer all the passengers. They have rationed it to the number of people. Everyone gets the same stuff, but some special services are given to a limited number of people because they don’t have them much.

If you sit in the back seats, you will be near the flight attendance work station, and when they come out for the service, you will be the first one to get them. You can choose whatever you want from the amazing stuff to eat and have fun with them.

25. Add a water bottle to the kit

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When packing for a flight and especially a long one, do not forget to pack a water bottle with you. You will get water on the plane, of course; it will be easy to have a full bottle with you so that you do not have to ask the attendant again and again.

You can use it to keep your coffee as well. Ask the attendant to pour your coffee in the bottle for you and then enjoy the hot drink for the rest of the time. A water bottle will help you stay hydrated as well, drinking every hour and then.

26. Pack your own entertainment

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Airplanes do provide entertainment. There are movies and shows on the screens, but the quality is not so good. You want to avoid that screen, but you are bored as well and want some entertainment. It’s better to bring some movies and your favorite shows on a laptop or tablet etc.

In this case, you can enjoy your favorites that may not be available on plane screens. Your device quality will also be better than the planes. You will not be disturbed by any announcements as well. Fill your devices with your favorite movies, shows, and music the next time you take a long flight.

27. Use private browsing

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Apparently, if you check your flight on your browser, the flight will be expensive and expensive every time; it happens because of cookies on your browser. The companies are aware of your situation that you want to buy the tickets, so they use it to their advantage.

To avoid such trouble, use your own private browsing or the incognito window. Use these browsers to buy your tickets. They will show the same price every time you check your flight on them. You can easily open an incognito window in your current browser. Try this trick next time you want to buy a ticket.

28. Put a “fragile” tag on your bag

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There are double and even triple amount of bags than the people on the plane. A lot of packs are jammed in the storage area. They all will be piled upon each other, and if you have something fragile in it, it will break.

It will save you so much trouble if you put a tag on your bag saying “fragile,” then the workers will be careful with it. Try not to put anything fragile in the first place or get them shipped later, but if it is essential to take it with you, do not forget to put a fragile tag on your bag.

29. Dress to impress

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A good impression can do wonders for you. Try to go to the airport in a good dress and a pleasant attitude, and you will benefit from it. It might not always work, but it also does not have any downside if it does not work. You could always enjoy a lovely dress and an interesting conversation. If it does work, you can get some special services.

You can always say that you are on a honeymoon if you have a partner, it will surely give you special treats. Make a good impression with your dressing and attitude if it does not benefit you some services it will undoubtedly lift your mood.

30. How to solve the problem of jet lag

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Jet lags can be a nightmare. The time difference between the places you’re traveling to be the actual cause of it. To resolve jet lag, it is best known to arrive early to your destination to adjust to the time of that place. You should take some actual sleep before you for the flight. If the flight is in the daytime, then spend the night before that resting.

You can always practice the routine for that other country, so when you land there, you would not have to change it suddenly, and it will help your jet lag. Try to calculate the time differences you will face in the new place beforehand.

31. Save your battery

Image: Imago / Panthermedia

A long flight can get really dull. It would help if you had something to entertain you. It is not very hard to find entertainment these days. As pretty much everyone has a smartphone.

You can find anything on the internet and download it for your flight but try to avoid videos as they consume too much of your phone’s battery. Instead, try to listen to the podcast.

They use less amount of battery of all. Download some episodes before the flight and enjoy. Give yourself the choice of different podcast topics to change if you are not in the mindset to listen to a particular topic.

32. Don’t stuff yourself

Image: Iam_Anupong / Shutterstock.com

When you are going on a long flight, you need more stuff with you as well. Sitting in a plane for hours gets annoying and boring, and you want things that give some relief from the boredom. So you try to keep as much stuff with you on the plane instead of giving them to the storage area.

Do not do that because you will just make yourself uncomfortable. There isn’t that much space in an overhead cabin. You can only put one or two bags in there. Keep only essential and limited stuff in a compact bag, so you would not have to pile yourself with bags.

33. Use your time wisely

Image: GaudiLab / Shutterstock.com

You don’t have just to watch some random movies or shows to kill your time on a long flight. You should use that time to get some work done if you have your laptop with you or even use your phone to complete some tasks. It will not just cut your time short, but you will be able to finish some of your work.

You won’t be able to go anywhere anyway, unlike your home where you have to do house chores. Here on the plane, you can get your work done in one sitting, and you won’t be disturbed.

34. Pack your own blankets and pillows

Image: Nivenn / Shutterstock.com

Airplanes for long flights provide blankets and pillows. But if you have hygienic issues, you should pack your own. It will be comfier if you have pads to rest you’re head-on. It will prevent you from cranking your neck from the hard seats.

Blankets will keep you warm in the cold environment of the airplane. So try to bring your own if you have some sensitivity to using other’s blankets. They are not that often washed and changed as well, so it is better to avoid them. In this case, you would not catch any disease, nor will you aggravate some sort of allergies.

35. Be friendly to everyone

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You will be spending hours on a long-haul flight; it could be from one to three days flight. Spending this much time in one confine place can get really giddy. If you are a social person, then you should start some conversations with your fellow passengers. It will make the flightless like a chore and will become a good trip with good friends.

Try to make good conversation with staff members as well. Try to get their names, ask how they are doing and tell about yourself as well, like this, you will become friends, and you might get some special treatment and services for that.

36. Avoid annoying passengers

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Most people in a plane keep a good relationship with their fellow passengers. They chat and enjoy each other’s company and respect each other’s privacy if they just want to have some alone time. But some passengers could be annoying and irritating.

They will keep on disturbing you. You will try to tell them to leave you alone and undisturbed, but they will keep on bugging you. The best way to get rid of these people is an angry face. Look hard and strong their way, and they won’t make a mistake to disturb you again. They might change their seat as well, which will be even better.

37. Try to adjust

Image: Jacob Lund / Shutterstock.com

Air flights are different from road trips. There might be some things that can make you uncomfortable, but you should learn to relax in such situations. The flight could get delayed, and you will have to wait for hours. You can be seated with an unpleasant person who will annoy you the whole flight; you could get the food you don’t want and could not be given the food you actually want.

There could be some turbulence in the air that will set you off. Try to close your eye and take deep breaths. Practice some breathing techniques before the flight if you have any breathing problems, or you are claustrophobic.

38. Stretch your body

Image: Billionspics / Shutterstock.com

Our body can get stiff if we do not stretch it more often. The stiffness can develop pain and some conditions later. The best way to prevent it does daily stretches. It goes the same for long flights. Sitting in a seat for hours can stiff your muscles.

The blood supply also gets constricted, especially with the continuous hanging off the legs. Stand and take a walk down the aisle every hour and so. Try to stretch your legs, arms, neck, and back to keep them from soreness and keep the blood flow. Do not worry about the eyes of other passengers on you; your health is more important.

39. Use the airport apps

Image: chainarong06 / Shutterstock.com

Airports now have their unique apps. They give all the information about the airport on it. Apps like track-a-Line will tell you the security line if it gets too long. Turn on the notification on these apps and save the trouble from standing in a long line for hours. You should use such apps that will tell you about traffic as well.

In that case, you will reach the airport early and would not be stuck in the traffic. Also, install some others apps that will tell you if your flight has been delayed or canceled or what the seating arrangement is.

40. Prevent your hair from messing up

Image: Dragosh Co / Shutterstock.com

Beauty is as much important as health. Hair is the most beautiful part of the human body. It also needs more care than anything else. In planes, the weather and environment are different from natural. It can make your hair messy and dry if you do not want that to happen, put a scarf on your head.

It will not just save your hair, but you will look stylish in a lovely scarf. In old-time ladies will use the scarf more often in planes it was the same reason. Use this hack next time you have a flight and enjoy your beautiful hair afterword’s.