40 Crazy Trail Cam Antics

Image: Harry Collins Photography / Shutterstock.com

Trail cams can be useful for just about anything especially when hunting and tracking animals are concerned. Furthermore, trail cams are able to be easily be placed just about anywhere ranging from a telephone pole to high up in a tree.

Here is some footage caught on hidden trail cams.

1. A Good Look

This particular camera footage caught a deer standing up on his hind legs as it got a good look at something going on off in the distance.

Another theory here is this deer decided to stand tall while walking around for a midnight stroll. Where it’s going, nobody will know.

2. Kiss Me

Image: IMAGO / All Canada Photos

In recent news, two mountain lions were spotted on a local trail cam near some food showing affection toward one another. Aw, isn’t that sweet!

Nothing says romance like a snuggle followed by dinner as the two love kitties continued their date with a bite to eat before continued snuggles.

3. Giddy Up

In an act of desperation, spotted jumping on the back of a wild boar that appeared to know where are the good grub was.

The raccoon even came prepared to feast with friends in tow. One friend was even ready to jump on for a ride with his friend. Have a look at the next one!

4. Rack em Up

Spotted sporting an impressive rack, this deer is presumed to have been right in the thick of things while he was wandering along the trail.

Another theory here is that the deer simply stumbled into the thicket and the brush got stuck in his antlers. Perhaps he was hunting game.

5. Howl-off

Image: IMAGO / blickwinkel

In a surprise capture of footage, these three amigos are seen howling in unison. Talk about being in the right place at the right time.

This particular footage is amazing in and of itself because it is typically near impossible to get close to a wolf, let alone multiple wolves.

6. Photo Bomb

In a brilliant move of perfect timing, this raccoon decided to walk across the trail cam while a couple of deer were eating some dinner.

Here, one alleged theory is that the raccoon had seen a big flash of light illuminating from the trail cam as he was walking by.

7. Fast-food

Image: IMAGO / Nature in Stock

Not too far away from the photobomb incident, a cat was spotted on a nearby trail cam hitching a ride. The cat was hunting for food.

Not only did the cat hitch a ride, but he went nowhere fast as the bull didn’t move one inch. Ain’t that some bull!

8. Spooked

As this poor deer walked by a nearby trail cam, he noticed the cam lights and freaked out.

Needless to say, this made for a bit of a humorous capture as the shining lights reflected toward the deer’s eyes. It is presumed that the deer was being chased. Have a look at the next photo!

9. Feeding Time

A nearby trail cam was able to capture a precious moment that saw a fox feeding her little one along the trail. It was nighttime.

This footage’s capture is ultimately evidence that survival is always a top priority and should not be taken lightly. This truly is a precious moment.

10. Nap-time

There’s nothing like a satisfying nap after grubbing out on some good eating. This was the case for a group of local raccoons that came across some eats and treats.

Apparently, this group had discovered a bountiful supply of food underneath an establishment then quickly dozed off after chowing down.

11. Up

Oh, the clever raccoons. Hilarious, right? Maybe not so much most of the time but nonetheless this raccoon decided to share the food offered in the feeder.

As shown in this photo, this raccoon took advantage of where the feeder was hung by climbing up to pour the food out.

12. What the What?

An adult bear was recently spooked when it spotted the nearby trail cam. As it walks away, a spooked look is shown on its face.

Puzzled beyond belief, the bear appears to be walking away as it continues to look back at the trail cam, brightly lit up. Have a look at the next photo!

13. Selfie

Just one of many intelligent creatures in this world, birds are aware of their surroundings. This bird saw the trail cam and thought there was danger.

Once the bird realized there was no present danger from the trail cam it appears to pose for the camera in a perfect stance.

14. Teamwork

Those rambunctious raccoons are at it again in this photo footage taken from a trail cam. Here the raccoons are seen working in unison for their food.

In this particular photo, the raccoons thought it was appropriate to climb the feeder monkey in a barrel style by shaking the barrel.

15. Mysterious Monkey

Image: IMAGO / blickwinkel

Local news, take two. A silver back gorilla was spotted flashing by a nearby trail cam. It was upright as it streaked by the lens view.

Not only was it a rarity to see a silver back in such a place, but a silver back is a rare find no matter the place.

16. Attack, Attack

As previously stated, birds are intelligent, and this footage is no different. Here, the bird decided that the trail cam didn’t belong in its current spot and started pecking it to death.

The bird put up a good fight, but the trail cam caught a picture of the perp. Have a look at the next photo!

17. Lethal Weapon

Porcupines are a part of the mysterious trail cam footage as well. Here, there are several theories that take a stab at what these two may be up to.

Because both porcupines are standing facing each other, it can be assumed that they are getting ready to fight or hug.

18. Snacktime

Image: Menno Schaefer / Shutterstock.com

Everyone loves a midnight snack from time to time; wildlife is no different, in this instance. This otter was spotted doing some nighttime fishing.

This otter got too hungry to wait for breakfast and decided nighttime was the right time…to fish. At least it was a quiet trip. Have a look at the next photo!

19. Going Down

This rabbit had a thought that was leftover food nearby as the nearest trail cam caught it hopping down a rabbit hole searching for food.

Of course, this is far from fairy tale land, but the is shown half in/half out the rabbit hole. Food was definitely involved somehow. Have a look at the next photo!

20. Hear that?

No, a picture can’t audibly be heard but as it pertains to the picture it is a nice distraction to the nibbling deer.

Here, a deer is seen, presumably nibbling on the other deer’s ear. It can also be inferred that some shown affection is involved. The deer looks uninterested.

21. Flying Squirrel

When squirrels attack, film at 11! Aside from the fact that the act of the squirrel flying through the air, it can’t be helped but to think about the poor deer.

This footage shows a squirrel flying gracefully through the air aiming for an unsuspecting deer caught off guard. Have a look at the next photo!

22. Hieeee

Goofy pictures are some best! It’s no wonder the photoed deer wanted in on the action. Allegedly he travels this beautiful trail frequently.

This deer must be a goofball because his tongue is sticking out. It’s assumed that he decided to allow time for photos during his travels. Have a look at the next very funny photo!

23. Meet the Crew

Image: IMAGO / Xinhua

Talk about being gathered at the right time at the right place. The trail cam captured an entire herd of deer at the perfect time.

The shot, which is a rarity, is clearly taken as each member of the herd is visible. All that’s missing is a hoof wave! Have a look at the next photo!

24. Father Knows Best

When this bear, shown in the photo, thought it’d be a good idea to get the five-finger discount he decided to teach his cubs.

No, he didn’t grab the food for them but instead boosted them up high, so they could get the food themselves. Thus, teaching them survival. Have a look at the next surpising photo!

25. Security

It’s no secret that many forms of wildlife instinctively protect their homes. While the list is too extensive to be discussed here, this owl showed a predatorial deer who was boss.

In this round, the trail cam captured an owl attacking a deer trespassing onto its property. The owl won.

26. No Fear

Among the fearless in the wild is the raccoon so when it came faced with a buck it stood its ground.

As shown in the photo, the two don’t appear to be preparing for battle, so perhaps this is no more than a polite conversation between friends. Have a look at the next photo!

27. Don’t Mess With Me

Image: IMAGO / Design Pics

In more recent events a buck and a doe got into a fight leaving the doe stuck in the buck’s antlers.

It’s unknown at this time what the fight was about, but conspiracy theorists believe that the rest of the herd now know who’s in charge. Have a look at the next photo!

28. Caught It!

Image: IMAGO / blickwinkel

The struggle is real for more than the human race. Wildlife struggles just as well. Such is the case of the shown hawk.

Here, the hawk is seen gathering food for the winter months, but he’s caught a bit more than he is able to carry. Have a look at the next funny photo!

29. Fruity Situation

Deer’s have never really been known to carry food on top of their head, which kind of makes this photo funny.

This trail cam caught a doe and a buck staring off into the distance while the doe carries a pumpkin on her head. Some might think this is unbelievable.

30. When Owl’s Attack

Among the top predators of the wild, owls will whatever it takes to survive, especially when it involves feeding their families.

Generally speaking, owls make for great hunters and nighttime is the perfect backdrop for all hunting activity; big game or small. Deer are one of the easiest prey. Have a look at the next photo!

31. Lifted

Trail cams can be strategically placed towards certain areas that may include feeders. Here, tons of antics are bound to occur.

In this photo, raccoons are once again shown raiding a local feeder. It isn’t just one raccoon that has attacked the feeder as the others are lifting the leader.

32. Sneaking Around

Yet again, another raccoon has been caught on surveillance footage. Being the sneaky boogers that they tend to be, raccoons are usually up to no good.

In this particular case, this raccoon was caught crawling underneath wired netting. Rather this little bandit was coming or going no one will ever know.

33. Out-smarted

It is natural for a fox to feel the need to hunt as they are predatorial. Sometimes they can’t always hunt where they want to.

Here trail cams caught a fox attempting to enter where it wasn’t allowed to. Typically, a fox will be kept away if it’s a threat.

34. Gametime

Generally speaking, big game hunts small game all the time, but not too often is it known to have big game catch smaller game in small spaces.

This photo shows the struggle of hunting gone bad. Here, a bobcat has hunted a raccoon and is struggling to run to freedom.

35. Wiley Protectors

Wolves are extremely dangerous but excellent predators given their Wiley like disposition. Additionally, they are also known to be elusive in their actions.

In this photo, a wolf had sensed that danger was around the corner and quickly found the culprit in the dead of night. Have a look at the next photo!

36. Horrific

As proven in this piece, there are a lot of unknown possibilities that are caught on a trail cam at any time. Animals aren’t the only ones captured.

One such capture that a nearby trail cam caught was of a human teen standing in the middle of the trail. Have a look at the next photo!

37. Scary

As if random children standing in the middle of the trail aren’t spooky enough now the reaper cometh. Given the photo’s nature, this is creepy.

This photo shows what looks like a grim reaper like person standing in what is believed to be a residential yard with a sheath. Have a look at the next photo!

38. Can’t Help It

Back to the wildlife, critters have a way of congregating to the nearest feeding place or watering hole. Of course, eating and drinking are necessary, but three is a crowd.

This photo captures a crowd that looks to be deer and raccoons chowing down on an evening snack before bed.

39. Mealtime

When it comes time to hunting in the middle of winter it can get tough; for wildlife and humans alike. This is especially true with little to no food available.

This photo features two hawks battling it out for scarce food in an effort to survive the harsh winter weather.

40. Gobble, Gobble

It isn’t often that you hear of a trail cam capturing an entire gaggle or herd of wildlife, but when it happens it’s practically something of a wonder.

In this case, a bunch of varied species turkeys were captured by the trail cam while out on their brisk mid-day walk. This was our list!