40 crazy and unbelievable drone photos

Image: Dmitry Kalinovsky / Shutterstock.com

With the help of drones, spectacular shots can be taken. With their support, we can see the world through the eyes of a bird. Can you imagine that there is an island shaped like a cat’s head? It may be that this photo is a clever collage, because no one knows where it is supposed to be. But our following 40 drone photos are guaranteed real and will amaze you.

1. Whale chase

Unbelievable what happened to these sailors. The crew was chased by a huge whale for about 15 minutes. At first, the sailors could hardly believe what was happening. Then they thought about what would happen if the whale capsized the boat. A single flap of the fin would be enough for a disaster. Fortunately, nothing happened to the sailors.

2. Nature and machine

Image: Michal Balada / Shutterstock.com

A Photographer took this wonderful shot with the help of a drone. It shows an aircraft in Portland, Oregon. The plane crashed in the forest years ago. No one has recovered it. Nature surrounds the wreckage like a shield. A photo that would have never been taken without a drone.

3. Gulliver

This figure in Scotland is world-famous. Convicted murderer Jimmy Boyle created her. While serving his sentence in Barlinnie prison, he worked on it. The figure is called Gulliver and is located near Edinburgh in Scotland. The offender created a great subject for a drone photo. It looks like Gulliver is waving at us.

4. Dangerous encounter

This shot was taken on a beach in Florida. While a tourist stands unsuspectingly in the water, a hammerhead shark approaches. An encounter that no one would wish for. We owe this spectacular shot to the photographer Curtis William and his drone. It would probably be better to get out of the water.

5. Diving with fun

In Chelsea, Quebec, Canada, they have come up with a lot to offer tourists pleasure. A plane was sunk into the sea to give divers a special experience. Fish now cavort inside the plane and corals take possession of the metal parts. This photo is sure to attract many water sports enthusiasts to Canada.

6. Airplane cemetry

Image: Piotr Mitelski / Shutterstock.com

Cemeteries have a very special aura. This photo shows an airplane cemetery in Tucson, Arizona. 4,000 decommissioned machines have found their final resting place here. The scrapyard also serves as a spare parts depot. Parts of the old machines are sold and fulfil new services. With the help of the drone, it can be seen that the old aircraft form a pattern.

7. Truck accident

Here the Russian photographer Ilya Martyanov has managed a real snapshot. A truck has overturned on the road. To make matters worse, the load has also tipped over onto the meadow. From above it is not possible to see exactly what the brown broth is. We can only hope that the driver of the truck got away with a scare.

8. Small Island

Image: Imago / Addictive Stock

Somewhere in the nowhere between Canada and the USA, someone has fulfilled the dream of living on a small island. The picture is not retouched, but actually shows a living situation. This domestic idyll can be found in the St. Lawrence River. It was photographed by Christoph Becker. Would you like to live there?

9. A Clown in the cornfield

This photograph was taken in Huntsville, Alabama. It shows a phenomenon from 2016. Clowns tried to scare people all over the world. How the trend of this horror scenery come to life no one knows exactly. Fortunately, the haunting has since come to an end. Surely the clown in this cornfield has also gone home in the meantime.

10. Flowing lava

There are active volcanoes in Iceland. Taking such a photo is hardly possible without the photographer putting himself in danger. A drone makes such unusual nature shots possible. To have a look at the hot flowing lava is something really extraordinary. We hope that the drone will not get too hot.

11. Traffic Jam

This photo shows a unique traffic jam that occurred on the Beijing-Hong Kong-Macau highway in 2010. The special thing was that the traffic chaos lasted for 10 days. On average, each car could travel only one kilometer per hour. There were simply too many passenger cars on the road. Bad luck.

12. Silverdome

This photo documents the demise of the legendary Silverdome Stadium in Detroit. Years ago, Elvis thrilled audiences here, and a Super Bowl was also held here. Since the city demolished the building, Detroit is a lot poorer. Only the memories of great sporting events, shows and concerts remain. How sad.

13. Old ships

Image: Parilov / Shutterstock.com

On Staten Island off New York there is a graveyard for boats. The discarded ferries and ships have to be stored somewhere. This sight makes us a little sad and reminds us of the transience of time. But none of us wants to be on an outdated and broken boat.

14. Discharge into the river

Here you can see what happens when the water level of Lake Berryessa in California rises too high. A hole called “The Glory Hole” opens up in the lake. This is where the water drains off, down into Putah Creek. This hole looks very threatening, and we hope that all the sailors have made their way to safety.

15. Tightrope walker

Image: Dina Zaur.a / Shutterstock.com

What a spectacular photo? It shows a fearless young man balancing on a tightrope over a precipice. Anyone who dares to do something like this must have a great deal of body control. The young man should definitely not look down on the city of Rio de Janeiro, which lies 1,250 feet below him. The consequences would be fearsome.

16. Masterpiece

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Image: Imago / blickwinkel

Birds build little works of art with their nests. Here, however, the animals have created a masterpiece. This huge nest was photographed near the Kalahari Desert. We would love to take a look inside to see how many birds have made themselves at home here. The view of the power line suggests that there are a lot of them.

17. Unbearable heat

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Image: Nina Janesikova / Shutterstock.com

The person who can be seen at the edge of the picture is wearing a protective suit. It gets unbearably hot near an active volcano. Nevertheless, the Marum volcano in Oceania was studied by a team of researchers. We can only hope that the researcher is watching his every step. Sam Crossmann captured this moment.

18. Toy cars

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Image: Kollawat Somsri / Shutterstock.com

JP and Mike Andrews took this shot. You can see a car park in the north of England. It almost looks like a little boy has lined up his toy cars in a pattern. In reality, the spaces are arranged to accommodate as many cars as possible. Parking spaces are in short supply in all major cities. 58/100

19. Winterwonderland

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Image: Mak3t / Shutterstock.com

A Photographer has sent his camera on a journey with a threat. This resulted in a shot of Central Park in New York in the summer. The walkways are particularly eye-catching as they wind through the park. We would love to go down and take a spin there. Then off into the city for Christmas shopping.

20. Think pink

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Image: WildMedia / Shutterstock.com

Some photos are like poetry. Cezar Gbriel has taken such a shot. A pink parasol stands between a meadow and a field. A beautiful play of colors, from light green, dark brown and pink is created. His effect receives the shot mainly through his perspective. The viewer feels like a bird flying over the landscape.

21. Fishing in the ocean

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Image: Tran Qui Thinh / Shutterstock.com

This photo shows a fishing boat in Vietnam. The cast net sinks in the dark sea. Trung Pham succeeded in taking this unusual photo. In his country, fishing is one of the largest economic sectors, especially in the countryside. Tourism is also supported by fishing. The photo shows how big the net is.

22. Six Flags

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Image: Imago / ZUMA Wire

This photo shows an example of the devastation wrought by Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans in 2005. The Six Flags theme park was flooded and destroyed. The place of fun that had brought joy to many families for decades is now just a sad sight. It would cost an enormous amount of money to restore everything. A sad sight.

23. Prepared for a sunny day

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Image: Imago / Loop Images

This is exactly how we remember Italian beaches. The umbrellas and sunbeds are lined up in rows on the fine sandy beach. In a moment, the sun-hungry tourists will arrive, children will build sand castles and water balls will fly through the air. This beach picture was taken by JP and Mike Andrews in Massa Italy.

24. In the desert

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Image: Fredods / Shutterstock.com

The desert in the United Arab Emirates offers incredible experiences. Many things are perceived in the barren landscape in a new way. Also, this lonely car and the strange course of the road that the photographer Who Sane has captured is unique. A drone helped to shoot this incredible photo.

25. Chile

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Image: Dmitry Chulov / Shutterstock.com

Nature lovers are recommended to travel to Chile. We highly recommend a visit to the spectacular Lauca National Park. The drone photo of Alex Mimo gives a foretaste of the incredible landscape that tourists can admire there. The park is located near the Andes mountain range and has several volcanoes.

26. Delta river

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Image: Attila Csipe / Shutterstock.com

In Iceland, nature lovers can’t help but be amazed. The Delta River finds its origin in a glacier. It winds 155 miles through the country. Again and again it forms new formations and is in constant change. Max Foster captured this natural spectacle with the help of a drone. Doesn’t it look like a painting?

27. Green all over

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Image: raditya / Shutterstock.com

This photo looks like a green woven carpet being woven. However, it is a meadow in Vietnam. The tall grass is being mowed. The workers look like white dots scattered in the picture. Tuan Nguyen took this beautiful shot. We get a glimpse of how wonderfully green the landscape is in Vietnam.

28. A star in the landscape

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Image: Imago / ZUMA Wire

Fort Bourtange has been a Dutch village since 1851. However, it was originally a castle complex built by Willhelm the Silent. The drone photo by Amos Chapple shows the star-shaped complex. What an idyllic and extraordinary place! A village that looks like an ornament, with waterways and plantings. Very beautiful!

29. A hole somewhere in Russia

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Image: Imago / Russian Look

This huge hole is 1700 feet deep. When you look at this photo, you wonder how it was made. Well, the hole is a former diamond mine. The Mir mine was dug in the 50s in the east of Russia to lift the diamond deposit in the earth. It must have been a tremendous treasure and great riches to justify this effort.

30. Victory celebration

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Image: Imago / Xinhua

No, the Maracana soccer stadium in Rio de Janeiro did not go up in flames. This drone photo by Svetlin Marinnoxv shows a bird’s eye view of the fireworks after the final. What we can’t see from above are the cheering German players who won the cup in 2014. The picture also doesn’t show the disappointed faces of the Brazilians, who only finished in 4th place.

31. California dreaming

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Image: Gordon Swanson / Shutterstock.com

Photographer Duncan Sinfield captured a natural disaster on camera here. Due to the climatic changes, there are not only forest fires in California again and again, but also landslides are becoming more frequent. For the residents of the houses such an event is a disaster. The viewer feels transported into a disaster movie.

32. A special day

Image: your story by Mikhailova / Shutterstock.com

Looking at this wedding photo really makes you dizzy. Many couples try to do something extraordinary on their wedding day. Here the bride and groom laid down on a skyscraper and took a drone photo. Surely a very special memory of the day. However, we think that a wedding should focus on a different idea.

33. What the hell?

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Image: Vaclav Sebek / Shutterstock.com

Bachir Moukarzel used his drone to photograph a lone lion. The king of beasts looks in amazement at the flying object above him. Presumably, the drone awakens the hunting instinct. Or is he indifferent to the drone? In any case, the thing should not come too close to the lion, who knows what will happen …

34. Thunder and Lightning

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Image: Akura Yochi / Shutterstock.com

A drone is good for taking weather pictures. Pete DeMarco managed to capture a flash over Kuala Lumpur. With tremendous force the light beam seems to hit one of the houses. When you look at the photo, you think you can hear the tremendous thunder that will follow the impact.

35. Splash plash

Image: Imago / Eßling

Wildlife photography is an exciting field for drone enthusiasts. Martin Sanchez tried it out, and he managed to get an impressive picture. He has tracked down a herd of hippos in Tanzania that are taking a bath. The pachyderms are standing closely packed back to back in the muddy waterhole.

36. Colorful ants

Image: Imago / ITAR-TASS

Winter sports are also popular in Poland. Like colorful ants, cross-country skiers cavort on the trails. Fir trees stand like spectators at the edge of the scenery. Jacek Deneka used a drone to fly his camera over the “Bieg Piastow” ski race in Poland. We find the result so beautiful that we think it deserves a prize among the best drone photos.

37. Birthday photo

Image: Katoosha / Shutterstock.com

This photo shows a man bathing in the Yellow River in China. The photo was taken on his 60th birthday. A great idea to link the special day with a special event and capture it in a special way. The result of the action is a beautiful photo. What a great memory.

38. Take a walk

Image: Imago / Penta Press

Let’s take a trip to the Black Sea beach in Bulgaria. Two people are walking their dogs on the shore. This idyllic moment was captured by photographer Yevhen Samuchenko. With this photograph, he has created a work of art that radiates great tranquility. On the wall of a doctor’s office, this photograph will calm the people in the waiting room.

39. A lot of birds

Image: Eran Hakim / Shutterstock.com

Did you know that Vietnam has an unusually large number of birds? 30 million of these platypuses are counted there almost every year. The photo was taken in Tuy Hoa and takes a look at a flock of birds. The animals are probably taking their midday meal. Looking at the photo, you can almost hear the quacking.

40. Skyscraper

Image: Imago / Arabian Eye

Such a photo is possible only from an airplane, except with a drone. It shows the Burj Kalifa in Dubai drilling through the cloud layer. The building is a sensational 828 meters high and tapers towards the top like the tip of a needle. Looking at the photo, you can feel like an eagle and immediately start your approach to Jumeirah Beach.