40 Best Hydrogen Peroxide Hacks

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You might have been introduced to hydrogen peroxide when you were a child. It is a stinging liquid that was added to the cuts to prevent them from getting worse. Hydrogen peroxide is a bleaching agent and also antiseptic and anti-bacterial.

It is one of the best things that you can use for multi-purposes. As it is safe, so you may use it for various purposes on your skin. Even it is best for cleaning the house. Well, we are going to tell you some best hydrogen peroxide hacks that you must know. Moreover, You will definitely love the article.

1. Discolored Nails

You might have observed some peoples’ nails that are turned yellow or having cracked fragments. They are primarily because of fungi. Here, you may use hydrogen peroxide as it can help kill the fungus very quickly. So, you have to follow a simple trick for this.

Take a bowl and then mix almost half a cup of hot water with almost one teaspoon of almost 3% hydrogen peroxide. If you want some extra strong mixture, then also add one teaspoon of baking soda. After that, soak your nails in the solution for at least 10 minutes. Then you can also scrub your nails with a toothbrush or nail brush.

2. Ink Stains

Removing stains from your favorite clothes is hard. If ink drops or spills on your clothes, then it is hard to remove. Rubbing can spread the ink. And you have to follow a piece of genius advice. Well, here, hydrogen peroxide can help you a lot. Soak a cotton ball in hydrogen peroxide and then dab on the infected area. Then wash it, the stains will be removed.

But suppose this does not work. Then you have to do another thing. Firstly, you have to create a solution of almost 50% of hydrogen peroxide and 50% ammonia. Here, ammonia will catalyze the hydrogen peroxide, and it will definitely work better.

3. Teeth Whitening

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You cannot smile confidently if your teeth are not beautiful. Getting straight teeth is a plus point. But the main thing is getting white teeth. How can you get white teeth and remove the yellow stains? Well, again, hydrogen peroxide will help you over here.

Take a bowl and create a solution of half cup water and half hydrogen peroxide. Then swish it around the mouth for almost 30 seconds. Spit it out if it hurts you. Reduce the concentration of hydrogen peroxide if it hurts. Your teeth will shine brighter and will look white too. So, this is the best thing you can do.

4. Fruits And Vegetables

You can also use hydrogen peroxide to clean vegetables and fruits. After bringing the fruits and vegetables to your home, you must wash them. This is because we do not know who has touched them and where they were before they came into the market. Here, the use of hydrogen peroxide will help you a lot.

If you want to clean the vegetables and fruits, you have to fill a tub or a big bowl with cold water. After that, add almost ¼ cup of food grade hydrogen peroxide. Now, wash all your fruits and vegetables with this. And after that, wash them with clean water.

5. Clean Your Ears

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Ear wax can lead to hearing problems and a disturbance in the ears. How can you sort it out? Well, ear irrigation is the best option so far. In-ear irrigation, you will have to use a liquid that will soften the wax in the ear and dislodges it.

Hydrogen peroxide makes the wax melt and bubble, and as a result, your ears are clean. Firstly, lay down at one side. Then add few drops of hydrogen peroxide in the ear facing upwards. Then wait for at least five minutes, then you a cotton swab or tissue to absorb the access of liquid. 

6. Disinfecting The Walls

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You can use hydrogen peroxide as it is anti-viral and anti-bacterial. There are many household cleaning agents that use hydrogen peroxide. Suppose you want to clean the walls. Then use hydrogen peroxide. Add it to a spray bottle and start using it.

It is a powerful disinfectant, but it will take some time to work. You have to leave the solution on the walls before cleaning them. You can make a mixture of soup, hydrogen peroxide, and vinegar and then use it for cleaning. It will make your walls and windows clean and will also make them look new and give them shine.

7. Clean The Air

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You might be thinking that how crazy is this idea of cleaning the air. But if your air is clean, your quality of life will be improved. You can clean air by using hydrogen peroxide. But how? Well, take hydrogen peroxide and humidifier and make their mixture at home.

First, you will have to take at least 3% of dilute hydrogen peroxide. Take one part of hydrogen peroxide and mix it with eight parts of water. And then add the mixture to the humidifier. Suppose you are having a diffuser. Then add some drops of essential oils for a good smell. If you have got pets in your home, then do not do this technique.

8. Getting Rid Of Rust

Have you ever thought that you must clean the tools too? Have you ever wondered about cleaning the shovel or screws or even hammer? If not, then clean them now to prevent rusting. How to clean? Well, you have to scrub them if you want to clean them. You will have to take 3% of hydrogen peroxide. And then add to rusted area. After that, you have to rub with a brush or steel wire.

But before doing this DIY, test a small amount of hydrogen peroxide and look at how it reacts on metallic irons. This is because it can react with some of the metals. So, before the experiment, always test and then do it.

9. Residues

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Residues caused by burning to take ages to go off. You have to scrub and scrub, and then they go off. Even the scrubbing can create patches on pots and pans. Now, hydrogen peroxide can help dissolve the burned residue and let your utensils shine.

Pour almost 3% hydrogen peroxide into the burned places. Then take a pile of baking soda and pour it over hydrogen peroxide. Leave for almost six hours. After that, wipe off the stinks. Then wash it thoroughly. Your pan will look new again. It is the best hack that you must try at least once at your home.

10. Deodorant

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Do you know that hydrogen peroxide can also act as natural deodorant? Bacteria break down sweat and create an unpleasing smell. The smell in armpits is unbearable most of the time. So, you have to use body sprays and deodorants. But now, you can use hydrogen peroxide as your helping friend.

Hydrogen peroxide will not only kill the germs, but it is also antiperspirant. It will help you control the smell. You have to swipe or spray hydrogen peroxide whenever you sweat. It will help decrease the odor that is caused by sweating. Moreover, it is a cheap form of getting rid of bad odor.

11. Removing Labels and Stickers

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It is really hard to remove the labels and stickers from most of the products that you purchase. Even most of the time, when you are removing it, it breaks apart. The small bits are really hard to remove, and you can get irritated easily. Moreover, the small pieces can be stuck under your nails too and create a big mess.

You can easily remove the labels and the stickers by using hydrogen peroxide. Simple is the trick, set the product on a flat surface. After that, you have to spray hydrogen peroxide on the sticker. Wait for almost 10 minutes, and you can easily take it off by scrubbing a bit.

12. Lighten The Hair

Do you know that almost 6 to 10 percent of blonde dyes are purely made due to hydrogen peroxide? Well, hydrogen peroxide is used almost in most of the bleaching powders and creams. You can make a cheap dye at home too.

All you have to do is mix hydrogen peroxide with baking soda. The baking soda will reduce the maximum acidity of hydrogen peroxide. Then spread the paste on your hair and wait from 15 to 60 minutes as long as you want to lighten your hair. After that, you will have to rinse the hair with cold water. You will have a hair treatment at home.

13. Grow Your Plants

Do you know that hydrogen peroxide works while releasing oxygen? The plants use oxygen for absorbing the nutrients that’s why they need extra oxygen molecules too. So, hydrogen peroxide can help your plant grow healthier and taller.

For increasing the plant growth, you will have to mix one teaspoon of hydrogen peroxide in one cup of water. After that, pour it into a clean spray bottle. Mist the plants with this spray. Moreover, you can also spray over seeds for their growth. Your garden will grow healthier and more stronger. You will notice a difference in just a few days and will love your plants.

14. Foot Treatment

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Are you spending a lot and a lot of money on spas for foot treatment? But you can do all this at home. We have a quick treatment for you over here. Suppose you are having cracks and rough edges of your feet. All you have to do is use hydrogen peroxide. It will soften your feet and will break down the extra tissues around your feet.

You have to dilute at least 2 cups of hydrogen peroxide in almost 2 cups of hot water. Then you have to soak your feet for almost thirty minutes. Then you have to dry them and scrub off the dead skin from your feet. Then after that, you have to lather the feet with lotion.

15. Removing Rust

As we told you earlier that you can scrub hydrogen peroxide to remove the rust from your metal tools and give them shine. But suppose it does not work. Then we have a great trick for you. You have to take almost 3% of hydrogen peroxide and add it with borax and dish soap and mix it evenly.

Or you can simply combine 1/4th cup of hydrogen peroxide and then add a few drops of your dish soap. Mix them and then add a spoon of borax to the solution and again mix it. Then clean the rusted surface. After cleaning it, you have to cover the rusted surface completely and wait for at least 15 minutes and wipe it off.

16. Canker Sore

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Suppose you are having canker sour. Then you might have experienced how much it hurts. But if you have hydrogen peroxide, then you can get rid of it. Hydrogen peroxide can also help you quickly get rid of canker sour and get rid of it and its pain. It kills the bacteria and eliminates its growth in your mouth.

All you have to do is take 35 hydrogen peroxide and dilute it with water. Half cup water and half cup hydrogen peroxide. Then you have to apply the mixture on the canker sour with a soaked cotton ball and press it over the sour. Then swish liquid out of your mouth.

17. Toothbrush

Your toothbrush can have more germs than that you ever have imagined. The toothbrushes are never clean, and they also attract plenty of bacteria. You can get your toothbrushes clean by using hydrogen peroxide. Even the dentists recommend using hydrogen peroxide for cleaning purposes.

For this, you have to pour at least 3% of hydrogen peroxide into a cup. Then you have to place your toothbrush in it. And leave the toothbrush until the bubbling stops. After that, you have to rinse the toothbrush thoroughly before using it. Your brush will be bacteria free, and you can clean your teeth now.

18. Coffee Spills

Do you know that the commercial cleaners, including carpet cleaners, include sodium percarbonate? It is actually the powdered form of hydrogen peroxide. You might have seen oxi or oxy in the name of cleaners, and the reason is hydrogen peroxide. But they charge a lot. You can save money by making them at home!

Take almost one part of 3% hydrogen peroxide. Then mix it with almost five parts of water. After that, you have to spray it on carpet stains or dirty spots. Then wait for few minutes. After that, scrub it. But before doing this, scrub it onto a small area.

19. Dishwashers

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Dishwashers help us a lot by making things easier for us. But you have to clean the dishwashers too. The extra residue will reside in the walls if you do not do it, and your dishes will not clean properly. You can use hydrogen peroxide for cleaning purposes.

So, you have to follow a simple trick for dishwashing. You have to add almost ¼ cup of 3% hydrogen peroxide to your dishwasher. Then close the door and run it. The hot water will disinfect the surface and will swirl the hydrogen peroxide. As a result, you will have a neat and clean dishwasher.

20. Unclog the Drains

Most of us might have faced the problem of drain clogging. The drains of sinks keep clogging and produce a foul smell. Well, if you have hydrogen peroxide, then it can help you a lot. You have to pour at least 1 cup of hydrogen peroxide into the drain.

Then after poring, you have to wait for at least one hour. Then take boiling water and pour it into the drain. The gunk will pass, and the drain will open. You can prevent your drain from clogging by repeating the process after every two weeks. You will have no foul smell in the drains.

21. Cleaning the shower

Well, you can use hydrogen peroxide to clean your shower. Most of us do not like cleaning our showers. But we have to clean it to protect it against getting mold etc. All you have to do is fill the spray with 3% hydrogen peroxide. Then you have to spritz the shower wall and wait for at least 10 minutes until the magic happens. Then you have to wipe it off.

The researches show that hydrogen peroxide is best for killing the microorganisms like bacteria and yeast that settle in the showers. So, if you want to get rid of them, then you must use hydrogen peroxide.

22. Save Your Dogs’ Life

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If you are a dog owner, you must have known the risk of accidental poisoning. Suppose your dog eats a lot of things like grapes or chocolates; his life is at risk. But you can save your dog by feeding him hydrogen peroxide, and as a result, he will vomit. The peroxide actually reacts and causes the vomit. It is not of extreme level.

You have to give your dog 3% hydrogen peroxide for making him vomit. You have to feed one teaspoon on five pounds of the weight of your dog’s body. After you feed him, it will take 15 minutes, and your dog will vomit, and it can last for at least 45 minutes.

23. Killing Mold

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Do you know that mold can develop only in 24 hours in your body? If you leave it unattended, it can cause respiratory illness to you. Moreover, if you are allergic to something, it is hazardous to you. It is very important to kill the mold as soon as possible. But you cannot spray all over. Even the cleaners that clean the mold are dangerous too.

So, you can make a cleaner at home by adding 3% hydrogen peroxide.  And then spray it over the mold infected walls. Leave for at least 10 minutes. Hydrogen peroxide will kill the organisms very soon. After that, wipe off the surface.

24. Clean Your Retainer

You can now clean your retainer easily. The mouthguard or retainer that you put in your mouth at night is very hard to clean. You have to do special cleaning of it or have to buy a new mouth retainer. But if you have hydrogen peroxide. Then you can clean it by saving an amount.

Firstly take a jar and add a retainer to the jar. Then add water to it. After that, add one tablespoon of hydrogen peroxide and also sprinkle the baking soda into a jar. You have to leave it for 10 minutes approximately. After ten minutes, take it out and then rinse the residue.

25. Cleaning Of Humidifier

Have you ever wondered that cleaning a humidifier is also essential? When was the last time when you cleaned it thoroughly? Well, most of us do not remember. But this thing needs to be noticed that bacteria settle in warm and wet places. If you keep humidifiers damp for many days, it will multiply the bacteria.

As a result, you may suffer from allergies. You have to clean your humidifier and diffuser regularly. For cleaning them, take 2 cups of 3% hydrogen peroxide in one gallon of water and pour them into the tank. Then scrub it and let it rest for 10 to 30 minutes. After that, rinse the base and let it dry.

26. Makeup Brushes

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Do you know that if you use makeup brushes, they can accumulate the dead cells, pollution, bacteria, and oil? So, it can be very harmful to the skin. The dermatologists have reported that these dead skin cells can cause skin infections. Normal cleaning is not enough. You have to take hydrogen peroxide to clean them thoroughly.

Take a teaspoon of hydrogen peroxide and add it into a bowl of warm water. After that, you have to soak the brushes in the mixture for at least 10 minutes. Then swish the brushes. Then, after that, remove them from the bowl and wash them with cold water.

27. Treating Acne Spots

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Acne spots can reduce your facial beauty. You can use hydrogen peroxide for the quick treatment of the spots of the acne. When you use hydrogen peroxide, the peroxide loses an extra atom of oxygen. This oxidization process kills the bacteria, and as a result, your skin heals really fast. But do not use it for scars.

Suppose you want to treat the spots. Then take a clean cotton ball and saturate it with 3% hydrogen peroxide. After that, dab the cotton the spots and leave for at least 5 minutes. Then you have to rinse your face with fresh cold water. Do not overuse it.

28. Beating Bad Breath

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You already know that hydrogen peroxide cleans the teeth and makes them white. But hydrogen peroxide also beats the bad breath. If you gargle with hydrogen peroxide, it will kill the bacteria in the throat. If you have a sour throat or inflammation in the gums. Then it can also be sorted him. But do not put it directly into the mouth. Always dilute hydrogen peroxide with the water and then use it.

You have to pour 3% hydrogen peroxide into the water, where there will be one part of hydrogen peroxide and three parts of the water. You have to gargle and swish for at least 15 seconds. After that, rinse your mouth.

29. Cleaning Contact Lenses

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Making eyes shine is the dream of every girl. But how can you make your lenses clean? It is a risk if you do not clean them. You can easily get eye infections by not cleaning them. The solution is usually of high prices. So, instead of buying the solution, you can clean the lenses with hydrogen peroxide.

If you want to clean the lenses, you will have to place them in 3% hydrogen peroxide for a short time. Then you have to take them out and add them to the neutralizer for a couple of hours. There are directions on the bottle of neutralizer telling how long to keep them in it. So follow them.

30. Disinfecting the sponges

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Most of the time, the sponge is almost new, but it starts smelling. Now, it the time to clean it rather than throwing it away. The smell is because of the germs. Take hydrogen peroxide for cleaning it. The hydrogen peroxide soaks into the sponge and kills bacteria too.

Firstly, take the sponge and then place it into a container. After that, you have to pour hydrogen peroxide into it and soak the sponge until it is fully submerged. Then white bubbles will appear. Wait for a few moments, and then flip it. Then take it out after 5 minutes and rinse with fresh water.

31. Kids Toys

Image: IMAGO / Hans Lucas

The kid’s toys often get infected, and you cannot rely on chemical cleaners. This is because they can make your baby sick. But you can use hydrogen peroxide for cleaning the toys, and it helps to kill maximum germs and bacteria. It is best for disinfecting the plastic toys and help you in cleaning them.

Firstly, you have to wipe the toys and clean the dirt and stains that appear on them. After that, if there are batteries, then remove them. Then you have to create a solution. In the solution, you will have to add half water and half 3% hydrogen peroxide. Do not overuse hydrogen peroxide because it can strip off the paint.

32. Lunch Box

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Do you know that according to the latest research, 73% of lunch boxes and water coolers contain bacteria that result in food poisoning? You have to protect your families against this and clean the things regularly. Now you might be thinking of different ways to clean them. But hydrogen peroxide is best.

You have to remove the food debris with soap and water first. Clean it thoroughly. Then, fill the cooler or your lunch box using hydrogen peroxide. Suppose the container is big; you can mix it with water. Leave for at least 10 minutes, and then rinse with cold water. You will have germs free box.

33. Clean Cutting Board

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Have you ever thought that there is a proper need for cleaning cutting boards? They touch our food as much as our other dishes do. The cutting board touches the raw food mostly. But it accumulates a lot of germs and bacteria in it. As a result, it causes many diseases. You have to disinfect it because washing it is not enough.

How to do it? Well, first, rinse the board thoroughly. Then after that, take a bowl or a container and fill with 3% hydrogen peroxide. Then leave the cutting board for at least 10 minutes. After ten minutes, take it out and wash it thoroughly.

34. Let’s Do The Roots

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If you have dyed your hair blonde and they were black or dark-colored. Then you might know the real problem of getting the roots in dark colors. The dark hairline can ruin your whole blonde look. What can you do in such a situation? You can use hydrogen peroxide. We will tell you how.

You have to dab at least 3% of hydrogen peroxide on the roots. Then wait for at least one or a half hours, depending on your hair color. Then wash it out. You will have blonde roots. You can do it again if you want more blonde roots.

35. Cleaning Shower Grout

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The bathroom cleaning is a hard and dirty job. It can make you dirty too. The things you use in the washroom can gather into your room and make the moisture all over the room. Now, you have to spare extra time for cleaning the room too. Hydrogen peroxide helps in cleaning the shower grout.

You have to combine the hydrogen peroxide with water and also have to add lemons to it. Then spray them on the grout and give it time to sit. Then you will see the magic working. Then scrub into the grout. It also will take some time, but it will be clear.

36. Detoxing The Bath

Image: IMAGO / Westend61

Here is another amazing hack of hydrogen peroxide. We are sure that you will not have an idea of this hack before. Do you know that hydrogen peroxide also kills bacteria and germs on the body and also helps fight against illness?

It is the perfect hack for winters. Once the tub is filled with warm water, add hydrogen peroxide to it. And then soak for at least 30 minutes. Then take a shower to rinse the skin. It is the best hack to kill the germs and bacteria in winter and get rid of most illnesses. You will love this hack.

37. Get Rid Of Ear Infections

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Although ear infections are not common at all, but still, there are many people who are prone to ear infections. In kids, the ear infections are rather common. The doctors who deal with infections state that parents who bring kids to treat infections commonly have ear infections. 1 out of 4 children has an infection in the ear.

All you have to do is only add two drops of hydrogen peroxide to the ear. It will clean the ear and kill all the harmful bacteria that reside in-ear and causes infections. But before doing this, ask an expert. And then do this.

38. Towel Cleaning

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Towels are meant to clean us. But do you know that bathroom towels have millions of germs in them, and they are the dirtiest things to clean? Well, detergent and hot water are not enough. Towels usually collect dead skin cells and a #lot of bacteria.

You can easily get rid of all the things that are stuck into towels by using hydrogen peroxide. It will help you a lot in cleaning the towel. All you have to do is add half a cup of hydrogen peroxide to the water where you are washing towels. After that, add half a cup of vinegar and then wash the towel.

39. Blood Stains

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Bloodstains are hard to remove from clothes. If someone bleeds and you do not have band aids. Then the first thing to give is a towel. But they are quite expensive, and we cannot afford stains on them. Now, what to do in such a situation?

You can get rid of blood stains from any cloth or towel by using hydrogen peroxide. Use hydrogen peroxide on the stained area and let it sit for a while. Then you have to rinse with warm water and wash it with soup. Repeat until the stain fades away. It will remove the stain or fade it away sooner.

40. Foot odor

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Do you want to buy different products for different purposes? Definitely not! They cost a lot too. Hydrogen peroxide is an all rounder that can replace most of the unnecessary products in your house. Even if you want to get rid of foot odor, then hydrogen peroxide is the best.

Take hydrogen peroxide and also baking soda. Then take a bowl and mix them both to make a paste. Then you have to add the paste into the shoes and let it dry for a while. After it dries out, wipe it off with a cloth, and then you can use your shoes.