40 crazy things people do while in the Elevator

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Waiting in the Elevator can be tedious, especially if you have to go all the way up. While others may choose to watch the other individuals in the Elevator or tapping into the repetitive elevator music, others may not be so modest, especially if they think they are not being watched.

The following are descriptions of the images of different categories of individuals from the footage of a particular elevator.

1. Weird helper

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Elevators are of different makes, the common ones and the more luxurious kind. The Fancier kind might be tricky especially navigating the floor buttons.

Courteous people help the clueless, but this one (weird helper) will not. They seem to find it amusing seeing you struggle with the buttons of the Elevator.

2. Proclamation of love

Image: travelontv.com

These type of elevator passengers are primarily couples. On most occasions, it is usually a young couple, and more often than not, they are drunk.

They use any marker, from lipstick to marker pens and spray paint, for the extremists and use them to draw an image depicting their understanding of the love that they share.

3. Get your groove on

Image: top5.com

Sometimes exciting news could send you in a minute or two frenzy. Many people get to dance or burst their craziest moves that reflect their current mood in this state.

Believe it or not, the elevator camera gets to record many of these reactions. The thought of alone revealing the wild side of people’s dance skills.

4. Missing Pieces

Image: articlestone.com

When being inducted as a delivery guy, the freshness and wholeness of the product are usually vital to a good delivery.

This particular person was seen opening a box of pizza and swallowed a whole piece or two. Perhaps the lad was just hungry and could not resist eating it anymore.

5. Friday Shenanigans

Image: thatviralfeed.com

That “Friday Feeling” kicks in hard as soon as you step out of the office. The first place after you get off work is the office elevator.

A group of policemen was recorded dancing while headed to their local bar after a long week. Even officers of the law are allowed to let off some steam.

6. Keep it PG13, please

Image: articlestone.com

Elevator cameras recorded a young couple to be having a lovely time in each other’s company. Their closeness resembled that of a couple that has missed each other a lot or just from a tough fight. Whatever the reason was, getting a room was the best move they could have made.

7. Mysterious message

Bild: Dragon Images / Shutterstock.com

The couple must have noticed that they were on camera and decided to tone down their emotions. The young lady slipped a note to the man, and from the look on his face, this was not going to end here.

This young lady seems to know what exactly makes her man tick.

8. Close call

Image: IMAGO / TT

In the current job environment, some employers allow their employees to bring in their pets to work. This particular pet owner would not be too psyched to bring her puppy back to work as it got its leash stuck on the elevator door.

The scene could have been gruesome were it not for a third party to the rescue.

9. Perfect prank

Bild: Svitlana Hulko / Shutterstock.com

Panic usually sets in when power is out. The Elevator automatically stops or continues to move even after hitting the stop button. The complete darkness that follows will most definitely send chills down your spine.

Everything becomes immediately better when you realize it is a prank. After an ordeal like this, I would advise a change of friends.

10. The dig out

Bild: Imago / PhotoAlto

Getting stuck in an elevator is not a light matter. The fear of never being rescued is crippling. Claustrophobic people have a hard time even getting in elevators.

A man punched through a wall to increase space for him to get through with the help of his friends. Keep reading for more crazy elevator scenes.

11. Going down

Bild: Imago / blickwinkel

Elevator pranks never seem to get old. Imagine this, punching the elevator button to get you to some top floor; then the floor opens up. I would scream my lungs out.

A Japanese media company set up this prank where the individual gets covered in slime once down the hole and can slide down to a safe landing.

12. Stalker?

Have you ever felt like somebody is following you or is just paying too much attention to what you are doing? It is common to have such a feeling while in the Elevator due to the proximity you have to each other.

A lady followed a certain Elevator man, and a few seconds later, she came back and continued her journey up.

13. Breakdown

Image: top5.com

Elevator cameras record at least one emotional breakdown per day. There is some embarrassment in breaking down in front of people, so many prefer it in the Elevator without any judgement.

A woman was caught on camera crying uncontrollably as soon as she stepped into the Elevator. We wish someone was there to help her.

14. Caged in


One of the first elevator rules is to carry your phone. A man had his weekend ruined after he stepped out of the office and got into an elevator.
The Elevator got stuck, and he had left his phone in the office. He had no one to call and was trapped in for a week.

15. Loud Chewer

Image: top5.com

Loud chewing might as well be one of the most annoying traits anyone could have. Bubblegum chewing tends to be annoying when someone does it loudly, just a few meters from you.

Elevator cameras caught a man chewing and blowing bubblegum from the top floor to the bottom. At least he didn’t disturb anyone, being the only person.

16. Karate woman

Image: top5.com

On most occasions, everyone in the Elevator tries to avoid eye contact or any form of exchange, verbal or otherwise.

This particular woman was in an elevator with a childish man who kept pushing all the buttons in the Elevator. She could not take it anymore and went all “Jackie Chan’ on him.

17. Be careful with whom you prank

Image: articlestone.com

Elevators are motion sensors that imply that any object on the elevators’ door’s way will immediately stop its closure from allowing the thing to get in or out.

The man decided to play this prank on another woman who kept observing him for a while. After several successful stops, the woman pushed him off the Elevator and closed the door.

18. Yoga in the Elevator

Image: articlestone.com

I always find it curious why all flexible people would find any excuse to show off their flexibility.

This lady felt the need to stretch and could not just wait to get home. She began her routine and made people in the Elevator slightly uncomfortable. At least the other woman in the elevator remained patient.

19. Moonwalker

Image: top5.com

Another individual started dancing in the Elevator displaying some severe Michael Jackson moves. It would seem that the music in the Elevator has a specific effect on people.

The only lucky bit was that he was alone in the Elevator, and upon exiting, he signed it off with the classic moonwalk, and it was beautiful.

20. Hunger pangs

Image: top5.com

Food delivery is a very tiring job. Getting to move around with food all day delivering to hungry customers.

At some point, the delivery guy gets hungry, and what better place to steal a bite or two than in the privacy of an elevator. My concern is for the customer, is he going to get his order delivered?

21. Not Umbrella Sensitive

Image: articlestone.com

A little boy was waiting for his father on the Elevator, and so he decided to keep triggering the motion sensor in the door to prevent it from closing.
He eventually got tired and decided to use the handle on his umbrella, which was not adequate, and he ended up getting stuck in the Elevator.

22. Poor boy

Image: top5.com

The stuck boy was eventually saved from the Elevator and handed to his father. It must have been quite an ordeal for the small kid. I hope that experience did not ruin elevators for him.

Such an ordeal can be very traumatizing and even worse for small kids who have nothing but the best intentions.

23. Star Wars ambush

Image: articlestone.com

A group of men dressed as Star Wars Stormtroopers and Darth Vader entered an elevator, making a man who was in with them a little scared.

Although they did not pose a threat to him, he exited the Elevator as fast as possible. Maybe he should have taken a picture first, because his friends are never going to believe this!

24. Lust at first sight

Image: travelontv.com

A man and a woman entered an elevator, and after few seconds, they began stealing glances at each other.

It would be a regular elevator awkward silence until they kissed each other as the Elevator began opening. Could it be love at first sight? Well I think not. But who knows…

25. Happiness galore

Image: top5.com

The elevator camera of a building caught a woman entering with a very bright smile on her face.

I don’t know how she did it, but she managed to contain herself from screaming in joy; perhaps she felt she was being watched. Whatever it was that made her happy must have been enormous.

26. The Elevator Subzero

Image: trendscatchers.co.uk

A man dressed as Sub Zero from Mortal Kombat entered an elevator and waited as a woman entered.

He tried to mimic Sub zero’s hand movement. It was a desperate attempt to get her attention or some move to break the ice. Apparently it did not work at all. The woman did not even glance at him.

27. Hold on to your horses

Image: HomeArt / Shutterstock.com

Pranksters’ favorite spot might be in the Elevator. This group of pranksters set the Elevator to engage in free fall for four floors and then gradually slowing down to a halt.

Freefall uses specific forces; gravitational force included making the ride fast and uncomfortable. One would feel like the Elevator had malfunctioned and is falling.

28. Brave Face

Image: top5.com

In the freefall prank, a gentleman was recorded by the camera displaying a very peculiar behavior.

The lad just fell from the free fall but immediately got up and smiled just a little bit. Perhaps he knew he was being recorded and only wanted to put on a brave face.

29. Public display of affection prank

Image: top5.com

Imagine being in a room where two lovers are making out. Quite uncomfortable.

A group of YouTube pranksters sent two individuals into an elevator and had them kissing all the ride. The other people in the Elevator would get so uncomfortable to the point of exiting before they reach their floor.

30. Why so shy?

Image: kabazi.com

A gentleman was seen in an office elevator by other people facing against the wall. The lad did not seem interested to talk to anyone. Impossible to know whether he was bothered or just shy.

One particular gentleman tried to ask if he was okay, to no response. He left him there the same way he found him.

31. Will you marry me?

Image: top5.com

Some children were caught playing on camera in an apartment elevator. A boy and a girl entered the Elevator, and as soon it began closing, the boy got to one knee and proposed to the little girl.

All the girl could do was smile at the attention she was getting.

32. Say no to Big Brother

Image: top5.com

A red-haired woman entered an elevator with another lady. The red-haired lady immediately looked at the camera and did not seem happy about it.

She removed the gum from her mouth and stuck it to the camera lens blocking its view. Whatever she wanted to do, she did not want it seen.

33. Red-haired stone face

Image: Monkey Business Images / Shutterstock.com

The red-haired lady, after sticking bubble gum to the camera, the director looked at the other lady as if to ask if she had a problem with what she had just done.

The lady stayed quiet all along and even looked the other way to avoid her stare. Next up is a very unusual elevator passenger.

34. Trained Cat

Image: top5.com

Both humans and pets ride an apartment elevator in China. A confident cat in the building gets typically out through the Elevator to the ground floor.

Strange faces never faze the cat in an enclosed room. People familiar with it know its routine and are happy to help whenever they ride the Elevator with the cat.

35. None of your bees-ness

Image: top5.com

A man dressed as a beekeeper holding some boxes thought to be bees entered an elevator. The individual who followed next was quite weary and decided to stay as far from him in the Elevator as possible.

Later, the ‘bee keeper’ informed him that it was just a prank and there was nothing to be afraid of.

36. Dance off

Image: top5.com

A woman was seen by security cameras in an elevator dancing herself away. It was not clear whether she knew the cameras were there or not.
One thing was clear, though; it did not matter to her either way.

Keep reading, as there are more elevator dancers we want to show you.

37. Elevator Beyoncé

Image: top5.com

Elevators are proving to be quite a dance floor. A woman began bursting moves as soon as she entered her apartment elevator, and she was extremely good at it.

The ‘privacy’ in the elevators is proving to be a safe space for the shy dancers. Maybe they could have an elevator party together?

38. Pointed heels

Image: trendscatchers.co.uk

Security cameras caught a woman on all fours outside an elevator. The high heel of her shoe seemed to be stuck in the gap where the elevators doors slide to close.

She was in quite distress before she successfully dislodged it and quickly left the scene to save her the embarrassment.

39. Party in the Elevator

Image: top5.com

After waiting for what seemed an eternity, a woman lifted her head to look into the Elevator as she tried to get in.

She noticed a group of individuals in it, and they seemed to be having a party inside. She took a step back and shook her head, unimpressed. She then proceeded to take the stairs.

40. Robot dance

Image: trendscatchers.co.uk

Two men entered an elevator and stood there quietly as it began to move. The younger man of the two began mimicking a robot dance wildly.

The older lad looked at him with disapproval but was keen not to utter a single word. Maybe after all he was amused to have such an unusual elevator ride.