40 abandoned places that were once bustling

Image: Marko25 / Shutterstock.com

There are many beautiful, spectacular places all around the world that are left abandoned. These places were once hot spots for vacations and had colossal entertainment value. 

Besides some picturesque places, you can also find some abandoned houses not much beautiful, a wreck of planes, boats, and cars that urge people to find out why. In the following article you will find 40 abandoned places.

1. Tu-144 Super Sonic Passenger Jet, Kazan City

Image: Reddit

There is a Tu-144 Super Sonic jet parked in the backyard of a house in the outskirts of Kazan city. It seems that they were trying to hide the plane in their backyard for whatever reasons.  

It was first discovered by the people passing by, and then it got the attention of the photographers. Some people also made videos in the jet. 

2. A bridge that makes a perfect ring, Germany

Image: DaLiu / Shutterstock.com

A 19th centaury abandoned bridge makes a perfect circle when light falls on it to causes its reflection in the water. The whole scenery is very stunning and becomes more picturesque in the autumn. 

It is a perfect place to make a scenic painting, and it will also make a spectacular Thomas Kinkade puzzle. Have a look at the next photo.

3. An abandoned store, Fukushima

Image: Imago / ZUMA Press

It’s not just one superstore, but many houses and businesses were abandoned after an earthquake, and a tsunami hit Fukushima in 2011. The quake badly damaged the nuclear plant that caused a radiation leak, and 300,000 people evacuated from Fukushima. 

People fled the town to save their lives, and Fukushima is now nothing but a ghost town, just like this picture shows.

4. A 12th century abandoned castle, Ireland

Image: Pinterest

The Mcdermott’s Castle is located in Roscommon, an island in the southeast corner of Lough Key. Conchobar Mac Dermott survives a fire in the castle caused by a lightning bolt in 1184, which burned and killed everyone except a few.  

MacDermott, later on, built MacDermott Castle in 1586, but he lost the Island in a battle, and from then, the castle is abandoned. Nowadays, this castle remains very picturesque.

5. Christ of Abyss, Italy

Image: Imago / Aurora Photos

A bronze statue was placed in the deep sea in 1954, and it is a depiction of Christ offering blessing looking towards heaven. 

The statue was removed in 2003 for restoration because it was severely damaged due to corrosion and crustaceans. After restoration, it was placed back in the deep sea in July 2004.  Next one is a cottage in Ireland.

6. Eerily beautiful cottage, Ireland 

Image: Pinterest

Near Stradbally, Ireland, is an uncannily beautiful cottage within the gorgeous yellow forest, probably built back in the 18 or 1900s. It would be a nice place to visit to get away from the hustle and bustle of life. 

But After a while, the echoes throughout the forest would get a little creepy. Keep reading to see more impressive pictures!

7. Ferris wheel at an abandoned theme park, Japan 

Image: Reddit

This monstrous Ferris wheel was just one of the many rides inside the now-abandoned theme park, Kejonuma Leisure Land, which opened in 1979. The park offered various forms of accommodations too. 

Although the park closed in 2000, the owner did not abandon the place. He went on to drill for hot water on the property. Next one are abandoned cars in Belgium.

8. Cars Left by U.S. Soldiers, Belgium 

Image: Pinterest

The cars in this graveyard once belonged to U.S. soldiers. Soldiers would obtain vehicles while in the country during World War II, so the officers in charge decided to leave them in the country and parked them all up at the top of a hill. 

It was left up to the individual soldier to have their car shipped to them once they returned home. 

9. Abandoned church, Indonesia

Image: Zhuravlev Andrey / Shutterstock.com

There are many abandoned buildings, including this church, in the surrounding area of Mount Sinabung volcano. Villagers have had to leave everything — not just their homes but also their livelihood and move to refugee camps.  

Despite all the eruptions and hazardous living conditions, many will still return to their village with determination to regain their life. 

10. The Selma Abandoned Plantation Estate, Virginia 

Image: Mathias Berlin / Shutterstock.com

At one time, a fire destroyed the original home, but a new owner restored it and brought it back to life. Eventually, it was abandoned and ramshackle as nature took over, such as broken floors and mold growing on the walls. 

Not only was the home abandoned, but left behind inside the abandoned home was a grand piano. 

11. Fishing hut on a lake, Germany 

Image: Imago / Panthermedia

It was most likely once a bustling place for fishermen to fish surrounded by the breathtaking scenery of these German Alps. 

It was a place to get away and enjoy the solitude with only echo sounds of the mountains and other sounds of nature while waiting for that “big” one to get on your hook. 

12. Abandoned Yellow House, Nova Scotia 

Image: Reddit

The picture of this old abandoned yellow house looks like something you would see in an old suspenseful movie like Alfred Hitchcock’s “The Birds.”  

With all the dandelions and the house being yellow (it needs a good paint job), you would have to like the color yellow to live there. Have a look at the next one.

13. This V.W. Bug is part of an underwater museum in Cancun, Mexico 

Image: bayazed / Shutterstock.com

This little Bug is part of an underwater museum in Cancun. This museum is a quite unique one in the world! What a fantastic sight to see — all those sculptures underwater.  

This particular sculpture is a life-sized replica of the Classic Volkswagen Beetle, which houses marine life and is entertaining for divers. Next one is an abandoned shuttle.

14. The abandoned space shuttle, Cosmodrome 

Image: Imago / Yiannis Kourtoglou

It was a secret site built by Russia in Kazakhstan, unknown to the West. The preparation for the test flight into space included 24 tests on earth, 15 of which were fully automatic. 

 The cabin was designed to hold six passengers with room for extra passengers in the cargo area. Now the site is abandoned. Next one is a great abandoned house.

15. Abandoned house in Nebraska, USA: 

Image: Pinterest

A photographer took this photo in 2015 during a lightning storm. He was able to capture the picture at just the right moment to capture this beautiful illustration. 

It is a beautiful photo and, with the portrayal of the intimidating sky, you tend to forget about the abandoned house sitting there. Have a look at the next one.

16. Russian Shipwreck in the Red Sea 

Image: Pinosub / Shutterstock.com

There were several shipwrecks in the Red Sea, but this particular shipwreck looks like it may have been referred to as the “Russian Wreck.” It is believed that the Russians used fishing trawlers for surveillance. 

A lot of communication equipment was found, so it was most likely used as a spy ship of some sort 

17. The Last House, U.S.A. 

Image: Imago / UIG

In 1910, Holland Island was considered the most populated island in the Chesapeake Bay. Besides homes like this Victorian home, there were many other homes, shops, schools, and churches.  

Erosion gradually ate away at the Island, which greatly concerned its residents. The house in the picture was the last to go. Now you cannot find any trace of this former town. Next one is a great photo.

18. The abandoned house of Bulgarian industrialist, Pencho Semov 

Image: Reddit

 Bulgarian Rockefeller was the first Bulgarian billionaire. Two years before his death, he made out his will stating he wanted his mansion to become a retirement home and two other buildings he had to be girls’ boarding schools.  

All of the resources were blocked by the government, and the mansion was used for an infectious tuberculosis ward. 

19. The oldest British warship, Ontario: 

Image: Anna segeren / Shutterstock.com

H.M.S. Ontario, a British warship that sank in 1780, makes it the oldest British warship found in the Great Lakes. Jim Kennard started 35 years earlier to search for this ship but was not successful.  

 Jim and Dan Scoville teamed up together, searching for sunken vessels. Together, it only took them three years to find this ship. 

20. Police Motorcycle Graveyard (Harley-Davidson)

Image: Reddit

These Harleys were previously owned by the National Police of Puente Piedra, Peru. Some Harleys were sold in bulk by Harley lovers due to the inability to obtain parts because there were no dealers or parts places in the area.  

The price of the bulk of Harley-Davidson in the auction was $1300. Wow! Thats a lot!

21. Abandoned railroad Bridge, Pittsburg

Image: mrizag / Shutterstock.com

It is not the only abandoned railroad bridge; you can find plenty of abandoned bridges in Pennsylvania. The reason behind leaving the railroad bridges abandoned is that now the automobiles are using transportation, and trains are no more needed. 

Some of them are abandoned because they are damaged, and their repair will not come cheap. 

22. A Hotel in Columbia

Image: Imago / ZUMA Wire

The hotel surrounded by mountains is attractive and magnificent and was built on the edge of a cliff that gives a spectacular view of the waterfall. 

The authorities did not pay any attention to the Bogotá River getting contaminated with Industrial waste, and the hotel eventually closed because the tourists stopped coming there. Now this hotel looks haunted, doesn’t it?

23. A picturesque old railway tunnel, Australia

Image: Pinterest

This mysterious tunnel and six other tunnels were built in the 1880s to provide a passageway between waterfall and Otford. But in 1920, all these tunnels were left abandoned because they needed two lanes for the steam locomotives. 

The visitors are allowed to visit this beautiful and intriguing tunnel but are advised to bring their torches and mud shoes.  

24. Michigan Central Station in Detroit, USA: 

Image: Matt Ragen / Shutterstock.com

This rail station was built in 1913, but before its completion, it was put into use. In 1988, it closed completely, and since that time, many discussions have transpired between the owners and city officials trying to decide how to utilize the building best.  

Ford Motor Company took ownership of it in 2018 with big plans for using the building. 

25. Abandoned Betel on Lagoon Beach, South Africa

Image: Ppictures / Shutterstock.com

Look at this beautiful Bug; I wonder why anyone would want to leave it on the beach. Maybe a couple was dating on the beach, and their love affair went wrong. 

When you take a closer look at the background, you will see fire or volcano. So maybe a volcano eruption happened, and the owner fled for their lives. Continue reading, as we have some more abandoned places to show!

26. A Victorian house in the middle of modern houses, San Francisco 

Image: Pinterest

There is a little attractive and old-fashioned house right in the middle of two modern houses in San Francisco. 

 I am sure that the owner of this house was some painter or a writer who does not want to let go of his quaint house because it was his inspiration to paint or write. 

27. The abandoned wreck of S.S. America

Image: Peter Krocka / Shutterstock.com

The S.S. America ship was mainly a passenger ship built-in 1940. The Navy used this ship in 1941; a fascinating fact is that there were two Nazi spies among the ship crew, who were later on uncovered by F.B.I. and were convicted. 

In 1994 the ship snapped her towline in the Atlantic storm, ran around the Canary Islands, and stranded in the ocean for more than a decade. 

28. Partially Sunken ship, Honduras: 

Image: Pinterest

A wrecked ship in Dixon Cove is resting there since the 70s. Many rumors are attached to this ship and another abandoned ship near it. 

Some say that ship with a cargo of lumber was caught by a storm and stranded in the channel; another ship came to rescue it. Some say the load was marble. The rumors will probably keep going, since we don’t have an answer.

29. A mining town on Lake Superior, Canada:  

Image: SNEHIT PHOTO / Shutterstock.com

A silver islet mine is located on a small rocky islet, just offshore Lake Superior. The miners have mined around $3 billion worth of silver here. But mining here was not an easy job; the miners have to deal with the tidal waves, storms, and ice surges.  

Due to lack of funds, all the operations were ceased in 1883 in a silver islet mining town. 

30. Abandoned cooling plant, Belgium: 

Image: Imago / Xinhua

This power station is built back in 1921 and is one of Belgium’s largest coal-burning plants. The power station has a capacity of cooling down 480,000 gallons of water per minute. 

This plant was closed in 2007 because Greenpeace protested that this plant is responsible for 10 percent of carbon dioxide emissions in Belgium.  

31. Gentzrode in Neurruppin, Germany: 

Image: Imago / Joko

It is said that this majestic place with a beautiful landscape is cursed because no one was able to live here for long. This castle-like mansion was completed in 1877 and bankrupt Ludwig because it cost more than the anticipated amount. 

Other owners who lived here left it within a year for one unknown reason, and finally, it was left abandoned. 

32. Abandoned train track in forests, Taiwan: 

Image: John Crux / Shutterstock.com

Jiancing Historical Trail in Taiwan was once fully functional, and this 5.5 km track was used for logging railway. But in 2003, it became a hiking trail with a distance of 2.3 km. 

A typhoon hit this trail in 2013, and that the devastation destroyed 900 meters of the track. Have a look at the next one.

33. Halcyon Hall Bennet College, New York: 

Image: Felix Lipov / Shutterstock.com

This building was built in 1890 as a five-story luxurious hotel having two hundred rooms, but it closed down in 1901. In 1907, a school teacher moved his girl’s school here, and from then, it is named Bennett College. 

In 1977, due to massive debt, the college bankrupt and closed down, and from then, it is abandoned. Next up is a castle that could be featured in a movie.

34. Swallow’s Nest castle, Ukraine: 

Image: Frog Dares / Shutterstock.com

There is an astonishing ice castle called Swallow’s Nest castle in Southern Ukraine that you can overlook from the cape Ai-Todor. This fantastic castle is built on the top of the Aurora cliff. 

A wealthy oil merchant built this castle in 1911, and before the castle, there was a wooden cottage here called “the castle of Love.” It is indeed quite picturesque, and we are not surprised it has inspired many fantasies.

35. Sunken boats on Moreton Island, Australia: 

Image: Darren Tierney / Shutterstock.com

In Moreton Island, Queensland, Australia, there are few abandoned and sunken boats in the beautiful clear blue water. The interesting fact is that these boats are sunken here on purpose.  

In 1963, a boat owner requested the construction of a safe harbor for their small boats.  so to grant the request 15 junk boats were placed in the sandbank of Moreton Island. Next we have some really weird houses…

36. Dome houses, Florida: 

Image: SunflowerMomma / Shutterstock.com

There are some abandoned dome houses in southeast Florida built by an oil producer Bob Lee in 1980. These circular houses were gorgeous, with windows providing a spectacular view of the beach. 

In 2005, Hurricane Wilma came and did havoc on these houses. Not just the dome houses were damaged, but the hurricane also washed away part of the coastline. The houses are still being rebuilt.

37. Unique color church in Iceland: 

Image: Gergo Csorba / Shutterstock.com

There is an unusual color, a white and black color church in Iceland. Due to the color combination, the photographer loves to take pictures of Búðakirkja. It is so popular indeed, that you might have seen pictures of this location already.

This church is also a favorite spot for couples to tie the knot. This church was first constructed in 1703 and reconstructed in 1987. Next one is Six Flags, New Orleans.

38. Six Flags, New Orleans: 

Image: Imago / UPI Photo

August 25, 2005, is a tragic day when Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans and devastated the city to an extent unmatched by other storms. Six Flags, like most of the different areas of the town, is standing empty and menacing.  

The authorities have discussed many ideas about the restoration of the theme park, but none has worked, so the place remains abandoned.

39. Former Treatment House, Romania: 

Image: Tim Berghman / Shutterstock.com

In Valcea County, Romania, a former treatment house was built in 1912. The treatments done in this house were water-based electrotherapy and compressed air cabinets. 

Due to communism, the tourism stopped in Romania, and eventually, the treatment house closed down. Many similar places had the same fate, and now they stay empty. The urban explorers and photographers enjoy it though. Next one is a Diamond Mine.

40. A massive Diamond Mine, Russia: 

Image: Akimov Igor / Shutterstock.com

Many of us know about the Mir Diamond Mine located in Mirny, Eastern Siberia, Russia. This giant human-made pit was spilling out diamonds from 1957 to 2011. 

This mine closed down in 2011 and is referred to as “Navel of the Earth.” It is a quite impressive landscape, this dark gray hole is actually quite scary. Even more knowing that it is an abandoned place!